The Charming Cast of Well-received tvN Drama My Lovely Liar Attends Filming Wrap Party

I always love a happy filming wrap party for a cast of a drama that is doing well. tvN Mon-Tues drama My Lovely Liar (Useless Lies) started off decently and has increased in ratings and buzz, so having the cast attending the filming wrap party this week is a celebration on top of a celebration. Leads Kim So Hyun, Minhyun, Seo Ji Hoon, and Lee Si Woo all still look very celebrity good looking despite being casually dressed and for the girls more minimal makeup look. Congrats to delivering a nice summer small hit for the cable network and for viewers who are so addicted a really chemistry-laden romance drama.


The Charming Cast of Well-received tvN Drama My Lovely Liar Attends Filming Wrap Party — 8 Comments

  1. The all look so good, especially the main couple. So Hyun is gorgeous!

    I know it’s still to early to say this but I’ll be quite sad once this drama ended, it’s the one I anticipate every week 😢

  2. Kim So Hyun keeps winning the fashion game. She is hot in that simple jeans and sleeveless jacket-vest look paired with sky high heels. Mok Solhee is a badass yet cute character and she delivers it perfectly. Her and Minhyun are the chemistry package we didn’t know we needed.

    • yes, someone said in another post that sol hee is like kim hyun ji from bring it on ghost, but grown up version. couldn’t agree more! so hyun just has that natural cuteness but she can also turn on the hotness when she wants too. love this girl so much!

    • Couldn’t agree more! I’m fairly new in kdramas (started watching during cloy’s peak polularity days, before pandemic), and I can say that so far, she’s the only young korean actress I’ve watched who’s able to balance cuteness with being a badass. the other cutesy types of young actresses tend to be super cringey and forced when they play “badass” characters and other actresses who tend to play badass charaters tend to not suit cute characters. so hyun can do both while nailing both vibes and it’s really impressive!

  3. A wrap party ! I thought that it disappeared . Nice to see it again . I didn’t ear about it for others dramas this year .

  4. their buzzworth ranks very well too in gooddata. sohyun ranks 2 while minhyun ranks 3. hope the rating will keep increasing for the remaining episodes and reach 5% so that we can see these 2 in mbc radio again

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