Tan Song Yun Returns to Period C-dramas After 2 Years with Shu Brocade Family Costarring Zheng Ye Cheng

The word brocade in Chinese will be further associated with C-actress Tan Song Yun, after her hit C-drama The Sword and the Brocade a few years ago she’s back in period land as filming just started for the C-drama Shu Brocade Family (literal translation of 蜀锦人家). Her male lead will be Zheng Ye Cheng which means she’s top billing as opposed to her recent spate of modern C-drama Road Home, Flight to You, and Master of My Own. It’s adapted from a novel set in the Tang Dynasty around the female lead from a renowned fabric dying family and her romance with a bickering male lead after her first love breaks her heart. Tan Song Yun is really so suited for period dramas and is quite pleasant always to watch onscreen for me.

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