Suzy Basically Plays Her Young Idol Self in Upcoming Netflix Drama Doona! with Yang Se Jong

This feels like a full circle casting at the right time for K-actress Suzy. She’s long shed the idol-actress moniker as it’s been years since she was the idol side of things and in the most recent past year she got lots of praise and also awards for her acting in the K-drama Anna. So her taking on the role of top idol Doo Na from the webtoon The Girl Downstairs adapted to the upcoming Netflix drama Doona! does come across as her playing her younger self but without the implication that she can’t act way so she has to take such a character similar to her real life experience. It will be even more fascinating to see how this character has a twisty darker personality and have Suzy really dig deep into what seems like a frothier drama than her last one.

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