Patriotic C-movie Born to Fly with Wang Yibo and Hu Jun Abruptly Pulls National Day 2022 Premiere Three Days Prior

Well this is juicy stuff that is prime for speculation as to the reason why. Last week was Golden Week in Mainland China which starts with October 1 National Day leading to a weeklong public holiday. It’s usually when high profile and big budget movies are premiered with many more moviegoers expected. Born to Fly was billed as the Chinese version of Top Gun starring Wang Yibo and Hu Jun in a patriotic Chinese air force movie with plenty of spectacle. Slated to premiere on September 30th, it was abruptly pulled from the lineup three days prior on September 27th when the production issued a statement that it was scrapping the release in order to present better special effects. Three days before and they figure that out lol. Clearly it’s something else and C-netizens are speculating its related to Wang Yibo’s massive liuliang fanbase buying up tickets which is one of the prohibitions in C-ent to keep fans from spending all their money on stars projects and merchandise. There is also the possibility its related to Hu Jun shilling investment product CFs which has since tanked due to the economic instability. C-actress Zhou Dong Yu has a guest starring role here and maybe her dating scandal with Liu Hao Ran could be the reason. Whatever the case, clearly the production got a “message” and reacted to it.

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