Jo Yeo Jung and Go Joon Confirmed for KBS Mystery Comedy Drama If I Cheat I Die

Oh wow, I wonder if this will replace the prenup and then I also wonder why more woman haven’t required this pledge before getting married, lol. K-stars Jo Yeo Jung and Go Joon are confirmed for upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama If I Cheat, I Die airing in October 2020. It’s billed as a mystery comedy so I’m getting that the comedy is on the darker side but not a murdering spouse melo like upcoming tvN drama Flower of Evil. Jo Yeo Jung plays a best selling crime series writer obsessed with researching all ways of committing murder for her novels. She’s married to Go Joon who is a divorce attorney and also the author of a pledge note to his wife saying “If I cheat, I die”. Ahahaha, I’m not sure that’s enforceable in court as contract as you can’t contract something illegal but it’s still a creative promise to make. I like the leads and a dark marital comedy sounds like an interesting fall drama to check out.

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