A Little Milestone – Let’s Share the Happy

I realized today that I’ve been blogging on AKP for exactly for six months. I started on June 8, and I took a look at the view count and realized that (holy mother of Zeus!) I am edging close to crossing the one million mark. While this is beyond any expectation of mine, since I had NONE to begin with, I nevertheless wanted to thank everyone who hangs out at the Playground with me.

A few folks have asked me if I am *that* ockoala? And the answer is yes – I am indeed *that* ockoala who delurked because of City Hall, which is why the screencap of Mi Rae and Jo Gook and the Moon River proposal rightfully tops this post. It’s such a treat to see City Hallers visiting AKP. In honor of this rather insignificant little anniversary, I hereby present you a picspam of the best kisses in K-dramas, as decided by moi! Kisses are the bestest present ever, and always good for a squee or three. Continue reading