K-stars Looking Casually Cool Attending the VIP Movie Premiere of Concrete Utopia with Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon, and Park Bo Young

It’s been a slower than usual summer season for K-movies, other than for the 3rd installment of The Roundup: No Way Out topping three weekends at the box office and Smugglers one weekend, it’s been Hollywood movies at the top. The next big name flick to try to lure audiences in will be Concrete Utopia, the disaster movie starring Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon, and Park Bo Young opening this weekend. The movie held a star studded VIP premiere this week with the leads in attendance and many of their famous friends joining for support. There wasn’t anything fashion worthy to discuss but folks all dressed comfortably in that rich people cool way haha.

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Ha Ji Won, Kang Ha Neul, Jung Ji So, and Noh Sang Hyun Do Their Best Brooding in Somber Bazaar Pictorial for K-drama Curtain Call

Like, who came up with this concept and staging for a drama promo pictorial? Bazaar Korea has the four leads of upcoming KBS drama Curtain Call gathered together just to look collectively miserable. There is brooding with a very drab … Continue reading