Ha Ji Won, Kang Ha Neul, Jung Ji So, and Noh Sang Hyun Do Their Best Brooding in Somber Bazaar Pictorial for K-drama Curtain Call

Like, who came up with this concept and staging for a drama promo pictorial? Bazaar Korea has the four leads of upcoming KBS drama Curtain Call gathered together just to look collectively miserable. There is brooding with a very drab grey/blue backdrop and a police procedural lineup vibe. Ha Ji Won manages to make her solo look couture and I love the splash of red from the furry thing but I can’t tell if it’s her footwear or a purse placed on the ground. Kang Ha Neul looks more like he’s doing promos for his last drama Insider, and second leads Jung Ji So and Noh Sang Hyun are serving vibes but there is no collectively synergy here. I sure hope the drama is way more interesting when it premieres next week.

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