The Leads of In A Good Way Celebrate its Ratings Success and Spop Magazine Cover

I find myself heaving a sigh of relief that the red hot success of In A Good Way hasn’t affected both its casting chemistry or its story narrative. What’s happened so far with all the characters comes across as planned in advance rather than any wonky rewriting on the fly going on. This past weekend the cast gathered with over 700 excited fans at SETTV headquarters for a celebratory party as the two leads land the cover of the January 2014 issue of Spop Magazine. It’s not just Lego Lee and Kirsten Ren inside, there is also a separate spread devoted to Smile Wen and Jay Shih that is all sorts of cute as well. I honestly have no clue if any of the onscreen chemistry and offscreen flirting between the leads is indicative of any real life interest but they definitely make for great subjects for the camera to capture. The photos in Spop of Lego and Kirsten are beyond precious, each other vividly alive and uniquely their brand of teasing affection. Before the party began, Kirsten and Lego snapped a picture where she is behind him and holding him around the shoulder like in their cover photo except their positions are changed. They seem to be really enjoying this magazine spread as well and Lego revealed this was his first cover honor in his 8 years acting.

Good things come to those who wait and put in the hard work so now its time for Lego and Kirsten to enjoy the limelight. There is one little addendum I want to bring up about Liu Chuan and the 3631 switcheroo in episode 7. In episode 6 he tried twice to tell Jia En that he was 3631, the first time when he sent her the note and waited for her under the tree lane but had to leave to take care of the drunken Jacky and Ah Di, and later after their dance when he was walking her home and was about to confess when her parents showed up and cut him off. Those two instances slipped my mind during episode 7 when I couldn’t figure out why he was so cagey about meeting her, and then I realized that sometimes in life when the right moment passes by it becomes harder to do something and its a very normal reaction. I appreciate IAGW for letting its characters show their flaws and the bits of jealousy, confusion, uncertainty, and distress help build experience and character. I think Xiao Wei and Ri Qi will be fine and it’s not like those two were moving at anything more than snail pace to begin with. Ri Qi can solve his own conundrum since he agreed to pinch hit for Liu Chuan. Continue reading