SBS Kicks Off Promos for January 2023 K-drama Payback with Lee Seon Kyun and Moon Chae Won

I want to just finish up the 2022 remainder of the year on slow-mo mode since there is so much I want to treasure but alas time is speeding into 2023 and the promo circuit is starting for upcoming K-dramas premiering in the new year. There is SBS legal and financial crimes drama Payback (Korean title Law Money) starring Lee Seon Kyun and Moon Chae Won, an excellent casting even if I’m not holding out much hope there is a love line but also don’t care either way. Lee Seon Kyun plays a money broker who ends up fighting about a corrupt cartel of rich and powerful people, which seems to be forever a topic to mine in South Korean dramas because it’s a culture where so much money is centered at the very top and everyone assumes nefarious things happen to make the rich more rich. Check out the first stills and male lead power, with the most notable being Lee Seon Kyun’s mullet below haha.

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