Ruby Lin, Vicky Zhao, Alex Su, and Leo Ku Reunite for 2020 Lunar New Year Celebrations 20 Years After Hit Drama Romance in the Rain

It’s hard to say stars age better with time since being young and fresh faced pretty is the primary selling point of actors and actresses. But for the cast of popular period C-drama Romance in the Rain filmed in 2000 and airing in 2001, twenty years later leads Vicky Zhao, Leo Ku, Ruby Lin, and Alec Su can definitively take the crown as looking better today then back during the romance drama heyday. Romance is an updated (for then) adaptation of the Qiong Yao novel Fire and Rain which had a memorable 80’s TW-adaptation that I grew up remembering.

The 2001 version was best known for reuniting the two female drama superstar leads who shot to fame with Princess Returning Pearl, but switching the lead roles so Vicky was the lead and Ruby the second female lead. And instead of Vicky paired with Alec she got Leo and Ruby was with Alec so there was some fan shipping shake up. All four stars are together again for a 2020 lunar new year show and it’s just such a nice walk down memory lane to see them together with the same chemistry. Continue reading