Dylan Wang and Bai Lu Confirmed Now for 2023 Modern C-romance Love in Camp

At least the confirmation came swiftly on the heels of the rumored casting for this one, saves a lot of speculation and maybe even potential early in fighting between fandom leads. C-drama Love in Camp (earlier title Accidental Love) is confirmed with leads Dylan Wang and Bai Lu and the earlier approval with 36-episodes has apparently been increased to 40-episodes. It’s set in the business world namely financial reporting and investment companies, with Bai Lu as a financial pages reporter and Dylan as the investment company CEO she interviews. Sounds like a non-sexy times and non-stupid set up of Fifty Shades of Grey haha. The drama is headed into production in November 2022 which is next month and is slated for a 24-month production period which can mean airing by end of 2023 or sometime in 2024.

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