Dylan Wang and Bai Lu Confirmed Now for 2023 Modern C-romance Love in Camp

At least the confirmation came swiftly on the heels of the rumored casting for this one, saves a lot of speculation and maybe even potential early in fighting between fandom leads. C-drama Love in Camp (earlier title Accidental Love) is confirmed with leads Dylan Wang and Bai Lu and the earlier approval with 36-episodes has apparently been increased to 40-episodes. It’s set in the business world namely financial reporting and investment companies, with Bai Lu as a financial pages reporter and Dylan as the investment company CEO she interviews. Sounds like a non-sexy times and non-stupid set up of Fifty Shades of Grey haha. The drama is headed into production in November 2022 which is next month and is slated for a 24-month production period which can mean airing by end of 2023 or sometime in 2024.


Dylan Wang and Bai Lu Confirmed Now for 2023 Modern C-romance Love in Camp — 21 Comments

  1. I guess that was meant to be 4 month production period?
    I like both actors but cdramas are still better watched on recommendations. Just because there are way too many actors, many of them end up doing mediocre works.

    • Cdramas does not have many famous actors if you compare it to its population. Even HK with just 7 million people used to produce more famous actors then they did now. The trouble with Cdramas is every actor/actress act in similar types of theme dramas. They don’t allow individuality so their actors/actresses are very replaceable. For example: There are too many cute looking lead actress

  2. I am watching Love Between Fairy and Devil AND I sat through Meteor Garden back in 2018 so I know Dylan is charismatic (albeit not the best actor). But he is an actor who definitely needs a dubber (due to his his heavy accent/line delivery), and a modern piece with dubbing is just so especially jarring.

  3. He can’t act, he can’t even say his own lines. What is she thinking. I guess she has given up on trying to be a serious actress.

    • Have you seen Love between fairy and devil? Can’t act is something noone is saying after his performance in that drama. His performance was especially good. Yes he’s improvinvg and is not the best in his age group but he can surely do well with Bai Lu.

      • Yes, he can’t act. Just because he is better than he used to be doesn’t mean he can act. He can’t.

        She is Oscar quality if you compare them so wth is she thinking.

  4. I still can’t differentiate Bai Lu and Li Yitong, don’t know why but her face features are kind of forgettable even though they are objectively pretty.

    I’ve got a soft spot for guys with beautiful long necks (Xiao Zhan is one) and Wang Hedi has a beautifully long neck, plus perfect body proportions to boot. I’m more attracted to his real-life character seen on variety shows, but I know he needs to be a good actor in order to have a long-lasting career in c-ent industry. I hope he can improve his lines and get a better project for his next drama, get paired up with Yang Mi or Zhao Liying.

    • interesting, bc i find bai lu so uniquely pretty. something about her bone structure just sets her apart from the rest in my eyes. li yitong looks like she has had heavy ps done, which is not a bad thing, but it’s the first thing i think of when i see her pictures.

    • Lmao Zhao Yiling wouldn’t give him the time of the day. She is busting her back in order to transform and be taken seriously. Do you really think acting with traffic, one who can’t act at that, is a good way forward on that road? Smh

    • @mimimi I used to confuse Li Qin with the two of them even, but I can differentiate Li Qin now. Maybe I just need more time lol.

      @Hannah Well, the current c-ent can only support actors/actresses. Since I’m feeling positively towards Wang Hedi now, naturally I would be looking at things from his perspective and wish for him to get more opportunities. It’s a compliment to Yang Mi and Zhao Liying as well.

      • It’s an insult to Zhao Yiling.

        Yang Mi has regressed terribly and isn’t even bothering these days so she is doable.

      • @Hannah You are more insulting to Zhao Liying, seeing as you can’t even spell her name right.

      • ahhh! Same here. I cannot tell between the three you mentioned. I am not the only one?! Hahaha.

  5. I love these two. I have dramas if them that I really enjoyed watching so I am pleased that they are confirmed couple in this drama and it is modern drama.

  6. @Hannah Just finished LBFAD (didn’t want to watch it at first but I gave in after reading raving reviews) and I think he was pretty good as Dongfang. Though he was obviously dubbed, his aura matched the evil and arrogant character he had to play.
    Not saying he’s the best actor out there (he still has a long way to go) but he wasn’t that bad either. TBH, I was pleasantly surprised.

  7. Dylan was mediocre in most of his works accept LBFD and The Rational Life (modern noona love drama). He is only 23 with no acting background so I will cut his some slack since he does improves a LOT. I think being never in an acting school (the same with XZ, ZLS, BL and Esther Yu) does set some C actors apart because their acting look more natural than some acting school graduated who acting obviously the textbook type.

    I saw Dylan in Miss The Dragon and you should see all of the bad comments I wrote…haha. His Dong Fang Qing Chang is great and I think the main reason was Dylan has a compatible leading lady in LBFD.

  8. Dylan wang is an amazing actor !!! Thats right his popularity is going surprisingly up, and when that happens not only people will talking great about him but haters to critize him its normal this type of behavior in this days are normal!! Keep it up dylan you are doing amazing!!

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