Top 2022 Korean Drama Google Searches in Korea Led by Extraordinary Attorney Woo Followed by Narco-Saints and One Dollar Lawyer

Everyone’s search engine best friend Google is out with the top Korean drama searches in South Korea in 2022 and it’s a list of mostly top hits with a few surprises. Leading off is the tiny ENA drama that could Extraordinary Attorney Woo which I gather is far and away the most searched thanks to it’s actual popularity and the interest in its soaring popularity. Next is a surprise for me with Narco-Saints (Suriname) on Netflix, it got mixed reviews and didn’t seem to be on the top list for long but apparently it’s quite popular in South Korea probably due to the pedigree with dual movie star caliber leading me in Ha Jung Woo and Hwang Jung Min. Third is the One Dollar Lawyer which put Namgoong Min back on top on the ratings game. After that in consecutive order are zombie school hit All of Us are Dead, young fencing romance Twenty Five, Twenty One, thriller Big Mouth, current skyrocketing hit Reborn Rich in 7th spot but probably vaulting ahead if the entire month of December was counted, then zany rom-com A Business Proposal, ensemble Our Blues, and in 10th spot is prestige drama Pachinko.

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Netflix A-lister Packed K-drama Narco-Saints with Ha Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Min, and Park Hae Soo Premieres to Mixed Reviews But Solid Viewership Ratings

This K-drama is like made the exact opposite of what would interest me lol. No offense but I’ve still not watched Breaking Bad so Narco-Saints can pack itself with as many A-listers as it has and I’ll still nod appreciatively … Continue reading