Third Time’s the Charm as Knowing Wife Wraps Drama Run and Cast Attend Party

The conclusion of tvN time-travel and do-over drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife) frees up on Wed-Thurs again after being fairly addicted for the past eight weeks. I tried to watch on the days it aired but wasn’t so engrossed that I couldn’t miss a few same day airings and catch up on the weekends. It was much better than I had hoped, that’s for sure, especially the acting of female lead Han Ji Min and the fantastic melding of character and performance by Ji Sung. The entire story felt like a cop-out on life itself, that we have one chance only and can’t press the rewind and re-do button on not appreciating our loved ones and hurting others by our own self-centered views. But it’s still just fiction so I don’t feel the urge to flay the male lead and enjoyed watching him suffer so much before he could even contemplate a happy ending for himself. Congrats to the entire cast and crew for delivering a solid drama worth watching. Continue reading

Guest Stars and Supporting Characters Shine in Goblin as the Drama Integrates All Characters Seamlessly

Everything feels connected in Goblin in ways both substantive and logical within its fantasy narrative. Supporting characters tug at the heartstrings or make one seethe with anger, and guest starring roles are memorable and meaningful. The leads have the lions … Continue reading