Youku Releases Period Drama Shining Just for You on November 30th with Peng Xiao Ran and Feng Xiao Feng Echoing Shades of Her Previous Hit Goodbye My Princess

I didn’t watch 2019 hit period C-drama Goodbye My Princess but it was impossible to miss the pictures and posts all featuring Peng Xiao Ran as the titular princess dressed all in red as a princess from the outer tribes swept up in an ill-fated romance. It was career making for her so it’s frustrating to see her new upcoming drama Shining Just for You basically doing a visual redux and with so many colors in the spectrum not necessary to pull all red all the time. This drama also feels like a hot mess in other ways, first the name change from the original title Novoland: Princess from the Plateau which put it in the Novoland drama family and now its just a standalone series, and then both male leads Feng Shao Feng and Zhu Zheng Ting giving off major douchebag vibes in different ways. The former now plays the power hungry kinda sleazy looking Emperor ready to mark his territory on his woman and the latter is like a boy in short pants trying to be a big man and grow wings to get his girl back. Trust me, the preview looks terrible and it’s good this drama is just 25-episodes. If it turns out to be an unexpected gem ping me so I can check it out then.

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Revisiting 2021 C-drama Jun Jiu Ling Which Failed to Match Peng Xiao Ran’s Previous Hit Goodbye My Princess and Also Notable for the Entirety of C-netizens Criticizing Male Lead Jin Han’s Look

2021 C-drama season is long over and the only one that I felt the urge to go back and watch now was One and Only and its immediate sequel Forever and Ever. If there is anything else good lemme know … Continue reading