Romance Town Releases New Stills of All Four Leads

You know, if Romance Town wasn’t premiering smack dab in the winner-take-all drama battle month of May, I would totally be more excited about it and follow its news slavishly. There are a few K-actresses who I have watched ALL of their dramas, for reasons completely unrelated to that actress, but more like I like their co-star or the story sounds interesting. Sung Yuri is one of them, and part of me wants to keep the streak alive so that I can say I am a Yuri completist. But I can hardly keep up with two dramas that I’m dying to watch, so Romance Town gets the backburner seat. But I have to say that all of its promotional stills look lovely and interesting. Continue reading

A Listing of all the Upcoming May 2011 K-Dramas

This year’s May K-drama line-up has been causing some confusion with folks, either not sure which dramas are up against each other or when a particular drama is scheduled to premiere. For me, the January dramas were all good but not great (though I enjoyed … Continue reading