Romance Town Releases New Stills of All Four Leads

You know, if Romance Town wasn’t premiering smack dab in the winner-take-all drama battle month of May, I would totally be more excited about it and follow its news slavishly. There are a few K-actresses who I have watched ALL of their dramas, for reasons completely unrelated to that actress, but more like I like their co-star or the story sounds interesting. Sung Yuri is one of them, and part of me wants to keep the streak alive so that I can say I am a Yuri completist. But I can hardly keep up with two dramas that I’m dying to watch, so Romance Town gets the backburner seat. But I have to say that all of its promotional stills look lovely and interesting.



Romance Town Releases New Stills of All Four Leads — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for the pics, yeah I’m totally with you RT seems to lack somethings maybe in plot or in the actors, don’t know, but it seems this drama didn’t prepare with the word WIN [in ratings] in mind compare to the other MAY dramas that come with all.

    But I’ll try to watch this since I Like Sung Yuri, in One Fine Day and HongGilDong, so let’s hope she can do a good job! XD

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