First Look at Leads Zhao Lu Si, Wang An Yu and Li Yun Rui in Costume for Xianxia C-drama Hidden God

So the upcoming C-drama Hidden God (Shen Yin) did start filming this month in December right on time despite the last minute male lead casting hijinks. The first sneak peeks are here and initially it was only of the two male leads Wang An Yu and Li Yun Rui, but a day later came female lead Zhao Lu Si who I am most excited to see what her xianxia outfit looks like here. Wang An Yu looks great, much better than I envisioned but poor Li Yun Rui looks like a candy cane crossed with a chicken and also like he wandered here from the set of Fox Spirit Matchmaker mwahahaha! Lu Si looks adorable, both cute and ethereal. Anyhoo, this is a big IP project and despite the casting carousel it’s on track to stay high on the interest level.

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