Jaejoong’s Spy Releases First Curious Teaser and More Cast Character Stills

The first teaser is out for the KBS Friday night drama Spy and it reminds me yet again not to believe I have a clue what a drama has in store by the concept and casting alone. The teaser has got a weird off-kilter old school superhero TV show vibe. It almost feels like the heroes and villains are marked extra clearly. The logo definitely screams comic book adaptation and I wonder if this mood will carry over into the actual drama. Male lead Jaejoong’s first character stills were released last week and now the rest of the cast is presented for a look-see.

Bae Jong Ok playing Jaejoong’s spy mommy looks phenomenal. She’s basically the female lead as far as I’m concerned. The blunt cut looks incredible on her not to mention her eyes scream “don’t mess with me”. The only thing I find funny are the stills of her in the sunglasses and hat trying to look inconspicuous yet calling out her shifty aura. Go Sung Hee is basically there to play the obligatory love interest and her stills remain as dull and lifeless as her acting in her last drama. Yoo Oh Sung never fails as the dangerous villain and his stills are even framed with eerie green lighting to emphasize his scary ways.

First teaser for Spy:


Jaejoong’s Spy Releases First Curious Teaser and More Cast Character Stills — 9 Comments

  1. Aaargh Go Sung Hee, Go Sung Hee .
    It’s not about her looks and I can forgive bad acting too given that she is still a rookie, but she it’s just that does not have any drama-presence or life!I fear the love scenes are going to be stilted and forced, just like in NightWatchman..sigh.
    But still, mother-son story will be more prominent and there will be hopefully less love scenes that I can ff 🙁

  2. Bae Jong Ok is an amazing actress. Her character in That Winter the Wind Blows drove me nuts, but her presence was undeniable.

    Hard to judge what the drama will be like base on such a short teaser. Will be checking this one out.

  3. Trailer doesn’t leak much info but I like that Jaejoong plays a total mama’s boy LOL Hope they release more trailers so we have more to go on.

  4. I am definitely going to watch this one! I first saw JaeJoong in Protect the boss and then Triangle….Plus spy’s stories have always been my kind of stories so I can’t wait for this one particular drama to start!!

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