Wang Yibo’s Agency Trying to Land Him in a Role in the High Profile HK-star Stephen Chow’s Long Awaited Next Movie Shaolin Women’s Soccer

So C-actor Wang Yibo remains focused on his movie career but there is a wide swatch of types of movies from small budget to arthouse to local blockbusters to international hits. A lot of it is luck if you ask me in picking the right project but one star with a nearly every movie is a hit track record is HK-superstar turned director/producer Stephen Chow. He’s singlehandedly created a genre (mo lei tau) and has so many funny performances and movies he’s endlessly meme-able. He’s also known as the creator of the ingenue next movie starlet from Karen Mok to Athena Chu to Anita Yuen to Zhao Wei to Huang Sheng Yi to Jelly Lin so he’s reportedly going on a multi-country audition hunt for the female leads of his next movie Shaolin Women’s Soccer, and yes like the name suggests it is a sequel to the global hit Shaolin Soccer twenty years ago. The movie is just started in pre-production but reportedly Wang Yibo’s team is working hard to get him a role in the movie. I have no problem with trying to do that, good roles have to be angled for.

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Kris and Zhao Li Ying Crowned King and Queen of the 2016 Weibo Awards in Beijing

Nothing looks as good as having a hottie doting fiancee by one side, and the star couple of Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen were definitely the major standout at the just held Weibo Awards in China. I feel like K-ent … Continue reading