C-actor Peng Guan Ying Finishes Re-shoots for The Golden Hairpin as Yang Zi Adds the Drama to Her Agency Promos for 2024

It’s new year with good news for beleaguered C-drama The Golden Hairpin. After countless fits and starts and various actors attached to the re-shoot, the final contender Peng Guan Yin has reportedly finished his re-shoots and the drama is headed to post-production. This is the S-level drama starring Wu Yi Fan and Yang Zi that went into limbo after his scandal and arrest for sexual assault. The drama was fully finished filming and too much money sunk in to just never air so the production decided to find a new male lead to re-shoot as much as possible and also AI his face into the farther away scenes. The original replacement was Lin Geng Xin who actually re-shot a few days worth before leaving the production. I feel like this drama is a win-win, if it’s good after re-shoots then the replacement male lead enjoys the credit, if it sucks no one will blame him since there was very little to work with. Yang Zi has added this drama and her female lead character to her agency’s promos for 2024 in another sign that it will for sure air now.

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Lin Geng Xin Dropping Out as Replacement Male Lead in The Golden Hairpin Reportedly Due to AI Tech Concerns and the Early Critiques of the Drama’s Japanese Inspired Costumes

So a bit of “what happened behind the scenes” is out for the whole drama on finding a new male lead for C-drama The Golden Compass with female lead Yang Zi. It’s been languishing since OG male lead Wu Yi … Continue reading

C-actress Yang Zi to Have Light Q4 2023 Schedule as Period Drama Flourished Peony Starts Filming at Year End and Her Re-shoots for The Golden Hairpin are Very Light

Yang Zi just finished filming the modern C-drama Story of Joy last week and her scheduled for this last quarter of the year will be much lighter. Her period drama next project Flourished Peony adapted from the same name novel … Continue reading

Success of Yang Zi’s Lost You Forever Adds Fuel to the Rumor of Reshooting The Golden Hairpin with Lin Geng Xin Leading New Male Leads Talking Along with Other Actors

So the C-drama adaptation of The Golden Hairpin was a S-level project so there was a shit ton of money already spent on the drama. That it was done and just waiting airing permit with male lead Wu Yi Fan … Continue reading

C-drama Adaptation of The Golden Hairpin Costing Over $45 Million USD in Production Costs Currently Banned From Airing After Male Lead Wu Yi Fan is Detained on Suspicion of Rape and Drug Distribution

This may be a blessing in disguise in terms of timing, and honestly the sooner Wu Yi Fan is exposed and locked away the better as well. Upcoming C-drama adaptation of The Golden Hairpin (青簪行) based on the novel Recordings … Continue reading

Jeon So Nee Cast as the Female Lead Opposite Park Hyung Sik in the K-drama Adaptation of The Golden Hairpin

Okay, there’s a lot to unpack here. Despite the K-netizens going on an anti-Chinese culture in K-dramas attack earlier this year which played one part in the cancellation of Joseon Exorcist and concerns over Chinese PPL in K-dramas so some … Continue reading

Highly Anticipated C-drama Adaptation of The Golden Hairpin Likely Gets Delayed Due to Scandal Around Kris Wu Cheating on Multiple Women

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Park Hyung Sik Indeed the Offered Male Lead of K-drama Adaptation of C-novel The Golden Hairpin Currently Being Adapted to C-drama with Yang Zi and Kris Wu

It’s nice to see a casting rumor come true if it’s someone I think is a really good fit for the project. K-actor Park Hyung Sik is finishing up his military service and all eyes are on his comeback project. … Continue reading

K-ent Reportedly Adapting The Golden Hairpin Historical C-novel into K-drama With Reports That Park Hyung Sik Wants to be the Male Lead

Well this is juicy and interesting K-drama development news. There is an adaptation being prepared to turn the period C-novel The Golden Hairpin (Tale of a Hairpin) into a K-drama. It’s already been adapted into a period C-drama starring Kris … Continue reading