Latest Stills and Previews for tvN Drama The Liar and His Lover

This drama continues to look more and more promising, and makes me remember that I enjoyed the source manga when I read it years ago. tvN‘s youth music drama The Liar and His Lover (She Fell in Love with His Lies) released another batch of drama stills along with a longer preview for episode 1 which arrives on March 20th. In the drama, Joy is the bright and beaming high school aspiring singer while Lee Hyun Woo is the gifted music producer who doesn’t look a day older than her but is already jaded and disappointed with the music industry. Cue muse inspiring and falling in love goodness. There’s also new stills of supporting male leads Lee Jung Jin and Lee Seo Won, the latter going from little brother in Uncontrollably Fond to pop star.

Episode 1 preview:


Latest Stills and Previews for tvN Drama The Liar and His Lover — 4 Comments

  1. I’m not convinced by this teaser. I think I really have to forget the japanese movie before to watch this drama.

  2. Same the teaser doesnt quite convince me. Maybe, because it is giving cute vibes rather than what the movie gives us. Definitely need to erase the movie version in my head.

    Lee hyun woo is so baby face, thankfully they pick Joy who is 3 years younger than him and with less make up will definitely look younger (but they are not going with less makeup look).

    However, the teaser where Joy is singing got me convince because she fits the voice of the female character i had in mind so much.

    i have trust on the director because he made me discover lee jun ki as an actor plus marriage contract is well executed drama and make uee be in my good book again after the disastrous high society

  3. Lee Seo Won looks like a better fit for the male lead character than Lee Hyun Woo
    And Joy needs to improve on her singing

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