The Two Fathers Grace the Cover of the June Edition of SPop Magazine

I’m pretty sure the most popular OTP in Taiwan dramas right now just landed on the cover of the June edition of S Pop magazine together. The two leads of the popular and highly-rated daily SETTV sitcom Two Fathers have taken the My Two Dads (or Three Men and a Little Lady) conceit and refreshed it for a new generation of viewers. Starring Leroy Yang and Lin Yo Wei, this is one sitcom I watch and enjoy whenever the urge arises but I don’t have the need to keep consuming it on a daily basis. Leroy plays a swaggering lawyer while Lin Yo Wei is a warm and considerate florist, and the two men are co-habiting while raising a joint daughter who calls the former Daddy and the latter Papa. So cute. It’s really their interactions and relationship with their onscreen daughter Wendy (Tang Wen Di) that gives this sitcom the heart and joy that so many sitcoms try to force but fail at doing in such a natural way. The two men are raising Wendy together because the woman they both loved left the baby with them and revealed she doesn’t know which guy is the dad. Leroy has his own OTP in Megan Lai who plays Wendy’s teacher, while Lin Yo Wei is slowly getting close to his cute low-EP author neighbor played by Cherry Leung. While the two sets of pairing are funny and developing nicely, it’s really the modern new family unit of the two dads and how much they work together to love and raise Wendy with humor and heart that is so endearing to watch. It doesn’t hurt that Wendy is played by child actress Le Le who is so winning and cute she steals the drama often from her adult counterparts. She’s a tad precious but overall a genuine talent that I hope has a long career ahead of her. SPop is really going out of its way to pimp out all the SETTV leads, starting with Chris Wang, George Hu and Annie Chen, James Wen, Roy Qiu, and now Leroy and Lin Yo Wei. I love these pictures which capture the two guys great sense of humor and wonderful chemistry with each other. As far as I know this series isn’t being subbed but is actually quite watchable even not understanding anything, though the dialogue with Megan and her Taiwanese dad is a LOL riot all the time. Continue reading