Romance Period C-drama Unchained Love with Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi Wraps Disappointing Run with 6.7 Ratings on Douban

So the ratings on Douban for C-drama Unchained Love (Forbidden Love) really caught up on the general feedback with its ratings at 6.7 on the heel on its conclusion last week. I was interested in checking back in after hearing it got better in the middle probably around episode 14 and after. But then the drama ended last week and all I heard were howls and yowls of disappointment so this drama just feels like an inverted parabola haha. The final episode which I did watch just……ended…..and feels so wan and limp in storytelling. I can watch Dylan Wang even when he’s not the best actor but I’m having a hard time thinking his stans really loved this character or performance, it was extra stiff and awkward in any scene and made the worse with Chen Yu Qi doing her bug-eyed acting magic. Chalk another up for “looks good on paper and fails in execution” C-drama.

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C-drama Unchained Love with Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi Head into Final Stretch of Airing with Reviews Getting Better

C-drama Unchained Love has aired 22-episodes out of the total 36 so it’s into the final stretch of airing and I thought to check in. Surprisingly the reviews and audience feedback is getting better, I noticed since about episode 14 … Continue reading

Unchained Love with Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi Debuts to 7.3 on Douban Ranking Surprisingly High for the Mostly Poor Reviews

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C-drama Forbidden Love Pours Cold Water on the Warm Early Excitement with Terrible Reviews on the Acting of Both Leads Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi

The last C-drama to premiere before year end 2022 is unfortunately an early reviews dud. Sure it can get better but Forbidden Love (also called Unchained Love) with Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi (Yukee Chen) takes the former back … Continue reading