Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi Fall into a Forbidden Love as C-drama Premieres Today December 27th on iQiyi

The reception for this C-drama will confirm whether 2022 is the year of the Dylan in C-drama land. Right as I thought no new big C-dramas would air before year end then wham bam thank you ma’am here comes Forbidden Love released today on December 27th right in time to call itself a 2022 drama. Starring Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi (Yukee Chen), the drama has been flirting with airing dates for months and I thought earlier would have been better to capitalize on the momentum of Dylan’s summer hit Love Between Fairy and Devil. But Dylan is still hotter than fire in C-ent and this drama could be primed to rope in viewers during the end of year time off. The drama released new posters and preview in advance of the premiere and honestly the preview is wildly bipolar, the first half slapstick level silly and the second half rocks fall down dark. I’m still going in with an open mind especially since Chen Yu Qi is actually expression some emotion in the preview rather than her usual pretty blank face look.

Forbidden Love preview:


Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi Fall into a Forbidden Love as C-drama Premieres Today December 27th on iQiyi — 13 Comments

  1. Unrelated to this drama but why did you put a thumbnail of “Chang Feng Du” aka ‘Destined’ with Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi on the front page?

    Liking “Forbidden Love” so far.

      • The Blood of Youth, totally unknown people and the thing already went past 2 on Datawin. It’s actually very entertaining if you can deal with just acceptable acting. They are not terrible just passing, so if that’s ok with you, it’s fun.

      • Why are you fans always so dumb? And why do you think everyone else is dumb?

        The only objective measurement is Datawin.

        Guess which show broke 2 already and which is lingering way below?

        But wow yes, LV. Such an amazing acting achievement. A Weibo special for one WHD. I am stunned. Never happened before.

      • @Anon I advise you not to reply (waste your time) to @lol.He/She’s a known Dylan Wang’s hater. As the saying goes “Don’t feed the trolls”. Better enjoy the ride and ignore the naysayers.

    • @lol, haha only Datawin has The Blood Of Youth top, all the other charts like Maoyan, Weibo, Douyin, Wechat, Vlinkage have other dramas like Unchained Love or Homesick, it’s suspicious? Datawin isnt more reliable than any other company. The Unchained buzz on Weibo and Douyin is real, plus Unchained airs 2 episodes everyday until the finale and TBOY will air 3 eps a week only at halfway point (this is a big one, fans are complaining about Youku’s scheduling) so the hype will keep building up thanks to daily eps being aired.

      I hope The Blood of Youth does well as well, but you are obviously hoping to use TBOY to shit on someone but Dylan’s character is top of the Vlinkage charts and he’s had the best year out of any Chinese celebrity. Luck has been on his side, Fairy and Devil aired during the summer holidays and now Unchained Love is airing in the New Year holidays nonstop. It’s obvious that he will be pushed heavily from now as a new traffic star, other than LV he announced 4 new endorsements on his birthday.

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