First Preview and Many Pretty Stills for Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi’s Upcoming Court Intrigue Drama Forbidden Love

I’ve written off Thousand Years for You as quickly as I got excited about it so let’s take the next batch of C-dramas that interest me a bit slower. One is Forbidden Love (浮图缘 Fu Tu Yuan) a court intrigue romance adapted from the same name novel by writer You Si Jie. She has a lot of novels under her belt but this appears to be the first to get a drama adaptation. Starring Dylan Wang (Wang He Di) and Chen Yu Qi, the drama has him pretending to be a eunuch in the court to get revenge and she’s a concubine/court lady so obvious this will take a lot to end well. Second leads Peter Ho and Zheng Li (Shao Shang’s Ah Mu in Love Like the Galaxy) join in the fun and play against type, he’s bumbling and she’s conniving. Dylan is coming off as career high this summer with Love Between Fairy and Devil which got him rave reviews (first time ever) and a hit drama so it has definitely increased excitement for this drama.

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