Spoiler Dialogue from Playful Kiss Episode 16

I feel like the spoiler fairy these days. The dialogue from this scene supposedly in Playful Kiss episode 16 comes from the same source that dropped the wedding night tidbits.

Not even going to bother guessing its veracity – even if its fan-fiction I find it adorable and makes me happy reading it. If the scene happens, I’m happy. If the scene doesn’t happen, I’m still happy. I’m so easy to please.

I titled this sequence – How to teach a snail wife to do life-saving techniques:

SJ: *laying flat on a surface” Do it at the rate of one hundred presses per minute. Like this. *laces hands together and presses into the air* One, two, three….at this rate.

HN: I understand. Let me try it. But first…. *Ha Ni sticks her nose right up against Seung Jo’s nose* I must confirm whether there is any indication of breathing. *Ha Ni feels rather shy all of a sudden* If there is no breathing, I must give mouth-to-mouth at least two times.

*Ha Ni puts her mouth whisper close to Seung Jo’s and pretends to give him CPR. She breathes twice and stops, very embarrassed.*

SH: What? What are you doing?

HN: Huh? Uhm, no, well….

SJ: Yah, this is a serious emergency situation. Don’t you feel it?

HN: That’s not it. Feeling what are you talking about?

SJ: Hurry up and do the next step!

HN: I know, okay, the next step is to do thirty chest compressions.

*Ha Ni laces her fingers, puts it on Seung Jo’s chest above his heart, and gently presses down. One, two, three…*

SJ: Yah, yah! Are you giving a massage? Or just touching me?

HN: Huh? I should just use more strength? But won’t that hurt? *Increases strength a little* One, two, three. This level of pressure? How’s this?

*Seung Jo looks at Ha Ni and thinks what she’s doing is really adorable*

SJ: …….want to take a break?

HN: Huh?

SJ: That was a lot of homework done. Let’s take a short rest.

HN: *pretending to be very calm and lays down [leads to me assume they are practicing on their bed at home]* Ah…..yes, there is still a lot (of homework) to be done.

SJ: This is homework, too……*grabs Ha Ni and looms over her*

[Credit: spoiler posted on Baidu Playful Kiss Bar, translated into English by me]


Spoiler Dialogue from Playful Kiss Episode 16 — 58 Comments

    • last SJ did to HN really imagining further to me!! How they two enjoy its in action and personal “new” experience. “new” with “” due to they are normal young persons and have personal life…even though never exposed to public!

      Those all physically contact in PK reminds me of these statement “learning by doing” OR “doing well based on experiences” o o o which one??

      Ockoala, thanks for keep doing this, and info directly to my yahoo all your update!!

  1. Aaaah feel free to spoil us whenever 😉 hahahhaha
    oh my, their interactions are getting gooooooood!!

    one day to go folks!!

  2. even IF this is a fan-fic sort of thing, im just so happy to read it!!!!
    im makes me feel so giddy, i cant help to have this huge smile on my face!!

    and also longer preview for episode 15 is here!

    i just stumble upon lurking in different sites for PK.
    thanks hyunniespexers for the link!

    • it’s on youtube as well.. from the usual uploader momopor..
      and jangkiss subs subbed the ep 15 teaser as well on their youtube channel jangkisssubs2

  3. oh ockoala, you make my evening, I cannot spot laughing. Big thanks for it. I won’t mind that scene will appear on eps 16 or not because I have already had most of it.

    Thanks so much again and wishing u all the best.

    • oh… btw, i remember.. it seems that it’s you who asked for the manga in english right??
      if it’s not you… nevermind.. ignore me.
      i don’t remember which post that was but i think i gave you the link in the written preview of ep 15 or something…

  4. Gosh you’ve made my day. Thanks for posting d spoiler. Soooo sweet and so typical Seung Jo and Hani. After reading, I realised my cheeks were hurting….. cos I was smiling broadly non stop. Can’t wait!!!

  5. There was a CPR scene in ISWAK.. so if this is not a leaked dialogue, it must be fanfiction.. but the tone is so close to a PK dialogue. Dare I hope for it?? Arrrrggghh.. Thursday and Friday can’t come facst enough. But but but.. that’ll mean the end of my favourite drama… ottoke?? *ish torn*

  6. oh goodness, this has left me breathless!!!!..waaaahhhh..excited to the highest level!!!..thanks a million times ockoala dear!! =)

    • there’s no eng subs but sabby25@soompi translated it… if you can’t log into soompi, you can also find the translated dialogue in the last page of the comments section for episode 14 recap on dramabeans.

  7. I’ve just recently discovered your blog and I want to give you an enormous THANK YOU!! for your postings. I really enjoy reading your recaps…they are amazing!!. And, of course, the translation into english of the previews as I don’t know one iota of korean 😉 Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

    • me tooo!! ^o^ i could imagine the situation with SJ and Hani practising CPR….hehehe….i really hope its in PK….and spoiler or not…..it made my day….thanks a lot….love u much….!!

  8. Hi ockoala!

    I’m silent reader of this site ever since I started watching Playful Kiss. i just want to say thank you so much for the updates. Everyday I go on this site to look for any news about PK! I love the spoilers! 🙂 So excited for the last 2 episodes! This kind of look like a real dialogue that can happen for episode 16. I just love the tandem of Kin Hyun Joong and Jung So Min either on screen or off screen! Thanks again. 🙂

  9. I want to say a Big Thank You.
    I love your recaps & news on Playful Kiss.
    Since the start of Playful Kiss, I have been coming to your site & enjoying all the great stuff you write.
    Keep up the good work, Hwating!

  10. lol… this sounds exactly like fanfic… which means that if it’s real, it’s going to please a lot of …. well, FANS… kk

    and rather than a spoiler fairy, let’s upgrade you to a goddess fairy? XD

  11. Thanks Ockaola
    this dialogue is pure cutyness , I’m really not able to wait anymore , that wish it’s wednesday and then thursday but wait a mn then the show will be over and I will miss very much 🙁

  12. ockoala…….hahahahhahhaha….. can’t stop laughing….remind me of yuan xiang ching and jie zhu….ahahah mian don’t know how to spell it. xiang ching try pratising to take out of the blood from jie zhu both hands….. . but here is practising giving 1st aid of patient…..ememem can’t wait ready how is it….
    thanks ockoala…..loph ya fighting

  13. Heh. I’m not usually one for fan fic, but loving it! All these cute moments are going to kill me.

    I am so frustrated that this week is so stupid busy for me. Hope to be caught up with episodes in time for your Ep 16 recap and overall squeeing and crying.

    Gotta have priorities, ya know.

  14. LOL… i’ve just been to baidu where they had the chinese translation and the comments were hilarious… haha… a lot of them were confused but some were all hyped us like us as well.. pk effect in boundless. well, except for korea… gah.

  15. in the back of my mind i somehow knew CPR was going to be used as a romantic device. it was used in BoF Jandi/Junpyo pool scene-party, that didn’t turn out too well for Junpyo…

    HERE’S hopin’ BSJ gets some~ and I mean that in the most innocent way possible, we are keeping this PG okay?!

    Ockoala, thank you so much for your efforts. <3

    What I want to know, does KHJ know how to do CPR/Heimlich in real life? He should, Idk how fans not spaz-then-choke when they see him come in a cafe/restaurant/eatery.

  16. The scene had me grinning. Homework. Ha. Guess once SJ is marry he’s not too much of hw freak is he? Helping HN with her hw was just a ploy huh?
    Ahhh, i can’t help grinning after reading the spoiler.

    • yup…i’m grinning all the way too…!! ^.^ but that’s ploy fitted SJ character to the T… and Hani also the type to respond well to SJ instructions/order….just imagine what Hani’s reaction would be if SJ just drop the boom about his intention…kekeke…should be darm shocking i guess…hehe ^.^

    • oh i just realized my comment was mileading.. all those are stills of the dvds/youtube/etc…. not the dvd themselves..i got too excited i became incoherent but i’m a photobook fanatic… kk

  17. Now seriously this is getting dangerous, I’m intoxicated with all these spoilers!!
    I’m living under the influence of PK drugs, but who’s complaining?! Certainly not me!!
    Thank u sooooooooo much!

  18. the beauty of collage students that are married! LOL!
    and same field?! what a practical lesson! I laughing like crazy over here reading the dialogue, I really can’t wait for this week! thanks for sharing!

  19. Tell you the truth , never thought , even in my wildest dream that BSJ can be this way naughty , LOOOL , I wish the dialogues are real and from 16 epi scene , it will be cute .

  20. After episode 15…I think anything could happen. So totally not surprised if this does happen. BSJ, you are oh so bad. //><..BSJ..you..you…*nosebleed*. Since when did you become so fierce and passionate. *blushes*
    I guess you are a hotblooded guy after all.
    Thanks for sharing~!!

  21. Thank you so much, Ockoala!
    Your spoilers just make my day, so please, you are welcome to spoil more, dear Spoiler Fairy! =))

    After episode 13 kiss, I expect everything from Playful Kiss crew and especially Kim Hyun Joong! hehe
    Our cold robot Seung Jo happened to be the hot macho! =)))
    Still, can’t wait for tonight and tomorrow’s episodes…
    *counting hours and sighing* =)

  22. I’ve been stalking your blog since I saw your PK recap at LKHJ forum and so enjoyed your viewpoint. Many thanks as well as for the spoiler …aigooo it makes me giddy regardless if its true or not ^_^

    I wonder how fans of KHJ in Korea are taking the scenes in the past 3 episodes 🙂

  23. ahhhh this story is really kawaii love it hope it happens in the drama cant wait to see thr expressions specially seung jo…… ha ni is so lucky

  24. so sweet… it sound like the part playfull kiss taiwan it start wit a kiss… but imagine it hyun..argh!! faint… hard to breath

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