Joe Cheng Performs at G20 Concert in Seoul

Joe Cheng was invited to represent Taiwan at the G20 Let’s Go Concert in Seoul this past weekend. It was a star-packed affair, with the Korean performers including Rain, BoA, Beast, et. al., plus a host of fabulous singers from various other Asian countries. Of all the singers in Taiwan, they invited Joe. Let that sink in for a minute. Of course, the real reason is that Joe is actually quite well known in Korea because of his acting, namely It Started With a Kiss.

You all know I think Joe is an abominable singer. And now he has convinced me he simply must never sing or dance on stage ever again. Or wear a sleeveless vest shirt combo. No. Just no. But part of me wanted Kim Hyun Joong to suddenly show up and the two Irie Naokis could make my fangirly dreams come true on stage with a duet.

Joe Cheng Performing Sing a Song at G20:


Once I finished LOLing over this video, I promptly went and cued up another episode of the wonderful That Love Comes. Sigh, Joe, if I could ban you from singing I would. You know I love you, but you and singing are not meant to be. God made you that hot and talented at acting for a reason. Let’s leave theย singing to the professionals, shall we?


Joe Cheng Performs at G20 Concert in Seoul — 17 Comments

  1. Lol! I didn’t understand a word of what he was singing.

    Arnyways, are you all caught up to episode 4, or just on episode 2? It’s pretty good, right? I think it’s doing really well for a drama that’s expected to be only 12 episodes long. I mean, in my humble opinion, the plot is moving quickly but it’s also establishing that emotional connection that a lot of dramas fail to do in the premiering episodes. However, the voiceovers & flashbacks need to chill a bit. It takes up like 1/4 of the scenes in an episode! But as for Joe Cheng? I really like him (duh!)! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I agree with you… I really love joe cheng in ISWAK most especially in TKA but I think that singing is not his cup of tea. He should’ve just stay as an actor. Moreover dancing… But you know it doesn’t matter with some fans. Just seeing him on stage even if his voice is soooo bad makes them go gaga over him. I just hope that they will not let him sing again… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. ahahahahah!!! LOL to all your comment…joe cheng is good actor but his not good in singing and dancing unlike kim hyun hyun joong is really talented one,best in acting ,dancing and singing,,i can’t stop myself to not comparing this two because this two are used to be played the role of irie naoki kun..hahaha

    • lol… as much as i love leader, i wouldn’t call him best in acting… even if he did his role as BSJ really well, i feel like he has a looong way to go.

  4. haha…. believe it or not, i actually downloaded the whole concert down my laptop and rewatched it three times, including joe’s part… i thought it was one of his better performances actually.. Yes, i’ve seen worse from him.
    and i had the same thought of wishing KHJ was with him. kk.
    and omo… that love comes. the next episode is in just a few days… and that ending left me banging my head on the wall…
    sigh, it seems that i’m in the minority but i REALLY can’t stand how ye zi acts… it’s like joe carries the whole drama and more… well, him and the soundtrack and the prettiness.

    • I’m with you on Ye Zi. Joe is awesome and yummy and wonderful…but I’m really wondering if I can make it through the whole drama.

      • oh.. i’m glad at least one person agrees with me on Ye zi… which is really bizarre since i LOVE hani and ye zi is like the chinese version of her… a girl totally gaga over the guy she likes.
        i think i’m going to finish that drama just because i don’t want to miss joe’s awesomeness but ye zi and her mom sometimes makes me roll my eyes…

    • wow joe is actually pursuing his singing career. kekeke xD I totally agree with you. Its one of his best performance with his singing career. I think he did pretty well on this.

      But me also thinks he should be ban from dancing. Hahaha! I love Joe… I love his smile and hotness but when he dance he looks soo…awkward. ahahah xD

  5. OH NOOOO!!! T.T I’m a big fan of Joe Cheng but I simply can’t watch this. I didn’t finish the whole video cause I can’t keep myself from laughing. XD And I’m afraid that his reputation for me might go down the drain if I’d finish it. XD

    Yes he’s hot, he’s a good actor. Period. That’s all. LOL XD

  6. I was concentrating looking at his backup dancer the one wearing a black beanie because really looking at him dance is just so painful.

  7. Blame his choreographer and who ever selected his song for him .At his age and stature he have sung a romantic ballad or anything mellow. I agree with you ,He dxoesn’t look that hot in a vest. Open shirt slinky fabric maybe ? hahahaha he will look like some 60’s actor but wannabe singer .

  8. Blame his choreographer and who ever selected his song for him .At his age and stature he should have sung a romantic ballad or anything mellow. I agree with you ,He doesn’t look that hot in a vest. Open shirt slinky fabric maybe ? hahahaha he will look like some 60’s actor but wannabe singer .

  9. Guess not everyone can be perfect ahahha?
    His insanely awesome acting makes up for his lack of singing skills ๐Ÿ˜€
    (People are gonna hate me, buuut I actually preferred Joe over Hyun Joong xD – the main reason is because I still don’t really like HJ’s acting… but it’s definitely improved SO MUCH [esp compared to BOF days xD])

  10. Okay…just finished laughing so hard I nearly wet my pants here…
    Oh Joe…such a wonderful actor…makes me wonder who on earth told this man he could sing???
    As for the choreography, it reminds me of a grade schoool play.
    He really should stick to his wonderful acting, and please not embarrass himself anymore like this. It is really painful to watch, as I am a diehard fan.

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