Youtube Teaser for Playful Kiss Special Edition

Man, that boy is glowing with happiness. Is all I have to say. On a more substantive note, the teaser for the Playful Kiss Youtube episodes came out. Hope you are all subscribing to the channel! I’ve linked the teaser for you here. I can’t embed it so you can all click and watch. It’s soooo cute (I feel like a broken record, I know).

The trailer is below, but let’s just have a collective holla first at how awesome Kim Hyun Joong‘s smile is when he’s looking at his Ha Ni. Let’s not extrapolate that the smile is definitely for Jung So Min, it could be, but I know its for sure the smile of someone who has really developed a fondness and affection for his drama significant other. It’s no wonder they made us love them as a couple.

Teaser Trailer for Playful Kiss Youtube Episodes:

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Youtube Teaser for Playful Kiss Special Edition — 71 Comments

    • Ohh HJ, I am happy for you, even though my country is in deep sad due to several nature disaster: tsunami, flood, volcano and earth quake……………. but still we are fans in Indonesia hope all success for you!

  1. Watching the teaser, it’s either he’s in love or he’s very good at acting in love. Either way, I’m a happy, happy camper! 😛


    omg i think i just busted my capslock button.

    :bows: sorry ockoala. lol



    I missed Kim Hyun Joong so! It’s only been like what? 2 weeks? But i’m going insane with not seeing him every week!

    Thank goodness that Korea decided to supply us with more PK crack and we can watch him and So Min making more kissy kissy back on our screens…

    Now, who else here is drooling with anticipation over these episodes? *me raises hand*

  4. not able to watch the teaser yet since I’m @ work , but I’m beyond excited for the new extra epi 😀
    where’s v ? she has to be present in this fiesta 🙂

      • @rainyrain & jeankaycee

        v is swamped with school stuff… But i’m sure she’ll be happy when she finds out that she’s missed ^^

      • ah, ok got it! thanks!
        well, studies should be the priority.
        i know once she’s done she’ll join us in welcoming back our adorable couple!

        this is crazy i cant wait for tom!

      • yes studies are most important than everything else , anyway I think she won’t miss the telecast starting and she will join us 😀

      • ah… I really hope she’ll make the youtubethingies too and start the PK craze with the rest of us all over again 😀

        PK Hwaiting!!~~

      • itadakimasu, T_T I miss you, V, and everybody else. I was grasping at straws these last two weeks. My boss was saying “why are you so melancholic?” I just sniffled and sighed. LOL

      • @ JJ… yeah, the last couple of days… there were only few touches with PK every now and then (especially without v fuelling us)…. nonetheless, thanks ockoala sooo much for that!
        this PK-craze…. it’s really crazy right?? it’s just starting all over again but this time making me even more giddy (as we are promised uncensored steaminess!!) Days without PK and KHJ feels >_>

    • me tooo!!!!

      because of stalking blog sites that features PK, now, I am cramming with all my homeworks, projects and stuffs to be passed tomorrow for school……

  5. ok someone has to tell me what’s in the teaser , can’t watch it @ work and I have to wait at least 7 hours to be able to do that 🙁
    SOS helppppppppp

  6. argh! It’s too widescreen for my phone!! And lax sucks and doesn’t have free wifi! Bastiges.

    but from the right-half I saw I’m stupid excited!!

  7. Thank goodness YouTube doesn’t have the same restrictions as Korean TV; usually, I find the innocence of Kdramas refreshing, but I reeeeee-ally wants Seung-jo and Ha-ni to “enjoy” their newly-wed~ness. 😀 Argh, I can’t wait! That trailer is keeeeeeeeeee-lling me…

  8. Read from Korean news that JSM at the presscon said that she was very extremely sad when the TV series is over and is so glad that she can continue to work on the Youtube series. Sure, afterall it’s her first drama as the female lead and playing opposite KHJ, definitely she will feel when it’s over. I think she’s gonna take a long , long time to get over it. Hope KHJ will date her.

  9. Can I just say how much I love that KHJ is never the one to hide is feelings of…errrr, affection? When he’s awkward, he’s reeeeeeally awkward but when he’s fond of someone, boy, does he show it. Only in WGM with HB have I seen him this comfortable with a female co-star.

    I wouldn’t put a name to it yet, I”m just taking it easy and grinning from the sidelines. But if they pull a Binnie-SHK on us (after World’s Within), I wouldn’t mind it either. 😉

  10. One more hand here Donnapie !

    Yes ,they will continue being together for their overseas promo …will they be together in 12 countries …wow they will be super exciting togetherness…sounding like a broken record

  11. oh nose. that smile intended to So Min is definitely a killer.
    in this presscon HJ looks haggard, tired, sleep deprived but he’s glowing. the same aura he has in the duration of PK shoot. whereas in his recent fansign for Face shop, he looked dead tired, smile and all.
    the difference is very telling, or is it just me?

  12. finally watched the teaser , ahhhhhhhhh cutiness is flooding everywhere , sorry to be so insistant but I want those two to be a couple even in real life , luuuuuuuuuuuvvvvv them

    • @rainyrain,

      i think all PKissers are wishing that! lol!
      the teaser is so cute! got to watch it with eng sub and baek seung jo is really funny!

  13. WOOOHOOOO cant wait for this, seung jo’s smile is kawaiii he’s super cute cant wait for the steamy scenes he hardly acts like tht towards hani……

      • I know, right? This pic makes me melt like a puddle of goo, even more than the kiss-in-rain pic.They just look blissful. 🙂

      • i sent this pic to my sister via mms while she was coming home from school (and i was ending work) and she sent it back with the caption ” :snuggle snuggle: ” Yeah, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to him? (Or for the guys out there, with lovely So Min?)

    • kyaaaaa!!!!!

      i think i went blind for a sec!! wahahaha!!!

      PKissers are oooozzzing with happiness!! 🙂
      (i’m a little under the weather but i’m giddy as a schoolgirl who saw her crush!! sigh****)

  14. woooh i’m very late here?? Oh my gosh! our lovely couple is back! the glareee is killing me really! can’t wait tonight!!!

  15. We can’t do much for the low ratings in korea. This time round, however, we can help by increasing the number of views on YTKISS. So guys, let’s do our bits to show our support to Playful Kiss and the team ya. So, even though we are waiting for the subbed version of playful kiss, please also go to the YTKiSS channel to view the original episode. Many many thanks.

    • if the fans from china are able to access youtube, i’m sure the the number of views will be higher than the current figure…..

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