Playful Kiss YT Episode 7 Recap

For the past two and a half months, a fervent group of viewers of a certain little drama called Playful Kiss have followed it through the highs (the pre-release fanfare), the lows (the post-release ratings disappointment), and the moments big and small. The same viewers even experienced the novel phenomenon of following this drama from the small screen (TV) to an even smaller screen (Youtube). Today, this journey comes to an end. And what a glorious ride it was.

Episode 7 of Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition has all the hallmarks of a PK interlude – Seung Jo acting cold to Ha Ni, Ha Ni enduring the treatment but secretly hoping for some signs of affection, slapstick humor in the form of a pregnant lady, and finally, a warm and genuine moment of love that wraps our little lovers in the gentle embrace of a young marriage well on its way to lasting until old age.

It’s too bad we won’t be there to accompany them any further than today. But what we have seen, will be etched in our memory, as an experience that will be hard to forget. Recapping PK was a fulfilling and enriching experience, made all the more fun and joyful because of all the readers who gave me encouragement, shared their stories and jokes with everyone here, and made the PKisser posts brimming with laughter and cheer. Thank you all, and this last recap of PK is dedicated to all the PK-lovers who’ve been with me through thick and thin, boat or no boat, steam or no steam.

Youtube Episode 7 Recap:

The camera opens on a bouquet of crimson roses, its petals glistening with dew and just-snipped freshness. Seung Jo leans in to smell the roses, literally, and hands the bouquet back to his sunbae doctor. Turns out the sunbae has amassed a veritable teeming motorbike of romantic gifts for his wife. Seung Jo asks why there is a need for frivolities like a hundred roses or balloons?

Doctor sunbae schools Seung Jo on the ways to a woman’s heart – she loves these seemingly childish displays of affection, because it feels romantic. Seung Jo takes this lesson to heart, even though you can tell his old robot self would have self-destructed in its pre-Ha Ni incarnation. This version of Seung Jo does things he can’t fathom for the woman he loves.

The other nurses note that Ha Ni’s birthday is coming up, and ask her what Dr. Baek did for her on her previous birthdays. Ha Ni stumbles at bit to come up with romantic birthday gestures (a birthday boat would be beyond romantic but clearly no one is listening to me on this issue), and all she can think of was that Seung Jo chauffeured her around last year.

The other nurses remark that Dr. Baek is sure unromantic, and Ha Ni covers for him by saying that romantic gestures are embarrassing for her Seung Jo to do. During this exchange, Seung Jo is standing by and hears everything. When Ha Ni sees Seung Jo, she blurts out “Seung Jo-ya” before correcting herself and calling him Dr. Baek.

A patient is thanking Dr. Baek profusely for his medical care, and Ha Ni smiles ever so broadly at hearing her husband complimented and appreciated. She walks by and fixes his white coat, which causes Seung Jo to be a tad embarrassed. I feel like Seung Jo should be inured to all of his wife’s antics, but I guess there is no way to be immunized to the whirling dervish of love that is Oh Ha Ni.

Seung Jo tells Ha Ni to stop paying attention to him, and start paying attention to her nursing duties. Ha Ni quickly agrees, then changes the subject and asks Seung Jo about his plans on the 16th (which is her birthday). Seung Jo pretends not to recognize the significance of the date, and tells Ha Ni that he has to work that day. Ha Ni is disappointment but doesn’t press any further.

On their way home that night, they see a couple hand-in-hand crossing the intersection, and the woman is carrying a bouquet of flowers. Seung Jo asks her whether she wants to receive flowers from him, and Ha Ni says of course! Every woman wants to receive flowers from the man she loves. Seung Jo quietly digests this nugget of information that every human boy over the age of 5 knows except for him.

Back at home, Mom asks Ha Ni whether Seung Jo is planning anything for her birthday. Ha Ni confesses that Seung Jo is working. Mom gets upset with her son, and Seung Jo comes by and further defends himself, saying that a birthday needn’t be celebrated the day of. Mom is clearly regretting the day she gave birth to her cold-blooded son.

Back in the bedroom that gets no boating (that we can see), Ha Ni comes in from the shower and Seung Jo asks her whether she really wants to have a birthday party. Ha Ni says that the birthday party is all Mom’s idea, and she doesn’t really care.

Seung Jo asks her what she does want as an ideal birthday celebration – Ha Ni says that she wants to receive 100 roses from her husband, have dinner at a fancy restaurant, drink champagne, blow out candles on a birthday cake……(have some steamy boating). Ha Ni goes to bed after sharing her perfect birthday, and Seung Jo smiles and searches the internet for restaurant options.

At the hospital, Seung Jo seeks out his colleagues to change shifts with them so that he can spend Ha Ni’s birthday with her. Seung Jo finally finds a doctor who can switch, but said doctor is junior to Seung Jo and has to prepare for an upcoming exam.

Seung Jo spends the entire night helping the doctor prepare his exam study materials, while the junior doctor sleeps. With that done, Seung Jo frees up his schedule on Ha Ni’s birthday.

Seung Jo goes to buy roses, and is embarrassed but ultimately selects 100 red roses for his wife. Back at the house of sad Baeks, the entire family minus Seung Jo is celebrating Ha Ni’s birthday with a cake.

Everyone is happy for Ha Ni and disappointed Seung Jo isn’t there as well. Ha Ni receives a call from Seung Jo asking her to walk outside for a minute.

The non-romantic husband has prepared a car full of roses, balloons, and a birthday cake all ready and waiting for his uber-romantic wife. At this very moment, an extremely pregnant lady stumbles down the lane and Seung Jo goes to assist her.

She is close to delivering, and once Ha Ni comes out, together they take her to the hospital. Ha Ni is pleased to see all the romantic gestures Seung Jo prepared, but neither have a chance to celebrate when the screeching pregnant lady is hollering and grabbing at them both during the ride to the hospital.

After they deposit her at the hospital, both come out to see that everything has been pretty much ruined. The flowers are crushed, balloons have popped, and the cake is smushed. Seung Jo has bought Ha Ni a skirt as her present, and she clutches it in her hands. Seung Jo reminds Ha Ni that they still have a few minutes until midnight, so its technically still her birthday.

He lights some crooked candles for the smushed cake (so. cute.) and Ha Ni’s face lights up seeing this heartfelt gesture. Ha Ni notes that its still so hard to understand how Seung Jo feels about her, which is when he leans down to kiss her.

After he breaks the kiss, she’s now all smiles, and asks her husband for a song. Omo, squeeeeeee, Kim Hyun Joong singing definitely goes a long way to make up for the lack of boating!

Seung Jo sings Happy Birthday to his Ha Ni, and when he gets to the verse about “to my beloved Ha Ni” she goes all giddy and asks him to sing that verse again! He laughs and complies, and Ha Ni asks him to do it again and again, and OPW’s her beloved husband. Seung Jo complies with her request to keep singing the same verse, and changes it “to my beloved wifey.”

The camera pulls back and we end with balloons drifting away in the background, Ha Ni blowing out the candles, leaning in to kiss Seung Jo on the cheek, and finally, hugging him tightly as our voyeuristic peek into the love and life of Seung Jo and Ha Ni winds to a close.

Thoughts of Mine:

I will miss PK, but I don’t think any drama addiction of mine has ever had such a gentle let down (i.e. drama addiction withdrawal). The YT episodes accomplished everything I wanted of it (with the exception of a certain nautical mode of transportation that wasn’t shown) and then some.

I wanted to spend more time with Ha Ni and Seung Jo – done. I wanted to laugh at their foibles – done. I wanted to aww at their cuteness – done. I wanted to see their professional development – done. I wanted to see their maturation as a couple – done. I wanted to feel like their story reached an organic closure – done. These two make me laugh like a loon with their crazy yet simple life. Even a birthday isn’t complete without an in-labor pregnant lady in their backseat.

As you know, my objective drama rating for PK is quite low, but my subjective love for it is quite high. At the end of the day, I’d rather spend time with a drama that I love for ephemeral reasons than slog through a qualitatively better drama that doesn’t connect with me for whatever reason. I don’t regret a single second spent with PK, whether watching or blogging.

I think AKP has irrevocably become more than just my blog, but a welcoming community for drama lovers around the world to connect and share their thoughts on the things that happen to interest me. I was planning to surprise you all with a Farewell-to-PK post on Thursday, but @yeisha read my mind and suggested a going away party as well. I won’t be recapping the BTS episodes tomorrow and Thursday, but I’ll be back to open a thread for everyone to share all their PK thoughts, from the drama to the YT episodes and anything and everything in between.

By the way, I counted the kisses. There were a total of 10 real lip locks, 4 cheek kisses, and 2 fantasy kisses in this drama. That’s a heck of a lot of kissing for Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min. 😀 I think they did a great job and I was most pleased with their performance and blown away by their chemistry with each other. PK goes down as a successful drama in my book.

[Credit: all screencaps from Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


Playful Kiss YT Episode 7 Recap — 282 Comments

    Thank you so much OcKoala for the fun times in your blog. I’m so grateful. Thank you for the recap. The crooked candles made me swoon lol.
    Imperfect but true LOVE.

    On fb we were discussing our own Post PK party…

    @ Yeisha, sake?
    @ Lulybunny, soju?

    • I love how it’s still the same small group of PKissers (well it’s no longer as small and it has grown) that were here on AKP since PK began. I’ve enjoyed reading everybody’s spazzing comments, even though I’ve been kinda MIA from the PK threads for awhile. I probably don’t am not as ecstatic about this drama as other PKissers, since in terms of quality, it’s not as well done as I would’ve liked it to be. However, subjective quality aside, I loved the family dynamics and little emotional, endearing beats of Ha Ni & Seung Jo. So am I satisfied? ABSOLUTELY!

      I probably won’t be rewatching this anytime soon in the near future, but given the right amount of rain and hot chocolate, I would like to revisit this little drama and be reminded of all the fond memories and stories I’ve shared with everybody else. ^^

      Well anyways, see you all on this lovely playground soon. And a huge hug of thanks to Koala for letting us all play here! Here’s to the fun moments that’s still to come! Cheers!

      • ENDODO!!! I’ve missed ya ;P
        You’re right, like children in a playground everyone knows everyone and it’s always fun when EVERYONE comes back to jump and jive~

    • ddukboki (or however you write it) ~> CHECK!!
      throwing in some GREEN TEA ICE~~YUMYUM

      hahaha JJ you’re all like PAAARTAAAAY…. hahaha it’s hard to let the sadness befall

      • Not gonna let sadness in sweety~

        We’re celebratin’ cause the staff worked hard (yes, even monkey editor) the actor’s worked hard (yummy chemistry~) and we sacrificed a lot of time (real life?) to this.

        This place is a place of fun and friends.

        NOW, no dampening the <3

      • hahahah pfff your messages are too bright JJ!! hahaha mentioning the monkey editor… that makes me instantaneous happy pfff fhihihihi

      • TBH I’ve decided to skip the emotions of sadness and denial and went straight to happy-sweet-nostalgia because I can’t let my grades suffer any more LOL XD
        And I’m not about to go all V and have myself put a “safety-lock” on my computer cause knowing my friends a) they’d never give it to me–convinced that I’d ruin my soul lol b) I would go crazy c) I’d find another addiction lol

    • sorry for being late!!!

      but i’m glad the party has already started!!!!!! 🙂

      after rewatching the webisode.. i have to say that i am happy with how it ended.. it still gave me that warm fuzzy feeling that i’ll carry with me …but i have to agree with J.J. on not being sad about it. 🙂

      it should be a celebration because PK has done wonders for everybody here at AKP!! it touched us in different ways and it brought us all together!! love the craziness.. the fun.. the boating issues… and all the fantastic comments and opinions that was shared here.. 🙂

      so even if i’m late…. i’m happy to join in on the fun!!!!!!


  2. So sad that it’s finally over but all good things must come to an end. It’s going be hard to let go of this adorable couple. I do hope that their paths will cross in the future.

    I’ve really enjoyed my PK journey, especially with all the PKissers here at AKP. A great BIG thank you to you, Ockoala! Your recaps have made my journey even more enjoyable. Keep up the good work!!


    • We’re here to celebrate all the spaz worthy events of the last 7 episodes and the plethora of awesome-sauce comments produced from it. LOL

  3. okay, i’m bringing in the vino…sake, sujo, any alcohol i can get a hold of. there’s a liquor store right across the street from me, after all.

    was just starting to feel the emptiness kicking in. i think i skipped all the other stages of DABDA and went straight from denial to depression. its that darn cake with those bendy candles and the way he smiled at her so sweeeetly like that. sigh.

    aaaahhhh..what the hell. let’s parteeee and drown the sorrows. i’ll be back laterz peeps, after work. we’re partying ’till the wee hours of the morning, right? D

  4. OcKoala, I love your post, and I love the way you write. Thank you for everything. Thanks for your eloquent words about PK. And I have to agree with you about being blown away with the chemistry between So Min and Hyun Joong.

  5. okay, one last comment before i leave. ockoala, i see that you captured “the shoe” crouching behind the mini cooper holding those ballooons!!!! i knew i wasn’t seeing things. bwahahahahaa.

  6. Thanks for the recap!!! After waiting for the episode to air at YT for 3 hrs but had to give up because I had to do something else (so I don’t know what time it finally aired), I was actually satisfied with the ending despite the delay and the lack of steam and boating…I had a very good time despite the quality of the drama. The characters made up for everything else! PK, with all it’s flaws, is still one of my top 5 dramas to watch so far this year. It has heart and it connected with me so that counts a lot.

    Thanks ockoala for recapping this and updating us on bits and pieces of PK however small they may be…Oh Hani and Seung-jo, may you have a long & very happy married life with 2.7 kids, fulfilling careers, & supportive family & friends! Wishing for a season 2 but most likely that isn’t possible, so I’ll just support you by buying PK stuff here in Seoul..

  7. Waaaah! I haven’t watched this episode yet. They loaded it too late and I had to go to work. And after work, I have to shuttle the kiddo to music lessons and check homework. Waaaah! The pics looks so cute. I love that cake…looks like a Dr. Seuss cake. And I can’t wait to hear BSJ sing to his lovely wifey.
    You guys don’t get too sauced up and wait for me. I’ll be back with chips and maragaritas.

    Dang! I was hoping that the reason for the lateness of the upload was because of the requests for the “steamy” scene. I was imagining late minute negotiations and the PD pulling out the old footage and splicing and dicing it together to satisfy the hoard of demanding fangirls. But, no go, ne? Oh well.

    Hopefully there is not a mutiny on youtube. I was reading comments on the channel this morning and there were some really obnoxious comments…demanding, complaining, threatening…while waiting for the upload. I’m ashamed at such ungrateful behavior. It’s not like we’re paying for this and they have to satisfy us. I’m just thankful they gave us these extra episodes.

    • Aw, don’t let those guys dampen you. PK LOVE! PK CUTE! PK HILARITY. It’s all yours, and if they choose to be suck-age about it, then thats them. <3

  8. Thanks very much, Ockoala for the recaps and your very articulate comments and allowing all the comments of PK lovers to flow in your blog…

  9. Thank you so much for all your recaps…

    I am glad that it ends the way it did showing Seungjo’s tenderness toward his wife. Let’s pretend that he knows how to love his wife properly from now on and will always be tender and chilvarous toward her…

    It was fun. Cheers…

    • its not that he doesn’t love her properly, it’s that he would *show* it properly. And with that cake scene, and the song–actually, the fact that he took the whole night to help someone WITH THEIR HOMEWORK just so he could get the shift exchanged was something that screams “I WANT TO BE WITH MY WIFEY!”

  10. Yipee!!! Your recap is like Playful kiss – warm and gooey and nice. I surely will miss the whole package – watching the raw eps, then reading your blog, then spazzing (learned another word heh)

    I am singing along to Baek Seung Jo

    Wham more time, wham more time
    Da shi han beon nae gyeo teu ro wa jul su op get ni
    Wham more time, wham more time

  11. *sniffle* I’m going to miss Ha-ni and Seung-jo soso much…maybe more than some real people I’ve known. Is that bad? I think that says something about me, but I’m not exactly sure what. Thankfully, we have their story recorded for posterity (my kids will totally be kdrama addicts), and I can watch them fall in love over and over again whenever I want. ^^

    Thanks, ockoala, for making this such a fun journey by fostering all this love and happiness on your blog. *hugs*

      • ‘I was planning to save the episodes on my hard drive. just in case’

        I’ve got the the drama, webisodes, diaries, BTS…… in both my CPUs and portable HD, and still planning to buy the DVDs when they’re out.

      • OMO pksotted! I was wondering when you’d join the party ;P
        Glad to have you ’round. ;D

        Lucky you i can’t save it all on this comp. i’m waitin’ on gettng a new comp 🙁 i’m buggin’ off of my dad’s laptop lol

  12. it’s over! but i strangely feel peaceful already and i think we can say our fond farewells this week. the singing of husband seung jo yah sure warmed my anxious self after “refreshing” the YTkiss channel for two hours! it may not be the boating scene (seriously hoped but also seriously doubted that would happen) but a young husband singing to his wife and even singing that cute little verse upon his wife’s request was sooooo sweet and heartwarming. and so was your recap, Ockoala. i was afraid the last recap would be full of “bittersweet” references to the non-boating but it ended up to be a celebration and a fond farewell of the months we spent with this couple and with fans of the show. thank you everyone for the good vibes and CHEERRRS!

  13. I’m sad that the show is over once and for all but still will celebrate with you too , though with juice and cola only since I can’t have alcoholic drinks ( it’s prohibitted in my religion ) .
    Ockola thankuuuuu so much for all your funny and rocking recaps and comments and thoughts , I’m glad to know this blog , to know you and all PKissers here ( and I have to thank v for this becoz she was the one who let me know this blog ).
    this episode , especially the 4 last MN were flooding of cutiness and BSJ was awwww .
    a cute and handsome hubby singing with a tender voice ” happy bday to you ” to his cute wify , it was beyond beautiful and was sooooo real for me , KHJ/JSM were really very natural , loved them to bits .
    my only take about this epi is the fact they didn’t show them havin a baby at the very end of the epi , just 40 seconds of OHN having in her hands a lil baby and SJ next to her hugging them both with a tender and happy face , that will be really the best closure for me .
    will wait for the BTS and I tell you the truth I’m waiting for them for only one reason : to try to depict any lil sign of any possible cute romance between KHJ/JSM ( I know I’m pathetic but can’t stop myself from thinking about it ) .
    Anyway , I wish all the best to those two cutypies , and will surely continue supporting them and watching their future dramas , and still wish for another drama starring both of them as the main leads and as a couple .
    will continue coming by here for sure since I’m enjoying this place .
    a big hug to all of you my dear friends Pkissers and to you ItadakimasU for all the live updates u did for my sake to help to go through the boring working time till I can be able to watch at home .

    • i hope that they will make another drama just like Han Ji-hye and Lee Dong-gun or Shin Min-ah and Joo Ji-hoon…..*sniffs*…i…*sniffs*….*cries*….can’t….s-ss-..till….be…..LIEVE THAT THIS DRAMA IS ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!…..*howls*…’s, it’s like…..letting go of the person you have loved for years (but drama’s only for month, but that’s how i felt)…..*throws something away*……i’m sorry for being violent but there’s a saying that good things has come to an end……

      thank you ockoala for the recaps, for everything you brought to us here…i am so thankful i knew about your blogs and the bloggers who shared their comments (the sadness, the happiness…..)…..

      please help me….i’m still in denial stage….still can’t get over………..*cries*

    • Don’t worry love, sikhye isn’t alcoholic, it’s malted sweet rice tea~ 🙂
      It is a bit fermented but it’s not alcoholic I believe. 😛

      love all ’round!

      • <3 <3 <3

        Take care of yourself 😛

        You visit ssangcho? cause I could have sworn I've seen your name a few times there…

      • nope I didn’t , but I registred in soompi some days ago 😀 and I’m loving that place 🙂
        you take care too , we will surely meet when KHJ future dramas will be telecatsed and I’m still coming here for the time being 😉

      • ok , and I’m rainyrainy there if u find me first then PM me 😀 , I’m still new there so still discovering the forums and the website 😀

  14. I actually got a little teary eyed. Not like me at all! I really got attached to these characters and really want to see so much more but alas all good things must come to an end. Oh wait! I can just watch PK again and again to my hearts content! Can’t wait for future dramas from Hyun Joong and Jung So Min. Love them both!

      • KHJ playing a doc , awwwwww , sighhhhhh
        as I remember he’s going to play in a drama called cinderalla or something like that ( am I right ) with other young acotrs , can someone post the link for that article please .
        Anyway , as I mentioned before don’t want him to play in a drama with multiple star-actors , I want him to be the one and only first male lead of any drama he’s going to play in and the main story turns around him .

      • as much as I love him, I don’t think he’s that solid in the acting craft yet. Maybe after a few more drama’s in his belt. But what I really love to see him in is ON A STAGE.
        The boy needs to get back to performing on stage.

      • I didn’t see him on stage except for that hot video with the shower and when he danced on Rainism ( looooved how he danced on Rain’s song )
        I prefer him acting more , dunno why but whenver the korean actor is also a singer I prefer watching him acting more than on stage , it’s the same with Rain ( to whom I’m fan too ) I prefer Rain the actor more than Rain the singer eventhough he is rocking as a singer

      • I don’t want him to be an idol actually, i want him to be a rockstar, like he initially intended to be before he got recruited to SS501.

      • @JJ Yes, I agree! Him and his guitar on stage…though really I’d prefer him on bass. But I’m biased.

      • Kim Hyun Joong and No Min Woo in a band. That is just spzz worthy!
        Didn’t know they were friends, though it’s not surprising, Joognie being into rock and all, haha.

      • J.J.
        It’s not a fantasy, they do know each other. No Min Woo even told Kim Hyun Joong to do a guitar solo for BOF!

    • i am biased…but i really, really want to see MM as a ballerina! just saw the preview for natalie portman’s new ballet movie “Black Swan” where people are predicting for an Oscar for her performance and my PKcentric mind totally remembered that MM was a ballet dancer before and that she did in fact do that whole Swan Lake fantansy sequence on ep. 1…so yeah, i want her next role to show off her classical ballet training, but a darker and more subdued character with a lot of body image issues and neurotic tendencies. don’t want her to be typecasted in a sunshiney-happy role.

  15. OMG!! This is the last already? Aww… I feel tears on my cheeks! :'(

    This drama isn’t perfect… but I can totally relate to their story. I knew the feeling of having a crush on a super guy. LOL Smart, cold sometimes, and being liked by many girls. And I’ve been rejected as well. OUCH. T.T But they like our heroine, by some kind of miracle, I got that guy to like me too because of my attitude. XD HAHA! XD

    So there, this isn’t the perfect drama but like Koala said, it’s easy to relate to it… that’s why I instantly fell in love with it.

    And huhu… yea, I think we need a PK fans party so we could reminisce about the parts we love the most for this drama.

    Thank you Koala for the effort of recapping all episodes plus the mini-eps over at Youtube. ^^ *big hug*

    • I loved the PERM! 🙂
      And believe me or not at the beginning of the drama when Hani had to walk home (and met the exhibitionist) Momma Baek said something to BSJ and he had this annoyed face. Loved the annoyed face in that one instance, okay maybe all instances.

      • anytime someone even says “wet” my brain automatically jumps to persona concert. LOL I try to stay away from that because I need my brain functioning and not fritzing from teh hott!

      • HAHAHA! XD I’m not really a fan of KHJ but this drama made me somehow change my mind. This role actually suits him very well. And that wet hair scene will forever be in my mind whenever KHJ is mentioned. XD

    • LOL was just telling u about that persona concert in my preview comment 😀
      that was HOOOOT , OMG I’m almost 8 years older than him how can I say that , I’m embarassed :S

  16. I am really sad this drama is over but I am also really happy because it led me to my new obsession Kim Hyun Joong! Woo Hoo! Thanks ockoala for all the great recaps.

    • this drama turn me from a regular fan to a certified kim hyun joong fangirl!!!!
      but i dont mind as long as he’s doing great and still smile his million dollar smiles and then im good!

      • I wasn’t even a fan at all. But dang the dude is just too hard to resist, especially after watching him in all those videos I scoured the internet to find. He is hilarious, witty, smart, sweet, shy, honest, humble, hard worker, great singer, great dancer, good actor, and last but not least HOT!!!!! A combination that I found to be too irresistible!

  17. You never fail do you ockoala? I want to THANK YOU for ALL your PK posts, which I have spent hours upon hours reading and rereading. I have anticipated them almost as much as I have anticipated the release of each new episode/webisode 🙂 It has definitely enhanced my PK experience. Whilst I also relished Dramabeans’ recaps, I found yours to be more insightful. You always highlighted the slice of life messages within PK (and defended our Oh Ha Ni when people criticised her for being pathetic).

    Itazura na Kiss is one of my favourite animes, and I am glad I took the chance to watch my first Kdrama, PK. I can’t believe it’s over. The cuteness, the chemistry, the charm of the central leads will be one I long remember.

    Thank you again. I felt it only fitting to say my final goodbye to PK on your blog.

    – 21 y/o student from Sydney

    p.s I’ve yet to see a koala out of the zoo, but when I do see one again, I’m sure I’ll think of the lawyer that brought me such thorough enjoyment from reading her blog ^.^

  18. Thanks to Ockoala and everyone who commented these past few months.I was already in love with the show when I made my way to AKP at episode six. I had no idea just how much worse my obsession would get! I am sooo grateful. New friends, new knowledge, like OTP and ICOMYM. Heh.

    It was great to fall in love with BSJ and OHN. Great to see KHJ improve so much. And to stare in awe at MinMin, my new girl crush. My happiness at having had the opportunity to participate in this lovefest has outweighed my sadness over the show ending.

  19. thanx ockoala…it was such a pleasure to be able to enjoy this ride with you…speaking of rides (boatrides) i’m not going to forgive KHJ for betraying me and the rest of the PKissers….well at least until i see him smiling again in his next drama…sigh..that kid’s got a heck of a beautiful smile..on the other hand i adore Jung So Min and cant wait to see her next project!!..she has already won me over for the best breakthrough star of 2010…cnt wait to see more fo her…thank god for these yt episodes…now i can move forward without a rushed ending…a very sweet end for a very sweet drama

  20. Thanks so much! I have been reading ALLL your posts about PK
    Your recaps are so well written its such a joy to read them
    You have brought together so many people to share our love of KHJ and JSM
    I got a bit teary at the end of it ITS SO SWEET omg. KHJ and JSM defo have chemistry. hope they will work together again in the futuree : ))

  21. Loved How BSJ kept looking to OHN after he kissed her , loved the fact that KHJ didn’t feel embarassed or shy and turned his face after the kiss , JSM was shy and had her eyes down after the kiss ( ok she’s a girl and young so I can understand ) but BSJ/KHJ kept looking at her after the kiss and I loved that 😀
    And yes galz , I watched that kiss and didn’t turn my face or close my eyes , like I’m used to do LOOOL , I felt watching the kiss was a must since this is the last one I’m going to see in this drama

    • LOL yes I watched it with a wide-opened eyes and I did the best thing I can do becoz the kiss was as u said tender and loving and that tender loving look he gave her just after the kiss was even more worthy to watch

  22. Ockoala,

    Thank you so much for all the updates and spoiler of Playful Kiss!!! I enjoyed this site and all the people who commented! It has been a fun ride getting to know everyone and see what they say about Playful Kiss! I wasn’t a fan of Kim Hyun Jong in BOF but watched him in We Got Married I appreciate him more there! i really love the chemisty of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min! I hope they will another project and looking forward in the future that there careers may grow more. I hope Jung So Min wins MBC new comer awards this year because she really deserves it!
    To Ockoala, Yesisha, and JJ love all the PK gossips and comments! I hope we all can be friends with each other, I know I have been a silent reader but I enjoyed getting to know everyones opinions. feel free to contact me. Thank you to everyone! Playful Kiss kept me Happy the past months I didn’t work. I love this Drama! 🙂 Congratulations to everyone!!! 🙂

    • Yess Jung So Min should win the new comer awards this year. Although KHJ had been getting all the attention I think she should be praised as well. She has done such a great job in portraying OHN and shes so adorable. I mean as a girl, I tend to notice girls being annoying rather than cute. but JSM is just cute 🙂

    • AWW~ hehehehe
      Workin’ my magic getting all those lurkers to come out :shakes head: don’t mind me. LOL

      If you have a soompi just look for meh (J.J.)~ and I’ll link you to yeisha 😛 lol

  23. ah i’m so so sooooo grateful that i found my way into AKP halfway through PK!@!

    ockoala… you enlighten me in many ways ^^ I’ll definitely attend your farewell party this thursday!! i’ll do a proper goodbye then 🙂

    many people mentions V thanking her for whatever reasons, I think everybody had an encounter with her of some sort!!
    to me, it’s also V who turned me from a lurker to an active PK-participant^^ Hope she’ll make it thursday! (no pressure v ;))

    ah one question for ockaola (if you have the time or feel up to it). I’ve been rereading the pk stuff here and crossed your comment again, that you wouldn’t be surprised if BSJ will exceed Zhi Shu in your heart… so the question is quite simple… did he?? ^^ curious about this!

      • little V GAMBATTE, lovely V GAMBATTE…
        (throwing in all the asian cheers i know ;))

        dear Chingu, GO GO GO!!!

      • @jj, poor V, she cant seem to join us in saying goodbye to PK.
        well i hope she’s still doing well!

    • Okay, I SOOOOO want to spazz about the end of PK with you guys but a angry gang of Mary-lovers will have my liver if I don’t get that recap out for them.

      Anyone with questions about PK or anything you want to ask me, leave me a question here, and I’ll try to answer on Thursday. *HUGS to all my PKisser chingus!*

    • oh.. mentioning v, but not thanking her… so yeah… thanks again (and i’ll do it @the farewell-partaaay again together with all the other bunch ;))

      • oohhh…we’re having another farewell party?!!! wOot!!!!
        i’m totally RSVPing on that one! 😉

      • I’ve got party games and confessions!

        I know what i’m going to ask you guys on thursday’s party
        … prepare it’ll be a doozy. Hopefully you guys can top answer.


        “WHAT was the CRAZIEST thing you had/did for PK?”

        ItadakimaU already knows my answer 😉

      • and JJ knows mine heh

        @yeisha, ockoala mentioned opening a new thread thursday so we can do our last spazzing ^^

  24. @Rush, mayssenger, a_fan, yeisha

    Quick question for you guys……

    Are we scrapping the original plan of kidnapping KHJ and bringing him to the cottage in the forest? Hope not…because I’ve already submitted for a 2 months leave of absence from my work. If this plan is canceled, I’m screwed. What am I going to do now with all this free time???

    I was sooooo looking forward to see KHJ’s reactions to his teeth being flossed by mayssenger. [A scene popping into my head: Topless KHJ with a stare that could kill trying to utter some words like….what the hell are you doing to me? and mayssenger replying back….according to the Boating Manual, this is what I need to do to show my love for you. LOL.]

    • hahahaha!!! this brought back that kidnapping-flossing conversation in my head again..hahahaha!!

      seriously, that was really funny!!!hahahaha!!!

    • @kn, have to say I haven’t given up the plan yet. Don’t know if you saw my last post about my minions trussing up KHJ (with dental floss) and putting him in the boot of the car. Problem is that said minions left KHJ’s face uncovered. KHJ smiled (fatally) at them and now the minions have decamped with him. But fear not, a search and rescue party is being formed at this very moment. We can spend the two months of your holidays scouring the countryside for KHJ and my (former) minions…..

      • Hey guys, I’m still stuck in this damn forest waitng for you guys and …..drooool……. darling HJ to turn up. Am so bored waiting have fashioned my own broom out of forest twigs. My fingers are all bruisey from all that twisting and bending but what the heck – this is going to come in handy for that flossing thingy later hee hee

        Yeisha, hope you don’t mind but I’ve used up 10 bottles of your soju. Those dratted birds and bees created such a ruckus I couldn’t sleep last night. So I got up and fed them and WHAM! within 5 seconds they were flat. Went back to bed and slept like a baby. Problem is this morning when I looked out the window, all these birds and bees were WALKING around drunkenly. NOT a pretty sight. They don’t seem to want to fly anymore geez what have I done?

        @ a_fan : Your nose hair trimmer idea is disgustingly hilarious. I want you to know that I couldn’t really enjoy ep 7 cos my eyes were RIVETED to HJ’s nostrils half the time to check whether there were any hairs peeking out. Urrrghhh
        But I’m not standing in your way, you go right ahead. You er….TRIM…. while I’ll floss LOLOL. GROSSS Bleah bleah

        Anyway guys, guess who I met this morning….that chick who ran away with those seven weird old guys!!!! Snow White!!! She’s living in the cottage behind us, so we got to talking , and she was so amazed to hear about our PLAN. She said wow shes like 7 guys and 1 girl , and we’re like 7 girls and 1 guy! How cool is that! Talk about coincidence!

        So out of curiosity, I asked her did she ever floss the seven dwarves and she said yeah, a long time ago, but she stopped cos they lost all their teeth about 50 years ago. She said flossing’s hard work and she showed me her biceps…..gosh they’re HUGE!!!! Then I asked her how long she’s been living in the forest and she said close to a hundred years. So at this point, I looked at her real carefully, and yeah, she didn’t look so good either. Then she asked about dear HJ and I rattled on about how beautiful he is, how tall, how lean bla bla, then I noticed her eyes were sort of glazed over. So I asked her what kind of guy she liked and she said she preferred short, plump, older men, and she kind of blushed and said she was turned on by those sneezy, grumpy types….that kind of freaked me out so I said bye and went off to pick berries for lunch. (Not much food variety in the forest, guys….I’m hungry again aaarggghhhhh)

      • @Rush, that’s not good news…now I have to use some of my precious time off searching for our dear KHJ. Hope we can find him soon so we can join mayssenger at the cottage. I’m afraid she’s loosing it, both mentally and physically. Have you heard her story about a lady and seven old men? Well at least KHJ can examine her state of health when he gets there.

      • oooh…how did i miss this lovely exchange with my forest boating chinggus? yikes…must be all that vino, its clouding my vision and i’m glazing over all the comments here. LOL. wait for me guys, i’m coming!!! finally got my leave of absence approved and i’m good to go. woot!!!

        @mayssenger, don’t worry…i’ve got the sujo, vino, sake, etc. taken cared of. KHJ is known for his high tolerance for alcohol after all…we want to keep him happy, don’t we? 😛

        @rush, what happened?!! i think those minions of yours needs to read the boating manual asap. BOATING > SMILE. repeat: BOATING > SMILE. we have to get our priorities straight here.

        now seeing that @_mayssenger has her flossing task and @a_fan will do the nose hair trimming (eeeeek!!), i guess i’ll have to claim the facial hair shaving now. heee. remember dear KHJ was soooooo worried about his facial hair that he has to shave 3x or more a day?!!! also, since we’re on the subject of hair, i’m bringing a boatload of perm solution so we can keep The Perm. i don’t care what you guys say, but i still reckon he’s sexiest with those wet and tousled curls.

        what else?!!! since i’m still in the city, any last-minute things that you guys want me to bring? i’m leaving in a couple of hours… pali, pali!

      • Its official now, we’ve all lost it….
        Mayssenger has lost her sanity to the birds and the bees, (the forest variety, not the boating variety – who I presume are over their hangover and are now buzzing/fluttering around instead of walking all over the place)
        kn has lost her ability to prioritize who gets examined by KHJ first (just think, if KHJ runs into a semi-drunk Mayssenger going on and on about the chick who likes to hang out with seven hairy, vertically challenged guys he may run straight out of that forest and then how will we get any boating done?)
        Yeisha – aah yeisha still has it, since she’s remembering to bring all the booze we may need. Can I place an order for some good old fashioned bubbly please.
        a_fan – am not even going to start on how you’re losing it with the nose hair trimming fetish. But remember once you start the trimming of the nose hair, you may not stop the trimming of the nose hair. (Refer Boating Manual, Annexure A, Section 3) Also, as time passes by you may need to add ear hair trimming and ear wax removal to your list of duties. (*Smirks evilly*)
        And then there’s me – apart from losing the all important KHJ (to aforementioned dastardly minions) I’m losing my guts laughing at this conversation. My 6 year old wants to know why I’m giggling hysterically at the computer… You guys are just too too funny.
        *Runs off to get some work done for a change*

      • @rush….OMG, i can’t stop laughing at your boating manual comment. too funny! buahahahahaha. i wonder what a_fan has to say about her additional…errr..duties.

        @a_fan, where are you?!!!

        ah, never mind…i think she’s too busy singing “wham more time” and memorizing the lyrics. i’m sure she’ll show up later. but yeah, i totally draw the line at flossing and hair-trimming. nothankyou. heee.

        but since we are on the subject on loony, don’t worry, i’ve totally lost it a loooong time ago…i’m just good at faking sanity. hahahaha. and did you say to bring some bubbly?!!! yikes…i was so hoping none of you will ask for that. me + champagne is a bad, bad combo. i can drown the bubbly like there’s no tomorrow and still not *feel* drunk…but then a few hours later i’ll start crying or laughing hysterically. probably not a good sight…might scare those birds and the bees that @mayssenger is so fond of. 😛

      • @Rush, the ear wax removal suggestion I can abide but the ear hair trimming omg super DISGUSTING!!!!! It’s up there with a_fan’s nose hair trimming suggestion as THE MOST DISGUSTING BOATING FOREPLAY tips of all time!!!!! I’ll stick to my flossing KHJ while you two do the trimming. EEEEUUUUU!!!!!! How are you guys going to trim all that hair anyway? You going to yank out each hair (oh GROSSSS ) MANUALLY? Or you going to auto-razor the hair thingy like a lawnmower? On second thoughts, don’t tell me…..I don’t wanna know!!!!!

      • I can’t believe I used the word Foreplay….see what you guys have done to me???? Anyway once I’m done copying the Boating Manual for Lulybunny, I’m gonna start working on a comforter straightaway….yeah, you guess it – handsewn with stuffed birds’ feathers and hemmed prettily with dental floss. And no, you guys can’t share it….it’s just for me and HJ. You want to share a comforter, go find Snow…..she’s already got 7 guys sharing so I guess she won’t mind squeezing in some more. Hj’s mine hee hee

      • @mayssenger, am i reading this right? claiming ownership already?!!! tsk, tsk…that’s so not good for our forest boating sisterhood. we might have to go up in arms and recruit the help of snow’s little friends.

        so let’s be nice and share, ok? sharing = no forest mutiny. 😀

      • Hey! Hey! I have never said I will be part of the ear hair trimming activity. Please note, all such functions have been left solely to a_fan, to execute as she pleases. Me no wantie ear/nose hair in any form!
        And Mayssenger, no way are you getting away with that sneak claim on KHJ. I’m with Yeisha on this one, the sisterhood of the traveling boat must share and share alike.
        Runs back to watch the Style icon awards: where KHJ just won the popularity award – like that’s a surprise to anyone…!

      • Since we’re talking about delegating the daily chores, I’m claiming exclusive rights to the bathing activity since it was I who suggested it in the first place. You guys can decide on the rest. 🙂

  25. now that it has finish..i can happily think and re watch it again in the future when ever i think about KHY and JSM. AND now i am soooo looking forward for your recap od you i am so besotted with the chemistry of the 2 geuns, but ….OMO what is happening at the very end of the ep 4..another ‘SCAR KISS’??? from the second lead??? (fyi) I just watched without understanding of what they are saying…thats why i am sooo waiting for the recap…. thanks again for your time recapping these wonderful dramas…….more power…

    • The end of ep.4 of Mary is a game-changer moment in this drama, and I’m not talking about the forehead kiss. I’m foreseeing a few more of such impactful endings, but this is the first where we see a huge relationship shift.

      Wait til my recap, then let’s talk. I am DYING here for next Monday.

      • I’m starting to see the guy’s appeal… I like his sleepy looking eyes… LOL I’m sorry I forgot his name, but the musician dude in M3

      • thank you…can I ask u a question? you probably answer it for those who ask you but i don’t have chance to read the answer..i’m just curious about your user name ‘ockoala’, by any chance ur from aussie??just asking….anyways thanks for the recap of MSOAN.i love love love it..waiting.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • aaackkk….as much as i LOVE Sukkie and his crazy antics, i can’t seem to get myself to watch ANY other drama as of yet. maybe that’s a good thing. certainly can’t keep up with this level of obsession. hehe.

  26. so , this is really it? the end of our PK journey? call it emotional and kinda childish but got teary eyed when saw the credits being shown. i cant help it.

    i hate goodbyes, i suck at them especially the one im saying goodbye to was something that has inspired me and did brought great changes in me.

    PK watching has been a great experience for me, as a viewer it pushed the right buttons for me. the wonderful characters has given me glimpse of pieces of myself in them. and whats good about PK is that it inspires to be better and see my world in other new perspective. and for that i’ll be forever grateful that i gave PK my time, trust and love because this “little drama” completely deserves it.

    Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min, thank you for being so much joy for playing baek seung jo and oh ha ni with so much energy, happiness and love. You two are so adorable to watch. Cant imagine PK without the two of you being its lead. clearly both of your stars will continue to shine brightly and im looking forward to that.

    Ockoala, i know you heard/read this a million times already but i will still say it, THANK YOU!!! you’ved been wonderful and generous to all the Pkissers especially to those who always flood your thread, my self included. thank you for letting us have this “happy place” where we can freely express our love for PK. and thanksalso for all the PK goodies you have shared to all of us.

    to all the PKissers and my co-commenters, like V, rainyrain, yeisha, JJ, carol, endodo, luly bunny, reacup, cee3cee, and others (you know who you are) thanks for making PK journey much more fun thru your crafty, funny and wonderful insights for PK.

    again PK thank you for the amazing journey, ill forever keep your fun, sweet, happy and touching memories in my heart! saranghae playful kiss!!!

    • hey jeankaycee I know good byes are sad and I hate them too 🙁
      but we will surely meet again with another KHJ and JSM new dramas na 😀
      thanks for all the happy moments we had togther ( with you , v , ItadakimasU , J.J all the pkissers ) it made my life more joyfull and cheery 🙂

    • Hey Jeankaycee, beautifully put. Have been a lurker here most of the last few weeks (I joined the party pretty late) and have really enjoyed observing this amazing community. As much as PK was a fun ride, what kept me coming back was OcKoala and her band of co-commentors.

      So thank you Ockoala for feeding our PK addiction with your spoilers, BTS news, wonderful recaps and spazz sessions. Looking at the stuff you post on your blog, you’re a woman after my own heart. Not that you’re really after my heart, that position is so reserved for KHJ 🙂

      “Ladies, back off, a woman can fantasize, can’t she?? Back, back, I say! ”
      (*Runs and hides behind mayssenger*)

      Talking of messenger, special thanks to her for bringing me out of lurker mode and forcing me to use my (very rusty) writing skills again. I will never floss my teeth ever again without thinking of KHJ. WHich isn’t a bad thing at all if I think about it….

      Thanks also to kn, a_fan, yeisha, ItadakimasU, rainyrain, JJ, v, kittykat and many many more who I can’t name for making this such a fun place to be. You guys are an amazing bunch of observant, insightful, creative and most of all very very funny people. Loved spending time (mostly in hiding) with all of you.

      I haven’t watched a single episode of MMM yet, but am so getting onto that bandwagon just so I can stay linked to all of you 🙂

      The party’s not over yet – 2 BTS specials to go. And these better be BTSs of all the kisses in the drama. Ockoala, am impressed at your dedication in going back and counting all the kisses. Must have been really difficult to do…..

      • Sorry, the special thanks includes kn and a_fan, all members of the ‘let’s floss (or not) KHJ’ club 🙂

      • WOO HOO for writing skills!!! 🙂
        I could swear that if I used the same passion I have for PK for my midterm I would have gotten an A instead of a … -_- :sigh:

        I’m glad you came out of the lurk, lol it was great reading your comments <3

        We are a comical bunch aren't we?

      • Awww Rush that’s sweet of you. Like you, I was a lurker, and thanks to you I’ve also become mentally unhinged….I mean that in a really nice way LOL. Thanks to all the Boating members of the Club haha boats and oranges will never be the same again. I’m shifting my gear to M3 so hope to see you guys there. Not ready to say byebye yet….maybe Thursday huhu

      • @Mayssenger – helping someone become mentally unhinged is a new one for me, but I’ll take it as a compliment 🙂 And return the compliment as well. Actually, you, Yeisha, kn, a_fan are all responsible for this. I’m having such a hard time remaining PG13 in these discussions… I just have to keep telling myself, one day my kids may google me online, and hopefully whatever they find will only be embarassing, not incriminating….

      • thanks for the mention!! it’s been a blast!!! 🙂

        and the kidnapping-KHJ-flossing-event-in-the-forest was really hilarious!!! have to hand it to you guys!! i couldn’t contain myself from laughing!!

    • Heyheyhey…at last, i can join the PARTY!

      First and foremost:
      Ockoala, thanks so much for your generosity to let us frolic and be silly to our hearts content in your amusement playground! And, being able to meet outrageously funny PKissers who loves SJ & HN.

      Resounding cheers to this awesome drama! And, to all PKissers who took this unforgettable journey with our OTP SH & OH. What an awesome boat trip or should I say an awesome convertible trip!!! ^__^

      Felt that emotional tug again —- had it this morning after watching the last episode ….and then another one just now! It’s so hard to bid PK and our dear SJ & OH and this happy playground goodbye. Can I stay a little bit longer? I’m not ready to let go yet! Whan more chance?… hahaha…

      Probably have to undergo a PK detox to get well. What to do???? May rewatch PK? Or, watch another drama to reprogram this addiction may do the trick???

    • @jeankaycee…awwwww..*hugs back* don’t be sad my friend. ’tis life, we have to let go sometimes. but our playground is still open so its not *really* goodbye yet. see you around, ya? 🙂

      • @yeisha, thanks for the hug!!!

        well, i know that all of us will still each other here at ockoala’s. its really a blast knowing you all guys!!!
        just let me know the location of the party and i’ll be there ok guys?!

  27. I have been following your playground since PK started. It was indeed an awesome ride. I really love this drama. The only kdrama one up to date that I got obsessed, searching the net for any related news/bts/etc. Thank you so much for this playground. I got totally satisfied with this drama and something I will not forever forget.

    Love the OTP JoongMin. Hope to see them again soon.

  28. haven’t seen the episode yet… nor have i read the recap yet since i don’t want to spoil myself… but someone on my twitter timeline said that when seung jo googled, i don’t know what scene… the word “steamboat” appeared…

    SIGH. the only good thing about being behind by 3 episodes is that PK ends later for me… the bad… ill be alone celebrating that. TT

    • :hands some RedBull, heating blanket and a new sleeping bag:

      We’re going to take you to a spa after finals cause i’m sure you need it :p
      Thanks for showing up lovely. <3 <3 <3


    • ok no sorry, one more thing… i’ll be there to do your catch up celebration (and i don’t think i’ll be alone in that ^^)

      • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I’m sure they were surfing real time… so that means our Steamboating comments are affecting Google search patterns…

        LOL I’m sure they were like “What the heck does that mean?”

      i know that your busy on school work, i hope you could catch up soon enough!!!
      we missed you alot here!!!

      dont worry if you need to celebrate you can still call us out here in ockoala’s im sure everybody will be happy to PK with you!!
      so cheer up V!!!

  29. Oh! my dear Ockoala, when did u do reacap and post it. I’ve just bakced to ur blog now and comments gone up to 84, so quick.
    Thanks u so much for recaping PK and epi 7 youtube.
    As you have know my comments I have never enough to say thank you to Ockoala for doing PK recaps and let us share our thoughts and opinions in your playground.
    It was HUGE BIG FUN.
    I feel so sad due to we have to let PK go and more hurting me now because of you are not going to write about BTS, I love to hear form you, may be same as others PK lovers at this playground. We all should share our thoughts on those BTS too.
    But its up to u and I really thanks you deeply that what you have done with PK .
    Without your playground we don’t have much fun as we having now.

    I wish for KHJ & JSM could win best couple award with this drama.

    I’ve been reading Youtube comments and there is so many high demands for season2. According to manga that PK could continue with meaningful of story line to carry on.
    We want to see BSJ jealous, BSJ&OHN’s daughter who loves her dad so much and always compete with her mum to get affection form her dad, and then their happy family life ever after……..THE END……

      • Hi J.J
        I want to say thank you to for the repost of Kathy’s blog.
        I like her blog and there is HJ&SM analysis have been post and quiet intersting to read it.

      • Hello J.J
        It is me again. Yeah, you posted Kathy’s blog on 10/11/2010 at Ockoal’s recap of youtube 5 special edition.
        Oh! I almost forget to say another thank you that your solution for steamy scene (which replace with Pasona) HA HAHAHAHAHHAH…….LOL…..

  30. I’ve been busy these past few weeks, getting ready for 2011 audits. Just got back from the client and trying to catch up with PK. I have been feeling that just half of my brain was at work, been thinking about KHJ too…No time to digest that PK is over…what to do? I’m thinking about starting to watch Mary to divert my attention to other drama.

    I want to thank Ockoala for all the fun I experienced in this website. I may not post a lot but I visit your playground everyday from the day I discovered it.

  31. WooT! Finally! I watched the webisode w/o subs and I loved it. A whole webisode dedicated to BSJ. How much more adorable can he be (probably lots more once I watch w/subs, but anyhoo). That was a sweet kiss. And Ha Ni would not be Ha Ni if she didn’t cajole BSJ into doing her bidding.

    I really love and ship this couple. I cannot wait for the BTS. So it’s not goodbye until Thursday when ockoala opens her playground for a PKisser party. (Gotta go rewatch all webisodes and write up an essay about my love for PK.)

    Did I mention that I love being a statistic? Gotta go do my duty…bump up the view numbers at ytkiss. I likes the looks of 10M+.

    • KAT, you make me LOL……
      I think u doing your duty very well to get 10M view numbers……
      HAHAHAHAH carry on…. I did more than 30 time or I cannot even
      count now due to I go back there and keep reading youtube comments.
      That is why I was a bit late for Ockoala’s recap. Busy Busy day ……..

      • I’m not worthy…30 already?

        Yes I like reading comments too. Some are really funny.

        The upload view is at 8.5M right now. I think we’ll make 10M by this weekend. I’m sure there’s lots of people like us around.

        Did you read the comment about Ha Ni never saying I love you to Seung Jo? That’s so true! She’s always said she really, really likes him but not “I love you”.

        So wow…that’s how my MinJoong relationship is going to be like, huh? Min Min holding back and KHJ doing all the giving…I LIKE!

        Ok..back for another round at ytkiss. Hopefully w/subs.

  32. Although PK has come to a ‘final’ end, I must say I have mixed feelings, sad that this is the end of the road BUT it ended so nicely that I’d rather celebrate the success of PK than be sad!! You been have great, ockoala! The PK experience is all-tied up with AKP so closely and the fervent community here that made it so special and alive! Wish the PK casts knew what we went through for them! I’m sure they can’t help but be pleased too. I’m not sure how many times I will revisit the PK drama as there’s so many moments and parts that I love. Cheers to all who have been here!!!

    • ohmygoodnesssss, so many people at the party!!!! ilovesitttttt! 😀

      i hope some of you guys are still here. i was so ready to come, even had my dancing shoes on and everything, but real life’s a-calling and had to stay at work until 6:30…yikes.

      anyways…TRUE STORY. i was all sad and nostalgic when i left for work this morning and guess what i saw parked in front of my apartment complex? a freakin’ mini cooper S!!! black and convertible!!! i was so tempted to take a picture with my cellphone but someone came by walking his dog and i had to pretend that i was “slightly” normal and didn’t just spend the last couple of minutes staring at a mini cooper like it was manna from heaven. LOL. but i think he already saw me grinning like an idiot so it was too late anyways. hahaha. what are the chances, right?

      and just like that, i went from empty-sad to happy-happy. 😀 i realized that whatever happens, those two crazy kids are going to be okay. they will continue to bicker, SJ will tease HN and she will continue to fuss on him, but their life is sure gonna be one fun ride. what more can i ask for?

      and me? we’ll i’m actually excited to have my life back. not that i won’t come and play here but its probably not gonna be the same as my level of addiction towards PK. which is a good thing because friends are beginning to worry about my sanity. LOL.

      so here’s to PK and our lovely OTP!!! here’s to our loves KHJ and JSM!!! here’s to ockoala and her wonderful playground!!! here’s to all the PKissers the world over…love, love, love you all.

      *opens a bottle of wine*

      cheers!!! kanpai!! salud!! kiss, kiss.

      • Ha! Ha! Yeisha that’s hilarious. I can just see you looking totally guilty – ‘caught red handed’!
        My true story – I’m fatally attracted to any black and red check shirt that I see at the mall. And for some strange reason there are a lot of them around – is this the fashion trend for the season? The last time my husband had to drag me away before I bought one ridiculously over-priced shirt just because it looked like BSJ/OHN’s PJs……

      • this is the fun i’m going to miss so much. my teary mood is gone, i’m all smiles (grin…grin…) and laughter with your comments!!!
        Uhumm…may start a SJ/OH red checkered pajama club!! hahaha…

      • @rush, i started noticing those red checkered button-down shirts too!!! eeek. we are so totally losing it.

        @Teacup, yes…no more tears in the playground. we’re all in this together. 😀

  33. a toast to everybody here in AKP!!! cheers!!!!
    and to Ockoala for being the best!!!!!
    this is one fun playground so let’s celebrate the wonder that is PK!!!! 🙂


  34. It has been interesting, full of laugh and love journey with Koala and all of you.
    PK brings a warm feeling in our heart and only few numbers of drama succeeded in doing this, no matter what the rating said. Glad and satisfied that at last, one of my two favorite manga beautifully remake on screen. (still salute the other two version, but this one is the best!)

  35. Thanks ockoala for the wonderful recaps you made PK more endearing for me… and to all other PKers thank you for the you made made me enjoy Pk more… I just love PK to pieces I’m sad the its the end and yet happy about this cute little drama that touched a lot of peoples heart I will surely miss it…

  36. I’m so much beyond late that there’s not much cake left for me, even a smushed one! but what a way to end (with the exception of a certain nautical mode of transportation that wasn’t shown – to quote a pouty koala!).

    “a birthday boat would be beyond romantic but clearly no one is listening to me on this issue” ROFL! no need to beleaguer the point further, but so glad u did!

    as i was reading this recap, my thoughts were also that I was excited for Seungjo’s diary for a change – what he would have felt when he heard Hani make excuses for him for being unromantic, what he would have felt when Hani made no demands on him for her birthday, that for the first time in his life, he was a disappointment to someone, particularly someone important to him. Or maybe not so much a disappointment, but that for once, he had to face the prospect that perfect as he was, Hani deserved something … a little more? and thus, what he did when faced with that new understanding.

    but although this drama is at its end, the YT eps have created a new beginning. by focusing on the adorable couple, and episodes of their life, rather than creating a new plot, it merely focuses us on our viewing as the beginning of the journey. there’s so much more fun to be had! *brings more cake to the party* and *hands a pawful to the koala* want some? 🙂

    • Oh good point. Though I did try to watch one of the BSJ diaries. And it doesn’t seem so much as his thoughts, as just a brief recap of the episode. Would actually be nice if they did cover those topics…hmm.

      I liked that his preparation somewhat mirrored Ha Ni’s prep for the whole english breakfast disaster. He was much more successful as is to be expected. And both episodes ended with “wifey.”

      Which still sounds like “sexy” to me, so I’m sticking with my translation.

      • @lunybunny, agree to you regarding the wifey korean term which sound “sexy”, i really love when baek seung jo is saying it, i feel so giddy for oh hani!

  37. oh, shout-outs to JJ, lulybunny, ItadakimasU, kittykat!!! you guys are the bestest!
    also, mayssenger, rush, kn, a_fan…thanks for the flossing, boating, belly laughs and more. 😛
    minjoong, i know you’re here sometimes and lurking, arigatou…*waves*
    and dear v..who started it all..ganbatte kudasai, v!!!

    everyone, *BIG HUGS* xxo.

      • @luly, i think @mayssenger is planning on sharing that to everyone. but since there’s no photocopy machines in the forest, you might have to wait a little while. unless of course, you decide to come join us and read the original copy our little cottage by the wood? 😛

      • Don’t worry lulybunny and yeisha, I am now scouring the woods for tree sap…will mix that with pounded berries (which I will grind with my own hands) to make my own homemade forest ink. Have already yanked feather off one of those annoying squawky birds still high on yeisha’s booze. Will dip said feather in forestsap berry ink and laboriously copy every page of the Boating Manual onto bleached forest leaves to serve as paper.

      • :raises hand: Um…
        Burn the tips of twigs, and you can write with it…?
        And use leaves as paper?
        Not really a girl scout. LOL

    • Hugs back to you Yeisha. 🙂
      We must get to that cottage in the woods soon, otherwise mayssenger will kill all those poor birds in her quest to make the perfect Boating manual.
      Also, I volunteer to test out all instructions in said manual (except the unmentionable body hair grooming references!) with KHJ just so that the rest of you don’t suffer any unintended consequences from unclear/incomplete instructions. After all, testing and quality control are a must before a manual can be released to the public…. (*Face lights up with angelic halo*)

  38. uhem….

    that was my initial reaction.
    but really, thank you ockoala!!!
    from the bottom of my Filipino heart- thank you so much!

    having an email update from you is one sure way to make me smile
    (especially with my workload)

    i will definitely miss PK…

  39. you know what, I just realized what AKP stands for. I thought why you’re talking about other site? ( a**kp**) I know you’re not into Kpop? 😛

    Thanks for your recaps! It has been a lovely and happy journey. Have a fun party PKers!

  40. great recap, as usual..thank you ockoala!

    a little bit gloomy with PK withdrawal..there will be a hole in my daily routine..
    will be missing everyone here as well..never even thought that I would bump into this playground and meet so many nice people here..feel like knowing you all with the same preference and interest! I do wish to get to know you guys somewhere someday. 😉

  41. I just watched the final YT episode and then afterwards, I read this blogpost 🙂 I feel like things have ended the way they should have and I’m…happy isn’t the right word, but I’m content 🙂 Doing the YT episodes was a welcome surprise and it really added to the drama and gave the fans that little something extra.

    And throughout Playful Kiss, I feel like we’ve not only seen the characters grow, but the actors themselves as well 🙂 All in all, this drama is right up there with my other favourites, like Coffee Prince and Goong 🙂 Aww I’m really gonna miss Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo!

  42. thank you very much ockoala..i admit, that after watching this last episode, i felt a cold wave in my heart..i will surely miss pk but i will surely watch pk episodes over and over again until the next drama series of KHJ…the cake, balloons and most especially the song that was all great for me..i miss KHJ and Oh Ha Ni…but i still have M3 to watch for..thank you for recapping that one too…ockoala, you’re the best…

  43. awww… so much to write but my english kind of poor…please don’t be mad at me for any incorrect grammer and all T_T

    first…i would like to thanks Ockoala for you recap as usual…reading your recap is a must for me after i watched the raw of PK…

    actually i’m not sure when i know about AKP….i remember one day i was surfing and tried to find any k-drama to watch online and i bumped on PK…i think at that time PK was at ep 4 on MBC…first i tried to watch PK because of KHJ (because i like Ji Hoo a lot at BOF :D) and i got hooked by PK because of JSM 😉 (love her expression and she’s cute and Hani’s character is still of a normal teen girl in love with a jjang!! :D)

    i then start to search any news or updates about PK and found a Playful Kiss Group in fb…like the group so much and always drop by just to read any updates until some of PKisser introduce your blog (AKP) where i could see more BTS, recap and all….i’m sooo in love with your recap and keep coming back for more until this last yt ep of PK….a bit sad….but AKP bring lots of joys to me and i love reading PKisser’s comments here…. ^o^/

    truthfully… i’m not really into KHJ acting since i think he got so much to learn about expression in acting (but i think his expression is so cool in his MV’s and that makes me thinks he could reach there somehow 🙂 ) as for JSM…i’m amazed of her acting ability and hope more fans will support her 😉 aja aja whiting JSM!! ^^

    last but not least….i really love PK because KHJ and JSM chemistry behind the scene!! hehehe….and surely PK story line itself 😀 i just love this couple and hoping any producer will take them to film another good movie or drama soon ^^ really want to see them in another drama together… 😉 and lots of hugs and kisses to dear PKisser here at AKP….


  44. reading all these comments here..aaahhh..makes me teary-eyed and sad that PK is over! drama has ever affected me this much than PK!..each and everyday (even at work- hahahaha!) up to wee hours in the morning (at home) i searched thru the net for anything/everything about PK, KHJ and JSM! hubby (who’s so considerate) even is anxious and alarmed of my late night sleep affair!..i wanna see all BTS, read all comments, be always updated on what’s happening!..thank God for forums and blogs like this! has really been an amazing and enjoyable journey!

    watching the last epi last night (even tho i didn’t understand a thing!- hope it’s subbed already by this time – gotta watch it again!), i was really hoping our couple (even without the steam boat thing – i got these words from this playground..hahahaha!), could have kissed longer and can i say “steamier” since it’s already the last one. but it was kinda short/brief..yet there was such a strong feeling in those kiss ( i hope KHJ and JSM felt also something in there that time)..aaaahhh.. i just can’t get enough of this two!..i’ve never supported any Korean couple like this before!..i fervently hope and really makes me super excited, the BTS that group 8 will show us in the next 2 days will somehow prove that there’s really something going on between the two..oh pretty pleeeassseee!!

    before i end (but it’s not the end actually for i guess am still be checking out this blog often as well even PK has ended already) my lengthy comment (kekeke..), i really wanna say ‘THANKS A MILLION” Koala dear! =).. You made our PK journey lotsa fun and even more addictive. Your recaps are superb! – they get to show and even add up to the feelings that our couple is showing in there..i also get to understand more the emotions and the underlying meanings of a scene bcoz of your recap. with that you made PK such a memorable drama for me. again, with the rest of the Kissers here, we can’t thank you enough. btw, you also have a great writing skill. keep it up! =)

    i said, am gonna end now, but i guess i still can’t (kekekke..) till I say, aside from our uber-cute and adorable couple, the wonderful plot of the PK drama (tho there are indeed some flaws especially in the editing), this journey has been wonderful bcoz of the new found friends/sissies i found here and in other social platforms (Blogs, Twitter – i made over 500 tweets already bcoz of KHJ and PK!) – this thing is Priceless!..though we don’t see each other,yet we are connected with our love for our HyungMin couple and PK in general. that is absolutely awesome!..and i know this new-found circle of friends will be lasting and be stronger as the years go by.

    thanks again everyone..till the next drama of our HyungMin as a couple or their individual works..Now, Let’s get that PARTY started!!!..CHEERS!!

    P.S. – another word i came across here, till now don’t know the meaning – OTP – what is this?..thanks for the help!..kekekeke..

  45. Gracias, por tus resumenes tienes mucha razón el amor es incomprensible y el amor por Playful kiss es real y los vamos a extrañar Bye!

  46. Lesson that I got from this drama are:
    BSJ even though “nauthy and playfull aroung the kiss” but he has stand points where based on work etics (refer to studying, part time work, replace father absent on office, train Hani in shapping her life and talent), moral culture (refer to her bed room scenes, her relation with Hera, children respect relation with parents).

    HJ successfully transform all the message on his acting, simply and natural. He is playing as modern genius young man, from rich family and proper daily life struggling to understand outside world, going out from convert zone with GOOD reason!! for his survival and determine life! It’s happen now days, young people doing it without any GOOD reason. Just for rebelion and freedom!.

    I am Asian, which also leaving in the modern life in one leg, and traditional culture in the other leg….so this drama picturing our world now days!!. And sharing what should we do dealing with parents, talent, future, carier and love.

    And, Ockoala help us to go deep on this drama with her recap…..very appreciate what you did!!

  47. In all my 4 years of KDrama addiction…PK takes the cake!!! Not just because I worship the ground that KHJ walks into, but because through this seemingly fluffy, & simple drama..I got to experience watching each & every episode(&webisode) TOGETHER with new-found “green-chingus” & Kathy’s angels!!!
    I’ve almost totally ignored my other pending dramas cuz I’ve literally spent every waking hour..watching KHJ’s SS501’s videos… watching PK’s BTS, reading & commenting here @Ockoala’s & Kathy’s Bench…& non-stop chatting with my chingus & angels on anything & everything about PK!!!!
    I’m so gonna MISS all these now that PK has really ended…but I’m thankful for the chance it gave me to befriend so many new chingus, whom I plan to keep long after PK has ended!!!

  48. i miss PK, and im very thankful to you Ockoala for recapping PK from start to finish

    my PK ride is not as fun without me reading your recap and the comments of the rest of PK fan following your blog
    love the sweet ending, in never thought the Happy Birthday song can sound as sweet and lovely until KHJ sing it

    • yup…i think every girls would like SJ to sing soooo tender loving birthday song to them all… i want it tooo!! ^^ but its ok since he sing it to Hani… hehe

  49. eeeeep….did anyone else see the BTS clips yet?!!!! oh dear, oh dear. my fangirl is definitely tickled silly. hehe. G8 did not give us any boating but they sure gave us some pillow talk. “nurul saranghae?”, minmin? 😉

    *repeats to self: i will not be a shipper. i will not be a shipper.*

    • I didn’t but I’m downloading it right now , ahhh now I’m even more curious , I’m watching for one reason only , finding lil hints about possible romance between KHJ/JSM , I’m crazy I know 😛

      • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh….love to stay and chat but have to get ready for work! wah….i’m so hopeless —-my PK addiction is branching out into MinJoong shipping. Back to back whammy! how desperate is that!!!

        it must have to do with those PJs — MinJoong surely act differently when they have those on – never fails, everytime their body language goes high gear in bed mode…hahaha…

      • Wait?! They were snuggling!?
        And his hand was under the cover THE WHOLE TIME. And why did JSM look so surprised and turn to look at him.
        I’m going crazy @.@

      • that caressed of hair gesture of JSM to KHJ made me smile of pure giddiness!!!!
        *sigh, i really love these two to pieces!!!!

        if the hyunmin couple would to be to not to be? well, i think we all just need to wait and see but it doesnt mean that i will not not root for them. LOL!

    • BTS? BTS? What did I miss while I was out doing (gah!) parental duties. Damn, I have only 5 minutes before I head off again. Why does life have to get in the way of my PK obsession??? Why? Why?
      And I love shipping, get me on to that ship now!! Who knows the ship may break down and then they’ll need to do some boating to get ashore….
      Am I making any sense here?

      • No, Rush, you’re a goner that’s for sure…’re losing it, honey! Get a grip on yourself. Look at me *preens* – I’m in perfect control HAHAHAHAHA *laughs crazily*

      • huhu… just watch the BTS…i think they cut all the KHJ and JSM up-close-and-personel-contact ^^ but we still get to see a gleam of JSM’s hand stroking KHJ hair….awww…..sooo sweeeet!! ^o^/

  50. I am awfully late to the party but…what can I say…real life intruded in the form of a little birthday party and I wasn’t on time to spazz with all of you on the last webisode.

    First of all I want to thank with all I’ve got ockoala for the wonderful, awesome, fantastic (insert all the positive adjectives you know here) recaps. Even though I joined this playground around episode 11 I have read all of them and they have made me appreciate more our dear PK and go a little further on understanding it. You plain rock girl!!

    Also I want to thank all you PKissers for the wonderful moments spent here, you are the BEST at spazzing!!!! kkkkkk 😀

    Let’s get together on Thursday and continue the PAAAAAARTTTTTYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

    pd. I will add to our drinking list licor café (more or less a coffee liquor, a specialty of my homeland) 😛

    @itadakimasu, allenif, as you can see I’m keeping the “king/queen” avatar kkkk 😉

  51. if this is the end….i just want to say thank you to all of you especially Ockoala…..but i can still say that all of you made my days…everytime, when there are recaps and updates about PK, your comments cheers me up!



  52. that last scene was adorable and KHJ singing upped my non-steam boating disappointment….

    gah! I’m spazzing right now and I have no idea how to deal with my pk withdrawal…what the heck am I gonna do for entertainment now, it’s like, for the months that pk aired, I was living in my own little kdrama heaven where KHJ is smoking (now I remember the steam boat and I sigh) and JSM is adorable a character as can be

    the last episode was so romantic, the hugging and kissing (though it’s a long shot) just turned me to mush, how can they be so cute and lovable? quoting the despicable me kid, “It’s so fluuuuffy!”

    I watched it three hours after it was uploaded but I had to wait for your recap to spazz out my pk rant and adoration…thanks ockoala for the wonderful ride, your recaps are icing to the wonderful pk cake…plus I will not even try to resist it, I will ship!

    PK has got to me my favorite drama of all time not because it’s so well made but because it’s empathic the way other kdramas aren’t, it has a certain appeal that transcends entertainment value or production quality, it has real, adorable, honest-to-goodness chemistry….I can’t believe another kdrama might steal PK’s please in my heart, that’s how I love it…plus the casting is perfect, sometimes I doubt casting in some shows but not pk, right from the first episode, I accepted that they were their characters

    Plus JungSoMin is so talented and has the unique power to walk to the edge of cute without ever toppling over to annoying, this girl has talent dude and I know they compare her to yoon eun hye but I’ve seen her act and I like JSM’s acting better.

    KHJ, you have turned me into a hyunnie! ’nuff said

    had to mention mama Baek for being HaNi’s eternal supporter. for all your work mama Baek, I bow down to you

    oh how bleak the prospect is after PK, I’ll be back to my books and studies but PK will always cross my mind. and to end this long comment of mine, I have to say, I think I love the webisodes more than the actual series

  53. The article is an interview she did for a magazine photo-shoot. Roughly and briefly I think she said that after PK she want to travel on her own to clear her mind. She also mentioned that she’s very different from Oh HaNi and this year she got to act in 2 dramas which she gain experience and learned alot. And whether she’s successful it’s up to others to say or it could be failures in both times too.

    • Just want to add that KHJ did also mention that he would like to go on a trip away alone and do some thinking. Seems that they share the same plan.

      • I don’t know if it’s the translation, but didn’t she say she went on the ‘vacation’ already, as in before she had the interview with Elle?
        I want to read where KHJ said that, haha. It’s funny isn’t it. I think they really want to reflect on there PK expirience and try to figure everything out. It’s good to know that it’s a serious matter.
        Joognie, didn’t you reflect alot while down with the flu? I guess you have to do some more 😉

      • I cannot remember where I read that but it’s in one of the interviews during the shooting of PK that he did mentioned that he need to travel alone to do some thinking when PK’s over.
        Well, at least JSM went but I doubt KHJ can do so with his heavy work schedules.

      • Do you all know that in Ep 7 Hani’s birthday date is 16th which is the same as JSM’s birthday date except the month wasn’t mentioned.

    • Poor KHJ, he deserves a break.
      JSM mentioned something about matters of the ‘heart’. It really makes you wonder, doesn’t it? They both wanted time to think, some much needed alone time.
      Hopefully these two are communicating 🙂

      • aww…really want to know where u girls read all the news and interviews about these two…i’m really start to become fan girl here…hahaha… ^^

  54. hey the BTS are subbed now , watched the bed scene , seems they were really sleeping , eventhough KHJ kept insisting on the fact that he was thinking with closed eyes and not sleeping .
    felt those BTS are different from the previous ones , I mean the previous ones are more natural and funny , I felt in the youtube ones as if they picked some scenes that doesn’t show much interraction between KHJ/JSM and even that scene of Somin ah fixing KHJ’s hair was cut .

    • ah all in all i thought it was cute… we saw glimpses of interaction… so at least we know they were there!!!

      did you see the new unsubbed one? heheh KHJ was goofing around at times ^^

      ah but what i find sad is how tired they/ he were/was 🙁 the bags under his eyes were no joke!!! and he kept saying how tired he was 🙁
      i guess for him, we should be happy it’s over. it’s been FANTASTIC!!! enough is enough, i don’t need more from them… they did a great job. PK is going to stay with me forever ^^

      • I’m back at work today and the miracle of watching the BTS video stopped with the subbed first BTS , the new one didn’t work for me so have to wait till I’m back home .
        Yes , I’m also happy for them that finally the shooting is over but I doubt they will have any rest , at least for KHJ but all in all it was a great experience for them I’m sure , wish we will see them in another drama very soon .
        you said there were more interraction between them , what kind of interraction , you mean the kind we want to see or just interraction ?
        hey ItadakimasU did you watch secret garden , I think you have to give it a try , it’s very cool and I’m loving it and updates will be on dramabeans too 🙂

      • forget to ask , are you on soompi too , if yes then PM me , I’m rainyrainy there and you can find e in Naughty kiss forum or secret garden forum , the 3 or 4 last pages 🙂 of those two forums 🙂

      • aish… that’s too bad, but still you got to watch the first with subs^^
        hmmm yeah as for them probably being busy right away… i wonder how KHJ is going to attend university in between his busy schedule… unless they let him a couple days off in a week… don’t see how that would ever fit 🙁
        about the interaction… maybe a mixture of both? nothing to fuss about, but once again KHJ fooling around making JSM giggle at times^^
        Haven’t watch anything besides PK yet… but i guess i’m almost done with the rerun^^ keke, will try to give other dramas a chance! Hope i’ll be able to watch the subbed ones on viikii.. -__-

      • ah.. i’m not on soompi… but maybe in the future, i’ll dare to venture in that one too (i’m too afraid that i’ll become too much of an addict).

        if i do… i’ll make sure to look you up!! but for now… i’ll hang around here (as long as this all is going to last)… and occasionally will comment on SSangchu heaven (under the same nick)!

        (oh, but if you ever get jj’s fb… you can find me there too ^^)

      • AHH ok about j.j FB , that’s why I was asking about soompi becoz I will be able toask u to PM me ur FB or twitter ID , OK J.J is in soompi , Will see if I can find her and try to find you both on FB 🙂
        about the BTS , I think even the tiniest interraction may push our imagination to the extreme LOL , I’m really so in love with those two and find they look too happy when they are together that’s why I so wish they are a couple even in real life so I will cross my fingers for that to happen 😉
        ahh for secret garden , it’s on viikii but seems they have some problems that’s why the weekly move off the subbed videos as soon as

      • ahh for secret garden , it’s on viikii but seems they have some problems that’s why they quikly move off the subbed video , I decided to download each epi with soft subs and then watch it , till now I found the show interresting .
        there’re gonna be a body switch so I wish it won’t ruin everything for me .

  55. oh Dear I’m super late with the party!
    I just came from the retreat for 3 days and 2 nights, and my minds was filled with BSJ and HH couple!!!! wahhhh……….too bad not internet connection in the mountains! huhuhu!
    anyway I love pK forever, and gals i really enjoyed playing here, and sometime I can’t join you gals because when I went home everyone was sleeping already, our time difference are so much different. anyway this lovely couple will remain in my heart forever, I will pray for them everyday for a new project, or CF or whatever comes to their way. pls. God help us!!!

  56. Hi there!
    I have to say I really like your recaps. I read your YT Special edition recaps of PK (except number 1) and I really like your style of writing and word choice. Well done 🙂 and Thank you!
    Regards from Vienna

  57. thank god.finally i able to find a group of people or should i say family who really love pk like me.i really love pk and i will really miss it.
    thank you for the recaps and everything 😀

  58. Hi there!

    I’m new here. I have only been watching korean shows since i got back from Denmark. But I am slowly becoming an avid follower. So far I have only seen a handful from my first, “City Hunter” which floored me and got me started in the first place. And there have been some hits and some misses. Playful Kiss was by far the most endearing…and thanks to your blog (Dramabeans too!), it made the whole show experience more enjoyable. I had lots of LOL moments and sometimes too I had to reach for my tissue (or the edge of my shirt!). May I say that no matter how late, your blogs still have impact on viewers and budding fans who are late in coming. So thanks and keep up the fun!

  59. I really liked pk nd i wish it would continue… . Actually I am Korean edicted nd specially Kim hyun Joong is ma fav nd his attitude is really osm so according to this the special episode of Yt r great which shows his different view

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