MV Mash-up: Two Geuns and A Baby

As promised, bringing you all a cute video for week’s end. It’s a mash-up of the Geun-Geuns from one of their earlier movies (and when I say earlier – I mean when both of them still had their baby fat). This MV comes courtesy of EJ from Stellar Fandom, who spliced together 18 year old Moon Geun Young from her movie My Little Bride, with 21 year old Jang Geun Seok from his movie Baby and Me.

Yup, even the movie god’s want the Geun-Geuns to have babies together, get married young, and uhm, continue to be so freaking cute as to make shippy-fans obsess about details as microscopic as whether the Geuns moved their chair close together at the KBS drama awards. And if so, who did it first, and/or moved it closer. God, I love you guys! Obsess away.

The Fancy Couple:



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  1. Ockoala you’re killing me! I am seriously never gonna get over this couple. It is a mad obsession. There is no leaving the room called Geun-Keun.

    • Dear RM
      sharing your sentiments.. she is really killing us all!!! Soon my family’s gonna send me to mental hospice!!…. I am trying real hard to get over this but to no avail, I guess… LOL..

    • So you were lurking on twitter when I shared that gem. 😎

      I can’t wait to see when langdon813 busts it out for usage. Brilliantly meta!

      In this case, I approve of the usage.

  2. Ok here is some fuel for the fire. In ep 8 when they go visit Mae Ri’s mother, MG says “Wow, you look like your mother, she was a classic beauty, real charming” I want to know if he ad-lib or was that written for him to say. I believe the former, he wanted to say those words to MGY.
    You see, I am starting to re-write the whole thing in my head as if it was their real love story. Help me.

    • Can I add some more?

      In episode 13, when Mu Gyul asked his right hand (Mary) to sleep beside him, at one moment, I can see that Mary is holding Mu Gyul’s hand.. hehhe…

      But the camera didn’t focus at their hands… just few seconds shown.

      Well, I also wonder the same thing. Was the director told Moon to do so or did she purposely do that? hehehehe… =)

      • i saw that scene..Maeri will hold MG hand..besides me, there is another person saw that particular movement too..hehe

      • Dear berry.oh my I though I was the only one see that.when ever I see that scene I focus on their MGY delibery put her hands there and I think its not in the script.she just showing her affection base on instinc.

      • I saw that too!! very sweet and becos the camera didn’t focus on that, I figure it was not scripted.. just an ‘in the moment’ gesture by MGY.. nice 🙂

      • Actually, I think that was pre-planned bc the camera panned out so you could see their full bodies when she grabbed his hand. Prior to that was a close-up of their faces while they talked. However, I do think there are many ad-libbed scenes between them.

    • My dear RM
      My stomach hurts… thanks… ha ha ha!

      “””You see, I am starting to re-write the whole thing in my head as if it was their real love story. Help me.””‘
      Think none of us can help cos we are like you too!!! same ship, remember? LOL…

  3. OMO soooo cute, i love this mv, thanks ockoala now i really cant get my life back.

    plsss i really want to be the godmother for the baby

    • Ooo.. susan dear same here
      i also want to recover but can’t and be good mother for my baby.
      Look what crazy thing i do here. I never crazy like this before, i swear .

      I love see YAB before but found that PSH not that pretty when she dress as women ha ha ha… am i so picky ? she’s more cute dress like man. really…

      • In addition, i’m also never never post any comment in blog.
        and look what i posted here ? am i crazy ? i always questioned it ?

        Oooo really…

      • My dear Violette
        Have found someone for PSH already. The name is Lee Wan (KTH’s yummy brother). They were together in Tree in Heaven. It’s a sob sob one. Chemistry explosive too!! He’s in MS now. Hopefully they catch up when he’s out. BTW, they were the two cutie kids in ep. 1 and 2 in Stairway to Heaven[she was 13 and he was 19 then).

        Does your baby watches M3 with you while you’re nursing him/her?? ha ha..

      • dear viollette.yep yep PSH can be cute as boy with over acting but MGY nailed it as both gender.Ah nothing can beat MGY in my heart now!

      • Ooo tangee dear.. are u teasing me ??? i’m also quite fair to let my baby see cartoon when i were busy in MMM.

        Tangee dear n also Erika dear,
        I’m not in love with PSH, I just like her in YAB that’s all.
        cause when i want to know more about her, i just found that i don’t like her. I sorry to say that she’s not pretty dress as women n also look fat.n also when she was in FM in Taiwan, i look at her arm n leg ( why i saw her become fatter ???or something wrong with my eyes) i really sorry to say that. but it’s my mind only. we all have dif taste right.

        PSH dear has unstable weight, i also read some news that she’ll gain weight even drink water.. what??? ( it’s not me say that but i just read it )

      • i’m always commenting the same thing with my mom (we both love yab to pieces) psh looks prettier as a man than as a woman, lol 😉

      • Erika Dear, Antonia Dear

        So we all have the same taste ha ha ha… lol
        how can a girl will be more prettier dress as man? but she does.
        She’s rare woman ha ha ha….

      • Violette dear
        On another note, re your baby and M3, just kidding with you! no offence ..thousand apologies.. ok?

    • My dear violette and erika
      Agree that PSY was good in YAB but also have read many comments about her overacting in YAB as well.
      Yes, violette, PSY tend to be plumb in YAB. Maybe, she has water retention [some girls have that during certain days of the month]She does look cute when dressed as a guy. Physique and acting wise, thumbs up to MGY..

      • of course mgy is way better actress than psh (just my opinion) but she did a lovely role in yab, and i like her a lot in yab. but mgy, well for me she is not mgy in m3 she Is mary as much as jgs Is MG. mary and mg feel so real that i’m always forgetting they’re actors….
        violette i understand what you’re saying, i totally agree with you. and of course being a good and loving mother is easier if you are happy and in good spirits and i think m3 gives that to you 😉

      • Yep tangee dear.PSH is like getting big and big.when she dress as girl,I don’t see the beauty.when MGY dress as boy I almost forgot she’s a girl and when she wear a dress oh my!I had my crush.she may not have the beauty like song hye gyo or tim tae hee but she had unique beauty and heart.

      • agree with u erika dear…
        mgy in painter of the wind… the way she look at that woman completly make me forget that she’s a girl… I’m even melted to see the way mgy look at her… and I’m even a girl… aish…
        MGY in a dress??? such a transformation huh!?! hands down for her…

      • Oh I thought I’m the only one that crazy having a crush on POTW I was convinced that she was a boy.even the way she act,looks,body language,voice way better that YEH

      • Actually i was a sukyhe before (did i type it correct?) but that happen zillion years before i saw geun geun on M3, at first i was not happy to see sukkie’s new co stars….but my eyes n heart can not lie, i never see such strong chemistry like they have.

  4. WOW…. thanks for posting this.
    I think JKS’s picture with baby is from the movie “Baby and Me”. I haven’t seen yet.
    He is sooooooo adorable……

  5. Oh my they are soooooo cute! Thanks ockoala! Thanks EJ!

    I think I’ll be in a drunken state for awhile. Geun-Geun pairing even in a MV mash-up is unexplicably intoxicating….Love it!

    (hiccup) zzzzzzz (hiccup) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Just when I thought I can let go of M3(I kept ep 16 in my iPhone to get my fix and only yesterday deleted it…with a heavy heart but I need the space for YAB) and now this. This is really as much a rollercoaster a ride that never seems to end as M3 was. Ockoala, you’re not helping…. but I slurp at whatever you post on these 2 like no other couple. Makes me feel like I’m once again their age looking for romance that tingles you to the tips of your toes.

  7. Oh my freakin franklin friday.I was waiting for this.perfect!now we had them with babies,see their weds the only missing is the video tape of their first nite aka the babie those who keep&hide it raise your hand!!
    Dear captain.crazy are we,we even discuss who move the chair first..duno what else that we gona spot,that tiny gesture thats gona make us squee like old friggin firgin high school girl having a crush

  8. wow, Ockoala, i am truly speechless with this post, the latest on the beloved Geun-Geun couple…this crazy-obsession i have is echoed by everyone who has posted their comments here and in the other posts on the Geun-Geun couple…I. AM. DYING…
    i can’t go through a single day without coming here to join in the mooning over the PURE BLISSFUL PERFECTION that is the GEUN-GEUN COUPLE…aaarrrrgghhhh…

    here is another fantastic video on the Geun-Geun couple during the KBS Drama Awards…ENJOY!!!!

  9. after watching and re-watching the video posted by our dear Violette, i am afraid to be the lone voice who might have a different opinion abt the “moving the chair closer” by JGS and MGY…

    i observed JGS’s body language and facial expression at the precise moment when he moved his chair closer to MGY….and i add that to what i have learnt abt body language – body language tells abt 70% of the message in a person’s mind, while words mostly abt 30%…

    even though i will be among the first to shout for joy should the Geuns do fall for each other for real and live happily ever after, the vibe that i got when i saw JGS shifted his chair closer to MGY was more because he wanted to have a more comfortable view of the stage – his seat forced him to turn his head awkwardly to his left throughout the ceremony…and after a while, he shifted the chair closer to where MGY was sitting because it minimised the need to turn his head so unnaturally to his left to face the stage…

    this is evidenced by the end of the ceremony, when he was finally fully facing the stage without having to force his head to turn to his left…

    his calm and relaxed demeanour, freely-given smiles, the warm, cosy and close physical proximity in his verbal exchanges with MGY throughout the ceremony, the casually- and easily-given side hug for MGY when she was going up to accept her award, and the soft, proud smile when he looked at MGY on stage – all seemed to point to someone who is a very, very, very comfortable, close and sincere FRIEND…

    another proof to this is when i compare JGS’s behaviour in the ceremony to his reaction when he was sharing his thoughts on Soo Ae as his ideal woman on a Korean entertainment programme recently – at that time, he was given a chance to say something to the camera as if he is speaking to Soo Ae should she get to watch the programme – he was so different then – he was literally fanning himself with his hands, his smile was tremulous, his voice became husky and soft, his body movement and language showed how strongly his emotions were affected by the thought that Soo Ae might be watching his confession and finally the words he said to the camera (directed at Soo Ae) : “i hope when you get to watch this programme, you will know how i feel”.

    the way i see it, when a man REALLY IS INTO a woman, he would have reacted differently than how JGS behaved towards MGY during the awards ceremony – he would be a lot more guarded, tense, self-conscious, embarrassed, shy even…until the woman reciprocates his feelings…

    the vibe that i got from JGS’s free, easy and laidback demeanour with MGY during the awards ceremony highlighted to me how deep his affection he has for MGY – but more of an affectionate friend, brother, comrade…

    my sincere apologies to everyone here who violently objects to my observations because i did not say them to offend anyone…just giving my perspective… (”,)
    and especially because i LOVE the Geuns to death and think that they are such a perfect match and really wish they would be a real couple…. (”,)

    but the heart wants what the heart wants…
    who knows who JGS’s heart wants now… (”,)

    • My dear chingu KDL
      After having read your long analysis on Geun2, I am afraid we have to come back down to earth and accept it [somewhere in my heart does not want to but have to]. Much appreciate your time spent on rewatching the video and drawing this detailed conclusion. Guess, I have woken up from a dream… sigh…

      OK, let’s face it now, they are probably CLOSE buddies FULL STOP.
      thanks again dear…

      • My dearest one and only chingu, tangee (”,)

        i agree with you that however much we wish our hopes and wishes WANT the Geun-Geun couple to be a real couple, the only thing we can do now is just continue watching and waiting to see if their affections toward each other can develop into something more…and be among the first to shout for joy and congratulate the Geun-Geun couple when it does become a reality…(”,)

    • wow it’s a long analysis!!

      let’s just hope they are good friends for now 🙂 their future is wide open so they can act along other actresses/actors and accept more awards for us to watch! 🙂


      • i agree with you that however much we wish our hopes and wishes WANT the Geun-Geun couple to be a real couple, the only thing we can do now is just continue watching and waiting to see if their affections toward each other can develop into something more…and be among the first to shout for joy and congratulate the Geun-Geun couple when it does become a reality…(”,)

    • i feel the same way. i think they’re just friends
      but what about park shin hye…do you think he likes her?! b/c i think when they are together they seem much more than just friends

      • melissa, i think PSH is someone JGS respects and likes as a fellow actor but i doubt he likes her as more than that so far…i noticed it most in a video in which both of them performed one of the songs in the You’re Beautiful OST live on stage…they appeared to be just good friends…but then again, we never know…what the future holds…

  10. My take on the chair mvt at KBS.. MGY moved her chair away from JGS to allow him to angle his chair towards the stage for a more comfortable view.. have to agree with kdl on this.. despite my shipper heart hoping for something more..

    • moom, i agree with you that however much we wish our hopes and wishes WANT the Geun-Geun couple to be a real couple, the only thing we can do now is just continue watching and waiting to see if their affections toward each other can develop into something more…and be among the first to shout for joy and congratulate the Geun-Geun couple when it does become a reality…(”,)

      • my dear KDL
        ”be among the first to shout for joy and congratulate the Geun-Geun couple when it does become a reality…(”,)”’

        Count me in on this one…. we WANT to be the 1st to congratulate them when it happens, right??? Cheers…

  11. no one know what JKS wants in his heart 🙂 so far we can support what he decide and what he wants to achieve then i think it doesn’t matter anymore who he wants 🙂 i think kkoreandramalove /kdl was right 🙂 he keeps the emotion as a brother and friends same with PSY 🙂 well if we are a real fans, eels and cri then we can accept what he decide for him-self and we need to support him not to leave him when he has a gf 🙂 am i right KDL?

    • yes, absolutely, Ika Mei, i agree totally with you….however much we wish our hopes and wishes WANT the Geun-Geun couple to be a real couple, the only thing we can do now is just continue watching and waiting to see if their affections toward each other can develop into something more…and be among the first to shout for joy and congratulate the Geun-Geun couple when it does become a reality…but if things do not happen between them, and JGS and MGY each found love with others, then we would root for them anyway, because we just love them so, and want only for them to be happy, with whomever they truly love, wouldn’t you agree, Ika Mei? (”,)

  12. Thank you captain for this lovely mv… so far it’s a lucky friday for me!!!!
    btw i watched baby and me and the baby was wonderful!!! what a little great actor he was!!!! and so cute pairing with jgs!!!

  13. I love you, this thread, GeunGeun, the vidder who made this gem and generally? Just….everything, okay?

    OMG! I’m SO linking to this thread and/or post that vid so adorable. I think I should rewatch Baby and me. I’m already feeling symptoms of withdrawal…

    Oh and please, please, please? Keep feeding our obsessions, okay?

  14. Response to KDL:

    You know we’ll never actually get anywhere with this analysis and honestly we’ll never know either way if there’s something going on. The part that confuses me is that I actually do think he’s very different with her. As a long time fan of his, I think he treats MGY very differently from his other costars. If you watch his various bts from HGD and then from YB (d-cut), he’s always messing around with his costars in a fun, funny, flirtatious way. For example, check out the rehearsal of comedy bed scene with PSH in YB. He openly flirts with her, referring to himself as Oppa and asking if she likes him/the situation they’re in. Similarly in HGD, when the reporter asked his costar a question, our JKS shouts from the background, “My noona ALWAYS runs over and sits next to me” or something really adorably obnoxious like that. I don’t see him doing that to MGY.

    You mentioned the importance of watching body language and I completely agree. That’s why I found it very interesting that he was so relaxed and happy with her in the audience (when the camera wasn’t on them) but then when they got up on stage, he looked so uncomfortable. His arms were frozen to his side and he looked at her out of the corner of his eye several times but not straight on. Why such a big difference away vs. in front of the camera? I think he’s proven many times that he’s not camera shy so he shouldn’t be so self-conscious.

    Regarding the message to Soo Ae, I think that’s a completely different situation. That’s the equivalent of telling a guy to leave a message for someone he admires from a distance and has a crush on (ie Angelina Jolie or something) vs. how he would act at a party if he met a girl he’s interested in. One is a screen goddess he’s prob fantasized about for ages but knows isn’t real, while the other is a girl his age who is on his level.

    The other part I find odd and is different from his past behavior is his refusal to answer direct questions about his relationship with MGY. When asked about PSH, he has flat out said that she’s very cute but is like a little sister to him. Regarding a past rumor with Kim Yuna (olympic gold medalist skater) he even brought out his manager as his witness that he’s never even met her. But when asked about MGY, he says really cryptic things or flat out changes the subject. It might just be he’s trying to protect her from media gossip because he knows she likes to keep a low profile, but it’s different from his past behavior.

    Now I’m not saying that they’re in love or even dating (real me talking. Happy Bubble Me has them dating in my head), I just think that he treats her differently. At the very least, I think he has a crush on her even if he realizes that there’s nothing he can or will do about it. I think everyone should just think whatever makes them happy.

    Sorry about the long post.

    • I’m not talking about relationship but I think he has deep respect for MG because she’s such a fine and established actress with many accomplishment at such young age.

      His acting is very good but MG has received more accolades when compared to his other costars.

      Just my thoughts 🙂

      enjoy the weekend !

    • that’s right…
      u see, at the end of the award when all the winners are on stage to have the photo-shoot togather and JGS saw MGY talk to other guys, if u’r talking about body language, from what i’ve seen he didn’t like it, and his face suddenly stiffy, and he just want to get off the stage right away like he doesn’t want to see that happened, I mean, if he’s just friend for her, well at least he can join them in their confersation isn’t it?
      I believe they all have the same age right? so I’m sure there are no communication gap, but what happened is the-other-way-around… that is a question!!!

      • Yupppp i 2nd u on that…

        He can actually join the conversation.. haha but i know he didn’t like it. Jealous Mu Gyuk or JGS is hot…. I can feel it… omo

    • wow. ur like superhero LizzyD. coming from nowhere to save our geun geun love world.
      Yep, I second u on everything. the way he moved his chair toward her was rather intimate I thought. No excuse me or thanks kind of body lang, just moved as it should be. No words needed between them kind of. I actually thought that MGY not mentioning his name at her speech because she did not want world to know her feeling toward him. Instead, she made a very courageous statement about the drama production to support and praise her man. That was my thought. He seems protecting her whenever someone ask them about their real-life relationship. (and her reactions everytime are stiff, like what shoud I say kind of) He looks more mature and manly with MGY. Anyway, if they are not lovers, I believe they are the twins separated at birth with big family secret. That much unexplainable chemistry they have. So twins or lovers? take the one u like.
      Now if you’ll excuse me, Im going back to ep 16’s double hug. (hugging at the playground; one hug, then squeezed!)

      • Ewwww! What? No! I hate the quasi-sibling storyline in kdramas. It makes me feel icky! I don’t care if they were separated at age 10, they’re still adopted siblings! No to the birth secret, and yes to the destined lovers, please.

    • My dear cheery one
      Am very impressed with your analytical. Gee, all of you are experts with regards to Geun2. For that I respect thee…

      “”I think he treats MGY very differently from his other costars”” I 2nd that very much. have seen him fool around with noona Sung Yuri in HGD for a fact.. he was most cheeky!
      LD dear
      Maybe they would have discussed about their body language when in front of camera before award ceremony.. He’s being cautious and to a certain extent, protective and respectful of MGY.
      Once reporter asked him if he likes MGY, he avoided by changing the subject saying that MGY’s ideal guy is BRAD PITT!! Maybe, like you said I think all this cover-up may be for a purpose like he REALLY REALLY likes her but unable to show too much in public. Their movement is highly scrutinised by the public. You know what I mean…

      Again, dear LD, well said. I feeling better that perhaps there is still a chance of silver lining in the near future for them which we loyal fans will find out in due time. We will just have to be patient, dear. PATIENCE, me telling myself too!! we will all try, shall we?

  15. You guys or rather gals are soooooo cute with all that DETAILED analysis, EXCITING extrapolations and CREATIVE imaginations!

    Thanks ockoala for the lovely pictures and Violette for that amazing video:

    1) While Won Bin looked cool, lean and tall, he somehow made MGY look wide and short standing next to him. They seem to represent different styles. Compare that with JGS and MGY in the video, on stage facing the camera together and we can clearly see PERFECTION. Perfection simply could not be superseded.

    2) Love the 4th picture from the top with MGY on her own in black and white. She is so gorgeously playful and JGS could so fall in love with that look!

    3) Koreandramalover/kdl, your explanations about JGS’s body language are all very logical and objective. However, consider this:
    a) JGS’s emotional expressions while talking on camera to Soo Ae could be viewed in the context of something similar to a fan confessing his admiration for his idol. I believe Soo Ae (supposedly a veteran actress) is an ideal female role model that JGS puts on a pedestal rather than someone he would actually love to hold and keep warm by his side.
    b) as to fanning himself and using his hands to cover his cheeks in embarassment, both JGS and MGY have done exactly that, in tandem and in the presence of each other on several previous occassions such as during one game show a few years ago, the BTS of the first kiss scene in M3 and during the press conference of M3!
    c) looking at how they communicated in the video, MGY leaning towards JGS and JGS lowering his head to put his ears closer to her lips did examplify a warm and loving (or at the very least, affectionate) relationship. Platonic friendships don’t display such physical proximity.
    d) it is also true that JGS behaved quite differently in BTS with MGY in M3 compared to YAB. In YAB, he was the senior and he mostly chit chatted or played around with his costars. After the kiss scenes, he simply laughed and then went on to “what’s next?”. But after kissing MGY, both of them were embarassed and they covered their faces with their hands. He also wanted to drink with her. They drank for real during the filming of the 1/2 eps.
    e) finally, you are right. When a man REALLY IS INTO a woman, he would be a lot more guarded, tense, self-conscious, embarrassed, shy even…UNTIL THE WOMEN RECIPOCRATES HIS FEELINGS. In this case, JGS is fairly confident of his charms and the fact that MGY likes him (her body language certainly does not indicate that she is keeping distance.) He is also responding to her in a manly not just friendly manner.
    Therefore in conclusion, for those of you ROMANTICS out there, your creative junctures are not completely groundless and without justifications! JGS/MGY may or may not be an item now, but they certainly wouldn’t write each other off as possible candidates for LOVE.

    Valentine’s Day is coming up, go ask MGY to be your valentine, Geun Suk! And MGY just visualize Geun Suk with his wonderful smile standing at your door step!
    (On a side note because I so very much want to see them together again, a valentine’s day CF with the two of them would blow the world away in pink rose petals. Yay!!!!).

    • What a great analyst….yep you are right,JKS body language shows how a man thats so free spirit starting to fall in love or you can say for now trying to figure out am I in love with my good friend that I respect,cherrish,beautiful and gorgeous?thats why sometimes he looks shy,stiff and sneak a peak to our MGY because he’s trying to keep friends position but can’t help to watch her more.

      • LOL again, we’re all racking our brains out in making them a real couple. But I totally agree with your analysis.

      • Dear stayinguplate
        Your point 1) about being together and picturing PERFECTION. Ditto. agree…
        Point 3 a-e, all very well said and luv that you said
        “””but they certainly wouldn’t write each other off as possible candidates for LOVE”””

        Fingers crossed. cheers.. there is hope after all! Yippee Yay Yay!

    • This is one great vid and cleverly edited! At least JGS gets what he wanted when he suggested MG to change his sex orientation at the end of M3!

  16. staying up late – I agree with you agreeing with me. hahah

    P.S. if this hasn’t been posted:

    The older part was back when he had a crush on her and you can see him side-eying her the way he did on stage at the awards last month. I just think it’s really weird. As for the post on soompi that is suggesting that they’ve been dating all along. I disagree. I think something happened during filming of M3. If you watch the numerous BTS of the 2009 SBS awards show, their interaction is very different from the more recent BTS during the filming of M3, especially towards the end of the series. They barely register the other’s existence at the end of 2009. In contrast, you can see they’re very attuned to each other at 2010 awards show. Here’s a recent link for 2009:

    And yes, you can say filming brought them closer, but unless you’re interested in the other person, you aren’t quite so aware of them. It’s like how my boyfriend knows to order me hot tea at a restaurant though I didn’t ask, because he can tell by the way I’m sitting that I’m cold. Same thing.

    I love all you GeunGeun crazies. 😛

    • Dear cheery one
      well said about the closeness after the filming. I’d like to think that they ARE more than interested in each other.. yet it’s a Catch 22 situation, cuz on one end they like but on the other, they have to sort of “behave” in front of public eye. Sometimes, I emphatise with them that they can’t be themselves in public. This is the little price to pay for fame, I guess..

      Guess we all consider a hell of a lot for Geun2 and that we luv them heaps as always..

  17. yep lizzyd I do think he’s different with MGY,why he act all cute and playing with PSH?because he thinks her as sister and we had witness of lots bro-sister act like lover..
    when he explain his crush on sun ae,he can said it outlaud..see this type?compare when he’s with MGY.he suddently become silent,shy after a kiss scene,gentlement during kbs see the difference?idk bout others but for me thats a prove he got something beside friends feeling to MGY.yes we never knows whats in his/her her heart but future is unpredictable.but if lots people praying they end up together it will be happen..just like hyun bin and song gye hyo..many wants them together at that time and we,after sometimes which quite long,get the news they are a couple for real.

  18. Omo, I’m so busy right now but I have got to join in — well, in this crazy world of the Geuns (again)! Yeah, I didn’t realize how much I miss them until now. I’ve actually stored the M3 episodes in my external drive so it wouldn’t be as accessible as when the folder was here on my desktop. Now I have to retrieve them again to check episode 13 and watch what berry, et al were talking about. Oh my, I guess I’m really back to being M3-GeunGeun crazy (not to mention being KJW crazy too)…and I thought that I was slowly weaning myself from it by watching My Princess (although I’m still on the third ep). Really, being crazy has triggers, and this mv is certainly one of those ha ha! This is so. not. good. I have a lot of things to do now, but what the heck.

    By the way, Ockoala this is sooo darn cute! Thank you so much! I think I would have kissed EJ, if I met him/ her for making this mv! I’ve seen a lot of mash-ups but I think this is the best!

  19. Hi…its cute reading ur post here…at my age now I can’t believe I’m stalking this couple now…hehe

    Its true body language speaks volume even more than words do & I also believe one will perceive how one see..

    Abt JGS move his chair closer to MGY during KBS awards…of cos he wanted to turn his chair for a better vIew..however check out his buddy YAI who sat opposite him across the table..he too had to turn his chair facing the stage to get a better view & its no secret that he is close to his costar PMY who was sitting next to him…yet he didn’t pull his chair close to her..he simply turn his chair in his place..JGS cud do the same..there were a big gap.from one chair to another..and he didn’t actually turn his chair towards the stage but pull his chair next to MGY’s chair facing the same direction as MGY..I notice he did this after he has to leaned several times toward MGY everytime he wanted to speak to her…check out his expression & his eyes when he lean close to MGY..his eyes were roaming everywhere behind them as if to check if anyone saw or recorded what they were doing..I think he’s been in event like this long enuf to know sumone is watching them he pull his chair closer not only to get a better view but also it wudnt be obvious when he’s talking to MGY…

    If you notice too during SBS awards last year he was rather careful when the cam was on them..especially during bts and its no secret that he’s already a close friend to her…remember he has listed her as his close friend since 2006..he even refer to her informally off cam..but why was he seem so relax & off guarded during KBS? Becos now there’s no reason for him to be too careful since MGY now is his latest love interest in their latest drama ..even if ppl see them close & romantic its fine becos its what fans expected..and they can always excuse themselve for still being in character That’s why JGS was more relax & offguarded & behave naturally..but how can he be this naturally cosy & comfortable with MGY unless this is how he really is when with her…like sumone said a guy will be tense & nervous in front of a woman he loves until he’s full confident that she feels the same way…other word until the woman become HIS…now dun you think this is what it is? He’s so natural & confident with MGY becos she is not just a mere friend or just a crush to him? She’s more than that.. when she won the award, the 1st person MGY look at is JGS..and as if knowing how MGY feels..nervous surprise & happy, he pull her in his arm with a supportive pat as if saying…go get it girl..I’m so proud of you..

    As mssg for Soo Ae…I mean everyone wud fanning themselve if they have to give one sided declaration on public broadcast..from my POV, to JGS Soo Ae is a star and an actress he respected…he really likes her…but that does not mean he’s in love with her…I’m married with my husband…but it didn’t stop me drooling over JDG & WB..thank God JGS is too young for me to drool over…yeah even if this ajuhma is given a chance to confess her ‘love’ for JDG on tv, no doubt she”l fanning herself & sweeping her sweat as well…haha…my point is, he’s been a star for too long, do you all stil think he’s crazy enuf to declare his real love on public tv? For mr I’d be more suspicous on questions he’s not answering and topics he’s evading…so far mostly I see a topic related to MGY

    I also wonder why there’s very little JGS-MGY Bts when the staff & crews keep on saying how sweet they are on set…and that they stick together most of the time..

    • Lxand dear,you voice it out what I had in mind.yep I second that,why is that so little bts of them,are there many secret happening during filming that would make rumour become hotter than the drama itself like they are just more that act when they are together?as both want to keep a secret for their life so the crue help them to keep it down?idk..we will get the answer once they announce good news officially

      • I think that the reason why only few BTS has been released so far is because there are not much BTS for both Geuns – due to the fact that both are an established actor & actress, and the story of M3 depicts their real story (along the way) there aren’t much repetition. Both are doing it perfectly and at once..and it’s real. Eg, the first kiss scene..and there are no re-take for that scene. Just once and that’s it. MGY did tell the camera man (who holds the bts cam) that the scene need to be shoot once. So I guess, when they did it, they wanna make it perfect at once. Likewise the one at the alley. I doubt they did it more than once. So the pressure is on JGS/MG who need to do it perfect..and I guess the tears on MG’s cheek at that particular moment is tears of happiness+nervous..for he finally be able to kiss his special best friend whom he adore since at young age. Didn’t he sent the note to MGY to ask her be his girlfriend last So, after years of waiting..he need to do it perfect to give a lasting impression.

        Oh man..why am I becoming too crazy for this couple is beyond my apprehension. Oh gawd…

      • Oh zz…

        I want to see the alley NG or bts or anything soo badd… i swear

        I want to see their reaction. The fact that they were sooo shy in BTS after their 1st kiss, I doubt what actually happened when they did the passionate kiss… JGS is a good kisser! And I think JGS is the 2nd male lead that kissed her, no? Chun Jung Myun was the first one right. hahaha…

        Omo omo…

      • I guess so that’s what happen…ahhh if they give us BTS of that alley kiss I would be delightful…

      • That back alley kiss scene made ME tingle to the tips of my toes…and I’m an ahjumma with 4 kids!

      • Aw…. Regarding with the kiss, may i suggest MGY to kiss back hotter ha ha ha…I have noticed that only Yoon Eun Hye korean artist know how to kiss back her co-star. Anyone else maybe ???

      • I think they did the first and alley kisses more than once to be honest. It’s just that the BTS for the first kiss was short and only showed one take – I’m sure they did it again for those promotional stills for Episode 5.

        Maybe I watch the alley kiss way too many times but I’m sure there were some re-shoots. I can spot it from their different hand positions in those kissing frames.

        /rabid fan is rabid

      • Hai! Lxand
        Thanks very much for your wise opinion. I do too know where you are coming from re them understanding and seem being able to read each other’s mind.

      • Dearest Chingus,

        I do believe the alley kiss more than one shoot. U can see from their different hand positions. There must be hot n long kiss that cut for seconds. Should we visit KBS n muss up around there ?
        If we do, count me in chingus kekke….Why don’t they give the BTS n make us happy? they should be want to make money fr the BTS.

      • I think they have more bts than they are willing to share at the moment…the 1st kiss for instance…I dun believe they did it in one shot…they show the kiss from several angle which I belive they edited frow a few takes..even the bts takes were different than the finished scene in episode 5/6…if was just a simple peck yet the 2 were acting as if doing a kiss scene for the 1st time..and I can’t imagine how they reacted after the 2nd kiss…I dun think they’ll show the bts for the 2nd kiss cos I’m sure the director wanted to spare them their embarrassment..

        And I think MGY is a bit careful when she saw recording camera when they’re not filming..remember the date scene when JGS taught MGY to play guitar offcam? I think MGY didnt realized they were being recorded until much later becos once she notice the camera was still recording she looks surprises & uneasy, then slowly she got up & move away from JGS…

        May be we should wait a little longer…after they starts airing in Japan…cos sumtimes they only came up with the more juicy bts after airing the show in several countries…just like BOF…

        But also may be they try to cover up the staff & crew loves JGS & MGY too much that they wanted to protect the Holiday Couple…I mean out of 16 episodes, 75% of MG & MR airtime, & they had practically no ngs & bts? Huh! I wonder what happen when MG suggested to do away with the curtain…I bet they were laughing like crazy…and when the wash his hair..or when MR did the infamous body wave dance…gosh no ng? I bet the boys roll off the floor laughing at her antics…

  20. Hi…its cute reading ur post here…at my age now I can’t believe I’m stalking this couple now…hehe

    Its true body language speaks volume even more than words do & I also believe one will perceive how one see..

    Abt JGS move his chair closer to MGY during KBS awards…of cos he wanted to turn his chair for a better vIew..however check out his buddy YAI who sat opposite him across the table..he too had to turn his chair facing the stage to get a better view & its no secret that he is close to his costar PMY who was sitting next to him…yet he didn’t pull his chair close to her..he simply turn his chair in his place..JGS cud do the same..there were a big gap.from one chair to another..and he didn’t actually turn his chair towards the stage but pull his chair next to MGY’s chair facing the same direction as MGY..I notice he did this after he has to leaned several times toward MGY everytime he wanted to speak to her…check out his expression & his eyes when he lean close to MGY..his eyes were roaming everywhere behind them as if to check if anyone saw or recorded what they were doing..I think he’s been in event like this long enuf to know sumone is watching them he pull his chair closer not only to get a better view but also it wudnt be obvious when he’s talking to MGY…

    If you notice too during SBS awards last year he was rather careful when the cam was on them..especially during bts and its no secret that he’s already a close friend to her…remember he has listed her as his close friend since 2006..he even refer to her informally off cam..but why was he seem so relax & off guarded during KBS? Becos now there’s no reason for him to be too careful since MGY now is his latest love interest in their latest drama ..even if ppl see them close & romantic its fine becos its what fans expected..and they can always excuse themselve for still being in character That’s why JGS was more relax & offguarded & behave naturally..but how can he be this naturally cosy & comfortable with MGY unless this is how he really is when with her…like sumone said a guy will be tense & nervous in front of a girl he loves…but then again even a playful & childish guy will turn to be gentleman & manly in front of HIS Woman…and isn’t this how JGS is when with MGY..the ever playful & wild JGS always turn sober whenever MGY is aroud..

    Btw to me Soo Ae is just Soo Ae to JGS..a star he really perhaps major crush..but that’s just it..just a me loving JDG & WB…I mean he’s been in the industry for so long, do you think he’s crazy enuf to declare his real love for a woman on public tv?

  21. Thousand thank to Ockoala Dear for the fabulous playground, ur playground is no 1.
    I can’t find the other like urs. I love ur every single word, ur positive thinking, n keep feeding us with geungeun. I also love ur guys, u’re too precious, lov ur craziness, ur joke, ur argu, ur fancy. U’re all really entertaining … (give u big hug ahhh…)

    when i wake up n look at ur post wow… my eyes blink blink ha ha ha
    These’ re such a long long explaination but i also want to read them clearly.
    Regarding the chair, i agree with Kdl. n the left i agree with LizzyD, Staying Up Late ( I love u put them with a b c… really clear), Lxand, Erika. Ur observation really great ( give u huge applause … plok.. plok…ha ha ha).

    No matter what, At least our geungeun is special best friend now (affectionate relationship) . We’ll always keep support them . Well thank u all … have a good day.

  22. I agree with the geun geun as a “couple” analysis! i think there is more to it than just friendship. If they are not there yet, they will soon get there. JGS reaction/behavior towards MGY is typical of a guy who likes a girl or has a crush with the girl. There was attraction between them when they were young, and maybe that feeling lingered. They led separate lives, but both are aware of each other’s existence. MGY became successful in terms of acting awards, and JGS became successful in terms of popularity (hallyu). And then one day, JGS realizes that he wanted to get to know MGY a little better. So what did he do? He attended a stage play that she was acting on. He was busy flying all over the world for his fan meetings, and yet he took the time to see her. And before you know it, there was an offer for them to be together in a drama! Do you think that MGY’s name would just pop out of the producer/writer’s head for MMM? I think JGS made it known to them that he wanted to act opposite MGY. And MGY also took this project because this was a chance to work with him and to get to know him as well.

    Rewind, in his prior interviews, he listed MGY as a friend. But were they really? And in that TV show, where JGS chose Soo Ae, he mentioned a funny story about MGY liking Brad Pitt… Sometimes, when you like someone, just mentioning that person’s name is enough…and JGS behavior is that of someone who is falling in love. .. Oh well, maybe i am getting delusional ha ha, but that is just my observation. I am not a psychologist, I am basing this on mine and my friends personal experience.

    And don’t forget, he dressed up very nicely during the KBS award to compliment MGY! That is a first; Just like what javabeans or girlfriday said , they never thought that they would see the day that he dresses up so nicely!! I think that during MMM, the real friendship and “more than friendship” feelings between them escalated. You can see that there is love and respect between them. JGS was acting like a a husband who was so proud of his wife when MGY won the award, and MGY on her part, sort of reprimanded the producers/tv station for what obviously the cast of mmm went through . I think she did this because she felt for him ….

    Time will tell where this will lead…hopefully, it will have the ending that we all like!

    And Oakoala, I thank God that you really like the geungeuns. Otherwise, we won’t have these write ups about them… please don’t stop. …

    • Hi Tin,

      I like everything you said..Thank you, thank you! 🙂

      Thank you also to ockoala for AKP and for supporting our love for the Geun-Geun couple…Hey, I just notice the banner picture at the top is of our favorite couple! Thanks ockoala! You’re the best!! 🙂

    • dear Tin..that is an awesome words…I second every words of it…yep yep Geun2 rocks all the way…and yey our captain put Geun2 of MSOAN again…so happy

  23. I am truly tickled by the responses to my perspective on the Geun-Geun couple…

    as i had guessed, there are going to be many detractors (if not violent protests) to my perspective on them, and true enough, there you have them…haha…

    if only JGS and MGY could read the comments and analysis on their behaviour, such detailed and minute dissection and varied interpretations from so many sources (videos, interviews, BTS of Marry Me, Mary, etc) that would surely make the 2 Geuns tickled pink too…

    i have to say i am amazed at the interest that so many fans of JGS and MGY have for them to be a REAL couple…

    but the way i see it, whether or not JGS or MGY finds true love with each other or with others, what is paramount is that they are truly happy…the ultimate wish we would have for those who we love…not for them to listen to our raving abt how perfect they appear to us as a couple, but for both of them to be free and unencumbered by popular opinion to look deep into each other’s hearts and find the one who deserves to reside in it for the rest of their lives…and be truly happy… (”,)

    • I beg to differ, but my happiness is more important to me than theirs and currently my happiness hinges on them living happily ever after together. Is that enough happiness in one sentence? hahahha Fortunately I don’t think any of us (hopefully) are actually serious about this entire dialogue. As much as I joke about planning their wedding and naming their children, I’m just very happy that I had a chance to watch such a lovely couple with such incredibly real chemistry on my TV for the past few months. What they do in real life doesn’t really concern me so long as I continue to have happy little romantic comedies to entertain me in the evenings.

      I think JKS would be greatly amused to see our comments but MGY would probably run and hide. Did you see her expression when JKS said his usual, “I belong to everyone…” followed by, “And MGY belongs to everyone to…” Miss Moon: “No! I belong to myself!” hahahah

      Lastly, I would just like to mention that I have a very good track record for predicting which of my friends will marry their boyfriends and also which stars are actually dating. I’m not bragging or anything… ok, yes I am. 🙂 So since I’m at least suspicious of this little GeunGeun couple, you should all take my word for it. Otherwise, I’m just going to write increasingly longer essays arguing my point until you finally give in and agree to it, if only to shut me up.
      Yes, that was a threat. 😛

      • Oh lizzyD chingu.I 2nd ur threat.I had list of artist that I wish they got together as real couple and turn out later it is.cecilia cheung-nicholas tse with lots ups and down and almost married to other people.Barbie tsu-vic chou although they currently separate and barbie being rumoured going to get married but I still have hope they are going to be together again.hyun bin-song gye hyo which still and hope will always do.and now I aim for geun2,it may be took time and long way to that but will be waiting.

  24. After reading all the posts and my own hopes, I decided that I should Google them and compare their resumes. You know what? If JKS doesn’t love her or have any future plans for her it is his loss because MGY is so out of his league.
    This young lady is so impressive in her humanitarian ways, her acting and her education. She was invited to Cannes Film Festival at a young age.
    I totally agree that there was nothing going on in 2009 between these two after having watched the making of SBS awards. What I now see is that JKS knew that he was not working with a small time actress but being the same age they probably did become chums of sorts and maybe more but definitely I see total respect for MGY coming from him.
    It is also true that every time he gets the “scandal question” (what I call personal none of your business type questions from a reporter) he will deflect with an entirely different answer to a question that was not asked. This confuses the reporter enough to break that train of thought. I saw that quite a few times in everything you folks pointed out.
    I believe the boy/man (prince to his eels) knows his place as it were and this lady (MGY) is no Park Shin Hye or Go Ara.
    I hope she doesn’t get her heart broken by anyone cause she deserves the best.

    • Oh rory’s room..thats speak my mind so well.MGY is precious.if JKS let go his change to tame MGY then its his lots.PSH and other can’t be compare at all with her.sorry to their fans but I only speak the truth.

    • Dear Rory’s mom
      Well said….
      Saw George Clooney on tv today talking about his charitable acts and guess what, MGY just flashed across my mind. Same here, it is not just acting that I like about her or her pretty face, she has much more substance than that…

  25. Rory’s mom – I’ve always liked MGY, but totally started girl-crushing on her after M3. She’s flawless and her charity work is incredible. I wouldn’t be surprised if JGS puts her on a high pedestal. From what we saw from the KBS Awards, he can really clean up to complement her so if he really respects and has the Mugyul hots for her, then I’m sure he’d be the perfect gentleman for her. I suppose that’s why he treats her differently, although still playful (Entertainment Relay BTS), compared to his other co-stars. No doubt, JGS is full of charms and MGY seems to always laugh and crack up whenever he says something funny/lame, haha.

    LizzyD – OMG please do write a thesis about the Holy Geuns! As you know, they are my prozac of choice, so being intoxicated in the thought of them riding off into the sunset on a white horse is what I need to de-stress myself from non-GeunGeun life. This is fun for fun’s sake ^^

    I, for one, don’t think they were that close prior to the filming of M3. Someone please enlighten me about this list of good friends JGS made in 2006? I don’t know how accurate the translation of an article regarding M3 I read, but didn’t JGS say that when they were about to film M3, he was very nervous and thought hard about what he should say to her before they met? And that they were initially reserved with each other, until they loosened up over a couple of soju and they both blurted out that they had always wanted to work with each other? I thought that was super cute.

    Also in some other articles (again, not sure about the accuracy of the translation), JGS said that MGY is his “bestfriend that [he] really likes” and MGY said that JGS is “wonderful and passionate […] and no one can’t like him” or something to that effect.

    In any case, they sure do have good feelings towards each other, and both virtually have everything at a young age except love lives! So get to it and court each other, GeunGeuns!

    • Hachimitsu- You came to church finally! hahaha That was supposed to be a threat! Clearly I was not intimidating enough as you are now encouraging me to follow-up on my threat! If you combine everything I’ve written on M3 and Holiday Couple, it is most likely longer than the actual thesis I wrote for school.

      I agree with you on several points. I think his sleek look as well as how well he behaved on awards night was all due to MGY. The boy is whipped. 😛 And deservedly because she’s clearly good for him. Like you, I’m also not convinced that they were buddies like the reporters claim. I don’t remember running across pics of them together in the past, except for job related gigs.

      @ Rory’s Mom, I slightly resent you saying she’s out of our boy’s league. 😛 He’s done quite a bit for someone his age, especially without the backing of a large management company. Some of his choices have been a little iffy, but I think he just wants to explore the artistic side of himself, rather than just go for the easy choices. However, you’re right in that there’s a line outside Miss Moon’s door. I like to think he’s got a key to the back door, or better yet, he’s already inside. *wink wink*

      • Believe me – if only the degree I’m doing now is GeunGeun BA instead, then I’d be getting a first class with flying colours. And you’d be my lecturer of choice, haha!

        You should totally copy and paste all your thoughts and inferences about the couple in one big epic post so that us (not-so) delusional fans can combust with glee.

  26. Jang Keun Suk is an extremely good actor who scared me in Itaewon Homicide. An extremely good singer. I can’t listen to I Will Promise You without crying so I haven’t heard it since December. A great entertainer who can sell out an entire stadium all by his lonesome. But trying to be his fan was too much work since only a select few get his messages. Japanese eels get treated while the other eels don’t, I mean seriously, I just want to hear what he has to say from his own writings not from his eels who now protect his every word so no info for me.
    If he wasn’t great, I would not be here writing about him.
    BTW, thanks KDL for waking me up.

    • Yep JKS a great actor but what your true meaning is not underestimate him,its just that if he let the chance slip away to get MGY,he surely will lost a great lady….its clear that we all love both of them and even love them even more as couple.

      • Erika Dear…
        i totally with u. Yes, of course JGS will have “BIG LOST ” a great lady if he let the change away. None compare her, she’s perfect.
        She’s kindheart, respectful, talented, beauty, low profile, also can knit , have agreat chemistry with him, etc. Btw, it’s a threat to JGS ha ha ha…may someone send him a message ha ha ha…

      • yep…someone who’s in eels maybe can write it to him so that he can reconsider it again and hurry make MGY his..hehehehe and we can have the weddings…

    • thank you rory’s mom for your thanks but i did not mean to make anyone feel that it is wrong to root for JGS and MGY to be a couple…

      i was just giving my perspective on them because they are still in my radar after M3 has ended…i love both of them as they are such dedicated, committed and hardworking actors..

      but it was just that – my perspective…nothing scientific, nor do i claim to have any special powers to sense what is really going on/happening or have the ability to foresee what the future holds…so i am really amused that my perspective has garnered so much responses (mostly disagreeing with my perspective)…

      so much love for the Geun-Geun couple, that i get the message loud and clear – if i don’t believe that everything points to something real going on between the Geun-Geun couple, then be prepared to get my head bitten off…hehe…

      so funny, because when we think abt it, its other people’s lives we are talking abt here…so who really knows what is going on in their hearts except the very people themselves? (”,)

      anyway, i respect everyone’s opinion because everyone is entitled to their own opinion…

      i agree that MGY is a generous and kind-hearted individual and deserves to find true love with a man who can make her truly happy…

      i do not know much abt what JGS does so i can’t say much abt his character except that from the YouTube videos that i have watched that recorded his dancing and singing during his Asia Tour, he came across as rather wild to me…but then to some people he may appear to be kind of tame…once again, different perspective from different people abt the same thing…
      but i believe that he also deserves to find true love and be truly happy with the one he is meant to be with…whoever it is…i will root for her, whoever it is…

      • Yup, it’s their life. How they want to maneuver their life, with whom they wanted to grow old with, when they want’s all entirely up to them. What we can do is to support them by giving good critics, understand their shortcomings, love them despite how bad their dramas/movies turn out..coz in the end, they are doing all these to entertain us.

        But this doesn’t stop me from following the Geuns. Looking at the vids created by creative fans give me a somewhat nice feeling inside that I can’t get it from other actors/actress. Thumbs up to Geuns for their great chemistry and for the creative fans out there as well as those who commented in this AKP, not forgetting the analytical skills possessed by most of us..with respect to the differences in views and perspectives..THANK YOU.

        We love the Geuns and may the Geuns finds their love too.

      • you are absolutely right, zz…
        i second every single word you said… (”,)

        thank you for giving your kind response (”,)

  27. Go to JGS’s profile…he has always listed MGY as his close celebrity friend since 2006 alongside Stefanie, MCMong & YAI…

    As for SBS rehersal clips, I won’t take the total 4 bts clips recorded time of less than 15 minutes added together as a gauge of their closeness when the actual rehearsal time was a whole day or at least 5 to 6 hours…so what we saw was only a few 2nd interaction between JGS & MGY where they fully aware the cam was following him..we didn’t see what happen in between the time when there’s no camera on them..even so in those short clips there were 2 times when I heard JGS refer to MGY without a ssi at the end of her name..when he mumbled LHK he’s going to co mc with MGY, LHK repeated her name as MGYssi..and while refering to MGY herself, he just said, GY, yet the other lady mc asked again,GYssi? This alone implied he was already close to her to refer to her informally when both LHK & their other co mc still refer to her formally…

    However in their circumstances, where as far as the public is concern, they had only met briefly twice prior to the SBS award..if they display they closeness openly back then imagine what kind of speculation wud come & I dun think Suk-Hye die hard fans wud take lightly abt it..unlike now on M3 set..they can openly display their closeness & affection since now they’re official screen couple..they’re already too close even during presscon..even then many ppl bashing MGY becos they can’t stand to see GeunGeun closeness & their natural chemistry…and I notice too JGS behave more sober & gentleman whenever MGY is around even back then…unlike when he with other actresses flirting around in a goofy way..very playful & talking non-stop…

    So weather they’re dating or not no one will know for sure..but there’s no doubt they’re already close even during SBS awards…and my bet they’ve been meeting each other in private…

    Sumthing to ponder…in an interview in sept 2009, JGS was asked why he stop clubbbing since he loves it? Instead of giving a reason why, he just said he just stop clubbing & settle for a private place instead with friends to drink & party..he said prefer this way becos the loud music made it hard to talk…now he loves clubbing, surely that includes loud music…yet he quit clubbing since 2008/09…and what a coincidence in a different interview MGY said she went clubbing once and never ask to go again…it was to noisy for her taste..yet JGS knew MGY’s loves to drink..dun you think its sumhow connected to eah other?

  28. Hi again…

    since there’s mention of JGS choosing Soo Ae in the Champagne World Cup variety show, do you notice that his ideal changes almost every year…or shud I say everytime he was ask in a different occassion…

    However, watching the show again I feel sumthing was first I tot all the ladies listed in the WC game have work at least once with JGS but then I realized there were some whom he has never met before…and I feel odd that MGY’s name wasnt in the list too..Why? I mean, MGY’s name has often pop up in many of JGS’s interview in the past years, so why wasnt her name in the list too? And if this show was recorded in 2010, then didnt MGY too has work with him hosting the SBS award? Shudn her name be up competing against the other lady presenter? If you notice even before they started the game the host still find a chance to ask him abt MGY yet they didnt include her in the WC game..WHY?

    My bet is, JGS has made a request not to include her in the game before agreeing to appear in the show….Just imagine, if JGS & MGY have a deeper relationship than just friend, JGS wud have been in a real tight spot…he cant simply eliminate her yet he cant choose her….and what if her name comes up against PSH? If he choose MGY, I’m sure his Sukhye fans wont be happy especially at the time PSH was his current screen partner (even now some of them are bashing MGY like crazy), if choose PSH, what gf wud be happy her bf choose another girl whom ppl think an ideal partner to her bf…

    And check out too…he did again this time when the host ask abt MGY…he explain abt it yet swiftly & quickly move into another topic without giving a space for any of the host to ask more question abt MGY…I mean they were talking abt how he end up making headlines for confessing his love to MGY & after briefly explain it while making jokes abt how Brad Pitt being MGY ideal he swiftly chg the topic, comparing his fanmeeting to LMH fanmeeting…huh? Anyway I’m sure he’s okay with MGY’s ideal man since not only he’s twice her age, he is also Angelina Jolie’s man…hehe..I wonder how JGS wud take it if MGY ideal is WB or LMH or somebody who’s closer to home…

    And another thing, when he eliminate PSH, the host jokingly asked why he’s not accomodating what his mother’s want…and he simply answer, ‘his mother was looking from a marriage prospective, while he’s looking for a gf/sumone to date’ …huh??? To me its just another way of saying politely, that “PSH has all the good qualities but I’m not interested in dating her” …I mean look around us…in this era how many men actually ended up marrying their gf? ALMOST EVERYONE rite? I mean with the exception of rare cases like Prince Charles & Lady Diana of cos…SO the normal way these days wud be, a guy & a girl attracted to each other, start dating, becomes a gf/bf…their feeling grow stronger they’ll get married…

    I also heard once he said in a fanmeeting that to him MGY is a gf type while PSH a wifely type…And the recent trend with Korean celebrity couples => Secretly dating, baby on the way, marry the gf….hehe…even JDG & KSY did it this way…haha

    • Ooo lxndra dear.thats a fun analyst,oh my I love it.yep yep I hope it will happen like to JDG couple.we never got the news then bamn!they announce it that they getting married,had secretly dating for several years and soon cute babies coming through!oh my JGS,MGY did you guys really do this?I don’t mind to wait as long as you too held the weds and sent me the invitation.

    • Lxandra dear
      Am in awe with your analytical flair… Am quite convinced that JGS would quickly change subject as a decoy whenever the interviewer mention MGY, I noticed.
      I can only think of one reason: Perhaps the charming cutie boy did it out of respect for MGY and also, if you like someone enough to protect the person in public eye by saying all other topics but her to protect her from further bashing. All these can be sensitive to the fans. What a smart boy he is!! He knows how to twist the interviewer round his little finger for the sake of his luv??!!… Maybe, guess we will never know UNTIL one fine day when MGY announces to the world that she is with child[partner-in-crime, why, of course, none other than JGS]… ha ha ha… Then, all of us would be congratulating them, won’t we??

      I do too want to believe that they had some drinks before.. Thanks for bringing up all the possibilities… that could have been OR may HAVE already happened!!…
      Anymore possibilities, please do keep them coming as all of us fans would love to hear from anyone about our Geun2.
      Kamsahamida in advance.. cheers..

    • Lxandra Dear, Erika Dear

      Ha ha ha I do think so, it must be trend dating secretly, baby on the way than marry. Kwon Sang-woo also do that, married on Sep, 2008 n his wife gave birth on feb, 2009 ha ha ha…

      • And guess who top them all so far? The hot guy from Chuno…Jang Hyuk…the bomb…his 3 months old son actually witness daddy JH marrying his mommy! Seems that JH has been secretly dating for over 6 years, only revealed his relationship when his gf was 7 months pregnant & marry her when their son was 3 months old…but I hope if they truly have a relationship, our Geun2 will still follow the conventional way…dating, marry, baby…haha

      • Violette dear,lxandra dear yep.we do want them to get married at the end but I want JKS well behave not getting MGY pregnant,I want him have a proper dating although I don’t mind they keep it a secret,get proper proposal,a romantic one because MGY deserved it,then a beautiful weds then one year later we can see cute babies.each year they have babies.3 is enough.2boys 1girl.after all JKS is a cat that can’t take his hand of MGY

  29. Ixandra, you IMPRESS me. Thank you for all the clever insights and information details that may not have been readily visible from the media reports/broadcasts alone. You totally convinced me that JGS and MGY do have a relationship that runs deeper and longer than what the eyes can see! Way to go, keep it up JGS and MGY, love to see you two together and happy forever!!!!

  30. Just another tot….
    During M3 presscon didnt MGY said her decision to participate in M3 largely becos of JGS…of cos she likes the script too, bla bla bla…but the point is her decision mainly becos JGS was going to be her leading man…now I wonder how was it that JGS ‘play’ the major role of persuading MGY to accept the role..cos I also heard MGY said that CS wud be the last drama she’s gonna do in 2010 since she has comitted to the stage play & going back to school right after…I mean what was it abt JGS that made she change her mind? Actually I was thinking how was it that JGS convince her to accept the role…call her everyday perhaps, pressure her a bit, sweet talk her into it, threaten her perhaps…haha..kidding..and I even wonder if he had anything to do with delaying the filming just to accomodate with MGY’s schedule…

    And upon hearing MGY’s confirmation he scream with joy, rite? He said so himself during the what exactly abt MGY that actually made him hard to surpress his happiness? He never actually said she’s his ideal girl, remember…he never claimed to be her fan…and many ppl after watching sbs 2009 rehearsal clip assume they werent even close, rite?So why was he so happy?

    Again my bet is he is already close to MGY more than they want ppl to believe…and both being offered in this kind of a romantic drama is hard to come especially with their irregular schedule…And I believe he was so happy becos for the 1st time they can be their true self in public…they can do as any other couples wud do…no need to be careful…no reason to be cautious…he can be like any other bf wud be to his gf in public..there’s no need to sneak around wearing hoodies, caps, glasses & thick more dating in cars & private places for a time being…just look at them during the presscon…he was too familiar already with MGY..he wasnt even half this way with PSH who he openly told the media he knew her when they did cf together before YB…even the media commented its hard to believe they never work together before, seeing how close & friendly they were…Ahaaa..sure they never work together before but that didnt mean they never hang out with each other before…their closeness & confidence in each other plus their action in syn with one another isnt sumthing 2 ppl can just gain in a short period of time but tru a long period of friendship & understanding….and of cos no need to say how they were on M3 set..and dun let me start on how they were on that 1st kiss bts…I wudnt even call it a was just a simple peck but the way these 2 reacted made them look like 2 rookie actors doing their first screen kiss…seeing it no one wud believe JGS had done kissing scene before he even turn 20 with a long list Korean beauties while MGY although JGS is the 2nd man she kiss on tv, she has been kissing her stage play co actor ‘live’ for at least a month if not more!!! So why were they so affected by that simple kiss? Unless like actress Kim Nam Joo said, ‘it’s harder & embarrasing to kiss her actor husband in front of a camera than any other actor’…becos it seems when kissing a real life partner they have problem drawing a line between acting & kissing for real, which was embarrasing for them…I’ve seen MGY bts kiss scene in CS & she was very cool abt it while JGS in YB, immediately after the cut, he actually said next? And move on to the next scene as if he was just doing any other scene!!! And he actually suggest ways to improve a kiss scene with SYR to make it look more real…this JGS? The same one who actually took time to compose himself after M3 peck, then blush & covered his face? Who was chcukling giddily before they started & need to do some arm excercise to calm himself? The same..haha

    Of cos their closeness & sweetness didnt end as M3…not that I’m complaining…attending the KBS award as recipient I saw them more like JGS & MGY attended as each other’s date…JGS is more like a bf than a co star to mgy…he’s very attentive & supportive, whispering & making her laugh…a bit of possesive, never leave her side for long…while for her, she often look to JGS for support & courage..sure he try to be cool & careful at first eventually gave up & move closer to her…hmmm…what more can I say…

    oopss…sorry for another long post…

    • Oh lxandra dear,I love every single word you well you observed and I think that other Jks-co star shipper should read this.
      what I love in on the bts kissing part.yep how come they be that shy after a peck of kiss?that only happen when they start to have special feelings that they affraid it will be showed more that the script want to.JKS really treating MGY differently and so does MGY and JKS sometimes blurt it out due he can’t hold it much more but still be cautious with his words&acts

  31. Thought provoking, Ixandra. Love your detailed I love both Geuns, please continue whatever that may be that concerns both our lovely Geuns. I read every comments of yours again and again..just to make myself better, alongside of listening to the M3 songs on repetition mode.

  32. Ixandra, everything you wrote brings back all the sweet and tender moments between the GeunGeuns. As mentioned earlier, you totally convinced me and I am happy to believe that they are a couple in love. GeunGeuns do appear to be on a date for the awards (they dressed to match so perfectly!) and JGS did behave like a bf and MGY his girl. I guess what’s left now is for MGY to admit that she belongs to JGS!!!:)

  33. Ixandra, ur comment is not long at all! U don’t know how happy I am reading ur post. Yes, Yes! Now I’m positive that they are an item. To those who are uncomfortable about us pushing this subject too far, don’t worry, this will not make JKS or MGY upset or rethink their whatevership. They are smart and mature enough to enjoy or ignore this hype saying ‘WTF r these ppl talking about?’ or ‘oops, they caught us!’ Just let us make ourselves happy hovering over this OIMYC (once in a million yrs chemistry) little longer, plzzzzz? Of course nobody knows one’s true feeling or thought. That’s why we’re casting a spell on them! haha. BTW, I too have a little tip to share, in case you guys haven’t heard of. At JKS FM in Japan (last Nov. or Dec.) he was asked ‘Which girl is more your type, PSH or MGY?’ He answered ‘to marry, maybe PSH. to date, MGY’ ‘But I might not get married, just dating whole my life or no date and jump to the marriage. Who knows?’ What a clever boy! He also was asked ‘Do u have any girl in ur heart now?’ His ‘Yes I do’ stuns audiences into silence. And he goes….‘Its Mae-Ri’

  34. Hehe…glad you like it…me too miss the show so much…ppl can say what ever…a show can win international acclaimed multi awards for all I care, but if I dun like the show, I simply dun…and likewise if I enjoy a show even if the rating barely reach 1%, I still love it…And I love MSOAN…i dun get it why ppl so petty abt logic in the show..try watching the super high rating Iris or even BOF…was there any logic in the show? In Iris, LBH get shot & bomb so many times yet he didnt die until he was shot long distance via a moving car…of cos all the villain died in one shot…he even walked on a wall…and BOF…even Prince Willian didnt ride a helicopter to school…but i luve the drama just the same..

    Jesse…its cute that JGS suddenly declare he didnt want to get married, only wanting to date all his life or he simply just get married…wasnt that what MGY said too that she didnt want to get married becos a family could hinder what she wants to do…yet if she wants to get married she’ll married in her mid 20’s while she’s looking her best…haha…and in Closer presscom she didn sdmitted loving someone but she never talk abt it…and in an interview in January 2010, she said she wanted to be sexy to find a bf…hmmm…so other words both dun want to get married yet they dun oppose to dating, rite? I mean at their age who wud want to think abt marriage yet…its better enjoying life as couple first before the time is rite, both are ready, emotionally & financially for a serious commitment & having their own family…In fact wasnt this how the ends MSOAN? MG & MR are very much in love while they still persue their dreams & didnt get married yet…And I believe this part was written by JGS which I believe is what JGS & MGY concept…

    And yeah..he actually stunt everyone when he said he has someone in his heart, didnt he? It just like he made the most of his coperation with MGY to shout out loud his love for her openly… least that what I like to think…I dun think he ever did this before with his other costars rite? Sure he said he was too absorb in HJN he fell in love with HJW especially he was vulnerable since he just broke up…but we know its more of a kid fancying a star….that’s why he can speak casually abt it..and there’s no secret he find SYR very beautiful & so are 90% of Korean men…but to pull a stunt that current there’s sumone in his heart…wow…and its maeri…sure its MR but who is MR? MGY rite? No other person has been MR before…of cos he added may be next time acting with other actress he will fall for them too…yeah, rite!!! Whatever…we understand….afterall MG & MR character were the closest to their real life characteristic that they ever play…EH, the assasin, dunno what his name in BV & HTK is so far from his bubbly yet bold character…while ES, EJ is nowhere close to MGY shy, cute & determine character…

    • Ah… I needed some time to figure out what’s all this SYR or HJW or XYZ in ur post. K, I admit. I am acting like JKS’s first crushed elementary school teacher or his mom’s friend of friend of friend but actually am a very new fan of him. Top of that, I am the one who early retired on YB at ep 2 or so mainly because of PSH’s Hyom-ninm overacting and partly thick makeup on JKS. I later went back on YB and found moderate attraction on JKS. Then I heard JKS and MGY will star on M3, something clicked. I had watched a few movies of MGY and liked her but she too was not that familiar to me. Yet this M3 coupling news strangely excited me. So watched ep 1 and at the Harry Potter scene, MG trying to see her scar ‘let me see….’ ‘nooo….’ THOSE LINES just hit me. WHAT WAS THAT I JUST SAW!? And of cause followed by the forehead kiss, their mega chemistry trapped me since then. U r so right Ixandra, MM characters are like his/her another self, make us feel no other actors could ever fit that two roles. And about ppl saying no reality in M3, hah??? Excuse me??? What about that no one can possibly make a mistake on Go Mi Nam’s gender? Wht im tryng to say is that when JKS & MGY together, there is a full throttle mega power to attract ppl like magnets and that is a miracle. I hated both writers for put them through such a hardship but I’ll give first writer some credits for not interrupting their chemistry. I actually think the first writer was too the victim of their mega chemi, forgot to write any sensible plot other than MG & MR’s togetherness. So good or bad, M3 will be my #1 drama. I’ll defiantly buy dvd with huge hope on some lovey-dovey NG scenes!

  35. I love you all.. You are precious fans our geuns!! btw MGY wrote on her blog ‘if we have the same dream in mind.. then eventually the dream will come’ and she changed her CY BGM to JGS OST BEETHOVEN VIRUS.. Oh god I love them so much..

  36. Sqeeeeeel!!!! Did he really say that there is someone in his heart now and that someone is Mae Ri????!!!! Wow, that’s a first and JGS has done so many firsts with regards to MGY. MGY changed her music to JGS OST Beethoven Virus?! They are soooo sweet and perfectly in sync with each other. Wonderfully Happy that our Geun Suk has MGY residing in his heart to keep him whole, warm and fulfilled and MGY having him in her mind all the time too!

  37. They reveiled it one by one, aren’t they?
    Haha… Busteeed…
    Keeeeeeep it coming gals…
    Love them… Love u all gals… Love this blog too… =)

  38. Seems like after KHJ rtn from his secret trip to Japan, MGY chg her cy BGM to Beethoven Virus ost…hmm, I wonder was it the one that JGS sang…

    Anyway she wrote a mssg “If we have the same dream in mind, then eventually, the dream will come true. Hopefully, more and more people with same dream.”-MGY…

    Then followed by “For the story in reality ….. how shall we know?”

    And what a coincidence JGS too leave a mssg which says “Love Begins”….

    Doesn’t it look as if they’re conversing with each other? Its like they’re aware of their feeling for each other before…like they’re hoping to be together as lovers but may be becos of work, study & insecurity held them back…now being together closely made them realised they want more than just being good friends…and she hopes their fans wish for the same thing…them being together…yet MGY still has a bit of uncertainty but JGS is full of confidence… as if saying “Sorry, no turning back” haha…that’s what I like to think…

    But again it cud be that even though fans supported their love story as MG & MR, MGY worries abt how they’ll accept their real life love story…how wud they know if fans can accept them as couple in real life….

    Anyway…MGY was last noted in Korea on the 17th…then on the 19th out of the blue JGS posted a picture saying he’s in Japan…seems he went there secretly to film an mv…why wud he do so? He’s been there many times, surely he knew the airport security there is stricter than most part of Asia….so why went there secretly? its just not like him…he loves meeting his eels and I also notice most pictures from Japan were posted by JGS himself not from fans & no fans account…he too didnt reveal which part of Japan he went to…in the meantime there’s no recent news of MGY until a couple of days or so AFTER JGS return home…now I wonder, has they started the Korean Celebrity Couples dating trend? i.e dating out of the country? I mean JDG & KSY finally admitted doing so for at least 2 years…KSW did the same too…in fact he was caught with STY in Australia…Se7en & PHB in LA…Eric & PSY in US…SS501 KHJ & YS were caught dating 2 girls in HK tho they still hide the girls identity….and usually they go to Japan becos its close to home, many daily/hourly flights available, and most fans in Japan respected their privacy & more understanding/open of their private life…I mean Takuya Kimura is married with kids uet he is still no 1 actor in Japan..and Takeshi Kaneshiro has a live in gf but his fans are ok with it…

    Ohh…pls dun mind me…just thinking aloud as usual…..

    • I don’t mind they have secret date outside korea…beside they deserved a private&peace wont be a romantic date if there’s lots camera following them..

  39. Jesse…sorry for the abbreviation..HJW = Ha Ji Won JGS partner from drama Hwang Jini(HJN), SYR = Sung Yuri from Hong Gil Dong..both actresses were born in 1979 which made them abt 8 years his senior and both are very beautiful in their own ways…

    I too just started to dig more abt JGS recently tho I first know & like him from his HJN days..and I know MGY since her autum in my heart days which was abt 10 years her a lot..she never fails to bring to life all her characters but started to become her fans since MSOAN..the same with JGS too

    Though I know these 2 are to be the main leads in MSOAN I wasn’t that keen to watch..I wasn’t that crazy abt the title but I check it out becos as I say MGY shows never fail to entertain me..I like JGSs too but never get around to watch YB becos I just can’t stand PSH..and her being the leading girl doesn’t help..I like the storyline..its cute & fun to watch but her comedic exageration was a bit too much for me…so I mostly skip her part & just watch bits here & there…for JGS sake I’m trying to watch it again but seems hard to find full sub episode online..

    Anyway like you too I was surprise abt the Harry Porter forehead kiss..their chemistry sizzles even as strangers in ep 1..not to mention ep 1 alone as strangers they have hug, holding hands, forehead kiss, her massging his hips while he position himself so that she can get a clear view of his butt…which I bet this was among the geun2 adlibs ppl were talking abt..cos everytime I watch the scene I feels thi was the naughty JGS teasing MGY by playfully seducing her with his sexy butt..haha..I dunno its just not MG character..

    Actually I also believe in ep 14 when MR was massaging MG shoulder, I think scripted part was up to here, the ‘blowing’ part was again JGS own adlib while MGY play along…cos its totally out of MG’s character..tho he teased MR from time to time, MG was never playful or pervert..its more like JGS playful style to tease MGY..remember their picture at the presscon where he tease MGY saying she looks like she wants to kiss him? This kind. Of naughty jokes when he’s with MGY…

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