Cover Art Revealed for Jang Geun Seok’s Upcoming Album Let Me Cry

Get ready world, singer Jang Geun Seok is about to make his grand debut on the Japanese stage. I don’t know how he does it time and again, but Jang Geun Seok has this way of turning various elements that normally wouldn’t go together, and making it work.

For the cover art of his new album Let Me Cry (which is also the name of the first single), Jang Geun Seok mixes the perfectly tailored suit, with the guyliner, plus the swept back long hair, replete with his fiercest expression. I hope the song is as good as he looks on the cover art.

Judging by the title, I’m guessing that this first single will be a ballad. I hope he cries a lot in the MV, because afterwards he’ll need some comforting by going out for a drink, and I know which lovely lady he owes a drink date with. The album drops on March 23, 2011.

I’ve gotten so used to seeing the mix-matched indie rocker look on Jang Geun Seok, I almost (but not quite) forgot how he looks drop-dead beautiful in an all black tailored suit. Rawr.


Cover Art Revealed for Jang Geun Seok’s Upcoming Album Let Me Cry — 84 Comments

  1. let me cry?!…yes…i’m crying look at the pics…love them….though i do wish he’d change his hair a’s been that way for almost a year now

  2. ~thud~

    I keep passing out from the hawt these days…I should get that checked out. ^_~

    I love it when he sings ballads. My favorite tracks off of M3 OST were I Will Promise You and My Precious. His voice is just so husky and seductive, but the louder songs like Take Care, My Bus cover that up.

    • haha!!! Estel, you really crack me up!! hope you didn’t hit your head after swooning over JGS’s hotness!! LOL!!

  3. He looks really hot in a tailored black suit but jeebus. I don’t mean to point this out but have to…. The last photo… The crotch! Too tight! Couldn’t they have I dunoo photo shopped out the bump… If you get my jist..

    • I noticed it immediately when I first read post on my phone, not quite as noticeable on my laptop. However, on second inspection ( I *am* a dirty ahjumma after all) I noticed just um, how detailed it is. o.O

      But my fave part of picture is that he seems to be flippin’ us off. 😛

      • hey bunny and M3, yeah detailed indeed.. and uhhh. i think i’m agreeing with M3’s remark. i think this photo has just made many Fan girls drop dead from screaming…. and… is it me or did JGS just look a lot hotter? HAHAHAHH

      • LOL…I thought I was the one who notices the tight pants & flippn gesture…but hey,his beautiful face(maybe easy does it on the guyliner.. a little bit??)still wins 😉

  4. RAWR indeed! *___*

    Love the pics, but gah, those fonts! I don’t like them. Trust me to nitpick on something as inconsequential as fonts when there’s JGS to look at and drool over. Tsk!

  5. Aw! He’s one hot guy. I can’t wait for my copy of his album to arrive. I’m getting both versions by the way. 🙂

  6. IVE GOT ME TIX TO HIS SG FM!!!! Happiness Galore!!! But my seats are too far to scrutinize his err….crotch??!!!! You gals are girls thru n thru! Lol!!!

      • Well who told him to put on those TIGHT crotch revealing pants! A girl (ahjumma or otherwise) is still a hot blooded female 🙂

      • i concur F, at first when i saw it on my phone i told myself: “this can’t be!” but when i went home and saw the picture again, i went: “it can be!” at first, it just looks like his pants has creases on it from the way he is standing. but upon closer observation it is not so ladies! it is not so….

        how did so many people who produced these photos overlook this “small”, or not so small, mistake or…. wardrobe malfunction in the photo?!?! i wonder if JGS himself knows of this…. “issue” hahahahh. or were they too concerned that his makeup will appear nice that they just i don’t know, forgot to make sure everything else in the photo is okay to be published.

        meh, i don’t really care. things like this happen. i still find it hilarious though. 😉

      • Me, I was not quite surprise actually I already saw some Korean celebrity wore tight fitting suit pants actually. Can you imagine if he’s suit is all white? 😉

      • Hrmn! I don’t think I can contain the excitement in imagining him in his birthday suit. LOL 🙂

      • Birthday suit! Now we’re talking! ROFL!!!! do we hv a censorship board here before our excitement overspills n our discussion gets raunchier?? Wahahaha!!!

      • wow…. just… wow. hahah LoL you ladies crack me up.

        hahah M3, were the other tight fitting pant suits as noticable as this one?

        Lucky MGY i suppose. birthday suit and all i suppose. i mean her birthday is coming up.

      • @ F1968 I think we’re using a not that suggestive word here don’t worry… hahaha…. at least I did not used the word N……D 🙂

        @N Yes I can give you a sample pic of my fave SS501 wearing an all white tight fitting suit in their concert but my external hard drive is not with me here at the office. 🙂

    • LOL! ladies, ladies!!! you gals just make me laugh out loud so uncontrollably!! haha!!!

      hmmm….speaking from a married woman’s perspective, i have to say, it would be surprising if…we can’t see anything…considering how tightly his pants were pulled to one side, don’t you think? hehe…

      but frankly speaking…there is not much to see, is there? hehe…

      • @KDL yes not much too see but you know when look at his pic especially if you happen to glance down there you can’t help but notice the b… a little bit & one’s imagination run riot…. ha ha ha

      • Kdl, I got 2 tix!! Going wz my daughter who’s kind enough to amuse her mom when she’s more interested in JYJ… If you do decide to go, just drop me an email, we can go together..

      • @M3Lover : haha!!! it would be VERY strange if our thoughts DON’T run riot after seeing such a fine specimen of a hot-blooded male as JGS!!! haha!!!

        @F1968 : how wonderful you got the tix to the fan mtg with JGS with your wonderful daughter (like mother, like daughter, right?)…i can’t confirm because of official duties…siiiggghhh…
        i will drop you an email if i do get to go ok, dear F… 😉

      • Arrgghhh! Not fair, not fair! No I won’t get mad just be happy for you ladies. It’s going be hard though! Especially after staring at this album cover for maybe too too long….
        Any chance he’ll come to the US? Ever??…shouldn’t hold my breath huh…

  7. JGS may not be my thing lookwise (don’t kill me, JGS fangirls – that means more for you!) but I really do love his singing voice. Will definitely be checking this out.

      • LoL M3. S, he’s just breaking the social norm for men. Regardless, in the broader perspective of things he must be very confident with himself to display his image in that light. Took me awhile to come to terms with it. Also, his work and image is his outlet to express himself artistically. He can wear a tutu for all I care, the man can pull it off! Now that’s more impressive than the ridicule he does get.

    • M3, i’m not sure. i wouldn’t be surprised though because come to think of it, i’ve never seen any Korean actors put makeup on besides JGS. Even eyeliner, i might be wrong though. to be honest i havent’ always been a JGS fan. i noticed him in YB but dismissed him after i read a few articles. i’m really not huge on celebrities and learning about them either until i discovered Moon Geun Young. what made me notice her so much was all the charity work she did, but always published it anonymously. when i saw her in M3 with JGS, which was when i paid extra attention to him, i was obsessed. its like a drug. i’m never like this, i havent been big on celebrities my whole life.

      hahah sorry about the autobiography. anyway, so it started with me really loving JGS’s voice… then eventually his character…. then eventually… i realized i became his fan when i noticed myself defending him on websites. 🙂

      • I also noticed him in YB that’s where I started to like him. I’m impressed with his acting there that I started digging his profile, watch his films & dramas. But the most impressive for me is his acting in BV, HJY, Do re mi.. & Itaewon Homicide. I also like his outspoken nature (that’s why he also got a lot of Anti-fans & he always tell everyone that he’s more popular overseas than in his native SK). I prefer someone who speaks his mind than someone who pretended to be nice. And he gives a sincere fan service to his fans. He always acknowledges them whenever he sees them.

      • @ lpop22 : i agree with you!

        @M3Lover : i second lpop22’s agreement with your comment…

        thank you for articulating what has been on my mind…

        i can’t agree with you more…i respect JGS’s individuality and independence, maybe because he reminds so much of myself…

        but he makes me really notice him in Marry Me, Mary because he was just so natural and appealing as Kang Mu-Gyul with the ultimate partner (at least in my mind), Moon Geun Young… 😉

      • @KDL Marry Me Mary will always have a special place in our hearts because we fell in love with JKS & MGY’s undeniable chemistry for me he is not acting here but being true to himself, eh?

      • @M3Lover, i do agree with you totally that he did not come across as just acting in Marry Me, Mary, but in fact being himself, the JGS that we love, being so in love with MGY… 😉

      • @M3Lover
        Hi M3Lover, thank you for the invitation. Due to my English limitation, I am afraid I would not be able to deliver my thought smoothly. I do not want people become misunderstand because of my lack of English. Don’t worry all my thought already been delivered perfectly by you and others here. I am going back to my quiet corner reading all of your posts. Most of your thoughts are quite the same with me.
        Thank you for ms Ockoala for providing this blog for us.

  8. *Hyperventilating* I so miss my beloved Geunsuk…the fans in Japan are sooo lucky! I will definitely buy his album…I fell in love with his voice in YB and my love grew for his voice in M3…Can’t wait to hear the first single!

  9. You ladies made me laugh, more than that, you made me take a closer look. I am so glad you weren’t offended by the picture cause then I would be wondering. Once when I was doing research I came across a picture of him on Soompi forum, this was taken by him of him in the bathroom with tight jeans. I am a woman, he had BV haircut and I stared and I loved him. Unfortunately his fans don’t want to know that he’s a man apparently cause there were so many negative comments about that one picture so I started thinking “are women over there prudes?”, I mean we can’t hide that we have bumps right?

    • right on, rory’s mom! you have what you have and we women have what we have, and even if we try to, we can’t really hide them, now can we? 😉

      besides, once again, i have to say that there is really not much to see anyway, even though the tight-fitting pants could have…ahem…revealed a lot more..hehe

      • KDL…I know you are married and don’t want to get caught ogling at Perfection here (yes I renamed him, kind of fitting don’t you think?!…haha) but you can’t deny….you mean you don’t really see it…
        @ LulyBunny, He is such a tease!!! Not only a preview but he is giving us the…………..too!

      • LOL!!! Quirkie, you are too precious!!! hahaha!!!!

        “Perfection” indeed…hehe…i have to agree with you 110%!!

        AND i can’t deny i stared for an inordinate length of time at a certain part of the Perfection’s anatomy…because…well…it’s there…and i am a hot-blooded female…haha…

        BUT the reason i said there is not much to see is to express my opinion that the photo (even with what can be seen) should not be considered offensive even by a blushing virgin because i find it tastefully done…not over the top or overtly-sexual…

        just…JGS LOOKING sexily-gorgeous at those of us who are looking at him…for the obvious reasons – to be appealing enough to sell his debut album…

        not that i need him to do or say anything extra for me to want to buy his album since i am such a devoted fan…but i appreciate the eye-candy nonetheless… 😉

    • @ rory’s mom I don’t know also why they (Koreans) have negative reactions on such photos. I don’t want to generalize but Koreans who are living here in my country is not that conservative maybe because people here are open minded & nobody will scold or frown on them here. There are also Koreans who come out of their closet here because they say they can’t do that on their own country because they will be stoned (maybe not in literal sense but they say being openly homosexual there is taboo).

      • I’ve read about that (homosexuality a taboo). I see S Korea as a little sister to America, she is coming along nicely but puberty is taking a very long time.

  10. ooops sorry Ms Ockoala, i forgot to thank you for posting the photos of JGS here… 😉

    thanks so much and i hope you keep the love for the Geun-Geun couple to post more news on them for all of us to enjoy 😉

  11. Thanks for posting about JGS’s new single album. His look remind me of “you are beautiful”.
    I like his voice and looking forward to listen to his new songs…..

  12. Omo he looks hotter and hotter!!!! :P. love the pics, koala thank you so much for sharing and giving place to all the funny comments, lol
    he really looks gorgeous in that suit, with that hairstyle and that eyeliner, perfect combination for jgs (i doubt any other guy can pull it out)

    “I hope the song is as good as he looks on the cover art.”
    me too, but with his wonderfull voice i’m 100% sure he will rock!!!!

  13. Thanks Ockoala for posting JGS album cover…He is so handsome and talented…With his wonderful voice for sure this album will hit the chart…

  14. Four months ago I had a dream–that thing that happens when you sleep, not a life dream or goal or whatever.

    In it, I’m an actress. Apparently I’m this big Asian star who’s guested in a couple of TV series in the US and oh, I also used to be an athlete which would explain why I can speak Korean. Why, because I used to be a taekwondo jin and spent lots of time training in Korea, where else.

    Back to being an actor and supposed to be a big shot, the project was offered to me first and I had the power to choose who I’m starring it with. (Mwahahahaha!) I just finished watching You’re Beautiful that time so who else would I want but JGS.

    JGS or Tae-Kyung to be honest is only my third crush ever from K-Dramaland. First being Prince Shin of Goong and Gong-Chan of My Girl but since they are at present serving in the military, I’d go with JGS. And also, the role calls for someone younger than me.

    The writer-director who offered me the project said yes, no problem, and do I have any more requests? I told you, I’m this big Asian star (And it’s my dream, okay? Hahaha!). Apparently I have a little request. Because JGS is prettier than me, made all the more prettier by that hair of his, he won’t do if he won’t agree to a haircut. I want him in his Beethoven Virus look. Mwahahahaha!

    D-Day in the form of a contract signing cum press conference comes and I fly in on the day itself without confirmation on whether he agreed or not. I was like, “Okay, whatever, if he doesn’t want to, fine with me. I just have to wear skirts and dresses the entire drama so there is a clear line of distinction.” This is of course before MSOAN where he, gasp, appear to be wearing skirts on some scenes.

    And who would come pick me up at the airport when I was waiting for someone from the production team to fetch me? Lo and behold, Gun Woo from Beethoven Virus is sitting in the car when I got in. I was stunned. Let me repeat. I. Was. Stunned.

    Driving the car is someone from his people, I mean that same guy who follows him around, pressumably his bodyguard or personal assistant, whatever. The one who helped me with my luggage is from the production team and sits on the passenger seat up front. JGS and me at the back. I say nothing. I completely forgot I can speak Korean. I said “HI” and that’s about it. They spoke in Korean through the ride and tried to include me in the conversation by asking me English one-liners which I also answer in English one-liners. JGS? Not saying much. He smiled when I said HI and after that nothing else. He had his eyes closed so I assumed he’s sleeping or pretending to be. I don’t care at that moment because I was beyond panic.

    How can they do this to me? Why didn’t anyone tell me I was to be fetched from the airport by JGS himself? I didn’t even check to see if I look presentable enough before coming out of the airport. What kind of trick is this?!

    If I can explode just like a firecracker I would have. I’m in a car with JGS! He came to pick me up from the airport! He smiled at me! And most importantly, he’s looking so effing hot with that hair! Oh, is he mad at me because he was forced to cut it? Jeez.

    We reached our destination, apparently, my house, the place where I’m staying so I got off the car. The other two helped me with my luggage and as I was preparing myself to thank JGS and everyone else, he walked right passed me into the building. Whoa, what now? Driver tells me, he also lives here. What the…?!

    So what do you think happens after being stunned just a while ago? Right, very good answer. I pass out. Mwahahahahah!

    I meant to just illustrate how I wish for that JGS hair to come back that it’s taken to haunting me in my dreams. It’s not finished yet but this post has taken a lot of space so I’m stopping it there when I pass out.

    I just want his current hair out of the way so he can take on serious roles. And I mean serious manly roles. And to please stop shocking his fans with his wardrobe choices. I’m willing to work as your stylist for free. Scratch that, I can be your slave, just fire your current stylist. =)

    Note: Sorry for the excessive use of the word APPARENTLY. See, it’s a dream, I have to. =)

    • Dear bops, is this a dream you had or a daydream? I can’t do anything if u had e dream except be jealous, but if it’s a daydream, can u possibly include me in it?? I don’t mind being the female lead since you seem to have much dialogue…!!!

      • Not much dialogue? Because I was too stunned to the point of passing out. =)

        That was a genuine dream. I woke up right in the middle of the press conference. I had to admit I willed myself to wake up right at that point. I somehow realized it was only a dream when the cameras started flashing and the situation isn’t to my liking anymore.

        My embassy people came to the press con with the intention of hauling me to the office. Apparently I’m supposed to report first to the embassy before I go about my work there. Oops, my bad. JGS had me in a daze. =)

      • Lol!! Yr dream was very detailed! Lucky you!!! As much as I think of him 25hrs a day, he just WON’T pay me a visit in my dream!

  15. Thank you Ockoala.

    Keun Suk is ALWAYS interesting and seems to TALK in all his picture shoots, this one is no exception. He looks wonderful in the all black suit and that look is really second to none – attention grabbing!! Can’t wait to recieve my limited edition CD/DVD and buy an all region DVD player to watch it – as per LizzyD’s earlier advice. Also got tickets to his FM!!! So excited and don’t know what to do or expect!

  16. his voice is getting better and better.. i’m looking forward for his album.. ahh and i never thought that a guy with eyeliner can look this hot and sexy.. rawrr

  17. Read on twitter that there was a rush for the You’re My Pet tix at Ibaraki Japan 16000:3000

    Our boy is really hotstuff! I wonder if it’s to do wz the ‘asset-showing’ pic above that’s contributed to the frenzy. Also, just to feed you jealous news, it’s said that the SG fm category A tix, (most expensive $188) was almost sold out in a matter of 5 mins!

  18. JGS looks drop-dead beautiful in anything… and nothing, maybe… 😛

    I’m buying this… but I wonder how to buy a japanese-release album. I still dunno how to buy Gong Yoo’s (wish someone could tell me)….

  19. The first time i saw these promo at the FB 2 days ago, i readily noticed that last pic..rub my eyes many times if what im seeing is for real..yeah it’s his thing, and i drool right away! hahaha..

    Good luck on his album, i’m sure it will sell like hotcakes!

  20. Wow……thank you for all the entertaining comments……I really had a good chuckle….especially regarding his attire. But obviously you guys don’t remember the modeling he did with Kim Ok Bin for “Codes Combined” and the spandex he wore….don’t remember noticing anything note worthy….can’t check, as the Youtube video has been removed.
    Anyway back to topic: I am so looking forward to his CD, have always loved listening to his songs in YB and MSOAN…… of luck Keun-suk and please don’t let “You’re My Pet” be the last time we see you on the screen this year 🙂

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