MV for Namie Amuro’s “Unusual” Featuring Yamashita Tomohisa

I love this song, I love this collaboration, and I love this MV. But I’m kinda enviously hating on the fact that Namie Amuro is in her thirties, has a thirteen year old son, and still looks that smoking when she’s performing. One of the legacy queens of J-pop Namie Amuro, who has had a resurgence in recent years, released her new collaboration album last month in Japan. Amongst some well-known collaboration partners was my Yamapi, so of course I immediately checked out their single “Unusual” when it dropped.

All I can say this – this MV is vintage awesome J-pop, with none of the tongue-in-cheek and all of the dancing eye-candy. Namie Amuro still looks and dances like she’s twenty years old, and paired up with Yamapi, they are a fantastic onscreen dance duo.

MV for Unusual by Namie Amuro featuring Yamashita Tomohisa:


MV for Namie Amuro’s “Unusual” Featuring Yamashita Tomohisa — 12 Comments

  1. I thought it would look weird but the video is amazing!!! I don’t love the song (yet) but it’s better than the one she did por Coca-cola.

    Agh!! They’re soooo pretty together and the dance is pure awesomeness!! Have never seen Namie dancing like that!! And even though they do not touch much (yamapi fans will kill her lol) they look sexy and confident!! *_*

    Love it, just LOVE IT!!! :3

    • Yeah, the video is sexy without any too-obvious-crotchy-grabby-type moves. It’s a sophisticated and upbeat sexiness. I love it~

      • The funny thing is that Yamapi and Namie Amuro are the kind of artists that don’t smile much in their videos. Specially Amuro.. but here they make it look like they’re just being super cool haha.

  2. Yamapi-kun :blush:
    I’m loving his new black hair. Nothing wrong with his brown hair before but i think he look more mature with his dark lock. Need to check out this MV now.

  3. OMG, a 13-year-old son? She could be his (slightly) older sister! Now that’s what I call a MILF. Count me in as super, super jealous! I want her genes.

    • I think she had her son when she was pretty young… but the make up helps too. I’ve seen photos of her without the help of photoshop and she looks older, still pretty as hell, but older.

      I want the genes of any asian!!! It’s like they don’t start to age until they’re like 50 or 60 and then all the wrinkles appear haha

  4. OMG.. been a total amuro fan since a little girl.. I have all her albums and ready to buy this one when it comes out! This MV looks super hot! Can’t wait for the release of the CD!!

    Thanks for posting some really great pictures! 🙂

  5. I actually didn’t like this collaboration much. Namie has a stronger voice the Yamapi and so she drowns him, and she’s a stronger dancer as well.
    The collabo with After school and Chemistry were the better ones.
    Namie looks fabulous to be in her 30’s (sigh) and her legs look great, well her whole figure is great. If only I wouldn’t have two left legs otherwise I’d take dance classes.

    • we’ll have to agree to disagree. she looks cute i guess. but as the featured artist i think she was in fact out-danced and somewhat overshadowed by Yamapi’s performance. They didnt let him use his vocal ability here, but he wasn’t meant to be the ‘star’ of this MV. I have plenty of other proof of his talent…LIVE. Also, at her age, in this stage of her career, i lol’d at her english pronunciation. “Respect me as Ooman”!?? great vid altogether tho! it looked and sounded cool!

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