49 Days Episode 4 Recap

It looks like 49 Days might take the crown from City Hall as the drama which takes the longest time to get going. And if 49 Days takes off like City Hall did, then I forgive all the earlier mishaps, oh yes I will. Four episodes into 49 Days, and I’m only starting to get curious about the story and finding the faint stirrings of my emotional heart strings. There are quite a lot of questions that remain unanswered about the whys of it all, but at least the story is moving forward at an increasingly brisk pace.

I’m not quite sure why the writer keeps the story solely focused on Ji Hyun and the back-stabbity-swindler pair of Min Ho and In Jung, when I am totally curious about Yi Kyung and would love to see Han Kang developed more. I remained convinced that the theoretical concept of 49 Days remains it most compelling element, and the execution (directing, writing, and OST) remains its weakest link. Luckily, I find recapping this drama rather breezy and relaxing, so I’m happy to continue in the hopes that the drama will turn the corner at some point and grab me by the guts, making me weep with joy and sorrow.

Episode 4 Recap:

After the most suspense-filled and interminable walk to Ji Hyun’s room, Min Ho opens the door and walks inside. He looks tense, and of course it’s because he’s doing something sneaky and wrong, not because he spotted Ji Kyung in the room. While the camera work made it seem like Ji Kyung was still rifling through her things when Min Ho walked in, in reality she’s hightailed it out of her room via the window sill.

Ji Kyung dangles on the windowsill and finally can’t hold on any longer and drops to the ground, slightly hurting her ankle. She scrambles along the side of the house and hides outside the gate. Min Ho looks through Ji Hyun’s drawers but cannot find the seal. He does manage to take a few of Ji Hyun’s personal effects so that he can show Ji Hyun’s mom that he finished what he came here to do. Min Ho leaves the house, and Ji Kyung watches him go with anger and sadness. She is bitter that she believed a scum like Min Ho loved her. She turns and apologizes to her parents and tells them that she misses them.

In Jung goes to see an older woman, whom she calls “mom” (not necessarily her own mother, could be the mother of a good friend). The woman does not recognize In Jung and appears to be rather mentally unstable. In Jung brings food for her to eat and is very patient when the woman starts to yell at her. We find out later in this episode that the woman is Min Ho’s mom. There is definitely more to Min Ho’s swindling of Ji Hyun than meets the eye.

Ji Kyung talks to herself as she walks away from the house, wondering what’s going to happen if she can’t find her own seal. She hits Yi Kyung’s head, and Scheduler pops up to yell at her for harming Yi Kyung’s body, which is against the rules. First Ji Hyun sprained Yi Kyung’s ankle, and now she’s thumping her head, too. Ji Kyung promises to buy a heat pack for Yi Kyung’s ankle, and Scheduler continues his tirade when suddenly Ji Kyung grabs his hand.

Ji Kyung says that at least she has Scheduler (by her side), which alarms him as he doesn’t believe they have the kind of relationship where she can just grab his hand and confide in him. Ji Kyung unloads are her worries on Schedule (about looking for the seal, what to do about those why betrayed her, what to do about her task at hand), but he stops her and tells her that he’s not a human being either and doesn’t want to be involved with these things.

He came become she violated a rule with her cellphone use. He doesn’t have much time himself, and doesn’t want to keep chasing after her with the time he has left. She wants to know what the hint he gave her earlier was about, but Scheduler takes off without further clarification. He turns and looks at Ji Kyung, remarking that she’s not very bright, which is what landed her in this situation in the first place.

Min Ho goes to the hospital to drop off Ji Hyun’s things. He sees Ji Hyun’s dad talking with her, promising that he will wait until she returns to him. Ji Kyung is walking and sees her other friend Seo Woo, who works at a bakery. Ji Kyung talks to Seo Woo through the window, confessing that she misses her and is really lonely and needs a friend to talk to.

Seo Woo walks outside and recognizes Ji Kyung as the person who works at Han Kang’s restaurant. Ji Kyung goes inside the bakery with Seo Woo and buys some bread, thinking that she could come buy bread and have an excuse to talk with Seo Woo. The restaurant employees wonder where Ji Kyung went. Because she’s not back yet, the manager’s wife helps out with the restaurant duties.

Han Kang hears that Ji Kyung is not back yet and he walks outside with his usual irritated annoyance. He sees Ji Kyung munching on some bread and staggering back to the restaurant. It turns out that she ate two pieces of bread while coming back. He asks if she thinks he’s an idiot or a philanthropist? Why does she come and go as she please, and never keeps her promise to return in the allotted time?

Ji Kyung tries to explain herself but starts to choke on the bread. The employees rush outside to give her a drink of water. Ji Kyung looks around and realizes that everyone is staring at her with worry. She gets up and hurries into the restaurant, which is when Han Kang notices that she is limping. Ji Kyung goes to throw up and wash her face. She looks in the mirror and starts to cry again.

Ji Kyung leaves the restroom and finds Han Kang waiting for her. He asks that she follow him, and she nervously clicks her fingernails in his office wondering if he’s going to fire her. Turns out he got her an ice bucket for her sprained ankle. Dude, you are so into her its adorable. Ji Kyung tells him that she already put a medicine patch on.

Han Kang gives her the purse that she left behind, and a muscle spray for her sprained ankle. She thinks to herself – is this the Han Kang I know? He asks her why a grown woman would carry a whistle around, and Ji Kyung tells him that the whistle was given to her by someone who told her to blow it whenever she needed help.

Ji Kyung blows the whistle and Han Kang flashes back to his first meeting with Ji Hyun. He helped her get her bike up the hill but instead they both tumbled down the hill. He ended up underneath her, and he remembers her brilliant smile asking if they both survived the fall. Ji Hyun blew her whistle that day, telling him that her dad gave her the whistle to blow if she was ever in trouble.

Han Kang looks at Ji Kyung tending to her sprained ankle. When she’s done, he tells her that he has something to talk to her about. He hands her fifty days worth of salary and tells her he doesn’t want to keep looking out for her. He only gave her the job because he felt sorry about her, not that they needed another worker.

Ji Kyung is furious at him, and says that she wants to earn her own money, she is not a beggar. He tells her that he can’t handle her around anymore because he keeps worrying about her and losing his temper around her. Ji Hyun thinks to herself that if Kang kicks her out, she will have no one left. She gets up to leave, and Han Kang yells at her, asking what the hell she wants from him.

She tells him that she just wants a job, and he relents and tells her to go upstairs to get something to eat. Ji Kyung starts to bawl, telling him that she is crying because she is so grateful that he is letting her stay. Ji Hyun’s dad asks In Jung to stay by Ji Hyun’s bed tonight, as he has to spend more time with Ji Hyun’s mother.

In Jung find out from the bridal salon manager (whom she asks if Ji Hyun had left her seal there) that Ji Hyun had specifically requested that her friend In Jung be dressed beautifully for the wedding. In Jung looks heartbroken. Min Ho is meeting with a man, who tells Min Ho that they can proceed even without Ji Hyun’s seal. Min Ho refuses, telling him to wait a bit longer. Ji Hyun’s land is worth a lot and the company will not go bankrupt that easily.

Min Ho goes to Heaven and Ji Kyung reluctantly brings him a menu when the other waitress won’t serve him on her behalf. Min Ho sees her hands shaking when she brings him the menu, and he tells her that she can see through her and she should just stop now. He can tell a person’s intention. He hands her the menu and tells her to get Han Kang and to bring him the usual. She tells him Kang is not here, and whether she needs to bring him the strongest alcohol on hand.

Min Ho gets a call from a crying In Jung, where he tells her to stop crying and to remember that they have been planning this for 2 years. Ji Kyung overhears and realizes that he and In Jung have known each other for longer than she has been dating Min Ho. Min Ho hangs up the phone and finds Ji Kyung lurking by the door. He tells her that he knows her tactics, and he’s not interested in her.

Ji Kyung retorts that she’s not interested in him, but Min Ho thinks that she’s playing hot and then cold to arouse his interest. To Ji Kyung, he’s the best actor around, pretending to be very solicitous but actually lacking in sincerity. Even his smiles are false. She is about to call him a liar when suddenly her necklace glows red hot and burns her.

Scheduler suddenly appears and warns her never to reveal her true identity and feelings. If the necklace shatters, then the 49 days is immediately up and she loses her one chance. Ji Kyung nods her understanding and tries to smooth things over with Min Ho. Han Kang walks up the steps back to the restaurant and sees Ji Kyung talking with Min Ho.

Ji Kyung tries to tell Min Ho that she is angry because he wrongly assumed that she was trying to entice him. Ji Kyung runs away with Min Ho looking on. Yi Kyung is at the convenience store and she touches her hair again. She looks in the mirror and touches her hair when the guy comes back and calls out that this is the first time he’s seen her look into a mirror.

She wants him to leave her alone, but he says that he can’t. He wants her to remember him, and what they used to talk about. He knows why she went to the accident site, and why she has a scar on her arm. She flashes back and we see that the guy is a psychiatrist and used to treat Yi Kyung. She tells him to leave, because she doesn’t want to remember.

In Jung and Min Ho are sitting in Ji Hyun’s hospital room, and he asks if In Jung went to see his mom today. She tells him that his mom has been waiting for him, and he needs to go see her before its too late. Min Ho refuses, saying that his mom will keep waiting for him until he comes to get her. In Jung says that Min Ho has enough money now, they should take the money and his mom and go abroad together.

In Jung doesn’t want to destroy Ji Hyun’s father’s company now that Ji Hyun is in the state that she is in. Min Ho reminds her of all they went through just to get to this point, and we see that all the coincidences that led to Min Ho meeting Ji Hyun on the mountain top and later at the movie theater were all orchestrated by In Jung and Min Ho deliberately.

Ji Hyun hears all of this, and she is even more devastated. Min Ho says that had the plan gone accordingly, he would not be family to Ji Hyun’s dad. Min Ho presses In Jung about how she wanted to do this, and they both apologize for what they are saying and doing, with the full understanding that it’s going to continue until they achieve their objective.

Ji Hyun goes outside to sob, until she finally gets a grip and goes inside where In Jung is sitting by Ji Hyun’s bedside. In Jung thinks to herself that she doesn’t want Ji Hyun to forgive her, but she became like this because of Ji Hyun’s fault as well. In Jung says out loud that Ji Hyun will remain innocently blissful in the condition she is in. Ji Hyun yells at her that she knows everything, and tries to strike her but she cannot touch anything.

Ji Hyun suddenly sees the kangaroo toy sitting by her bedside and she remembers that she put the seal in her kangaroo pocket. She can’t get the seal back (yet), so she stands and watches In Jung sleeping in the chair with a determined look on her face. Ji Hyun takes over Yi Kyung’s body and rushes out. Scheduler is swimming at a pool and Ji Kyung goes to see him.

Ji Kyung sees him teaching a girl how to swim, and she’s shocked that he will be touching a human being. Ji Kyung wants to get her seal back and tell her dad about Min Ho and In Jung’s plot. Scheduler tells her that in doing so she will violate two rules and it’s immediately up the elevator to heaven she goes.

Scheduler rushes off when his cell phone beeps that he has only five minutes left. He changes into his suit and walks towards a couple, who slips on the wet floor and the girl strikes her head on the concrete. She dies and her spirit is welcomed by Scheduler. She tries to run away but two black cloaked beings prevent her departure and takes her forcibly into the elevator.

Ji Kyung asks Scheduler to give her an hour before taking her up the elevator when the time arrives, and wonders if she can meet with him once she arrives in heaven? It appears Ji Kyung is going to break the rules and lose her chance to resurrect in order to expose In Jung and Min Ho to her father. Ji Kyung arrives at the restaurant and finds that its closed.

In Jung goes to Ji Hyun’s house again and tells the ahjumma that she wants to thoroughly clean Ji Hyun’s room. She searches again but cannot find the seal. Everyone is gathered by Ji Hyun’s bedside, since today was supposed to be her wedding day. Ji Hyun’s mother cries over her daughter’s condition. A nurse tells her that keeping a stuffed animal in a hospital room is bad for the patient’s breathing.

Ji Kyung arrives at the hospital and runs into Han Kang, who happens to be leaving. He wants to know why she’s here, and he mistakenly thinks back to her earlier statement that she doesn’t have much time left as indicating that Yi Kyung is sick. Ji Kyung goes up to the hospital room but has to hide when everyone walks out of the room.

Ji Kyung notices that Min Ho has her kangaroo stuffed animal in a bag that he is carrying. The bag is taken back to the house by Ji Hyun’s mom. Ji Kyung sees Min Ho talking with In Jung, who confirms that she cannot find the seal. Han Kang sees Min Ho upset and frustrated after his conversation with In Jung, but Kang doesn’t know the reason why.

Min Ho tells In Jung to leave the house quickly since the parents have just left and are headed back home. In Jung suddenly remembers that Ji Hyun liked to keep her treasures inside her stuffed kangaroo, and she heads to the hospital. Once she arrives, she’s told it’s been taken back home. She calls Min Ho, who doesn’t pick up the phone since he’s turned the music up to distract himself.

In Jung heads back to Ji Hyun’s house and Ji Kyung gets into a taxi to follow In Jung. Ji Kyung arrives at the house, and she rings the doorbell. Ji Hyun’s mother voice asks who is it through the intercom, and Ji Kyung leans down to respond with an “I……”

Thoughts of Mine:

I’m glad it turned out the whistle in Ji Kyung’s bag was not the exact same whistle Ji Hyun had in high school, but was a whistle nonetheless that Ji Kyung uses in the same way – to summon help when she’s in trouble. That’s one less inexplicable inconsistency I don’t need to rationalize.

I’ve come to accept that I can’t parse the details and critically analyze all the fantasy elements of this drama, including the myriad of coincidences. In doing so, I will drive myself insane, because this drama doesn’t make much sense if you think real hard about it. Even in accepting the magic and fantasy afterlife, there are so many details that don’t quite fit together and the painfully bad editing makes it worse to try to figure out transitions between scenes.

To enjoy the story, I have to step back from my natural inclination to be a DSI (drama scene investigator), and simply accept that things are set up that way in this story and try to go with the flow. I’m cool with that. But the directing and music are still horrific, and is truly something I don’t think I can ever accept. This PD needs to go back to go back to directing school and learn the basics of scene presentation and editing.

On the plot developments in this episode, which were not all that surprising. Ji Hyun was set up by In Jung and Min Ho from the get go, and like a clueless little sheep she fell for the swindle. I like how Ji Kyung is dealing with all the revelations and her current situation. She’s getting smarter, emotionally stronger, and a great deal less annoying. As I predicted, there is more to Min Ho and In Jung’s reasons for swindling Ji Hyun and her family, such as Min Ho having a crazy mother.

I’m not kidding when I say I really want to know what the hell happened to Yi Kyung. Perhaps the writer is purposely delaying the big reveal on Yi Kyung, and continuing to give her minimal screen time (though Lee Yo Won gets maximum screen time as Ji Kyung). Am I weird in hoping that Han Kang and Yi Kyung are the end game, not some variation of Kang ending up with the resurrected Ji Hyun or falling for Ji Kyung.

The ratings for 49 Days have been mired in the high single digits, and just barely broke 10% for today’s episode. I’m not surprised by the ratings, because honestly the story isn’t very compelling (yet) and the poor execution is dragging down the drama. 49 Days is neither whimsically light nor atmospherically dark. It’s presented like this office drama when its subject matter would naturally lean towards breathtaking visuals. I would have loved to see the PD from Bad Guy take on 49 Days, now that would be a match made in Heaven. A koala can hope, right?


49 Days Episode 4 Recap — 22 Comments

  1. But today no.1 drama Royal Family only manage to get >11% rating, so 49 Days in 2nd place get >10 wasn’t bad IMO. It’s the only one which rating up. And its beat Thorn Bush Bird already.

  2. thanks for the recaps. i just came across your site recently after starting to watch sunny happiness with the lovely janine chang (i’m a dramabean addict but, unfortunately, she doesn’t cover tdramas).

    maybe it’s because there are no other kdramas that currently interest me but i’ve really been enjoying this series so i’m glad you’re updating as quickly as you do even though your experience is not quite as enthusiastic, yet. the editing, as you point out is a bit choppy but this, along with the ost, don’t really bother me. in any case, i hope you continue to recap as quickly as you do and give us glimpses of any previews in the future. I’m really curious to see what the background stories of these characters are and how everything will be resolved.

  3. You are not the only one hoping for Kang-Yi Kyung couple!! I’m hoping the plot will develop that way too (though I can’t think of how – that’s the work of the writer, heh) and am definitely waiting for more stories about Yi Kyung (i think the first 4 episodes can end up well as a mini-story for Ji-Hyun; time for Yi Kyung)!

    • sorry but I need to add a point that CH has valid reason for having a number of episodes for setting up as it has so many characters and each has their contributing factor (plus it takes time for people to digest the not-so-familiar political scene, albeit the interesting fact that once CH is over there has been a flux of president-related dramas); whereas for 49 days, it really wasn’t a “difficult plot to digest” so the flow could have been faster (though I’ve expected worse and in reality they “exceed my expectation” already haha)

      (am getting excited at the mention of CH hahaha)

      • you’re not the only one who gets excited at the mention of CH!! hehehe… 😉 i just finished watching the drama and i’m still basking in the wonders of that perfect OTP!!!! *squeeee!!!

        oh and Koala – you are sooooo right. the ending to that drama is everything a viewer could hope for and MORE!!! gyaaahh! SO GOOD!!!! 🙂

      • @ Su3

        It’s my opinion that the beginning of CH is brilliant. It’s not even slow or purely for character and plot set up. It’s rich in subtle details yet funny, fast-paced, and incisive.

        I didn’t reach this conclusion until my CH rewatch, and since then I’ve watched CH so many times I can quote dialogue.

        What I meant to say is that the general consensus is that CH has a slow beginning and doesn’t ratchet up the story proper until about 4 episodes in. While I can understand that perspective, since I had it myself, I merely meant to say that 4 episodes into 49 Days gives one the general feeling that a lot of folks feel about CH.

        But it’s not my view – I think CH has a much stronger beginning than ending, IMO, despite my unequivocal love of the ending of CH which is about as perfect for a fan as any drama I have ever seen.

  4. Just feel good to meet fellow CH lovers here (sorry i know this is a 49 days post =P)

    Dee, I guess you may re-watch CH soon haha (I’m trying to force myself re-watch it in a slower pace since I was so absorbed in the drama for the first 2 times that i watched it that I feel I’ve missed some delicate points of the drama – although the heated and meaningful discussion @ dramabeans provides loads of insights already)

    • yep will definitely re-watch. but i might just bask in the overall feel of finishing the drama and savour it.. and when the need to re-watch it, i definitely will!! hehehe

      and yes it feels good to find others who like CH! even if this is a post about 49days! lol.

  5. Well, I don’t think the drama will go with the aim at Kang – Yi Kyung happy ending. It’s almost impossible. He’s sure falling hard for Ji Kyung but it’s all because of Ji Hyun and has nothing to do with Yi Kyung except her shell. If Han Kang just chose the face rather than the character, then it would ruin the whole story about his pure and true love (for Ji Hyun), which the drama is trying to prove, as the opposite extreme to the fake bastard Min Ho. Yeah, right from the start, it is so transparent to me that Kang loves Ji Hyun and has always loved her ever since high school days. I’m also sure that the girl he came back for was her, but he was a little too late. So I actually can’t see why you’re looking forward to the making of Kang – Yi Kyung couple, koala ^_^

      • Cool… but just a wishful thinking, imo, which of course I won’t complain if it does come true ^_^

    • obviously, Kang loves Ji Hyun since high school and that she’s the girl he came back for. nevertheless, just like ockoala, i’m looking forward to Kang – Yi Kyung couple as well. 🙂 it’s possible that their everyday interaction would develop into something. isn’t it? and just what Rockz said, Ji Hyun will go with the scheduler after the 49 days. i’m thinking that way too. they look good together anyways. heheh!

      • Why do you guys want Ji Huyn to be with Scheduler I wonder? I am also hooked on their so adorable relationship, but JH ends up following him and leaving her desperate parents behind on their own, especially witnessing their endless pain and tears for her? I don’t think it’s a very nice idea…

      • Did someone see this picture where the characters’ relations are visualized…it says that Scheduler is ACTUALLY Yi Kyung’s brother…uhuuuuuuuuuuuuu. :DD
        So my theory: Yi Kyung turned out like that cause her brother died in that car accident, and that brother (somehow) became a Scheduler (what do I know what it does require to become one…? xD)…then we get some drama towards the end of the drama (oh the irony), cause Ji Hyun can only find two genuine tears (in my opinion…Kang and that other friend of hers, Seo Woo), and so Ji Hyun needs to die, SCheduler goes all “UUUH SHIT SHE’S ACTUALLY IMPORTANT TO ME D:!” …cries a genuine tear for her…kabooosh she can become human again (well, Scheduler isn’t human, but the fact that he used to be Yi Kyung’s brother PROVES that he was once a human as well, so…that does count, right?! D:) …then Ji Hyun goes all S*ob sob I won’t be able to remember you then though sob sob* then there goes the magic and Scheduler comes back to life, so Yi Kyung can be happy again as well and yush…no one is left behind.
        I know, that sounds weird, but dun forget this drama’s genre IS fantasy. XDD
        As for the couple…I totally support Ji Hyun x Scheduler, but I fear it won’t happen… the Scheduler is the “device” to bring Yi Kyung back to happiness again, not a love-object. Sadly, cause I would totally choose him if I was Ji Hyun…he’s just so adorably cute. XDD Even my SISTER said that he was awesome and sexy…and hey, my sister practically HATES the outward appearance of asians…she was like”If you EVER marry a korean, I’m fine wiht this one, and ONLY this one, got it?! :DD” …so yush. I hope we get SCheduler x Ji Hyun, but I doubt we will DDD:

  6. Hmm yeah I noticed too that Kang likes Yi Kyung but I can`t keep but wonder who exactly he likes since Ji-Hyun spirit is in her. Is it possible for him to fall for the real her? The thing is that I like the character of Ji-Hyun only when is played by Yi Kyung…

    Sadly if my prediction is right – Kang would end up with the real Ji-Hyun. I think he started to like Yi-Kyung for the reason that she reminds him of Ji-Hyun.

    Can`t wait to see what will happen. I cross fingers for Kang-Yi Kyung couple as well.

  7. “Am I weird in hoping that Han Kang and Yi Kyung are the end game, not some variation of Kang ending up with the resurrected Ji Hyun or falling for Ji Kyung.”

    Nope you’re totally not! I’m also hoping for that and I can’t wait to find out more about Yi Kyung’s story. If Kang ended up with resurrected Ji Hyun then that would be so… predictable and predictable is boring. Truth to be told, I think he’s already falling for Ji Kyung but I hope he gets to know Yi Kyung soon and feel something for her too… now that would make it a compelling love triangle 😛

  8. “I’m glad it turned out the whistle in Ji Kyung’s bag was not the exact same whistle Ji Hyun had in high school, but was a whistle nonetheless that Ji Kyung uses in the same way – to summon help when she’s in trouble. That’s one less inexplicable inconsistency I don’t need to rationalize.” and so do i 🙂

    i knew it! the meeting of Ji Hyun and Min Ho in the woods and cinema were not coincidental and were all set-up by Min Ho and In Jung. i guess, the land has something to do with the unstable mind condition of Min Ho’s mom that’s why they planned it all.

    and no ockoala, you’re not weird in thinking that Han Kang and Yi Kyung are the end game. i’m thinking that way too. that makes us two. heheh! i’m having this thoughts also since ep 1 that the scheduler is Yi Kyung’s ex bf and his death is the reason why she’s in deep agony. and for some reasons, the scheduler sees Yi Kyung as if he doesn’t know her.

    this early, my prediction is that at the end of the story, pairings will be…. jaraaannnn….
    Han Kang and Yi Kyung, Min Ho and In Jung, and Ji Hyun and the most adorable scheduler. whahahahahha!!!!!

    • I like your predictions, hehe. ^^
      I hope the real Yi Kyung starts appearing more. I’m really curious to know all about her background story. There are so many things they haven’t revealed yet in this drama and it’s keeping me watching.

      Thank you for the recap, ockoala! : D

  9. I’m also hoping that Han Kang and Yi Kyung will end up together. I cant wait for Kang to meet YK as herself. I think anything is possible atm. I want to see YK’s journey as well because JH isn’t the only one who needs saving. Someone has to bring YK back to life too. Preferably our hero Kang 🙂

  10. you’re not the only one, ockoala. Even since their first meeting, I can see the chemistry between Lee Yoo Won and Jo Hyun Jae already. And the one who build up chemistry isn’t Nam Gyu Ri, but Lee Yo woon, so i feel it’s not fair if in the end JHJ will end up with the real JH aka NGR. Since I done see they have chemistry in my eyes. Jo Hyun Jae look better with LYW.
    I hope Kang will meet the real YK, interact with her, and can make her dark life become shunnier with his warm personality.

  11. You are not the only one! It’s an old comment but i just finished the k-drama and i grew attached to kang and i-kyung i just shipped them more and i can see more the chemistry. They are actually the one who build the chemistry. But I don’t exactly disagree on the ji-hyun and kang feelings but in those 49 days of her journey she always appeared as i-kyung and I can’t deny that there is so much chemistry for i-kyung and kang. In the last episode, I’m not too cruel and i also considered all of their feeling scheduler and i-kyung and kang and jihyun. But i am actually hoping for a better ending, if they couldn’t make the couples together, they could have at-least give a better ending for those two who are left behind in this world, as a recap on the last 20 episode, sheduler says something when the doctor comes in, in i-kyung’s house like he doesn’t deserve i-kyung, it’s like he is accepting that someone would take his place and would be there for i-kyung and as for the ring that he is hoping to give on i-kyung, my heart is breaking for him knowing that life and death can’t ever be one as together, when he throw that ring that he wears and the one he gave to i-kyung and he wishes happiness for i-kyung i know that he knows that there is somebody that will love i-kyung other than him. And as for ji-hyun and kang, their relationship is also sad because their relationship only grow for only 49 days and he is hoping that she will live but she also dies, it’s really painful knowing that you can’t be with someone you love and you are only given little days to see and love them. I am happy that i-kyung choose to be happy more like the scheduler says, she also need to live her life because he cannot be happy knowing that i-kyung is unhappy And also she reunited with her family and i hope she gets more closer to them, and as for kang he is also starting to finally let go for ji-hyun and focusing more on his career. I actually hope more for i-kyung and kang to be together cause they are the one who remains and i actually hope that he will love her as i-kyung. And if they are both will marry someday , I hope they will be the endgame cause I can’t see other people being with them.

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