Ethan Ruan and Huang Xiao Ming’s New Movie The Flying Guillotine Set to Start Filming in April

After winning Best Actor at the Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan’s Oscars), Ethan Ruan‘s next project has the source of much speculation. He’s apparently going the way of Wu Zun, whose last two movie projects have been wuxia historicals (14 Blades and the upcoming Da Wu Sheng). Ethan has been tapped as one of the two leading men, the other is Huang Xiao Ming, for uber producer-director Peter Chan‘s next movie called The Flying Guillotine (血滴子).

The mythical titular weapon is the deadliest in Chinese wuxia lore, and once released from the hands of the person wielding it, will promptly decapitate its victim and return with the severed head within its maw. Say it with me – ooooouch. I wonder if Peter Chan, who has directed and/or produced some of my favorite movies of all time (Comrades: A Love Story, He’s a Woman, She’s a Man, et. al.) cast Ethan and Huang Xiao Ming after watching them in this adorable Pepsi commercial to commemorate Lunar New Year 2011 (I’ve embedded it below).

While Huang Xiao Ming is a veteran of wuxia dramas, this will be Ethan’s first foray into the period setting, and I’m really curious now to see how this movie will turn out. Filming commences in April, and both guys have been in training for the last few months to learn the moves and convince me they are deadly assassins. Rumor is that they will play rivals. The female lead has not yet been announced. Just please don’t let it be Angelababy. All the pictures of the two guys in this post are from the aforementioned Pepsi commercial, not from the upcoming movie.

Ethan and Huang Xiao Ming’s 2011 Lunar New Year Pepsi CF:


Ethan Ruan and Huang Xiao Ming’s New Movie The Flying Guillotine Set to Start Filming in April — 10 Comments

  1. God, no, please not Angelababy. Is this even being rumored? Or at least, someone please, please, please make her change that porn-star of a moniker, and then I can finally start to take her seriously. Aside from that God-awful name, I really have nothing against her. Just, that name … Makes me shudder every time I see/hear it.

    • “Or at least, someone please, please, please make her change that porn-star of a moniker, and then I can finally start to take her seriously.” HAH! Well said.

  2. Why, WHY are there not good commercials in America? Okay, maybe I’m being a little unfair, but still. America can’t compete with gorgeous men like Ethan. I mean, Brad Pitt? Psht, not even cool. kkkk ^_^

    This does sound interesting. I’ve never seen a historical Taiwanese/Chinese/Japanese movie, only Korean ones – does everyone talked stilted like they do in sageuks? As long as the costumes are gorgeous and the men are hot, I can get over that.

    • Oh yeah, in fact the costumes in historical chinese and japanese dramas are very pleasant to watch and yes they would use historical form of speech in those dramas (except those horrible TVB dramas which occasionally use very modern dialogue all of a sudden…)

  3. That’s an awesome commercial! *__*

    And wow, am I hallucinating or these two have great chemistry together? Man, if the movie turns to be about a forbidden bromace between two rivals? I may actually start making noises of glee right now.

    • It is an awesome, CF, isn’t it? Cute, fast-paced, well-integrated use of the product, and perfect for the Lunar New Year it was intended to celebrate.

      We’ll see bromance in the new movie, but no forbidden romance, so saz the director. Boo.

  4. Smart move, Ethan! Peter Chan can’t make an absolutely horrid movie and he’s as sure a bet a constantly good to great PD C cinema can offer these days.

    Sizzling chemistry with HXM, and if Peter can hold in Huang’s patent hamming and greasing up the screen, this will make a very heart/head-breaking pair.

    • Peter Chan has gone on record as saying the movie won’t go all Brokeback on us. Which is hilarious that he feels the need to clarify that, which bespeaks how much he understands that Ethan+HXM immediately makes viewers go O_O with the two hot guys with sizzing guy chemistry with each other.

      Just as long as neither loses their head in the movie, I’m all good with that!

  5. Does anyone think they look quite similar?

    Though i am definitely an Ethan Ruan supporter than Hwang Xiao Ming. Been an Ethan Ruan supporter eversince Fated To Love You and My Queen.

    Saw HXM in Summer Desire and he left a blah impression. Despite all the pre-hype surrounding him … and anyone that can be attracted a girl name Angelababy … hmmm. Yep I am way shallow, it’s all already in the name.

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