Best Love Releases Second Trailer

Are the drama gods trying to kill me? Hot on the heels of the second Lie to Me trailer comes the second Best Love trailer. I suppose the two dramas NOT airing against each other is truly the only respite from two months of drama madness for me.

I confess that as a whole, the Lie to Me trailers have been much more addicting and funny than the Best Love trailers, but my drama sixth sense tells me story-wise Best Love will probably be much more substantive and cohesive. Starting next week, let the good times roll, baby!

Second Trailer for Best Love:


Best Love Releases Second Trailer — 16 Comments

      • I see^^, 49 days keep getting better… I can’t wait until tomorrow… will they finally show all Yi Soo and Yi Kyung past? Or his accident will be just on ep. 14? I wonder 😀 This mean next episode will be so sad huhuhu my heart will hurt so much…

  1. Was that the secretary from Queen of Reversals I saw? I love him! I really need to grab my laptop and run away from home for the next 2 months…unfortunately if my family didn’t send the search and rescue after me, my boss would.

  2. I like Lie to me trailers and i think i’m gonna love it. But Best Love….. i watched the first trailer like 20 or 30 times??? lost count a long ago. and this new trailer I LOVE IT (mark my capital words ;))
    i’m resigned: i know next week i’ll be completely insane, i’m a little crazy already. Best Love seems so funny and CSW looks so hot and crazy… I know it will be my favorite <33333
    Thanks koala so much!!!!

  3. Oh man looks good.
    I love how they have former idols in this drama that’s about former idols hahahaha.
    Totally can’t wait for this drama. Felt like I been waiting forever xD

  4. Thanks for bringing us the goodies, ockoala!

    I’m super excited about Best Love and while watching this second trailer, I’m also glad to see that CSW’s facial hair is tamer because now, I can watch him without getting distract by it.

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