Yoo Ah In and Kim Sa Rang Pair Up for LG Optimus Black Ad Campaign

Hhhmmm, this is rather odd. Not odd in a bad way, but odd in a “I’ve never thought of putting them together” way, kinda like pickles and chocolate ice-cream. LG has selected Kim Sa Rang and Yoo Ah In for their latest cell phone ad campaign (the Optimus Black – which I keep reading as the Optimus Prime), and I just can’t get over the something isn’t quite right vibe for this collaboration.

Oh, I like them both quite a lot, and this noona-dongsaeng pairing does remind me of what to expect for the upcoming Song Joong Ki and Han Ye Seul new movie. I think I know what it is – with his face clean shaven, Yoo Ah In looks about 12 years old (maybe on the cusp of 13), and Kim Sa Rang is as big of a bombshell goddess as they come amongst K-actresses. Together, this is like a noona-baby romance.


Yoo Ah In and Kim Sa Rang Pair Up for LG Optimus Black Ad Campaign — 12 Comments

  1. The solo shots are fine, but…yeah, it seems s rather odd choice/pairing.

    And the chocolate ice-cream would be YAI, right? ^^

    the Optimus Black – which I keep reading as the Optimus Prime
    Me too, me too! LOL We’re such DORKS! 😉

    • When the LOLcat was first born into pop culture, I kept flashing back to the theme song from Thundercats. And the Smurfs are coming to the big screen this summer. Gah, my childhood always finds me.

      YAI might actually be the pickle, since I’ve heard his “real” personality on his reality show Launch My Life is abrasive and the opposite of graciously charming.

      • If you do ever get around to watching Launch my Life, it will be a bit of a shock to those of us who are used to seeing him as a baby-face. He is definitely not the nice boy – he’s a little diva, a little (okay, a lot) abrasive, and a little 0ff-putting. I still don’t know what to make of it.

      • Yeah, I heard the same thing and I wanted to watch Launch my life, but I need to register at mnet and gah, too much trouble.

    • me three reading it as Optimus Prime…even after u said it’s not. I’m four on cusp of 5.

      It makes him hotter that he’s not all nice and sweet. There should not be sweet nice 12 yo boys…I’d rather they all be pain in the behind and grow up hot.

  2. I don’t see the beauty in any ad especially when Steve Jobs opens his mouth and starts to win the market for MAC, everything else seems dull and outdated….nothings beats a MAC dominated market but I’m a Nokia fan, MAC for me is a profit driving demon who will monopolize the music market and will savagely drive the CD market out of business 🙁 Nope this ad has no brand recall at all….sorry!!!! Bored!!!!!

    • They should ditch this ad and change it for a blacked tinted car, where some girl from a party had to change inside her heavily tinted car in the middle of a traffic jam to get to her meeting the next day….Andriod phone….waaaaahhhhhh BORING AD!!!! Tagline “Sometimes you just have to win it all” to that kind of effect…. 😉 sorry I was bored….

      • Oh I forgot it’s the KOREAN MARKET NOT U.S….hmmmm is there signal in the middle of the sea….?

    • Hee, I saw that yesterday, but thank you. It’s not as fun as the first trailer, TBH, but I’m probably not thinking straight since I watched like 192 different trailers yesterday, or so it felt like.

  3. They’re both individually beautiful, but… I don’t know. She seems like she could be his mom. (If moms were ever such goddesses.)

    Thanks for sharing.

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