Chilling Romance with Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki Releases New Stills

The just wrapped K-movie Chilling Romance, with Lee Min Ki and Son Ye Jin, released a few new stills as the movie enters post-production. Lee Min Ki has a slew of movies either just finished or lined up, so I don’t think we’ll see him back in dramas anytime soon. Neither does it look like Son Ye Jin will leave movies in the near future as well.

I don’t blame either of them – both of them gave it their all in their last dramas, which were absolutely stinkers of a plot and/or execution. I plowed through all of Personal Taste and I Really, Really Like You for Ye Jin and Min Ki (okay, LMHMG was also another reason I stuck with PT), and afterwards I wanted to go bleach my brain. Chilling Romance, however, sounds totally intruiging.

Chilling Romance tells the story of a woman (Son Ye Jin) who begins to see spirits after a car accident (a twist on what happened to the lead character in the HK-horror movie The Eye). Her new founded ability finds herself intersecting with a magician (Lee Min Ki) who uses spirits as part of his spectacle of a magic show. CR is a rom-com of sorts, so I expect cuddlier spirits than the ones which pervaded The Eye. This movie and coupling definitely looks promising for me.


Chilling Romance with Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki Releases New Stills — 13 Comments

  1. in PT it looked to me that the PD didn’t exploit his ACE – Son Ye Jin looks – contrary – kids saw her as ugly (when she’s not) or trying to be cute when she is can do Hot and sexy like no other and a lil bit less fragile and vulnerable –

    Evasive Inquiry Agency was the drama that made LMK to forget about television
    he is not the only guy who is doing chungmuro rather than dramas
    Kang Dong Won did it after Magic
    Song Hye Kyo after Worlds within
    Won Bin didn’t made a drama since 2002
    Lee Byung Hun made a single drama since 2003 – until now no sign he is doing another one soon
    Choi Ji-Woo none since 2008 and counting
    Lim Soo-Jung is listed only with I’m sorry I love you and School 4
    and so on

  2. Sounds totally intriguing.

    Is IRRLY that bad? I haven’t watched it yet. It can’t be worse than PT, though, can it?

    • No, it isn’t worse than PT. I can actually stand IRRLY for Min Ki, just be prepared to park your brain and watch the pretty.

  3. They look good together.. looking forward to the movie!!

    I might watch IRRLY for Min Ki.. And as for PT, I liked it for all the couple moments as well..

  4. I actually liked IRRLY, mostly for the Eugene-Lee Min Ki chemistry. Plus it was earlier on in my kdrama obsession, so I was probably more forgiving back then. It could have been a lot shorter though – Ryu Jin’s parts dragged on unnecessarily.

  5. I like Personal Taste. Ye Jin did a good job acting as someone who pay little attention about her personal appearance until Lee Min Ho appeared in her life. Lee was someone who paid a lot of attention to physical appearance. He had influenced Ye Jin and she started to pay more attention to her appearance. So, at the beginning, Ye Jin looked bad in her silly outfit but later on, she looked very cute. Even though Lee Min Ho is younger than Ye Jin, they do look like a very happy and good looking couple together.

  6. I liked Lee Min Ki on Dal Ja’s Spring and Evasive Inquiry Agency. He showed a lot more colors as an actor there. But I had a hard time watching I really really like you (grr). The drama wasn’t all that. As for Ye Jin .. I like her more in the movies than in dramas. PT wasn’t really all that in terms of depth. It felt like Lee Min Ho(t) was modeling for men’s catalog (I’m not complaining)

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