Park Shin Hye in Taiwan to Promote Hayate the Combat Butler with George Hu

This week sees the premiere of two new TW-dramas – Material Queen with Vanness Wu and Lynn Xiong on Friday (I am SO watching that), and Hayate the Combat Butler with Park Shin Hye and George Hu on Sunday (also watching, looks cute). Park Shin Hye took 3 days out of her sure to be packed filmng schedule for her upcoming K-drama Heartstrings to fly to Taiwan this week to do a few promotional activities.

Actually, George is in the midst of filming Rookies Diary 2 as well, so the media tour was limited to 3 events because both leads happen to be so busy. I’m not even going to predict the ratings, since Drunken to Love You is pulling in phenomenal numbers and Love Keeps Going is doing alright. Depends if viewers are in the mood for some cute fun times with a manga-adaptation like Hayate. Bringing you some pictures from the media tour as well as the final batch of trailers for the drama.

Shin Hye’s Promo Trailer for Hayate:

George’s Promo Trailer for Hayate:

Final Batch of Trailers for Hayate:


Park Shin Hye in Taiwan to Promote Hayate the Combat Butler with George Hu — 13 Comments

    • Nope, it’s Vaness Wu, who stars in the upcoming TW-drama Material Queen 🙂
      I agree his profile looks similar to KJH’s though.

    • Your concept of “fat” is really fuzzy. Where the hell this girl is fat? She’s really healthy and oozes this bright and cheerful aura, unlike most of skinny and lethargic k-actresses around there.

  1. wow thanks Okoala for this taiwanese drama “Hayate the Combat Butler” vids. sure looking forward to watching it, Shin Hye and George looks cute together. unfortunately PSH was voiced over (which I heard is common there) yeah she slim a bit now. She’s really beautiful and sweet, very friendly. George is a shy hunk, another hottie for sure!

  2. I’m watching Material Queen if I can find subs for it. Not sure about Hayate. OMG, since when do I watch TW-dramas as they air? Oh yeah, since you convinced me to watch SH and the madness started! ^^

    Btw, whenever I see Wu’s name, my brain goes “oooh that’s a girl” cos Vanessa is a girl’s name here and apparently my brain just can’t accept that Vanness is 1)=/= than Vanessa and 2) a man. *facepalm x infinity*

  3. Where’s Tama the tiger? He’s my favorite character! I hope he makes an appearance in the show at some point!

  4. i definitely will watch hayate…shinhye looks good also with george hu ..i just love how george look/stares at shinhye during the seems that shinhye got close with both george and tia li and i hope that their friendship will continue despite distance

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