Major Spoilers for the Ending of Lie to Me

[Edit: added new picture from Jeju]

[Koala’s current mood: shy anticipation.]

Tears, they be coming from my eyes. Everybody – I’m here for the next 72 hours as we sail our Lie to Me ship to its sure to be magnificent conclusion. HUGE spoilers for the ending coming up after the jump. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. *does happy Koala dance on mah tree*

Ki Joon proposes to Ah Jung. Does anyone need me to translate the entire news article? No, I didn’t think so. A picture (or two) is worth a billion words. These two people needn’t ever talk – their eyes and their smile says everything. I love you, is what it says to me, a random voyeur peeking at their love story. You all have permission to roll around on the ground and start screaming. If anyone asks, you are simply having a “moment”. Ask them to leave you alone until this drama finishes.

Okay, the last line from the news article was this. It has since been edited, but DC Lie and Baidu folks have already copied the original article in its entirety.

‘내거해’ 강지환 ‘윤은혜, 나랑 결혼해줄래?

“Be mine.” Kang Ji Hwan: Yoon Eun Hye, will you marry me?

The news article did not use the names Hyun Ki Joon and Gong Ah Jung in that last sentence. I think the writer is a HwanHye shipper. Wow.

Edit: New picture of our OTP in Jeju. That does not looke like Ki Joon-Ah Jung. I am not hallucinating when I say that is Ji Hwan and Eun Hye.

[Credit: Newsen news]


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  1. Say What??????


    *goose bums all over**goose bums all over**goose bums all over**goose bums all over**goose bums all over**goose bums all over**goose bums all over*

  2. Oh, and while I normally abhor the use of all caps in comment posts. You all have my permission to abuse the caps lock button just this once. 😀 Squeal away. As loud as you want.

    • THANK YOU MS.K!!!!!! NO WORDS CAN EXPRESS HOW MUCH I’M FEELING RIGHT NOW!!!! * clap * clap *dancing *rolling * laughing … totally insane!!!!!

      • No I think she’s not..if you see the photo when she’s holding his hand, there is no additional padding to give the supposed to be ‘pregnant-look’…

      • But I said to go ahead and all caps. I wasn’t trying to be snarky. 😀


        *officially gone insane*

        Oh, and I don’t think Ah Jung is pregnant.

        Though with so much fact blending with fiction, and the common trajectory of K-ent couples, I would be the first to totally support her getting knocked up in RL and them getting married. XD *completely making no sense anymore*

    • Koala…i think she will in the scene hahaha or should i say…kids around them like in Secret Garden & Greatest Love waaaaaaa little Ah-Jeung & Ki Joon…THANKS YOU SO MUCH for posting 🙂 THIS IS REALLY NOT A MANIC MONDAY!!! hahahaha

      • 9:30am Singapore. At work. SQUEEAALLL….Am I glad I open this site first thing this morning! Never had I loved Monday until LTM come to my life. Now I can work…IF i am not finding more info on LTM that is! 🙂

        But Koala, how am I going to get my fix and survive after this week??? Anyone knows if there is a support group for LTM addicts?

      • She’s definitely holding her stomach in a pregnant woman sort of way. How many frigging months jump are we going to get? Oh, she’s going to walk down the eile pregnant or after they have their first child. oh my gosh!


      I know am abusing your kindness now… Oh God!!! am such a dork… been fantasizing about this for a week and now that it’s happening am crying?!!! omo…omo…

    • Like I said , my fairy godmother never fails to deliver . . . Damn. . No space to roll . . . . That’s why sleeping in this bootcamp is never an option phew!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been so anxious and woke up at 5.30 am thinking of LTM ending episode all night. this is my first time ever posting on a website so happy to have found your website.

    Thank you SBS and LTM team for giving us this happy ending and please make a special edition of LTM or extension episode or LTM II showing their beginning of marriage life just like in Be Strong Geum Soom.

    Thank you again.

    • or even like the YT version like in PK will do… hehehe not greedy yeah… KJH shouldn’t have taken that new film… how can they shot the things we like? oh well…not really greedy….bwahahaaaaaaa

  4. The same dress at the one she had when she went to the toy store.


  6. *TEARYEYED ;)) this is MONDAY, Baby!!!! woooohoooooooo Ki Joon!!! Ah-Jeung!!! Let’s GO!!!!! Hope this is not the last scene…PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!! Hoping they will show they have kids already…like in Secret Garden & Greatest Love….Love! Love! Love!!!

  7. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I love playing in your playground, so many beautiful, wonderful LTM treats. I can’t thank you enough. By golly, thanks so much Ms. Koala. Circling, dancing, squee with joy. Yippie!!!

  9. aaahhhh!!! i wanna cry already!!! I can’t catch the show live for the last week that it’s on air and it’s ripping my heart apart!!!

  10. OMG!!!! Thank you Koala! I was just reading your post of how to say farewell to LTM and I got a call so when I came back I found this other post and I started to scream!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!! 

  11. And it’s totally happening in HIS TOY ROOM!!! Gaaaah, just how freaking perfect is that? SERIOUSLY??? HKJ’s most personal place, shared with GAJ… and he’s proposing there! Ugh, FINALLY the writer gets something right.

    • oh wow, didn’t think that room even existed in KJ’s house… but that first pic totally shows the doors to his kitchen.

      That’s such a perfect place for the proposal. Kudos to the writers… it’s just so Ah Jung/Ki Joon. Too excited now! Let the countdown begin 🙂

      • they showed it in episode 1. he was making his miniature models when he got a call that sang hee is back in korea, and he left the room to go look for him at the club.

      • yep, and on their first date (the pen/movie episode), Ah Jung asks Ki Joon to tell him something he’s never told others before, and after hesitating for a moment, he tells her about his hobby. In response she asks him to show it to her next time if he gets a chance to.

        It was such a perfect scene… I’m SOOOO glad they’re revisiting it. It’s also fantastic because this scene will mark her return to Ki Joon’s place. There’s just SOOO many reasons why this set up is perfect. I just can’t get over it!

    • Zore…Now I remember!!!! The lights are dim, right 🙂 Wow! I think i need another marathon hahahaha Thanks! thanks!

      • yep, it’s where KJ gets the call from Hoon that Sang Hee is back in Seoul and out at the night club.

    • hahahahaha so the writer is smart after all…he/she reads our posts huh… alright writernim…sugweso…. you love your life and I guarantee you a flourishing career after this… ahhhhhhh I could kiss you myself writernim…

  12. Hello everyone and especially to Ms Koala,

    I so absolutely fell in love with LTM! The drama is both relaxing and so romantic. Both leading actors has superb chemistry and wonderful to watch! This drama series will live in my heart for a long long time!

    Thank you most to Ms Koala for feeding my ‘obsession’ of LTM!!! Great Job!

  13. Totally and completely camping for Monday’s and Tuesday’s recaps!!! Ms. Koala… 최고의 recapper! hehehe
    KJ proposing!!!! SQUEALLLL!!!!

  14. maybe she’s got pregnant after the ice cream hot love scene???
    way to go KJ!! (IF, she really is got pregnant)


    • I don’t think much of a time jump is happening. That’s just the dress’s effect.

      Besides, with how much Ki Joon’s fallen for Ah Jung, I don’t think he’d wait until she’s knocked up just to propose.

      • hahaha i think so too… I had to scrutinize the pic and as much as I wanted to believe AJ is pregger, I think it’s the dress style… anyway, am still hoping for a honeymoon (like the one in ISWAK? I just find it so freakin hot the balcony shot)… ahhhhhh when I was contemplating the best honeymoon shot I wanted AJ and KJ to have ISWAK came to mind….

      • I would also love adding Secret Garden style in it haha! it’s too early for a smokin’ hot topic here…which reminds me that PG sign in the playground shining down right in front of me 😀

      • Of course being a decent guy kjh wont do that to yeh! How dare he! But now with all our blessings ( nay demand is a better word) I ‘m sure it’s a GO!!

      • dying along with you gracey after ROLLING around from glee reading those photos!!! It’s HAPPY MONDAY alright!! thanks Koala very much for this Major Spoiler!!! loving you a thousand times as we all love our LTM OTP 🙂

  15. I’m really rolling on the ground, screaming so loud……. with teareyed!!!!! I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank u so much for this spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \(^o^)/\(^o^)/ 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

  16. Whuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    i really really love that pics!!
    I’m so exited for tonight!
    Thank you ockoala unni 😀


  18. proposal is fine &all but I just wanna know is there gonna be a bed scene xD
    Come on already…I read about the ice cream love scene so is that the bed scene hahahahaha I sound like a pervert but I know majority of us is thinking the same thing. With such a hot chemistry we gotta have a bed scene.
    Plus people on are asking could she be pregnant, in those pictures?
    So if we gonna get a pregnant Ah Jung. I want at least a bed scene so I can see the baby making xD lol Oh &I wanna see her wedding dress hahahahaha

    • hahahaha…so curious bout tha ice cream love scene…can’t figure it out hahaha so much sweetness in this drama…COLA kiss…ICE CREAM love scene wooooo *antseverywhere

  19. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….loveeeeeeee it. Thanks koala, my heart jumping for joy, already in the office now and my mouth could not stop smiling … all my friends see me with question look, well, i don’t care what they think as long as LTM get happy ending <3 <3 😀


  21. WOAHHH…….this is what I really wanted to see….finally.

    12 more hours to go for the episode 15…….hohoho….you really made my day Koala. Thank you so much for these 2 awesome pictures……

  22. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….tts what v all want … but SBS can have a special edition…mayb something like PK yt special edition so v can live our life easier to knw tt JH n AY have a happy ever wedding life
    .. 🙂

  23. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh… SQUEEEEEEEELLLLLLL…

    jumping up and down as I typed this!! What a treat for my monday morning *biggrin*

  24. Can’t wait for the episode tonight via streaming and the recaps…can’t get enough of LTM(YEH & KJK)..thanks Koala…mucho mucho 😉

  25. ahhhhh I’m tingling with happiness and bliss…. I find KJH’s hands really attractive and masculine the way he covered her eyes and clasped her hands.. I hope after this propose scene, the next scene will be them going straight to bed LOL.. sighh such a bittersweet feeling i have right now… I don’t want LTM to end but i can’t wait to see it today…

  26. Ahhhhhh…..!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Ok – when I refreshed and saw the header, I was like, should I look, should I look??? I wanted to resist… but I couldn’t!!!!!!!!

    While I’m super happy, I’m greedy…. I want more, much more… after all, our man KJ here has been engaged once before and look where that got him. I need at least a wedding (a beautiful one – where I can see AJ’s dad give her away – that always moves me) and much more. Is this happening in ep 16 or 15?

    Thank you soo much Ms Koala for feeding the addiction. How can I wait until July 5th to watch this???

    • This just needs to be said.

      WHEN KJH finnally proposes to YEH in RL – let’s just say HE had practice in LTM first!!!!!!!! & though we will not privy to that – THAT PIC will be for us to drool over. LOLs.

      OMG. Can’t believe it. Seriously. Did the writer finnaaaally GEDDIT?!?!?!?! Seriously. This TOPS any love scene (sorry I know some of us want it – but really – THIS proposal does officially sanction any kind of skinship / kissage we wanna come up with subsequent from here. LOLs.)

      I wonder how much ad-lipped scenes there will be coming Monday and Tuesday. Ooohhh I want director’s cut of this drama. And background info on the ad-lipped scenes!!!

  27. OMG without reading the comments, i took one look at her dress and went “she is pregnant” I would totally ship that cos i think they are that kind of couple and then maybe a wedding later??

    anyway, i dont know what to think anymore, i am not actually watching this drama (too interested in cuty hunter) but i occasionally tune in or read the recaps at the playground 🙂

  28. Ohhhhhhheeeeeemmmmmmjeeeeeeee!!!!! Ms. Koala! You are AWESOMMMMMEEEEE!!!!! *spazzing* *trembling* *ROFLing* gaaaaaaahhh!!!! AM.SO.HAPPY! Just… look at Ki Joon, he looks so nervous and anxious in the first pic… hahaha! He really is so in love. Yes, THIS. indeed is the perfect ending this crazy mob has been waiting for.

    Time to put away the pitch forks and the axes and knives, guys, no one’s gonna die tomorrow. Unless the PD and screewriter change this plot and then I’m bring out the rocket launcher, with the smart bomb, that never misses its target. Huh, they better be warned…

    And you, our Ms. Koala highness, do you know you have been such a great crack dealer??? by constantly feeding our addiction, you made sure we never get off the crack??!! We be loving it, that’s for sure… ‘coz we’re always high and never get to land. If you were a real drug dealer, you’d be a millionaire by now! LOL.

    Here’s hoping this same crazy, lovable mob find another crack of choice after LTM that we can score from you, boss!

    • great comment wits! 🙂 so true that ockoala keeps giving us cracks and keeps us floating on air! hehehe

      omo! i think will still be in denial once LTM finishes! will just have to rewatch and rewatch over and over again! 🙂

  29. ooohhhhh mmmyyyy godddddddddddddd……


    i’m so excitinggg..happy..i just want to scream out loud right now but i remember i’m in office right now…

    finally the ending will be as i want and maybe all of us want..yesss a WEDDING and then Bed Sceen….*rolling on floor from happiness

  30. thank you Ms. Koala. this is the best way to wake up after dreaming about our LTM OTP ….. OOOOOHHHHHH …. i just can’t stop smiling :)))))) can someone tell me how i can be productive in the office now when my brain will be somewhere else all day???

  31. Thank you!!!! Hopefully we get to see them get married!!!!! And life after!!!! I heard they were in Jeju Island maybe they are wrapping something up for this 2 OTP!!!! Love it!

  32. I want to smile but I can’t! I mean, a proposal is one thing, and a YES is another thing altogether—what if she, for whatever strange reason, says NO?!

    Seriously, can you’ll blame me for being pessimistic?—especially after the two messed up previews they gave us?

    • yikes!!! yeah… you have a point! But maybe just maybe the preview is just a way to tease us. I don’t think they will end this badly.

      • I pray you’re right Mary; because I totally am dying to buy the DVD—it’ll my 2nd ever Kdrama DVD purchase so I hope they give us all the happily ever after we want so I can buy the DVD 🙂

    • I’m too happy over the pics that it never cross my mind of this possibility until now.. haha but since this is a romcom, i supposed 90% that it would a happy ending? Please be a happy ending! >.<

    • Oh my girl Adjovie (btw I like ur name)! I implored you before never never give up on your fairy godmother! How can she not accept? @&@$@&$@&$@&$@&$ that’s what she will get if she says no! Bah we are not that easy baby. . . .

      • Hi Bo! About my name—Thanks 🙂

        Now back to the serious business of happily ever after for our LTM couple:
        I am seriously going to believe in you Fairy Godmother; see? I looked at the spoiler pics again—I’m actually 🙂 ‘ing now!

      • What a good girl . . . . . You will get what the others are preparing for the celeb party Ice cream cola float and i’ll share my fireworks with you – you can do the counting while I push the button !

  33. GOTCHA! My fairy godmother delivers again !

    In koala playground it’s always 24/7. With just two screen caps and we are ready to riot! KEEP them cominggggg. . . .

    We are so ready with our delusional anticipation definitely can’t keep our guards down not now not ever.

    Can’t roll on the ground mum no space anymore. Hah I’ll just have me light some of those explosive devices emitting the best sound and brightest blinding lights . . Ready on my count . 900 minutes , 899 min, 898 min, 897 min, 896 min, 895 min , 894, 896 , 892, 897, 891,893, WTH my mind is going bonkers. . . . .

  34. Squee..

    can’t think.Imma going to be in such a good mood my work mates are going to think I am on drugs.

    Thank you so much koala.I LOVE YOU after KJ and AJ 🙂

  35. call it coincidence or what… when i read this post and replying to those comments above I felt something in me but did not think too much about it until I made a bathroom break… and there i screamed,,,BOOOYAA I had my PERIOD!!! yess am freaking out because I haven’t had my period in 5 LONG YEARS!!! and I thought I had my menopause already!!!! OMFG…look what LTM did to my hormones… I feel like am 13 and I just had my menarche…omoooooo

    • Congratulation mizweng! Do you want me to light you some high sounding blinders (same ones I prepared in lieu of rolling around). But this time you do the counting my hands are trembling and (my math sucks). .

    • @ bo and peipei

      congratulating me? weh? i was happy not having my period for so many years… ottoke? i could’t find a single sanitary napkin in my house…I had to run to the nearest store and embarrassingly ask for one… oh dear another reason added why I JUST CAN’T FORGET LTM!!! Gosh! I hate to hear what my son will say when he knows about this… hmmm i think he would remind me to bring condom when I’m on a date now…yikes!!! this is grosssssss….

      quit laughing peipei… am no clown…

      • @angelito

        do you think I will joke about this matter? am freaking out…sintya!!! i need to have an oby appointment but am scared… oh well I hope when all these huballoos end my hormone regulates also…haaaayyyyy angelito where are your funny antics? i need them… sibal…. hahahhaaaa

      • @ mizweng….




        OMG!! I can’t stop laughing…..

      • @ peipei
        hey, i should practice what i preach yunno!!! besides, would it not freak you out to hear a PREGGY HALMONI??? now that could be another reason why i can’t forget LTM… but then that’s totally gross and my son might disown me…. omoooo

      • Mizweng.. I think you should immediately go to your Obs… you know…ask him to give you something to prevent you to become preggie …. bhuahahahahahahahaha…
        I couldn’t help it and imagining if you’re preggie then become headlines in a newspaper

        “Miracles!!… an ahjumma is pregnant and it all because of K-Drama”


      • @mizweng – seriously you need to see an OBGY though I have a feeling she will tell you it’s just “stress” and you’re undergoing a normal phase in a woman’s life (totally not referring to age). . . .

        Pssssssst . . just an idea, when you buy condoms and napkins- tell them it’s for your son’s GF . . . . am dunking now lol . .

      • OMFG my son will kill me if that happens… can’t let that happen… omoooo

      • @ bo
        you better run… i can’t accept yet that my son has a gf ( he said he doesn’t and i believe him)…. hehehe thanks for all the concern tho i have the feeling it is NOT really concern but you just made me a laughing stock…well for the love of LTM I gladly accept my fate….

      • @ Bo

        I don’t think mizweng is prepare to accept the fact that her sweet lovely son is sexually active and needs condoms! Are you trying to give her a heart attack!!!! For the proposal in LTM, she got her period, I don’t want to know what would happen the time, the son confess mom, I have a GF, its 10 years older than me, have a tattoo parlor, and it is pregnant!!! LOL

      • omooo angelito… i have to spray some salt with those things you said… not my sweet son… oh nooooo
        waughhhhhhh take back what you said…waughhhh

      • @Mizweng hah, hah, hah, hah , sorry out of breath from running . . hah, hah, hah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Stop it right there- you better run after Angelito not me (I just gave you an excuse but he took it to the next upper level) .

        @Angelito; Run Angelito run. Dock as well I can see plates and frying pans flying your way. and barrel of salts coming yahhhhh . .

      • @Mizweng hope you don’t think you are the only special one here – we are all laughing stock in this playground due to TEMPORARY insanity (emphasis on temporary) syndrome . . . I give myself at most a month to get back to normalcy, otherwise i”ll check myself in. (back to playground)

      • Mizweng,angelito, n bo…you guys so funny….angelito you better run…Ahjumma attack is more fierce than Bom n troops attack hahaha….

      • Mizweng,angelito, n bo…you guys so funny….angelito n bo you better run…Ahjumma attack is more fierce than Bom n troops attack hahaha….

      • @Bo

        Don’t worry if someone has been affected here is me, I even write essays, about the things that happen in LTM, in my college life I never write one WTH!!!! LOL


        I take back, everything I say, I was joking, no need for the flying pans and pots!!! LOL, and relax, we all here have being the laughing stock, once in a while, well I think I be a lot …. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I love to laugh, specially is if in a fight with Peipei!!!!

      • @ angelito, bo, peipei, nowhere

        i love you guyzzz… thanks for all your insanities i believe I’m the SANEST in this site…. you all make my LTM experience the unforgettable one!!! muwahhhhh

      • @ mizweng … r u sure you’re the sanest in this site?? remember… u just got ur period … that’s a prove that you’re totally insane over LTM world.. how come!! hahahahahahahaha
        nobody is sane in this LTM world… even Ms. K is insane too…

      • sintya… am not kidding… this drama did a scientific breakthrough with my body… oh dear…

      • omooo this is NOT NORMAL and you are congratulating me???? well again this site is not for normal people so maybe I should coyly accept… thanks!!!

      • so I’m quoting angelitocurioso….seriously? walang biro?? LTM fuck ur hormone?? Day baka susunod nyan mabuntis ka KJH sa kaka- dream mo sa kanya… oh dear I can’t laughing!!!!!

      • hahaha that’s why we’re talking about condom and contaceptive above…oh god this is totally weird…am not kidding… someone says it could be due to stress…and i think its right but then in 5 yrs i had more stressful situations than this… maybe the roller coaster of emotions are too much for my body…or maybe it’s the feeling of being in love? squeeeee now that excites me… i need to find my very own KJ now…gotta buy me a ticket to SK…

      • hay am sure ilang beses na ko binuntis ni KJH in my dream!!!! kahit nung menopause pa ko… bwahahaha

    • this thread is seriously cracking me up, one of the reason why i always camp in the playground, i love the people up here! your comments make me crazy!

      • @ mizweng Day its almost 10 pm here in california n here Iam laughing out so loud my neighbors will call 911. there so much noise coming from my house.

    • lol @misweng you’re cracking me up! guess LTM gives you hormonal imbalance for the moment. i just can’t stop laughing while reading all the comments regarding your second puberty hahahaha! be ready for your second debut. congratulations! 🙂

      • ohhhhh that excites me to no end…it means first kiss…first touch…first s*x…first big OH….oh dear… LTM what have you done to the conservative “me”??? all those KJ/AJ flirting is doing this to me huh…how would I explain that to my oby or… shrink?

      • Love everyone camping here! Same imaginations, same vulgarity, same insanity hahahha! Koala’s playground is the best! And everyone is the playmates whahaha!

    • Ohhhh please, don’t start with Park Hoon fight again @angelito @ peipei! No more blood spills K?

      This time make it a real open fight for KJH. Let’s see how you fight it out with my godmother! hahaha

      • Hahaha how did it go this far? There’s really no time lost here. Anyway, I stick to what I say @angelito and @peipei . .

  36. Koala, I simply LOVE LOVE the way you put the words together 🙂

    I was grinning from ear to ear while reading your post, and my husband thought I was crazy.

    Even though LTM will end tomorrow, we can hope that the love story will continue if YEH & KJH carry their reel love to real love

  37. Ohhhh Koala sister you did it again! I was having a time off the computer for some errands, and when I had the first opportunity I turned to the computer and BINGO! another surprise! Gawd! You never fail to elate us LTM addicts! 😉

    I’m going in a fit is a sec!! Awwwssss so happy! ;-).. padded tongue depressor ready please!.lol

    I really am gonna miss this drama, Koala’s recaps, spoilers and infos… is this really gonna end???? I’m ambivalent right now my family will think I am a Bipolar. All smile and squeeling one moment, then tears the next… I am goin’ insane huhuhuhu…
    Also, I’ll miss reading comments about LTM. The campers of this playgound, e.g. angelitocurioso, lieshers, bobo, nowhere, conie and the rest, from whom I’ve read comments that make you smile, cry and laugh with their antics… most especially the plot they’d like to develop for YEH/KJH love story and the war they are planning if the PD will not give us the ending we want.

    I’m crying a bucket now :-((((((

    I know I will be the only who resolved not to go live streaming tonight. The masochist in me won, and told me wait for the subbed videos for the finale. I am going to relish the last moments on my own… I know, I can hear you all say “CRAZY YOU!”, but I will still wait so I can relish the moment. Sucks, how am I gonna detox myself from this addiction???

    • Welcome dear…I’m not watch it live cause here buffering sucks so I have to wait till next morning to download it…we’re still here…don worri hehehe…keep lurking this lovely playground!!

      • @ nowhere… I’m definitely camping on this playground permanently after LTM. But I guess will resort back to being the silent reader, unless, there will be another YEH/KJH project. lol

        Well, I guess that will make two of us not seeing it live tonight. See, you in this playground then, after I’d be able to watched the subbed finale. 😉

      • @sarang : I wish the next YEH-KJH “project” would be their happily ever after love in real life! ” 🙂

      • ooo the torture of not knowing. I can’t get live streaming and don’t speak korean. But who need to know the words when the eyes and body is saying universal language. Off to drown coke..what else ;-P

    • @ dzigh….that’s my fervent wish too… I do hope they’d realize that lol

      (p.s. couldn’t find a reply button after your post) 😉

      • @Serendipity.. IKR?..I don’t know if I can keep my resolve later… with all the tidbits I am reading now, my heart is nearly bursting. I just might loose myself and watch later raw. 😉

  38. YIPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I’m on cloud nine! Had a sleepless night because of DTLY. Right now, I’m at work with about 4 hours to go and I’m so light headed I can’t think straight.

    All the blame goes to dear Ms. Koala. Not my fault for checking this website at this time of the day, of course! It’s going to be another two sleepless nights camping here at my favourite playground.

    I’m just not going to be able to resist the temptation – I’ll watch LTM raw even though I won’t understand a word of what’s been said. What would I not give to understand Korean at this moment! So, please, please, please Koala, a fast Baby recap, at the least please! Thanks very much for yor awesome effort so far. Love ya!

  39. [sorry for the loooooong post, must get it out]

    THUMP!!! THUMP!!! My heart is thumping so hard I feel that it will be leaping out of my mouth anytime now. THUMP!!! THUMP!!!

    So happy that I’m gaving goosebumps and shiver down my spine…..I would love to roll on the floor and start screaming in my office as suggested by Koala shi but my boss/colleagues would probably call the mental institute to come pick me up. heeheehee

    I have butterflies in my stomach since LTM started……I feel like a teenager in love again…….it’s so exhilarating, so full of anticipation like going on the first date for the first time. Ahhhhhh………I’m so in love w LTM

    I’m so smitten, obsessed, addicted to LTM that like all my LTM chingus here, my life has practically come to a standstill. I’m embarrass to say this but my time after work and on weekends are spent sitting in front of the comp, from the time my eyes are opened until it shuts in the wee hours of the morning!! Btw, I’m already an ajhumma with 2 kids and behaving like this is so unbecoming (tsk tsk at myself)!! Luckily, I have Koala shi and all my LTM chingus here so I don’t feel so bad.

    My mom had to visit me this weekend instead of me visiting her as I can’t tear myself away from the comp. She was laughing at me for being so obsessed. Lucky for me, my oppa and babies are understanding too so they let me be……omo, what has my life become since LTM!!! kekeke 😛

    My ringtone/sms/alarm are all songs from LTM and I listen to LTM OST all day long repeatedly. I practically breathe and live LTM…….I even have a Rilakkuma bear similar to what Ah Jung shi has in her bedroom, I huggy it while watching LTM/catching updates and to bed (Given to me by my colleague who is trying to rehab me!!)!! hahaha

    It’s become a ritual for me this past 2 months to log on/camp/refresh this playground so many times a day hoping for new updates/spoilers……….Aigoo!!! What am I do after LTM?!?!?!?!

    Hoping this last 2 episodes will be the SWEETEST, MOST ROMANTIC ending EVER then I can quietly check into rehab at this playground with Koala shi and all my LTM chingus. Omo, what will become of me, ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    THUMP THUMP!!! Can’t wait for tonight, why is it so far away!!! THUMP THUMP!!!

    Crossing fingers for more spoilers/updates to tide me through the day………

    Back to lurking……….. 

    • 🙂 you got that right. mi-dramacrazy…msg alert…ringtones(ice cream duet of YEH&KJK)never a day passed-by without re-run of the past episodes of LTM on my celfone…call it crazy but i just love the team-up…waiting mode 😉

    • Hello fellow ahjumma! Yes, LTM has made us switch into teenage mode again. To be totally honest, I’m probably way older than you because I already have two teenagers who have all the right to spazz and gigle over all those sweet romantic moments between KJH and YEH. (yes, in my mind, it is actually THEM pretending to be Ki Joon and Ah Jung but expressing their own personal feelings toward each other, hehe).

      But thanks to Koala, this playground has pulled out the real us – our passion, our love, our heart’s desire, out into the open forum – and that truth has set us free. Love knows no boundaries and we all (still) believe in love, regardless of our age or experience. That’s what we celebrate in this blog – love, as reflected by KJH and YEH in LTM.

      I seldom de-lurk as well. But after camping at this playground for so long, I have been more courageous of late to express my thoughts and feelings. I’m so happy to find kindred souls in this place – my virtual chingus.

      • hey wits… am glad to meet you… but am a halmoni having my first period in 5 years… so what does that make me? what? a FREAK!!!??? YESSSS LTM made me a freak!!!! now its time to have an oby gyne appointment…omoooooo

    • Yup , yup, yup. Those SBS guys are really too much. they have been teasing us all along with the screen cap of yeah in a toy store with long hair and now with the real (?) roll with a short hair. They have a way of keeping us at edge and eating our hearts out. TRICKSTERS . .

  40. Dearest Koalas, you and LTM makes my Monday+Tuesday exciting and perhaps the whole week in joy…That’s what we called a VERY H.A.P.P.Y ending.Nothing can beats it…and I have to make a banner and wear on my forehead this 2 days. “Do not disturb and interrupt til I finish the last 2 episode of LTM. Serious Warning”…

    • make that like 20 hours cause you know you have to give it a while to load,and then you pause like 20 times on every episode to scream and blush so watching it in 16 hours is impossible!

  41. OMG! I can’t believe that I missed the euphoria about this T.T
    I feel so down with today and 2morrow’s eps…I even refresh Ms. K playground and soompi, no spoiler at all… I even want to skip tonite’s live streaming and attend my Yoga class…
    BUT this morning…after NOWHERE (thanks to you!!) told me about this… then.. BANG!!! the spoiler pics was came out and automatically …I mouth wide open, scream and my heart beats sooooo damn fast, like I’m the one whose got propose
    sorry Ms. K… I need to borrow KJ for the time being…hahaha… He’s so damn handsome and HOT…. I need to HUG him, STAT! hahahahah * I’m insane again..and again..and again…*

    • What about Pastry Smurf? You cheating Jae Bum!!!!
      *evil laughter*

      BTW when we were together, he totally knew I was a player!!! LOL Serves you, right!!!!

      • @ angelito .. Like as I said.. “for the time being” .. besides…KJ is in da hot seat now.. so i choose which benefits me hahhahahaha
        *sorry wuri Park Hoonei*

        back to fight over Park hoon again?? I think we must change the fighting over KJ with Ms. K now.. hahaha..

        I don’t give a damn about Park Hoon now…
        i just can’t stop smiling… OMG, my mouth is hurt.. widely open for almost 1/2 hours *sigh*

      • @ Peipei

        And you call me a player? You have no shame!!!! You make me give up on Pastry Smurf because he fall in love with you, and now, because, Ice Prince is all twinkle star, you left him “alone again, naturally”!!! You are CRUEL!!!! Poor Pastry Smurf, I piti him, but my Vincenzo is coming home, tonite so…. I will be a little occupied, re-enacting the Cola Kiss!!!

      • We both player Angelito, just admit it!! OR… we may calls ourselves… Seasonal player?? We’d go, chase and insane to who had more twinkle than others.. 😀

        sorry Park Hoon…stay back for awhile.. i really in to ice prince now…

      • @Peipei

        As Ai Wei say once: “I play around, but in my heart, only is” ???

        The lead in drama I’m watching!!! LOL I’m such a player!!!! LOL

        BTW, I’m totally single, and those are my platonic boyfriends so… it is cool!!!!

      • okay… now we have another things in common (again).. I don’t know whether good thing or creepy one… hahahaha

        I’m single too and all my relationships are just a plain platonic relationship…I even can say those are my boyfriends 🙁

        But Thanks to K-Drama… it really helps me to go fulfil my hunger of love …. huaaaaaaa… snif..snif..

      • @peipei and angelito
        OMG so you’re telling that everything you wrote are just products of your colorful imaginations and pent-up emotions??? hehehe now ladies, better ask your bosses to give you vacation now and buy yourself tickets to SK… make sure to land yourself some hawwwt korean guys huh… now, if i can have a suitable excuse to my son, I might see you there…hmmmm

      • @ Mizweng.. some of it are fantasies and some of it are experiences… I’m not that stupid and dumb for not doing nothing …

        I’ll definetely go to SK but not this yir..too many expenses 🙁 how bout next yer? in April? we can go to Cherry blossoms … come join with me.. bring along ur son and introduce to this unnie … *evil laugh* hahahahahahaha

      • @mizweng – I’ll give u a legit excuse. U need to mentor two girls who are on their first trip by themselves to SK (a white lie wont hurt) – and you are going as their halmoni to make sure they dont get out of hand.

        Good enough? Now, pack your bags, and some tight shorts … cos its summer and its mighty smokin’ hot with all those raging hormones from what I hear. 😉


      • ooopsss leave out my son…he just turned 18 don’t corrupt him…hehehe i have a better suggestion…there’s an addict here too named kungfupanda and she said she’s married to a korean hawwwt guy…i asked her to introduce you to some korean guys tooo hehehe… or you can visit the nearest korean salon in your place and eye those korean stylist they have…(actually been doing that but sadly, they’re too young for me) ohhhh btw, they are quite an eye candy too….bwahahaha

      • Who exactly you two fight for? From park hoon to ice princess n now mizweng son???beware for ahjumma attack….

      • @ Nowhere : I chose who is available… younger better

        @ Mizweng : ur son is 18 y.o? no probs…hahahaha
        Yea I know kungfupanda… ok, I change my directions to her now…hahaha

      • @Nowhere

        ^My fight with Peipei was for Pastry Smurf at first!!
        ^Then was because she was double timing Pastry Smurf with Ice Prince! BTW, I don’t personally care about Ice Prince, that is Miss K property!! LOL
        ^Now she wants mizweng’s son too??

        Really??? And she call me a PLAYER!!??!!! WTH??

    • Welcome dear…LTM fandom like Boooommmm….only few hours the comments reach hundreds…keep head on the ground guys…dunno what will happen tonight!!!

      • @ Nowhere …yea.. I don’t know what will gonna happen tonite..

        Ms. K.. Do you need to upgrade your blog?? I don’t think it can handle after tonite’s eps.. it’ll be like a doomed!

    • Hi Chickas, I’m glad you are over Park Hoon, although I knew from the beginning it was all a cover up out of courtesy to our host Koala. Now that the end is near, you are so bold showing your true colors. . . Can’t blame you he’s got some balls! ! ! !

      (i mean he is brave going back to Jeju Island despite the weather and his nauseous spells)

    • that peipei got no conscience…sintya!!! but am happy she is re directed to kungfupanda… yipeeee angelito, you like a korean bf too? lungfupanda can help…she got a hawt korean hubby… oh not her hubby for you, silly me…i mean she can maybe intro you to some…

  42. i don’t think i can sleep well tonight knowing something great is going to happen to our OTP. I’ve been glued on my laptop since 5:30 am hoping to get a glimpse of whats to come in the next 2 episodes, and im loving it! Need to wake up early everyday and what keeps me going is the thought that i’d be able to check for some news about LTM ( without any distraction), keep me excited getting up early everday.i wonder if i can still look forward to early mornings once LTM ends. This is my first drama addiction and a lot of first time for me..
    1. first time to comment on blogs
    2.first time to watch a kdrama without subs
    3. first time at koalas playground
    4. first time to be emotionally affected everytime i read nasty comments about KJH and YEH and LTM’s low ratings.( i like them both the first time i saw them together as presentors in an awards night)
    5.First time to vote online polls to support these two
    6.First time to like tuesdays and wednesdays ,wake up early without complaints (excited to see updates for LTM)
    7.first time not to be bothered leaving the house to meet friends everytime me and my husband argues.(i rewatched episodes to overcome depression)
    8.First time to lie in bed and thinking about a drama before going to sleep.
    9. first time to to promote kdrama to my friends
    10. first time to scold my daughter for not watching the episodes with me. (i know, i’m a bad mom!).But i apologized for that already.
    and this week, LTM ends and i dont know how to overcome my LTM addiction. I might just wait for it to be shown in my country and just watch it over and over again.

    • I gladly commiserate with you but only from items 1 to 6 and for item 8 @@ gah @ I sleep with my ipad so no time lost.

      • totally agree…i love my ipad..i even transfer my favorite episodes on it to watch while on the train and when i get home before i got to bed…as well as checking koalas updates every 20 mins or less than tha…
        totally messed up……

  43. wow what an ending. We deserve it for sticking till the end. It wasn’t a great story but yea but at least the ending was awwwwwwwsame!

    Thanks your highness Ockaola,

  44. Thank’s you koala..I’m very happy because the LTM will have a happy ending.
    I sadly do not believe the drama live 2 ep,I will miss KJW and YEH the same play.LTM recent weeks have made me crazy addiction…^^

    • faint for 8th times?? … R u sure u’re ok?? …be a zombie, yea i heard that before but faint ?? never… hahahaha

      • then you should prepare something near you for tonite and 2morrow… I bet you’ll gonna faint more than 8 times…

        OMG!! what has LTM done to us??!

  45. excited for the 2 nights camping here at the playground….*setting up tent, snacks, and laptop with internet for online streaming, rebel souls live recap, then koala’s baby recap* happy!!!!

    • ikr, am doing the same… am going to work, but I have my ipad in the car… will sneak out whenever I can (too obvious to bring inside the office). So for covert LTM check-out operation, I have my iphone for KPG and other blogs. Will need starbucks coffee, lots of pastries, popcorn and of course, chocolates!

  46. i just remembered a scene a few episodes back.. when AJ pretended to lost a pen then asked KJ to go out for some drinks…

    KJ: I like miniature modelling… what a joke, at our age
    AJ: Let me take a look~
    AJ: If.. there’s an opportunity in the future


    I love that they concocted a scene (a proposal scene, may I add) out of that past dialogue bet the OTP.. 🙂

    • Because that was the turning point- when he is ready to open up and include someone in his private world. . . . sweeeet . . . isn’t it?

      • yesssshhhh that’s why in my book KJ is the sweetest main lead to date… and am sure LTM is the best love story to date… this is the only drama that woke up my long-asleep passion and love… hehehe after LTM ends I gotta find me a partner huh… halmoni on the lover-lurk mode… squeeee gotta practice the cola kiss…

      • there were comments in baidu about how conversations between our OTP in RL became incorporated into the drama. e.g. the date (eating out, going shopping, playing games) (cos YEH debuted early and never got to do all these with anyone.) and of course the eating ice-cream (apparently a certain you-know-who bought 31 flavours of ice-cream, 1 a day for you-know-who which translated into our ice-cream man coming up in ep15/16).

        ahh these are good times… 😀

      • @ Lynx

        sintya? sintya? sintya… he bought her 31 flavors of ice cream???? god, my blood sugar is screaming!!!! oh god…

      • @mizweng truly love knows no boundaries nor age barrier but the sweetest part of love is in being in love – everything comes out in vivid colors!

        @Lynx how i wish I can read Korean And Chinese so I can see first hand how those stories dovetails.

      • well, no confirmations anyways. it’s pretty much speculations / hearsays. so, i’d say – the possibility is there 🙂 🙂 but I’d take it with a a microgramme of salt of cos. 🙂 🙂

  47. I can’t help it..Keep going back to the playground to stare at those 2 adorable photos…aigoo…KJH even wear a red lether band watch just like YEH..did I smell something..??you guys even have same taste? or just my imagination for our dearest OTP has gone really wild and uncontrollable…dying of happiness and giigles like am I in love?

    • hmmmmmm seems they are overly meticulous now with the things they wear… like it happens without them thinking… just some mental telepathy going on between them…. i refused to believe they are still acting and following a script… with all the coincidences and adlibs and knowing glances and sweet smirks how can you say that they are all AN ACT!!!!

      • wow!! that really says a lot, bringin ice cream diff flavor everyday means his really in to her. does Yeh loves ice cream?

  48. Daebak…….I’m so excited…… LOVE……LOVE….LOVE…..DAEBAK…..



  49. Hello mizweng… nice to meet you (couldn’t find a reply button on your post). LOL, I’m not yet a halmoni but, as I was saying… age is a matter of the heart. And we’re all young at heart!

    • bwahahahaaaaaa you bet!!! am feeling like a teenager here and my son literally vomits everytime he hears me squeeeee… LTM is my anti-aging, ant-wrinkling medication…hehehe

      • LOL, and my teenage girls roll their eyes whenever I scream, squeal or spazz… they have by now gotten used to it.

  50. I just realized something… what if the cut scene, wherein AJ was looking at some miniature models, was really for the ending. It had to be cut bec AJ’s hair is still long in the picture which is in contrast to her new ‘do’ after the ‘break-up’. I read from somewhere that YEH herself suggested the ‘hair cutting’ scene to mirror her AJ’s will to move on.. so maybe… the ending (episode 16) had to be edited bec of that.. wc explains the same outfit (and is she pregnant there?). It also did say in one of the written previews that they get separated for a month?.. then that would explain the wistfully sad look that she’s giving those miniature models on display…

    • hi amber! the first photo is kj’s dining table but the other one must be his toy room coz there are those white hanging things which is not usually near his dining/lounge room 🙂

      someone correct me if i am wrong 🙂

  51. Ms. Koala… your playground has turned into a party ground! So many liars camping out, counting down the hours and minutes until the last two episodes of LTM. It’s now midnight here in the East Coast, and I’m still so hyped up about LTM. am rewatching the last 4 eps and blogging on KPG at the same time. I don’t know how I can survive the day at work tomorrow (actually later this morning now). It’s a good thing it’s a 4-day work week in Canada. At least I have a 3 day weekend to catch up on sleep. ‘Coz I’m staying up, yo! no sleep for me ’till I see KJH and YEH again tonight! And I will be there for the after-show party in the playground!

    • lols. im doing a marathon. LOLs.

      U know hindsight wisdom. Some things he said in ep 1 about the kind of wife that would suit him? U find that exactly in AJ 😛 hehe.

      alrt. back to marathon 😛

      • did the marathon yesterday cos I was really feeling blue with all the messed-up previews, the fact that ltm got 2 eps left, the possibility of typhoon hitting jeju with the cast and crew still in jeju… ahhhhh going through each episode again made me fall in love with AJ and KJ all over again… i still have to finish ep 14… am distracted with this awesome news…hehehe

    • hehehe… I am inviting myself to the after show party in the playground. since you are our crack dealer, ms. koala, I am sure you will continue to feed us till the end. Official party or not, I will park myself in your playground until I fully satisfy my addiction and begin the painful process of withdrawal….now, I’m depressed…

      • u know… there will likely be news anyways after it. they’d have post-screening parties, and they would have to do promos etc for the drama.

        after that, you will have field day with questions like – is she gg japan, what’s he doing … and maybe the would be line-ups for new projects 🙂 since she’s got nothing planned.

        ahaha 🙂 wait for it, this fever wont be ending so soon 🙂

  52. I love that you’ve been walking us through this critical time. I’m now torn if I should head to our rockeoke later tonight or just camp out for streaming of ep15. :-/ been going through the withdrawal by marathoning YEH’s X-man days (already finished reviewing her other dramas the weeks before. :p hihi)

    • lols. I went through goong though cant say I like the other dramas as much 🙂 … am thinking of gg thru fireworks after this phase 😀

      good luck !!

  53. Okay, I edited my post, but will add it here as well.

    The original news article had a final sentence that has since been edited. It said this:

    ‘내거해’ 강지환 ‘윤은혜, 나랑 결혼해줄래?

    “Be mine.” Kang Ji Hwan: Yoon Eun Hye, will you marry me?

    Even though it has since been edited, but DC Lie and Baidu folks have already copied the original article in its entirety. I went back and checked. Blew my brains for a second.

    The news article did not use the names Hyun Ki Joon and Gong Ah Jung in that last sentence. I think the writer is a HwanHye shipper. Wow.

    • OMOOOOOO I need my blood pressure pill and my angina pill… this is realllllyyyyy AWESOME!!! hahaha wish its true… OH GOD!!! MAKE IT TRUE!!!!

      • @ mizweng…. : LOL … I couldn’t stop my laughing since your period incident … hahahahahahahaha pls help me!!! hahahahahaha OMG

      • peipei you naughty girl… having a field day over your halmoni’s misfortune…tsk tsk tsk… after I calmed down i realized i just need some lovinnnn….hehehe and some boating…. thanks to LTM this halmoni will be on a KJ-look-alike-lurk mode!!!! bwahahaha

    • loooooooooooooooooooove this one! 🙂 thanks so much ockoala!

      of course we won’t just take it to aj and kj, we want the real KJW asking YEH to marry him! 🙂

      so happy that even writer’s are onto our OTP!


    • *jaw drop* Big WOW! That is just…. HUGE! What all of us crazies dreamt of! Did KJH accidentally slip??? said Eun Hye instead of Ah Jung, OMG!!!! SO.GOOD. (ms. koala, pardon the caps, can’t help it).

      • LOL, no, the writer of the news article simply wrote that Kang Ji Hwan acting-wise proposed to Yoon Eun Hye for the drama LTM. Still, it’s telling the use of their real names as opposed to their character names.

    • Fairy godmother is this another tweak?

      We need a huge supply of beta blockers for those who will experience a heart attack! I will no way succumb. I need to be healthy to follow up what happened to my favorite couple. Bah!

      Taking a large dose of beta blockers. . .

      • hey bo, I am willing to do the rescue, CPR and all but I think I’ll be the first one that needs rescuing with all the juicy details Ms. Koala is giving us. I have erratic heartbeat now.

      • No need to take CPR and meds now. Erratic heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, sweats, pallor, are also symptoms of excitement. Include the OCD we are experiencing and well, we are still NORMAL given such circumstances.

    • geez,…koala how am I gonna keep my resolve not to watch live stream tonight? With all the comments I’ve read and your update, I feel I’ll loose something wonderful tonight… aarrrgghhh

    • So many kids around me make me no concentrate reading all the comments..damn it…I also read that at baidu miss K but dunno why not catch my eyes…I don’t even realize that..maybe I must go to check my eyes after LTM…( ̄□ ̄;): OH MY GOD…! They now use real name??I need aspirin now or I faint…can somebody help me???

      • rite now all LTM fanss die in happiness especially me whom die in a lot happiness that i think i’m in heaven now….

        gosh how much i love this couple so damn much…wish them really be together in real life…

    • Just FYI, the news articles never use GAJ or HKJ when referring to the actors. I remember the first article posted at the beginning of LTM: Kang Ji Hwan confesses YEH on his mind but it was actually just KJH writing on the SBS website to fans as HKJ saying some hard-headed girl is giving him trouble.

      I only wish it could be more… but yeah, only time will tell if the attraction b/w YEH/KJH (that’s so palpable to all of us) develops post-production.

  54. This spoiler just made my day! 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    Just want to share to everybody, in my 4 years of being married to a korean guy and been a k-drama addict, THIS IS THE ONLY K TV-DRAMA THAT MY HUBBY WATCHED WITH ME THE ENTIRE SHOW. He’s hooked to it too. lol..

    • you married to a korean guy??? oh dear am into jealous mode now… sintya??? i hope he’s hot like those in the drama we see… oh lucky girl…

      • lols. over the years… this lynx has grown to find men with single-eye lids and fair skin to be very attractive. all thanks to the kdramas/kpop. And no, no pretty boys please. Just the men will do. 😀

    • @minchin-much – i dont think he’s being sweet,hehe..he really likes all the characters and he finds the drama really funny! and by the way, he finds Yoon Joo annoying too! hahahaha..

      @natus – I know! every monday he’ll be like, it’s LTM day and warns me not to watch it without him. lol

      @mizweng –’re funny..of course he is hot! he is my hubby! and an OC one too! lol

      • OMG am so fucking dead of jealousy right now… hey will you please help angelito and peipei and lynx find their very own KJ too… are u on SK now???

      • mizweng — aww u’re sweet. When / if I find that one, ur totally invited to the partyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

      • yeah Lynx that would be great…now, I need to entice angelito and peipei to join you here since peipei is eyeing my son!!! the apple of my eye!!! the center of my universe, my precious son… peipei must have her KJ first….must…must…

      • @ kungfupanda, i still find it sweet that you two have great fondness for LTM. my hubby says that there are a lot of dramas in the world already that there is no need to add to it 🙂 so i guess im just thankful that he supports me in watching whatever i love no matter the hours that i do for it 🙂

      • @ mizweng : LOL… why I sounded like a psycho woman chasing your son?? I just trying to find any possibilities… younger is better hahahaha

        @ kungfupanda : pls tell ur husband to introduce his hot friends to me… tell him that I’m good at cooking as well as eating samgyopsal…hihihi…

      • ahhhhh peipei… i changed my mind…you good at cooking… ok just let my son graduate first and be a nurse (need him to take care of me when the time comes)…you’ll be in handy too…you’re cooking, i mean….bwahahahaaaa

      • Mizweng… wait ur son graduate from Nursing college?? it could be forever!! I’ll become old when the time he finish his school… I want it STAT!! hahahaha I sound like Angelito now… I don’t from whom virus I’ve got infected, is it Angelito’s or LTM..

        anyway, we have something can share when ur son in school… gossips K-Drama 😀 …

  55. can not wait for tomorrow!! good i did not schedule any meetings for monday and Tuesday early morning!!! am i getting crazy or what.

  56. I guess we are not alone, even the press and media address them as KJH and YEH not as AJ and KJ of LTM.. These two really turned the world upside down…
    Thanks Ms.K… I’ll be joining you staying up all night till the wee hours… 72 hours fight…..

  57. i was hiding it well, ,my addiction to my husband, he can’t understand why i have to wake up about 2 am in the morning and reading from my ipad..i just told him i woke up because of his snoring and he goes back to sleep while i finished reading rebelsouls live recap…and i was able to change windows when comes next to me to check what i was doing in my laptop (because of my addiction I use both ipad and laptop)…BUT this morning I got CAUGHT with my addiction, when I ask him to send me a picture of the proposal spoiler pics from koalas work, the pics wont open and I really really really really want to see the pics…and my husband say why not wait till you come home..i said do you want to have dinner or not???so between being hungry tonite or sending the pics he choose to send the pics….and now everything is in the open…MY LIES has been exposed…
    anyways.. he can’t believe i ask him to choose.. so guys am I crazy too??? I definitely am..can’t help it…..

  58. Scream!!! Squeal!!! Roll around the floor! Laughing maniacally!!! Shrieking!! Running around the room!!!

    Thank you Koala!!!! O my Goodness!! the Drama Gods actually heard our collective cry!!
    Now s*&t can hit the fan and I’ll be O.K. – I think now with this secret knowledge tucked at the back of our minds – we can watch the last 2 episodes without fear of nose bleeds!!

    Hang on – I need to go berserk some more!!!

  59. Just heard on DC Lie that apparently this entire proposal scene was Ji Hwan and Eun Hye’s idea. They wanted to add this scene.

    *Koala brain explode*

    The above has ZERO confirmation. We’ll need to hear more before everyone buys this as fact. Just sharing a RUMOR, okay? Still, I’m not surprised.

    Apparently only Eun Hye was supposed to go to Jeju for filming initially, but somehow the script was changed so Ji Hwan went as well. We’ll have to see what the Jeju scenes are.

      • Now I can not go to sleep. I just want refresh the playground all night along. i think that I am becoming insane because of LTM

      • So sucks I can’t watch it Live..only hoping fast baby recap for tonight…geeezzzz

      • Been waiting oh ever so patiently for translation of news article (but I think I’m bursting soon). Aigoooo!

    • If it’s true, I wonder who starts with the idea? Did it come from KJ (wow he is so ready) or from YEH (and I thought the lady is shy). What a way to end -with a blast of ice cream and cola for sure!

    • and it just keeps coming, this “idea’s” from our OTP!

      wow! just get together really and be done with us! LOL! im happy to check in an institution! LOL!

    • *hyperventilating*

      This is like waiting in the ER – … except I think if it was so, it’d be a full scale epidemic. LOLs.


      You think they got our tweets, read the online recaps and blogs and decided its time to answer netizen’s prayers???

      • Me think, KJH & YEH know how viewers longing for a romantic happy ending. I don’t know about KJH but YEH always monitoring fans/viewers reaction to her drama. So it didn’t surprise me if she give this idea to the writer/PDs.

      • ahhh. then I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed for a *KISSSU* and *ahem* non-printables. hahaha

    • thumbs up to these lovely pair. They really succeed in making my world upside down.
      watching them in this drama, i just can’t stop smiling, giggling stupidly …
      even when i’m walking alone, then remembered any part of their sweet scene, i just smiling sheepishly…
      aahh…insane ahjumma…

    • No matter the facts, I choose to believe that the edit was is a coverup to to the real spoiler that KJH chose this way to propose to YEH.

      I think I stopped watching the drama Lie to Me with a story written by a screenwriter and performed by actors several weeks ago. What I watch now isn’t anything like that.

      If by by some strange turn of events those two have hoodwinked us and it really was all acting, then it is clear we do not live in the real world. In the real world they fell in love week by week until there could be no doubts in our minds that what we saw played out on our small screens was the absolute truth.

    • OMOOOOOOOO this is toooo much for me to handle…
      it’s official…THOSE TWO ARE DATING!!!! YAAAAYYYYY do the indian dance now!!! woweeeeee

      • no official confirm mizweng….oh geeezzzsss our OTP is driving me nuts to the maxxxxx

      • hahaha nowhere…leave me be to my fantasies…this halmoni only live for those… omoooooo true or not, am sure of this, THEY BOTH ENJOY EVERYTHING THEY DO IN LTM… and you only enjoy it when you feel something to each other!!! so, do we still need validation/confirmation??? I SURE DON’T…hehehe madame K…byane for the caps…

      • Yeah..cause they so good n comfort together(I just CAN’T BELIEVE IF yOu tWO no FEELING for each other)…dear OTP are you know that EYES can’t LIE???viewers can’t be deceiving by your acting…so try Lie To Us..we will never believe that only acting!!hahaha

  60. 2 more episodes and I have to kiss LTM goodbye.
    Just thinking abt it, how can I be normal again when being normal includes?

    1. Sunday – waiting till midnight for any preview, recaps, or whatsoever before going to sleep.
    2. Monday and Tuesday
    – waking up early in the morning, going online just to check any news from LTM before working.
    – can’t function properly till lunch to go online to see and check any news from LTM.
    – waiting till midnight for any links/video of LTM and going to watch it even w/out eng. subs
    3. Wednesday – waiting for English subs.
    4. Thursday – getting ready to download videos.
    5. Friday – converting
    6. Saturday and Sunday
    – LTM marathon

    Now, how can I live w/out LTM? W/o YEH and KJH?
    This LTM virus is very disturbing.

    • LTM sub at Darksmurf usually came out very fast. For Monday’s night episode, it would be ready there 100% on Tuesday evening / night. For Tuesday’s night episode, it would be ready by Wednesday.

      • yesssshhhh i’ve noticed that of all the dramas currently airing, it’s only LTM that has the fastest English subbed available…Not even BL did that… I mean, if what the anti’s said about LTM were true, subbers wouldn’t be too excited to do LTM noh? just saying….

  61. omo! I just can’t stop laughing and giggling upon reading your spoiler koala! A million thanks! Goodness! Just this simple news can make one person go insane! This is just pure happiness! Everyone around me keep asking if something is wrong coz I just can’t stop laughing so loud! I just have to go to the bathroom to jump and scream!!! Hay! LTM is making me mad!

  62. omo! sweetness overload! Ji Hwan! I really hope you and YEH be a real couple. Really, no words needed; their eyes are conversing. This is the first drama that really made me want to be in-love! It makes me giggle when they look at each other that way. They look so happy and in-love.

  63. And the spoilers/updates keep coming!
    oh my god… this playground is so “action packed” that I’m breathless with excitement.
    It’s like on a roller coaster ride that goes on and on!

  64. I saw this and almost choked on my juice…

    damn…those pictures are so dreamy…reminds me of prenuptial photos

    ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod my brain is bleeding from the cute! I need to go medicate now and drink lots of caffeine to keep from sleeping

  65. oooooommmmmmgggggg :):):). now how can i function properly, i just arrive at the office and open this playground… hohoho… i hope my manager will not see me smiling like a lunatic hahaha

  66. YEH net stating that some of the fans saw KJH and YEH in Jeju Airport
    for filming LTM. Typhoon hit Jeju and wonder if KJH and YEH and
    the whole crew are OK !!!!!! Are they still filming even in bad weather?
    Hope all of you are back home safe and well.
    Once again, appreciated all the hard work

  67. 1:34 AM. awake and hyper…am now thinking if I need to bother going to work tomorrow. i feel so bad thinking about it… but I can’t leave this party…can not… will not… *pouts* I’ll miss all the fun…

  68. OMG….how did I miss that last line translation?? *scratches head* oh yeah was busy rolling and screaming after glance at their eyes conversing photos to remember to read the rest of the spoiler post! and their real names being used instead of character names, writer-nim sure is a HwanHye-shipper! 🙂 well so glad I scrolled back up to read, like hours later! hihi and giggle over that little bit 😉 Thank you ever so much Koala!

    • omo i thought that you edit the post and after posting above I read that you did! whew I didn’t go nut 🙂 and now I’ll look forward to more editing or additions to this spoiler post!! thanks and keep ’em a coming..

  69. and this blog are keep like a bomb… the comment comes every 5 secs.. I just typed my post then here comes again the number keep increasing..

    Ms. K.. r u sure your blog is OK? I’m so afraid it could be crashed due too many comments comes every secs… can’t imagine after tonite and 2morrow eps…

      • @ nowhere : me too! My head is hurt..overwhelming over this happiness… OMG, how can i survive today and tomorrow… *sigh*

      • I have been negleting my job since this morning…when I stalk back!!! wth is this? 400+ comments..scroll down…WOOOOT WOOOOOT !!!! I sooooooooo love this….

      • @ Conie …me too, my paper works pile up and unable to concentrate with it…

      • bwahahaha yes daughter-in-law…now, tell me something about yourself… what nationality…asl…???

      • yay!! my mother in law is giving me approval…

        age : 18 (virtual age)… real age is 32
        sex : it’s obviously I’m a woman…
        natinality : chineese (but my korean vocabs are better than my mandarin)
        location : Jakarta, indonesia which is near to your home in Philipines…
        about me : I love eat as much as I like cook, I like men (prefer younger), I like K-Drama, and I like Korean stuff….

        hahahahahahah so just like you right .. mama weng

      • @peipei

        what you are twice the age of my son??? maybe you can be his virtual gf at least you’re 18 there… hehehe we have something in common tho…
        this halmoni has the hots for younger men too… the last bf i had was 15 yrs my junior!!!! yaaay KJH age is the purrfect age for me…

      • @ mizweng.. ur last bf is 15 y.o younger???? you surely an expert … salute to you mama weng.
        and since his momma was dating a 15 yrs old .. I think it’s OK for ur son to dating 14 yrs older noona …hahahaha

      • errr i guess so… you caught me there, sly fox… hehehe now make sure to give him milk before he sleeps…sing him lullabye (he likes rock)… and he likes to read to him his manga and play with him the computer games… good luck…

        now i can have my vacation….

      • Mizweng.. r u sure ur son age is 18 y.o?? he’s sounded like a 10 y.o teenager to me…
        r u giving up ur son to me to become his nanny??
        i don’t mind to singing for him (ehm..err…I’m a wedding singer) but reading him manga and waiting his addiction over PC game… NO WAY!!!
        jjeoltae anddwuee…
        giving back to you mama…cancel your vacation with six pack men !

      • LOLs. I just had to reply to this thread.

        If this works out, make sure we’re all invited to the PARTYYYYYY!!!!! hahaha. Ahh u know… it’s a perfect age. I’ve my theories about noona and dongsaeng r/s. its about having the right balance of money and vitality hahaha 🙂 well balanced 😀

  70. This thread now had more than 300 comments in just a few hours after posting… Koala sis, be ready to be bombarded with comments later. it’d be more than what you expected… We LTM lovers are really a bunch of lunatics lol.. gone crazy for our OTP.

      • Right on! lol … I am now anticipating the chaos later in the playground post ep 16 then tomorrow after the finale.

      • Did you know it’s almost 500 now? Told you so many hungry koala bears. Even those in hiding are out ready to pounce and grab whatever bites available. FULL HOUSE expected.

      • YAY! was out of the playground for a while, and when I went back thread comments marks 500… You are so right Bo, the koala bears are united today and the shy ones are going up how could we have our rehab if we all are going berserk?

      • Yup guys…surprise so many hungry koala bears around hahaha…I’m with my BB now n still dealing with customers..gggrrrr…why don’t u all disappear for a while..I wanna play in koala now…for God sake!!!

      • @Sarang rehab now is pointless. Let’s wait it out after the final episode. Then it will no longer be as chaotic – mayhem and pandemonium will follow.

        @Nowhere why don’t you subtly convince your customers to try watching LTM tonight? Then you will have interesting discussion – you can even invite them for a walk at the playground. .

      • @bo… hmmmnnn but how long will we brace ourselves for the chaos? LTM is hard to forget *sniff sniff* I’m crying again coz’ I’ll definitely miss it.

        @nowhere.. bo is right. you should entice your costumers to watch LTM, then you’ll have more loyal ones hehehe

    • Omo… the picture is so cute!
      KJ has really grown out of his shell… he really does not resemble the CEO of the earlier episodes.

      Actually this looks like a candid shot to me. Is this official LTM spoiler shot or just a photo of YEH & KJH as themselves, maybe a commerative wrap up shot?

      • Take the beta blocker pills now! You need to see eps 15 & 16. They won’t allow that inside ICU sweety.

      • @ bo : my head is hurt…overwhelming of this happiness… really.. it’s hurt.. oh.. how can i survive in 2 days? 😀

      • @ bo..
        ahhmmm…don’t worry I’ll be bringin’ with me my mobile and hidin’ it under my pillow… sshhhh it’s a secret lol

      • @Peiper take paracetamol for headache at least it’s not heartache nah?

        @Sarang I knew you would cheat . . . problem is they tie your hands and put you to sleep wahhahaha.

      • mah’ dearest Nowhere they ain’t gonna tie my hand no dearie… I refuse! hahaha and I won’t be taking any sleeping pills neither, nor is willing to accept injections if I won’t have a dose of my LTM fix…lol

      • @ Bo : i’d prefer the cheek kiss… like the above pics from JH… OMG this is too much…

      • oopppssss so excited to reply I meant BO here hehehe… but then @ Nowhere if you do really need the injection I’d gladly do so but I am still refusing it for me coz I have to have my LTM dose first lol

      • @Nowhere no need for injection- a cola drink will do – promise

        @peipei- you are suffering from OD (over dose) an ice cream cone can fix that (God I luv “THE KISS” so sweet) your headache will develop to diabetes- careful

        @Sarang we need to get our fix quietly> have you heard there are more mouths to feed here now so we need to be careful lest there will be commotion.

      • @bo..
        Yup dear noticed it so much… we all are like hungry sharks in here clamoring for new juicy sweet moments. Numbers doubled more than the usual lol… we have to find our own little corner to have a grab or our fix. 😉

    • Koala,
      Totally agree with you.
      Has to be YEH and KJH as themselves in the photo… KJH mischievious, YEH shy.
      They look like a couple in honeymoon!!!

    • agree with your comment! the Jeju picture looks more like Hwan-Hye’s picture than Ki-Ah’s. oh! I really hope they date in reality 😀

      • @ nowhere…
        I can’t muster the energy anymore….I I I’mmm looosssiiinnngggg bbbrrreeeaaatthhhhh *huffing Huffing** .I need a brown paper bag now STAT

      • We need to call peipei she masters CPR by now especially “mouth to mouth resuscitation” . . Have started my satellite search she will be locked in a few minutes. . . . please continue using the brown bag first . . .

      • Iiiiiii nnnneeeeddddd hheeerrrr AASSSAAAPPP, I’mmmm llooossssiiiinnnggg iiittt! I am cyanotic now, I’m losing too much oxygen…LOL…

      • Mayday mayday peipei,angelito…we need some rescue here..haha..sarang..finally you out of cave now..congrats..
        @bo…Cola is not enough..I need Ice Cream tooo wkwkwkwk

      • @ sarang .. sorry .. I’m occupied!! too many people needs CPR.. I even barely inhale my own oxygen… you should try to Angelito.. she’s been silent for awhile, she’s busy doing some thing nasty with her Vincenzo.. So i think she had lots energy to give you CPR…

      • @peipei…
        wwhhheeennnn aaarrreee yyyooouu ggiivviinngg tthhee coommpprreesssiioon??? need it now, it’s just hours away from the live stream lol… I think angelito is still busy hehehe

        you need to pull me outta here lol… I’m having a fit…Oxygen please ASAP

      • @ sarang : I’m soooo sorry… I .. alllssoooo…haarrdddlllyyy toooo breeattthh….. *deep sigh*…. LOL

      • Bo to the rescue. Don’t worry Sarang there are almost five hundred mouths around here to supply the necessary oxygen. It will last until we find the oxygen tank Peipei sneaked out of here. Hope my cape did not block your air source. Shall we commence now one, two. . . blow, one , two. . three, blow . . .

      • @peipei…
        Maybe I need a concoction to revive me:

        1/2 glass of cola + a tablespoon of tomato juice topped with ice cream… There can somebody please give me this?…lol

      • @bo…. you’re cape is blocking me, rescuers can’t see me I am lying on the floor now aarrrggghhhh….just give me my concoction to get better…..LOL

    • Gosh can’t help it but I can’t help but cry again… Looking at this pic is like looking at the honeymoon of KJH and YEH… hyperventelating again… I have to be hospitalized after LTM ends…I think my physical well-being is at risk (not to mention, emotional as well)…

      • omg. omg. omg. every few min this place is updated. WHAT IS THAT PIC?!! IT’s obviously ENGAGEMENT pics!!!!

    • Mama Mia! You are killing us softly with your installment pic uploads. The kissing bandit strikes again lol.

      Seriously, the photo sequence blew me over. Really Nice… NNNNNNNice…..Niiiiice, Nicccccccce, Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    • Can’t take it anymore..too overwhelming…lol…this break a record in Koala playground…just spoiler pictures can reach 450 comments….Bravoooo!!!

    • i cant read that moonchoo can you translate that to me….. i mean the email address that you posted….. plssssss…….

  71. “their eyes and their smile says everything. ” – lol. As Migsie once put it, “eye sex.”

    If they really do get married, and show the grand wedding, that will be the best ending!

    Please drama god’s, give us a grand wedding!!!

  72. phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! couple more hrs to push 🙂 ep 15

    I wouldnt be surprised if their already a couple…i mean like u’ve said koala…they have fallen way out of character. Our yuri is gorgeous 🙂

  73. ok.

    So who is not sleeping / not working/ contemplating not sleeping, not working… and buying takeouts to feed the hungry brood at home tonight??


    Cant this get party get any wilder????

    YES! – is the only acceptable answer.

    And no previews? heck. we’re creating all kinds in our mind! 😀

      • YEH has always been a very lovely and very kindhearted woman 🙂 that’s why im a fan forever!

        bless her!

      • You mean the hard core die hard fans at KP not included? Come on I so like the jeans . . I’m size 8 by the way.

    • Me! Haven’t been sleeping or working since last night. Fortunately, it’s just myself I have to buy takeaways for. Anticipating that pattern for the next 48 hours.

      Unfortunately, I’m a lone Korean drama fan in this small Aussie country town. So, I’ll just have to camp here and join the party at this playground.

      • Unfortunately, the other aussie kdrama / kpop fan / addict is out of the country, otherwise I’d introduce u two to meet. LOLs. Oh well.

        You can be a happy camper here. Join in the international fun!! 🙂

  74. as much as i love watching LTM :D, i am also loving you Koala sis 🙂 thanks for sharing your insanity to it….. hahaha….. i am so excited to see what will YEH and KJH love sinces be! thought i am sad it will be over after 2 days 🙁 hope to see more of them together like CF’s, movies, promoting the LTM drama in other country or even another drama 🙂 omo! omo! i am going crazy…. hahaha…….

  75. that ‘just’ uploaded pic of our OTP is too cute for words..

    제발…제발…제발… just date in real life (if you still haven’t) and then marry!

  76. Time to tie the knot ! u met someone and if u miss her ,
    Kang ji hwan shi , chances are gone don’t regret!
    She really carries a long lines of admirers.

  77. there’s another pic, koala, also from the beach, with ji Hwan kissing YEH’s cheek and she shyly covering her face while he looks at her adoringly and like he wants to eat her

    • yesss am bleeding now!!! gotta buy diaper… omo can’t they be any cuter??…. i do believe KJH is totally into YEH… i refused to believe otherwise!!!

      • yea.. I don’t buy it if they deny it.. even they’re really not.. How can they get over with KJ and AJ character? I mean.. once in a while, I bet they can’t control their own feeling… They both are attracted to each other.. just some stupid reasons (anti fans, management, contracts).. they must hold it….

      • Seriously peipei ? There is such a thing as “anti fans, management, contracts” if they really connect? WTF. Where is that coming from? Who gave them the right? Don’t get me into a fighting mood again that is soooo wrong . . . No wonder there are a lot of suicides in the KEntertainment world lately.

      • @ bo : korean’s entertain biz is tough… and the anti fans is really psycho…each fans base will do some grudge if they think the stars dating wit someone they don’t likes… the artists must very very careful with their attitudes, public speaking, image, looks… everything from head to toe.. and yes, no wonder a lot of suicides… they’re so lonely.. they can’t easily trust someone…
        I’m so afraid and worried with the suicides acts… every year at least 2 – 3 artists / public figure kill themselves.. 🙁

      • Thanks for the info Peipei. It makes me think and wonder if shipping the cola couple like this will (or not) give them any trouble with the fans. Have you heard of any antis so far? Poor babies YEH/ KHJ how can they be real if there are these obstacles?

      • @ bo : mostly anti fans are musician, idol singer which fan base mostly are teenager.. but a rumors, scandals or gossips very affected to their career.
        I heard KJH had problems wit his previous management and he was banned for some times for not doing any entertain biz in Korea..but the problems is clear now.

        simple words to describe korean artists : they need and “must” to be an artists even in their real life…
        poor them 🙁

  78. Been watching LTM from d start and been a follower of ur playground.. oh mama.. i m glad dat i have not given birth before the end of LTM. The pics make my bb kicks well, guess dat he’s signalling that his mommy can deliver nxt mth in peace.. hehehehe… ooohhh… initially when i read d written preview, i wasnt that happy but seeing d “oh so sweet lyk honey” pics made me wanna roll around d house (which unfortunately i cant)… Thanks for the major spoilers.. hmmm… when will the actual preview be out? nid to see these lovebirds in action…

  79. Added 2 more pictures. Cheek kiss on Jeju. I seriously cannot take this anymore. My heart will stop beating first from all the insane sweetness from these two.

    • geeezzzz…now I’m really dying…. I hope this is not a picture for LTM but a keepsake in real life…Ahhhh my heart could not take this anymore! lol

    • I am too excited today!
      my hands is shaking when typing after seeing these photos…
      I like the last pic, Eun Hye cover her face with her hands..shy enu hye.

      • i definitely agree 200%… this is the first drama i saw him this loving to his leading lady…this isn’t acting…this is TRUE FEELINGS screaming at us… oh God…..i think I died a million deaths already…

      • LOLS. No need for soju to bond further.

        Keys folks – we need to put these two somewhere quiet and alone!. 🙂

        So who’s chipping in for a baby seat for that hummer of his???

      • If they really end up together, I don’t think that it’s just a baby seat that many of their shippers will be more than happy to give them.

        LTM fans all over the world will be buying them diapers, formulas and other stuff with a big poster saying “I Knew It!!”…. Probably this playground will be the biggest contributor!!

    • Oh my goodness! This will all cause us diabetes! That cheek kiss is awesomely sweeeet!!!

      “That does not look like Ki Joon-Ah Jung. I am not hallucinating when I say that is Ji Hwan and Eun Hye.” Mwa ha ha! Yes, I don’t see KJ and AJ as well, my gosh! I hope we’re all witnessing a courtship of sorts!!! Look at the fourth photo! Apparently, the kiss is another unscripted part and YEH just got embarrassed by the gesture? Oh they’re so perfect for each other that they should really just date and get married!!!

    • I wonder if these spoilers are in Ep 15 or 16? I hope they are not in the end of Ep. 16 ‘cos I want to see more of their lovey dovey together, get married, make-up in bed and have a baby, I want all these scenes to satisfy my desire.

    • You are killing us softly with these pictures and you are purposely teasing aren’t you Koala? As mentioned in my earlier post- THE KISSING BANDIT strikes again and i so luv it.

      Darn. . . these two are playing us up. . they better make it real or I will push the green button.

    • now Ms. K look at YEH’s shy….caught off-guard again..and look at KJH’s reaction….looks like he’s ready to admit it!!!! this two are killing me!!!!!!

  80. am screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg!!!!! love this couple..ayyyeeeeehhhhh!!!

  81. OMG, I am in office but I cannot stop smiling when I see the pictures of KJH and YEH in Jeju island. In spite of typhoon batter in South Korean and other South East Asian countries, both of KJH and YEH are safe and perhaps they are happy together. Hope they can have a blue night in Jeju island as the song of Sung Si Kyung. It’s this drama that encourages me to start following Korean languages course for beginners. I will save money for next year summer holiday I will visit Jeju island as well as Korea.

  82. I have a very nice pic from Jeju that you guys might wanna see, but since I’m newbie here I don’t know how to add it for you..sighhhh

  83. The pictures are so cute!!!!

    I find it extremely odd that the article writer for the proposal wrote their real names though instead of the characters……

  84. O my!! Now to put the icing on the (wedding) cake would be to have a wedding scene, attended by the Chens and all and then to have the wedding officiator asks Ki Joon:

    Kang Ji Hwan do you take Yoon Eun Hye to be your lar=wfully wedded wife;
    Yoon Eun Hye do you take Kan Ji Hwan to be your lawfully wedded husband – to which they both way “I do” – then camera pans to see KJH and YEH’s parents and family members and other celebrities attending – much like in Full House – only this is the REAL thing!!!

    After all – many people get married for the world to see – William & Kate, Charles& Diana – so why not wuri KJH and YEH!?!?!?!?

  85. oh god… is it wrong if i am totally giddy to see their last picture at jeju. Gaaaahh.. so cute!!!

    gosh, can’t imagine next monday when we don’t have this kind adrenaline rush waiting and seeing LTM spoiler.

  86. OMG! I’m with my friend trying to stifle our screams of joy! Spazzzzz they look so good together! We need to schedule a dental appointment ASAP.

  87. I was seriously having LTM denial over the past weekend, I was desperately trying hard not to think that it’s Monday today and SBS will be airing the 2nd to the last episode.
    Sorry to my equally insane sistahs: Angelitocurioso, Peipei, Leishers, Madkdr, Bo and the others. I have been silent since my post last friday, I was in mourning because LTM has to end. But after seeing Captain Koala’s pictures our of dear HwanHye, I am totally revived. It feels like fresh air has filled my lungs once again, after holding my breathe for so long.
    I am totally happy and I think I have gone overboard this time, because I was near tears when I saw their pictures. It’s a good thing no one’s around but me, people might think I’ve totally gone crazy…..=)

    • Welcome back! I thought you promised you will never leave us here, how could you? Now there is no space to roll in the grass anymore, totally SRO! But nice to be with so many insanely happy bears here – we feed each others’ hunger.

      Do not dwell on the sorrows yet, let us drown in sweetness overload first.

      • Thanks Conie…….

        Bo, can’t stay from the playground and from all of you…..muah!

  88. “Ki Joon proposes to Ah Jung”. Ahh that’s all I need to hear (or rather read). Goodness, my heart skipped a beat. These will be the longest 2 days of waiting (for your recap Koala 😉 ). Thanks in advance.

  89. ♬♬ ♬don’t say no no no no no
    just say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    and we’ll go go go go go
    if you’re ready, like i’m ready

    cos it’s a beautiful night we’re looking for something dumb to do
    hey baby i think i wanna marry you
    is it the look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice
    who cares baby, i think i wanna marry you ♬♬♬

  90. Omo… am still looking at the ‘just’ uploaded pics .. yet again…

    Kang Ji Wan’s impromptu kiss + Yoon Eun Hye’s surprise turned shy behaviour = PRICELESS

    This is sooo not an LTM scene.. it couldn’t be? right?!!! ^___^

  91. I was thinking maybe KJ branded AJ already then the picture taking, no wonder he was acting so touchy like he owns AJ and AJ was all shy… heheheheh I know, I know… my pervy mode is acting now…

  92. I cannot believe the drastic change of the atmosphere in this playground. I mean after the weird written preview of Ep 15 & 16, we were so furious and eager to go to war and prepared to launch any missiles/nukes to wherever the writer was.

    And now, after the ice cream party spoiler, and many cute, squee-worth pics of our OTP today, everyone goes to lunatic condition – giggling, squeeing, fainting, dying, etc – you name it.

    This is the first time I experience this kind of craziness. I don’t think any drama has this major effect as LTM.

    P.S. Writer-nim, you’d better not to let us down. You’d better. Capisce?

      • I knew it. They just give us many amazingly cute pics, and we just melt like ice cream.
        (Not that I complain about it :-D)

      • LOL bo, you’re so addicted to KJH’s kisses I lost count how many times you’ve mentioned “the kissing bandit”

  93. I am really hoping that the internet connection is OK tonight so that I won’t missed the live streaming. Don’t want to be missing the boat..err ship..

  94. My webpage was zoomed out and I thought that was sung joon in the beach pic.. KJH’s hair looks different. That does totally look more like Hwan-Hye 🙂

    I will really not be surprised in the tiniest bit if they started going out.. anytime now!

  95. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omo! omo! omo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my heart beat so fastttttt!!!!!! I just so love the new added pics!!!!!!! love love love ♥♥♥♥…

    • @ babylove
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    • Credits: LolliDoALittle @ soompi
      Episode 15 Preview
      -Piggy Back Scene-
      Ah Jung: I’m sorry for being such a burden [Literal translation: I’m sorry for being so heavy; for giving you this weight]

      -Ah Jung with her Sunbae-
      Ah Jung: Keep this a secret and please help me. I need to protect my name as well as his.

      -Aunt with Ki Joon-
      Aunt: How long are you going to let this go on because of Gong Ah Jung? Do you ever think about what this is doing to me and the company?

      -Ah Jung voice over- “I’ll take care of it since it’s my problem.”
      Ki Joon: “There is no such thing as yours and my problem, it’s our problem.” (Ahhh) “It won’t be easy, but let’s put all of our energy together and let’s fight this till the end.”

      -Ah Jung: “If I were to come across this problem again, I would make the same decision.”

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    • @Doublebubbles: i have read that she has never called anyone oppa in any of her interview as she has always been proper & formal in addressing her previous co-star/co-workers and she is even still using honorifics towards her BBV sisters.

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    • i totally agree, really sad to bid this drama goodbye, but we must accept that this is just a drama indeed, but it will surely stay forever in my heart never expected this kind of emotion but i could not help it…most of us am sure is praying that they really end up for real…

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      • @ nowhere…yup live streaming now hehehe. I just could not stay away from our OTP..LOL

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      • lol, may have spoken too soon… all I think is “WHAT NOW?!?! Seriously… what the heck now??”

      • NOOOO…. wt????? I mean really… seriously???? lol, @#$@$@%$%#??? Ughh, need to wait for translation but seriously.

        What is going on???

      • wow, Rebel Souls is amazing… now to figure out what the heck happened. (

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      • geezz thanks HwanHye Shipper, after reading soulsrebel’s recap I understood it. LOL I kinda freaked out for a moment there…

        Don’t loose hope chingus, there’s a story behind it, 😉

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    • oh dear, you we had the same reaction. Read first for the live recap, then you’ll be enlightened… Thanks to HwanHye Shipper I was enlightened.

  135. he proposed and she said no arghhhhh what in gods name is wrong with her that was like the est scene and she ruines it for me….i am getting on a flight to korea asap to whoop some arse

    • The writer is an idiot! He/she had an opportunity to redeem this show and in the end he/she gave us crap!
      I mean what the heck was all the issues they went through for? What was the point of episodes 1-14 if in the end we get such crap ending stories?! Does episode 15 even make sense? How could AJ not know what it’ll be like to marry KJ all along? Does it make sense that she would just realize it after the aunt told her?
      Such BS!—I’m soooooo done watching LTM!

      BYE everyone! It’s been fun hanging out with you’ll at KP!
      Thanks for your awesome recaps KP! 🙂

      • the preview has her doing a voiceover about this.

        i’m not done with LTM yet. I’ve faith in KJ / KJH 🙂 🙂 Hangout here tomorrow 🙂

        Go see soulrebel for fast recap. And check back in later for Koala’s recaps!

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  137. hahah you’re funny guys, really giving us a blow by blow account of the things happening! Naybe like in Goong, Chae Gyung didn’t say yes asap to the prince but later showing up with the rings on her necklace.. maybe she’s going to do the same thing?

    • I think the reality of their different statuses and his aunt’s medlling in his affairs, finally brought her down to earth and this is going to be an angst-filled finale, but love will prevail, I hope!

      • it’s not actually bad, you guys!!! The end of the episode is about AJ’s pride and career and her future being tested. Now the world is asking her to give up her career to be KJ’s woman since it is a lot to ask for (rewind to the first episode and KJ telling his blind date what he needs in a wife because of his lifestyle).

        It’s something real that AJ and KJ need to deal with as a couple. It’s okay! No need to worry too much 🙂

      • Just wait for Koala’s recap! Our last episode is going to be okay!!!

        …well, that is unless they go for an open-ending… in which case, I’m going to hurt someone.

      • I thought about it – with whatever sanity that’s left.

        The OBSTACLES are clearing – one by one. (My mistunderstanding about the Aunt. mien.) No more YJ, no more SH.

        And she’s got her complex about dad and AK being together. 😛

        So. this one bit – I like the progress here.

        1) KJ and AJ – facing each other squarely – all out in the open.

        2) The reality of them being together (previously all hidden) is coming face to face – what it means to marry him. (He’s totally into her anyways. And can i just add…. I LOVE HIS TASTES! arghs.)

        I like the voiceover – SHE LOVES HIM. That’s the first time I flat out hear it. And so – I THINK – this time round – the parting is such sweet sorrow. Because KJ knows – it’s neccessary. Seriously. 🙂

        Is it unnecessary angst? (for me ? Yes . writer nim – only 1 more ep . we want sweetness and GOOEYness. and GOOFYness if you can manage it.) But for REAL relationships? I think this is a good step forward.

        OPEN your eyes gal and then MARRY the DUDE already! We buying u the baby seats 😛 & diapers & strollers. And the LOCKS to keep you locked in the house!!!

      • agreed with you lynx.. at least they (try) tied up the loose end in this episode rather than cram it in the last episode.

        let’s just hope tmrw eps will bring us the sweet moments. *fingercross

  138. i told you koala, i’ll stay here all night…not until i read that baby recap…i ‘ll stay here no matter how silly it can be!!!

  139. the new writer totally made strong ah jung (first episodes) so weak now… what the f…
    i’m totally cursing in tagalog… right now…

  140. one kiss in the ep16 preview… just one 2 seconds kiss…
    that’s all i get… i stream tonight waiting for something awesome… what do i get… a freaking 2 second kiss for the next episode…

    • i think there is a time leap… the one month separation mentioned in the preview… but I still believe they will end up together… hehehe

      • i believe that too.. but really i want an episode long of love dopey scene of kijoon n ah jung.. not just the last 5 minutes.

        please drama god..

  141. Why she said noooo? I’m so curios, is it related with something that botox aunt said before,,,????. Oh my this episode so dissapointed…

    • it’s about what it means to be Ki Joon’s (a busy businessman/chaebol) wife. Aunt wasn’t against it, she was just talking about the reality of being KJ’s wife… that there are things KJ’s wife has to be and it requires AJ to give up a lot.

      I’m glad they’re approaching this subject because it’s dealing with the characters’ real lives and not just the happy part of falling in love.

      • i guess so. but i would’ve preferred it if she addressed her concerns to KJ first, when the latter told her that they should be honest about their feelings and he asked her to always confess her thoughts even the tiniest details to him coz they both dislike misunderstandings, instead of downright saying no to him.. and the angst in the latter part of this episode is just killing me.. i was hoping that they would end the misunderstanding/aj’s apprehension right there and then.. but no the writer had to drag it out.. 🙁 i wanted a fun-filled finale … sigh…

      • cheers, let us wait for ep 16, we are all emotionally involve here, what the heck at least they were able to get our emotion be a part of this drama…. wow, with this kind of reaction am sure this drama will be a big hit in our country

      • @ HwanHye Shipper: thanks for the explanation. first-time watch the live stream and i don’t even understand a single word they said. Just a guess from the look on their faces. but read explanations from you makes me more worried that the writer will end it with an open ending. Oh God let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

      • hwanhye shipper.. thank you for being so positive. we definitely need that in this roller coaster LTM ride 🙂

      • The writer is an idiot!…
        Does episode 15 even make sense? How could AJ not know what it’ll be like to marry KJ all along? Does it make sense that she would just realize it after the aunt told her?
        Such BS!—I’m soooooo done watching LTM!

      • @adjovie

        I just don’t think AJ really ever considered marriage so soon yet. I mean, girl had a lot on her plate trying to deal with the consequences of her minor lie. Rewatch the whole series and it makes sense. Like her dad said, AJ’s grown up a whole lot since the beginning of the series.

        We know she’s proud of her job. We know she loves Ki Joon. She’s fought hard for her career and she’s an independent woman. This is an adult love story and, something I appreciate about LTM, it deals with having to juggle life and love.

        We don’t want Ah Jung and Ki Joon to end up where So Ran and Jae Bum were at the first half of the series… if they don’t deal with this now, it won’t be consistent with the growth both our OTP have gone through.

        And I agree with everyone that it’d be nice to have some hot and heavy action… but our OTP is in the real sweet/caring love stage and not just the lusting stage.

        I’m hopeful the writer will give us that intensity at Jeju though… I mean, they did have a storm there recently so they would’ve been forced to shoot indoor scenes, right??? lol.

      • Oh very well said Best Luv.

        We also have to remember that AJ’s background on relationships is practically zero. She has been taking care of her dad and was betrayed by her best friend. She basically has no role model on how a real relationship should go.

        However, we can see that she has matured. She wants to be with KJ but admirably on her own terms…as equals.