Korean Version of Rookie’s Diary to Star Lee Jun Ki, Kim Ji Hoon, and Other Currently Enlisted K-stars

Nice to see the Korean military complex isn’t done with exploiting its big star recruits, after pimping Binnie out for some marine training documentary that was purely an exercise in making money off the poor boy who just wants to be an average marine like every other guy in his platoon. The hottest Taiwan drama of 2011 has been Rookies Diary, which has now spawned Rookie’s Diary 2, and is the inspiration for the K-version of the same, except starring major Korean stars who are in fact currently serving in the military. Taiwan media reported on this upcoming K-military sponsored drama which stars Lee Jun Ki, Kim Ji Hoon, and Kim Ji Seok, among others.

It’s clearly a dramatized funny version of what it’s like to serve in the military. It would be a nice propaganda recruiting tool but for the fact that in Korea service is mandatory for all men. So I’ll take this as an attempt to pimp out my Jun Ki. I am not amused. But Jun Ki and co. look pretty happy making the drama, so I suppose maybe it was a nice way to practice their actorly skills during the time off.

News report on K-version of Rookie’s Diary:


[Credit: news and screencaps from Baidu Lee Jun Ki bar]


Korean Version of Rookie’s Diary to Star Lee Jun Ki, Kim Ji Hoon, and Other Currently Enlisted K-stars — 21 Comments

  1. I just learned the little boy I used to kick in the ass before in taekwond joined the US marine and my little shy nephew also joined the marines….huwow!!!! πŸ˜‰ Men in uniform wheeee….may he be benched though hehe don’t wanna lose my baby nephew!

    • Ok I just saw a turning long back kick lucky for him it didn’t hit the jaw or else he will stars in day time πŸ˜›

  2. Much as I love all of them…isn’t it kind of unethical for the Generals to decide this?It has to be at that level?
    I mean come on the may be stars but their ranks are sergeant and below.What are they supposed to say?Pay me-no they would have to say yes.Man even if the script sucks they would have to say yes.

    • Uhmmm losy in translation slang please…hehehe really I didn’t get the main idea…. πŸ™

      • I think she meant something like: it’s unfair for the generals or higher-ranking officers to decide/require/order these actors to act in this drama. Since the enlisted actors have to commit their names to it despite (possibly) shitty script/directing/etc.

        As for my own opinion, I think that the commanding officers can order their soldiers to do it. It’s like ordering an enlisted plumber to be in charge of the barracks toilets. Part of effective leadership is learning what your subordinates are good at and using their talents for a certain goal.

        But it might suck if the script/directing turns out really bad and affect the stars’ reputations… wait a minute, isn’t there a talented director/scriptwriter/editor currently enlisted? Can’t we get them on board the project too?

      • Hehe nope in reality T.V there isn’t much script I guess….it has to stay realistic or else it loses the essence….just a few edits here and there just to get angles but it should be the real thing….well that’s what I remember way back my tiny media reality acting days….and never was aired ahaha….lost the show before it aired….pulled out πŸ™ well good I’m camera shy, just did it for a friend but I do get paid for the others an hour I guess Molla, past is past….

      • Oomph.

        Now I feel kinda stupid. And assuming. Hahaha… I didn’t notice it would be a reality show, so you’re right. There wouldn’t be much of a script in it.

        Errr perhaps ck1 meant something about actors lending their names forcibly to a project.

        What type of reality show did you shoot in the past?

      • hehe ashamed….like hmmmm dating show…. wahaha nevermind SUPER SHY!!!!! DON’T ASK WAHAHA…. VTR MAKES ME SWEAT!!!!! the researcher was a friend…. πŸ˜‰

    • My family is kinda strict unless it’s Good Journalism like O’Riely or documentaries I won’t get kicked out of the family tree….so shhhh let’s keep it low ahihihi….. πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m on the fence on this. On one hand, yay, we see them again! On the other, this is such a blatant attempt to use them that I can’t even…gah!

    • ah ok key word use them…documentary NO PAY???? really???hmmm reality TV is a good eye opener though…. πŸ˜›

  4. On the surface, it seems like the military “use” the soldiers, but, most actors/singers defer their enlistment until they reach 29 or so. It can’t be too bad tho’. I just saw an article about Lee Dong Wook…he looks terrific. It seems he was able to let his hair grow, get a great tan, work out and develop his abs, and eat a special diet of chicken, veggies and sweet potatoes at every meal!

  5. Sorry brainless right now did I make sense up there? good night playmates….hmmm that did not sound right….LOL fellow Koala land…..good night men in uniforms…. πŸ˜‰

  6. Yeah…it’s kinda unfair since they are public figures. Rf the script/production sucks it could serious hurt their image and means of living after they are released. Anyway…no Kim Nam Gil? He’s PERFECT for comedic acting. We’ve seen bits and pieces of his silliness as Bidam (in the 1st half) and interviews as himself.

  7. LJK – Times Between Dogs & Wolf (In my opinion, among all his drama, this was his best performance, ever)
    KJH- Oh, he’s perfect and delicious in Love & Marriage.

    That’s all I can say πŸ™‚

  8. hmm… is there anyone know where i can watch the Rookies Diary, KOrean version? I really2 want to see it….. Love JunKi Oppa… ^^

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