Spy Myung Wol Episode 4 Recap

One of the tried and true ways to barrel through a drama with some pretty big gaping holes in acting, script, or direction is if the OTP has insane chemistry and both actors are bring it in terms of the performance. Some of the recent dramas I’ve liked fell into that category of bad drama, great OTP with some solid acting. Four episodes in, I don’t think Spy Myung Wol has even that to rely on.

Eric is kinda sleepwalking through his role, Han Ye Seul is back to wide-eyed all the time acting, and the secondary leads resemble a Terra Cotta Warrior and a bitchy mannequin, respectively. I really want to like this drama, but I’m finding myself wavering as to whether I want to continue recapping it. SMW’s ratings have been really low, and rumors have arisen that one of the two writers might bow out soon. I’ll continue watching, but will let everyone know if I elect to stop recapping it. It’s still entertaining but my interest isn’t really engaged anymore.

Episode 4 recap:

Kang Woo stops In Ah from striking Myung Wol, telling In Ah not to touch her (Myung Wol). He explains to In Ah that Myung Wol is insane, she has been driven insane by love, so In Ah should just leave her be. Kang Woo walks away.

In Ah tells Myung Wol that she shouldn’t try to climb a tree that she isn’t able to climb, otherwise she’ll just fall flat on her ass. Myung Wol tosses it back at In Ah, to take care not fall on her ass. In Ah gets angry and tries to strike Myung Wol again, but this time Myung Wol grabs her arm and reminds her that Kang Woo says she’s not to be touched. In Ah walks away saying Myung Wol is crazy.

Agent Kyung finds Dae Kang washing Kang Woo’s van and asks who he is? Dae Kang says he’s Kang Woo’s fan. Agent Kyung hires him to be Kang Woo’s new assistant (after firing the former guy for being lazy and inept), to which Kang Woo wonders why they keep hiring crazy people with unknown backgrounds. Yes, I am also confused. Dae Kang promises to work hard.

Choi Ryu is moving out and tells Ok Soon and Hee Bok to run the Myung Wol assignment while he’s going undercover. Myung Wol brings Kang Woo a cup of tea, explaining that the housekeeper isn’t here and Dae Kang is studying up on his new job. Myung Wol asks Kang Woo to stop broadcasting to everyone that she’s crazy.

Kang Woo asks if she’s embarrassed. She says it’s nothing to be proud of. Kang Woo tells her to stop living that way then. She says she can’t help it. Choi Ryu moves into Chairman Joo’s mansion to begin his authentication work for him.

The agents of the NSA are analyzing intelligence on Chairman Joo. Agent Ryu comes over and asks what new intel is available. They discuss that the North apparently sent agents to Singapore as well when Chairman Joo was there for the exchange. Plus Hallyu star Kang Woo attended a secret auction in Singapore. Agent Ryu is curious about why Kang Woo would be at the auction.

Choi Ryu walks through the house and looks around. He looks way too shifty, shouldn’t a top spy be less obvious in his lurking? Choi Ryu finds a room that is locked. He picks the lock and walks inside to discover there is another room that is protected by an electronic lock system. He walks out of the room and runs into In Ah in the living room.

She asks what he is doing, and informs him there is a room down that hall where her grandfather keeps locked and even she can’t go in. She asks if Choi Ryu likes her which is why he’s found an excuse to be near her? This girl isn’t just annoying, she’s borderline delusionally self-absorbed. She tells him not to like her since she’s not interested in him since he’s not a name brand (guy). I’m not interested in you either, In Ah, so please go away.

Chairman Joo comes out and In Ah tattles that Choi Ryu was just poking around, isn’t that weird. Chairman Joo says curiosity about a new place isn’t a bad thing. In Ah wonders if Choi Ryu is trustworthy enough to live in their house? The Chairman laughs and says that’ll have to be seen. In Ah warns Choi Ryu that if she dislikes him, it’s just a matter of time before she gets him fired.

Myung Wol is practicing her OPW, using the most disgusting of cute voices to say “oppa” over and over again. She gets grossed out and frustrated with herself, cursing at this seduction business. Kang Woo walks down the stairs and she runs over, asking him if he needs anything, and adding “oppa” at the end of her question. She asks again “do you want coffee, oppa?” Kang Woo tells her to stop the nasty oppa business or else she’s dead.

Myung Wol meets with Ok Soon later that night and informs her that Kang Woo hated the oppa line. Ok Soon is shocked, all men love being called oppa, and this is from her personal experience. Myung Wol feels like their plan is going off the tracks. Ok Soon is befuddled – Kang Woo doesn’t like the strong warrior type, the not-too-sexual type, or the aegyo (cutesy) type. What is Kang Woo’s real interest (i.e. does he like guys)? Myung Wol says that Kang Woo is like…..crazy.

Myung Wol walks back to Kang Woo’s house, where Agent Ryu is parked outside doing surveillance. She sees Myung Wol and wonders who she is since Kang Woo has no sisters. Is Myung Wol the girlfriend? Director Ryu calls his daughter asking where she is but Agent Ryu just blows her dad off with an “I’m busy working.”

Kang Woo is walking on the treadmill. Myung Wol asks if he wants to take a break. He tells her to stop bugging him, but she says it’s her job to stay beside him at all times. He tells her to join him in jogging then. We see Myung Wol calmly jogging on the treadmill besides Kang Woo. They both eye each other and begin to increase the speed as they compete. Finally Kang Woo goes too fast he almost falls off the treadmill, which he blames on Myung Wol making too much noise and distracting him. Heh.

Dae Kang tells Myung Wol that there is something going on with Kang Woo and In Ah, as a way to get Myung Wol to stop being interested in Kang Woo. Myung Wol processes this information and realizes that is why In Ah doesn’t like her. Dae Kang asks Myung Wol to put her hand in his. He then pulls her close and then asks her to push him away.

He pushes and pulls Myung Wol to demonstrate that Kang Woo and In Ah have this push and pull relationship that means Kang Woo is pushing her away in order to land her in the end. Myung Wol is upset that she hasn’t even landed Kang Woo, but now she has to contend with another rival, In Ah.

Choi Ryu sits down to dinner with the Chairman. In Ah sits down at the table and continues to deride and insult Choi Ryu. Doesn’t the girl have anything decent to say? She asks Choi Ryu what his real purpose is here? Is he looking to be a male Cinderella? Choi Ryu says he has no such intent. Chairman Joo asks Choi Ryu to forgive In Ah’s bad manners, she’s been spoiled her entire life and suffers from a princess syndrome. Chairman calls In Ah someone with a sharp tongue but a softy inside.

Choi Ryu sits in his room and views files. He goes to the locked room and manages to crack the electronic code and enters the hidden basement room where the Chairman has locked away many valuable antiques. Choi Ryu looks for a hidden panel and finds it behind a hanging painting.

Myung Wol goes to wake Kang Woo up and finds his room empty. She sees the closet ajar and opens it. A baseball glove and ball falls out. She picks it up and sees that the ball has the name Lee Kang Woo written on it. Kang Woo comes and yells at her to never touch his stuff again. She peeks back inside and sees Kang Woo carefully putting the ball and glove back. He takes out a picture of a young boy (likely himself) with an older man (probably his dad).

Dae Kang gives Kang Woo his itinerary for the day while Kang Woo eats breakfast. Kang Woo is in a bad mood and just walks away in the middle of Dae Kang’s recitation. Myung Wol protects Kang Woo as they walk through the studio. Outside the studio they are mobbed by school girl fans, one of whom grabs Kang Woo’s hair to scream that they love him.

After Kang Woo is safe, Myung Wol confronts the girls, who are snarky and rude with her. Myung Wol tells the girls to bring it, the first to attack will die in her hands. All the school girls get ready to fight, and Myung Wol realizes how many there are, and how fierce they look.

Kang Woo climbs into the van where Dae Kang worriedly asks where Myung Wol is? They see a messed up Myung Wol walking back to the van, and she’s even got a nosebleed. Dae Kang asks if she wants to go to the hospital but Myung Wol says it’s not necessary. Kang Woo says they need to bring Myung Wol to a beauty salon since she can’t go with him to the jewelry party he’s headed to tonight looking like that.

Chairman Joo and Choi Ryu arrive at the party. Myung Wol is in the bathroom getting ready. She looks at herself in the mirror and sees her bloody nose and messy hair. She thinks she looks like a total freak. Kang Woo is at the party and In Ah walks up to remind him that her grandfather is coming today and ask Kang Woo to please behave today.

Chairman Joo and Choi Ryu walk up and greets Kang Woo. In Ah immediately sidles up to Kang Woo and grabs his arm. Kang Woo and Choi Ryu give each other pointed looks. Choi Ryu runs into Myung Wol outside the bathroom, surprising both of them. Choi Ryu says he hardly recognized her, but reminds her that she’s in the middle of an assignment.

The party starts to welcome a famous jewelry designer Suame to Korea. Myung Wol walks into the party but a waiter bumps into her. He drops his tray which makes a huge clang and everyone looks in her direction. She continues walking and all the men at the party are totally gaping at her hotness. Even In Ah looks envious. I’m not a big fan of these miraculously looking hot by virtue of a dress change scenes, which are pretty heavy-handed to me.

Kang Woo stares and stares at Myung Wol some more. The Chairman introduces In Ah to Suame, who then sees Myung Wol and walks over to ask if she’s an actress. Myung Wol says she’s not an actress, she’s just Kang Woo’s personal bodyguard. She loves Myung Wol’s neckline and wants her to model some jewelry for her. In Ah is so angry she tears off the Suame jewelry she was wearing.

A man comes up to ask Myung Wol to dance. She declines because she’s in the middle of working. But the guy grabs her and drags her on the dance floor. Myung Wol tries to resist but the guy is totally grabby. Kang Woo steps forward and asks the guy to let him have this dance. The grabby guy stalks off and Kang Woo and Myung Wol start to dance.

Kang Woo asks her where she learned her English. She says she learned it herself. Myung Wol keeps treading on Kang Woo’s toes, and he asks her why she didn’t teach herself how to dance. He warns her that if she steps on his toes one more time, she’s fired. He dips her and says that if she embarrasses him (on the dance floor), then she’s fired as well.

He tells her to stop trying to lead and just follow his lead. They start dancing smoothly and it’s quite lovely. Suddenly Kang Woo gets a phone call and he rushes off. Myung Wol runs after him but In Ah purposes steps on her train so it rips. Myung Wol jerks the entire train off and continues to chase after Kang Woo. She loses him outside after he hops in a car.

Kang Woo rushes to meet with Hee Bok, who confirms that he’s found leads on Dok Ge Bi (aka Goblin), the mystery man Kang Woo is searching for. Hee Bok shows Kang Woo a hand drawn picture of the Goblin, which is like a kid’s sketch and could be half the men in Korea. Hee Bok says he’s getting closer but needs more money to continue the search. Kang Woo hands him some cash.

Suddenly the TV shows news reports on Kang Woo and In Ah attending tonight’s party. Hee Bok says he’s curious if Kang Woo is going to marry In Ah? He asks what type of girls Kang Woo likes? Kang Woo says he’s not interested in women and leaves.

Myung Wol goes back to Kang Woo’s house. She sees his picture on the wall and she flashes back to dancing with him tonight, and how he got rid of the grabby guy. She looks at her hand and remembers how they held hands as they danced. She looks confused and wonders what is happening with her?

She hears a noise and turns around to see Kang Woo coming home. She asks where he went and he tells her it’s none of her business. He tells her to not think that anything happened between them simply because they held hands (and danced) tonight. He notices her ripped dress and is upset because he paid for it. He tells her that he’ll deduct the price of the dress from her wages. Myung Wol mutters that he’s a jerk under his breath.

Hee Bok tells Ok Soon that Kang Woo confirmed today that he’s not interested in women. Ok Soon says they have to use their brains then. Myung Wol is doing pull ups at the playground when Ok Soon arrives. Ok Soon wants Myung Wol to use her great reflexes on Kang Woo. Ok Soon says rather than training her body, Myung Wol has more important things to do.

Ok Soon says that based on Kang Woo being gay, Myung Wol’s feminine talents isn’t enough. She wants Myung Wol to find what Kang Woo’s weakness is as a person, and attack that way. Myung Wol thinks that might be a cowardly thing to do. Ok Sook says there is no other way, but reminds Myung Wol to simply find the weakness and then let Kang Woo know she’s the only person in the world that knows his weakness.

Myung Wol walks home to find the leader of the school girls nodding off outside Kang Woo’s house. The girl confirms that she’s been here for three days now, wanting to just be close to Kang Woo’s house. Myung Wol tells her to go home since her parents will be worried. She just wants a signature and she’ll be satisfied.

Myung Wol goes inside and finds Kang Woo working at his desk. She tries to get a signature for the fan, telling him the girl has been sitting there for three nights straight now. Kang Woo reminds Myung Wol that he doesn’t give out autographs and he has too many such fans to think about just one. He never gives out autographs because valuable things like his signature can’t be owned by anyone.

He tells Myung Wol that if she’s worried, she can give the girl her own signature. He dismisses Myung Wol, who mutters that a guy like that can’t have any weaknesses. Myung Wol goes outside and hands the girl an old t-shirt of Kang Woo’s, lying that Kang Woo wanted to give it to her. The girl says Kang Woo is an angel, to which Myung Wol says he’s a devil inside angel’s clothing. We see Kang Woo watching from the window, and holding a CD of his which he has signed. What a softie.

In Ah asks her grandpa to make Choi Ryu her bodyguard, since he possess skills. Her assistant asks why In Ah wants to switch bodyguards? In Ah says Choi Ryu appears to know her worth (and Kang Woo doesn’t is the implication), plus having Choi Ryu around has other uses. In Ah says a man’s jealousy can be quite strong, wanting to use Choi Ryu to make Kang Woo jealous.

Myung Wol brings Kang Woo his tray of morning vitamins and he nitpicks that she didn’t bring the correct items or the correct bottled water. He asks for a napkin and she gives him a roll of toilet paper. He tosses it and says he only uses a special brand. After Kang Woo leaves, Myung Wol mutters that he sure treats her like a slave, and she would love to pound his face into a pulp.

Kang Woo stands at the bottom of the driveway and berates Myung Wol for doing a shoddy job since the car is covered in fan graffiti. Kang Woo tells her to clean it all up. Myung Wol mutters that she’s a North Korean agent and she can’t believe she’s resorted to getting ordered around by Kang Woo and doing gopher work.

Myung Wol opens the trunk to look for cleaning supplies and finds a box containing CDs signed by Kang Woo for kids at a hospital. Myung Wol reports to Ok Soon that Kang Woo seems like a good guy. Ok Soon tells her to just do her job and find his weakness, a scar or a pain he’s concealed.

Kang Woo sits and watches his own interview on TV. He passes out on the couch. Myung Wol comes by and mutters that Kang Woo can’t possibly have any hidden pain since he doesn’t appear to have suffered at all in his life. Suddenly Kang Woo cries out in his sleep. He says “no” and we have a flashback with young Kang Woo looking for his father in a forest area. He keeps saying “don’t go, don’t go.”

Myung Wol wakes Kang Woo up from his nightmare. Kang Woo pushes her aside and stumbles off to his bedroom. Myung Wol thinks back to what Ok Soon said, that everyone has pain, but we only conceal it. Myung Wol thinks someone Kang Woo loved must have left him. She wonders if perhaps it’s Kang Woo’s first love?

Ok Soon meets with Hee Bok, who asks if she’s eaten? She tells him not to wait for her in the future and just eat on his own. Ok Soon looks tired and Hee Bok offers to massage her feet. She pushes him away. He says they are a married couple, and she threatens to divorce him immediately if he keeps bothering her. She stalks off and Hee Bok giggles that her grumpiness is so cute.

Kang Woo and Myung Wol arrive at the studio only to run into In Ah and Choi Ryu. Kang Woo has no reaction to seeing another man around In Ah, which doesn’t make her happy. Kang Woo is told that the stuntwoman for today’s scene is injured and they can’t film. But Kang Woo has a CF shoot tomorrow so it has to be today. They decide to ask Myung Wol to pinch hit.

In Ah and Choi Ryu walk onto the set just as Myung Wol, wearing a domino, is strung up on wires and prepares to shoot the scene. The filming begins with Kang Woo and In Ah running away from assailants while Myung Wol dangles from the roof and shoots at the gunmen. Suddenly her wired get tangled and then she falls.

Kang Woo is the quickest to react, as he runs towards the rapidly falling Myung Wol and catches her in his arm before she hits the ground. He looks into her eyes, covered by the domino, and finally appears to make the connection that she’s the masked woman in Singapore that saved him on the balcony.

Thoughts of Mine:

I’m really curious to hear from folks on why you really love SMW so far, or why it’s only so-so for you. I doubt you’re reading my recaps if you don’t like it. I’m wondering if I’m just missing something, or perhaps distracted by other stuff. Unlike Heartstrings, which actively annoyed me with the two episodes I watched, nothing about SMW really bugs me, with the exception of the non-character that is In Ah and the bad acting from the two second leads. But these are quibbles that I’ve accepted with many a drama, so I’m just treading water trying to see if my decreasing level of interest SMW is more me or more the drama. Or maybe a combination of both.

Most of my drama friends either checked out SMW and then promptly checked right out of it, or aren’t even interested in watching at all. It’s sorta flying under the radar right now, which isn’t a bad thing. I found episode 4 once again slightly choppy (but not as bad as episode 3), but what also surprised me is how slow going the plot is now after the quick speed out the gate in the first two episodes. Maybe because this drama reminds me of the mad-cap antics of the Hong Sisters, I was thinking the plot would be a series of events that keep moving the story forward. But instead episode 4 introduced one new revelation about Kang Woo’s backstory, and the rest of time it was rather meandering.

I’ll adjust my expectations on the pace and see if allowing this story to unfurl at a much slower beat is the way to go. I genuinely like the concept of the OTP – cloistered North Korean spy with emotional buttons missing and self-absorbed but secretly kind Hallyu star with childhood trauma. Plus I still think Eric and Han Ye Seul have good (not great) chemistry. Part of me thinks this drama just has a pretty long set up phase and will take off once all the mystery pieces are in place. I’m cool with that. 49 Days took 10 episodes before I fell in love with it, so I understand that the switch can flip at anytime for a drama. Hoping that happens with SMW for me.


Spy Myung Wol Episode 4 Recap — 43 Comments

  1. Thank you for your recap.
    I am watching this drama as well, but I am not captivated, even if it has less flaws than some other dramas I was addicted to.
    I do find flat the second lead man, but I guess its his role. However, the second lead woman, is very annoying, i wanna slap her face, and kick her in a lake of shit.
    It’s cute to watch, but I can’t be obssesed.
    I can’t tell you if you continue to recap, but I have to suggest you, do Drunken to Love you recaps first, instead of MWS haha!
    Don’t tell me you didn’t love the latest episode *melting mode*

    Another kind interesting drama to watch is ”I need romance”, but has already 12 episodes aired, so its at the end. ….

  2. Wow, I can’t believe I’m the first person to post on your website.. HI!

    Anyways, I’ve been reading your recaps for a few days now.. I was all excited to watch this but after reading recap of ep 1 and 2, 3 and 4 for some reason isn’t as exciting? I was really hoping that 4 would be interesting, the damsel in distress but after your recaps.. i’m kinda a bit confused.. or more like lost? It’s suppose to be a comedy with a spy twist, but its more like superstar is mean to bodyguard, crazed fan? I really don’t know how to describe it..

    I’m also not a big fan of the two spies in the back feeding what to say in her ear about how to be more feminine. I get she’s been trained to be a spy and not like a soft spoken lady but I notice that every time they give her advice it just ends up making Myung Wol fall flat on her face every single time, embarrassing her and creating more unwanted tension between the two lead characters.. it just really serves no purpose.

    I agree that this didn’t come out as what everyone expected to be.. i’m a bit disappointed.. I know its only two weeks in but if they keep this up, i feel like Myung Wol is just going to continue be tortured by Kang Woo and nothing else happens.. until they pick up the story a bit, I’m not sure if I want to stay behind to watch.

    Thanks for posting by the way. It will be up to you whether you continue to recap or not, its your blog and if you want to recap it, go for it, if not, i’m sure there’s plenty other dramas you can recap!

  3. I actually like SMW is only because it seems different from other dramas, at least plot wise. There’s no one dying of some random disease, no sweet down home country girl who changes everyone because she’s so kind. I really like that the character’s are so flawed. I like that Myung Wol’s willing to go all out crazy for her mission. I like that she’s got mad skills. I think the general plot elements are nothing new but at least this is trying. It’s got an element of wackiness – a North Korean spy trying to marry a Hallyu actor… Whaaat?! I guess I’m just tired of the same drama over and over again with different actors.

  4. Hi okcoala…

    I still haven’t had the time to watch the drama but it surely is getting interesting. I hope you continue recapping.

  5. They don’t seem believable. You just cant look beyond Erik&Han Ye Seul. I know its acting etc. but i just don’t buy them. At least its like that for me… But its just ep. 4-maybe they will soon forget they are in front of the camera (Erik has that “camera is present” face a lot)and get into the rolls…

  6. Drama watching really is subjective. SMW is my cup of tea, no doubt….although I will admit I’m quite the Shinhwa fan =). I like the wacky and far-fetched plot and the narrative within the drama’s overall story works for me. The chemistry of the OTP is good imo and those two qualities are enough to keep me interested. Only rarely will there be a “Lie to Me” where I could care less about the story and seeing the OTP date is enough 😛

  7. I haven’t jump in to watching this drama yet but I love your recaps. Your recaps are the only thing that keeps me still thinking I will tune into this show down the line.
    Thanks, I appreciate your viewpoints and comments.

  8. I’m only 2 episodes in but I’m still on the fence. I’m not bored. I don’t hate it. I’m not engaged by it. I’m not sure. We’ll see. Might just put it on the back burner and enjoy the dramas that still keep me hooked.

  9. haha, i’ve been watching this for 4 eps and i’m still on it. the fact tt i find eric’s acting wooden and HYS’s acting ridiculous and yet i’m still watching means tt it’s really so odd that it just keeps me wanting to see how ridiculous it will get. and seriously, i’m waiting for a scene where eric really smiles. it will really lit up the screen! =) rather than the conventional rom-com, this offers some off-tangent feel which i’m feeling rather good about it. i’m definitely following up on this! ^_^

  10. I’m not into SMW, but I still love reading your recap for it. And because its eric. I wish this drama was more crazy funny, even if it didn’t make sense. I seriously wanted it to be more comedic. I was looking to this drama as a way to finally get over LTM, and im sad to say it didn’t do it for me. Gosh, it seems as if everything I say, I always incorporate LTM in it. SMH. But I think the only reason why im not into this drama more, is because its not as kooky as I imagined it. I wanted to literally laugh or giggle at crazy spy-hallyu star antics. And, ofcourse, have the romance in it. But it just doesnt pull me. I like reading your recaps, but when I tried to watch it, I felt so disconnected.

  11. hi sistah!

    thank you for the recap… and i do hope you will fall for this show so i can continue to read you recaps.

    i love this drama, i had fun watching it ep1 and 2. admittedly 3 and 4 lacks something. but i still hope it would be better later.

    i really like Eric and Ye Seul… but girly seems to be fixated with wide-eyed actings and Eric hasn’t given his all, methinks.

    but overall, i am crazy with this drama. i could laugh!

    the story has many possibilities. i think Kang Woo is someone that more than meets the eye. His swiftness and there are things that pointed he may just be another spy. Myung Wol tho, left me with no other impressions yet. With regards to their pairing, I’m already seeing Kang Woo slowly falling for Myung Wol but there will be a hart time accepting it.

    Overall i think this show has a lot to offer… and hope it will not disappoint you so you won’t drop it.

  12. I hope you continue recaping becasue I am enjoying this drama very much, and your recaps help me to understand the raw episodes since they are more in detail than those in other sites.
    Thank you for your work

  13. hmmmm I can’t really tell you to continue to recap this if your heart is not in it…sure i appreciate you doing it cos I can understand when I watch it raw but at the end it’s your prerogative…I don’t love this drama as much as I would want to… It sure make me giggle some but it doesn’t draw me in like I want to be pulled in…Eric sure is hot and HYS is a beauty but as you’ve said their chemistry is not that great and I hate the 2nd lead too… Am sorry if I couldn’t be of help…I believe LTM ruined me…waughhhhhhhhh 🙁

    • @mizweng: Ahhh, glad to know that I’m not alone.. Re: LTM ruined Me

      I tried wartching INR, Heartstring and my last hope is SMW to take me out of misery after LTM completed… no success, the longing is still there.

      Then last week end I decided to rewatching 49 Days.. n it cures my longing to LTM! However, the negative effect is still the same.. I bcm a watery pot again just like the 1st time I watched this drama.

      As @OCKoala said, it took 10 episodes for 49 Days to make her fall in love.. I do wish SMW will make me fall in love to – but, asap please.. Don’t make me wait until 10 ep.

  14. I do hope you continue with the recap. I like the drama because it is light. I had hoped it would be more campy and sillier. They seem to be missing out on the silly and the camp as the episodes progress. The little silly in ep 4 is *so* constructed it doesn’t work or endear you to the characters. Very upsetting, but still a little froth after heavier fare is nice.

    I agree the acting is less than stellar. Someone earlier wrote that Erik has the “camera is present” face. I think that is it with the entire cast. I feel a large part of this is due to the writing. The actors are having trouble becoming their own characters since the way they are to act them, tongue-in-cheek or serious doesn’t seem set.

    Anyway, I irrationally still like it and still hope for more from the writers if not the actors. Please keep up the excellent recaps!

  15. Thanks again! I hope you will continue your recaps as I enjoy reading them while waiting for their subs. To me, it’s a fun (yet mysterious as I wonder KW’s real identity) drama which suits my taste. The chemistry between HYS and Eric is engaging so I’m kinda anticipating for even better chemistry in the later episodes. =)

  16. I am losing interest fast and cannot quite get captivated by it. I really don’t care much if I don’t see it at all. Maybe I had too high expectations in the beginning, but I don’t think so… I don’t really think HYS and Eric are super great actors to being with so I had pretty low expectations. I just can’t get into their characters or even themselves at all. I am a drama viewer that loves wacky scenarios and story lines don’t even need to make sense in real life. But at this point, SMW is really confusing me a bit. I think the story has a lot of potential… spy, comedy whatever… so I really hope that I can get into it eventually. I have been able to get into stuff later in the series before, so hopefully this is one of them. I’ll keep following it and hope for the best but I returned to catch up on my 20 episodes of Bones and Cold Case on our Tivo. No asian dramas are currently captivating me enough. 🙁

    • Oh – I wanted to say that I also think Kang Woo is a spy or something related to that too as in he’s not just a Hallyu star.

  17. Thank you for the recap. I love this drama and all its glorious quirkiness!! Please continue to recap. From time to time, it’s really nice to have drama that so far out that you watch it for its pure entertainment value. If all dramas were to depict everything realistic, then what’s the point of watching them? 🙂

    Kindly continue being our Korean ears and tongue, and recap for us non-Korean speaking watchers.

  18. Ouch, this is bad. I may have problems with SMW but so far it’s not that bad. Ratings for ep 3 TNS 5.9, epi 4 TNS 6.4. Heartstrings is also that low on Wed-Thurs.

    Heartstrings apparently is changing writer, and I heard the there are PD meetings about SMW.

    Gyebak is starting next week, so I doubt SMW can recover. At most perhaps eventually SMW will get to low double digits. Princess’s Man is also starting, so future looks bleak for Heartstrings as well.

    I predict Gyebak is going to slaughter the competition on Mon-Tues. It’s potentially another Queen Seon Deok. And if it’s not QSD level insane ratings, at least a Dong Yi. So Mon-Tues is pretty much dead for SMW. I feel bad, because it’s quirkiness is part of its charm. But you just can’t meander all around and expect the audience to understand what to expect.

    I’ll recap next week for sure guys. After that is up in the air, but I thank you all for sharing your thoughts with me on this drama. 😀

  19. Recently, I can’t find any decent K-Drama to watch (well I only watch CH for the whole week – anticipating Scent of a Woman) Therefore, SMW is not too bad, at least is light and I don’t have to think much of it or feel like an urge to watch it right the way. In fact, I think the story is pretty good however, the acting and the directing skills have “tons of room” for improvement. The most important thing is I do not see the ‘chemistry’ between our OTP yet. Hopefully it will get better and I will keep watching till the end.

  20. Watched 2 episodes and stopped. Storyline was ridiculous, even with the quirks and so called funny. Directing/editing really choppy and all over the place. And acting? Really below par (and I didn’t have any expectations to begin with). Chemistry? Didn’t see it nor feel it.


  21. Reason i m reading this recap is , well there is nothing else to watch and die for like LTM , just rerere watched LTM and greatest love and camping here

  22. I think you judge too fast. Honestly, this drama has alot of good points. I think it doesnt show too much cliches like most dramas, and yes even though there are SOME cliches, dont judge it so fast. I like it, it has a very unique and interesting plot that isnt like any dramas i know.

  23. i rewatched the ep and i notice some funny things:

    1. when high school fangirls moobed KW, a high schooler pulled his head to get some hair.. she did it as well to MW… the HSG is the NSA agent who asked for a sign later on..

    2. remember the doodles on the van the morning after the sign bickering, i believe that KW made those doodles himself.. cartons of pens are inside the box with cds that MW is looking at.. but she didn’t notice the pens.. haha

    more to come later.. ^^

  24. My problem with this drama so far is that it has the potential to be so funny, but it’s just not. I feel like the actors and the music even, are so serious when it’s just way too soon for that in a comedy. With this story everything should be over the top funny and crazy – kind of like Cha Seung-won in The Greatest Love. I mean we’re talking about a North Korean spy sent to stop the Hallyu wave, lol.

    • so true… it’s supposed to be classified as ‘rom-com’ but i have yet to see rom-com… even the tracks are so heavy, like it’s a melodrama. i was hoping the funny and the cute were coming this week. guess not.

  25. Thanks for the recap 🙂
    I actually enjoy watching this series mainly because of Eric and Ye Seul. I think they look adorable together. As well their characters are quite interesting; Eric as a jerk and Ye Seul as a naive spy. I’m interested to see how Eric’s character will change over time by spending time with Ye Seul as well as how the mission will go. I highly doubt that Eric will go back to North Korea with her in the end but at the same time, I don’t think she would want to leave Eric either.

  26. i rewatched the ep and i notice some funny things:

    1.) when high school fangirls mobbed KW, a high schooler pulled his head to get some hair.. she did it as well to MW… the HSG is the NSA agent who asked for a sign later on..

    2.) remember the doodles on the van the morning after the sign bickering, i believe that KW made those doodles himself.. cartons of pens are inside the box with cds that MW is looking at.. but she didn’t notice the pens.. haha

    3.) notice the reactions of KW and CR when an insistent guy bothers MW to dance with her… here are the order of their reactions. and my interpretation of it. it happened a bit fast especially CR reactions, so you might as well want to check them again…

    3.1. when the IG asked MW to dance, KW readjusted his bow tie though it doesn’t really need readjusting (it’s to make his presence known and for the IG to back off)

    3.2. IG still holds out his hand despite MW’s attempt of turning him down; KW has his annoyed lood while CR blink ( KW is annoyed because the guy seems to not get it; CR blinked because he can’t believe his eyes.and wonder what will happen next. we (sub)consciously blink our eyes to give it (the eyes) the benefit of the doubt that it see things and the brain processed it in a wrong way. hoping that after we open our eyes again things aren’t what i see before i closed my eyes.

    3.3. MW looks at both CR and KW as if asking what she’s supposed to do, since CR is his senior and they are currently undercover and the latter is supposedly his boss (as the undercover mission puts it to be); KW had his jaw tighten meaning he’s silently brooding in annoyance/jealousy already while CR had his eyebrows furrowed totally showing his displeasure of the situation.

    3.4. MW gets dragged to the dance floor. both KW and CR followed their gaze on them both ready to rescue with CR having had his foot forward ready to pounce only that KW outran him and came to MW’s aid already.

    4.) CR’s reaction when MW and KW are already dancing was like this…

    4.1 first shift of the camera to CR, CR was frowning with displeasure. in my opinion, it’s because not only KW out ran him and saved MW form the IG but also KW gets to be MW’s first dance. damn…

    4.2 2nd shift of the camera to CR, he did blink again followed by gritting of his teeth – in my opinion it’s because he tries to get rid of the sight and focus. he’s not supposed to let his feeling intervene with the mission.. the gritting of teeth is for his annoyance. why can’t he just react openly? well it’s because of the mission… urrrgghhh…

    5.) as IA stepped on MW’s dress train, CR stops IA from running after her and lectures her.. HUHU.. that’s the only thing he can do for now..

    6.) as MW walks down the hall, KW gave her a body check form head to toe and toe to head. Not only that he can’t take his eyes off her. MW for sure notice that, she got conscious of it that she tucked her hair behind her ear and she also smiled to herself. Tucking hair behind the is subconsciously showing your attraction to the other.

    7.) IA needed a translator to speak to the jeweler who brushed her aside and approached MW instead asking if she’s an actress, admiring her exquisite neckline and wanting her to try on her jewelries. they are even speaking to each other in english. the whole crowd are also admiring her looks.. haha… what a slap in the face of IA because a mere bodyguard whose mistaken for an actress was asked to to try own precious jewelries, can speak straight english, and stole the whole show because her beauty admired by everyone in the crowd. IA’s ego was deflated to zero for sure.. haha…

    8.) all 3 guys who adore MW in their own ways are nervous before the stunt/filming starts: KW gulps his saliva, muttering why should an inexperienced person do the stunt; pretend crazy kiddo-turned assistant to keep on following his new found love MW, gulps saliva and bites his lips; CR furrows his eyebrows knowing that he can’t verbalize any concern for her because they are on a mission and they can’t blow their cover. and it would be weird if he did speaks his concern because they are not supposed to know each other. (really my heart is aching for Choi Ryu, it’s not personal inability to express his feelings but their their job/cover that’s blocking him)

    9.) pretend crazy kiddo eyes deadbeat from mobbing incident MW through the rearview mirror, his concern for her evident. while KW uses his tinted glasses to throw sneaking glances at MW.

    10.) KW and CR keeps on throwing stony glances at each other when they are introduced to each other at the jewelry event. CR’s reaction was due to his annoyance and jealousy since KW kissed MW. KW’s reaction may be due to sensing bad vibes.. hehe..

  27. I really enjoy reading your blog and all your recaps. They are insightful and often make me smile with amusement. I think SMW is still worth watching but I understand if you drop the recaps. There are only so many hours in the day.

    Compared to LTM and The Greatest Love, this drama seems rather flat. If I hadn’t viewed those before, I probably would feel better about SMW. As you said, the plotline meanders which makes the storytelling rather mediocre. I dislike having to watch (suffer) the interactions between the second leads and think a more interesting pairing would be Ryu and NSA agent Yoo Da-hae. (Yeah, whack him with that kendo stick and see how he reacts!). Also, even though the on-screen chemistry is good between KW and MW, something feels missing because we are not seeing any shared commonalities between the OTP. I think this will change in coming episodes because right now both characters are hiding.

  28. I agree with you on Eric’s and Han Ye Seul’s acting. Too bad. If the drama doesn’t pull me in after four episodes, I usually drop it in the meantime and save it for later. I have yet to see this week’s episodes.

    thanks for the recap : )

  29. I’m not fan of Éric drama but it’s the first Time I Like show where he stars so i can’t understand why peuple don’t Like. But tour comment remind me, my tough of the drama Dal Ja Spring which I hated at first but I try to 2 month later to watch again and loved. Maybe right now bégayer it’s summer you prefer to be at the beach. So try again later and you will see

  30. Thanks for the recap. After reading your recap of Ep. 3, I watched it again. Enjoyed it more than the first time. So I’ve decided to go along for the ride with Eric…have seen Ep.4 and will watch it again…I liked it, but can understand it’s not your cup of tea. (I’ve watched LTM again and the second time I’m wondering if I saw too much in that one) I don’t get that feeling with SMW… it’s entertaining and I’m getting convinced that they’re playing it tongue-in-cheek. Can’t wait for the next episode…

  31. For me, SMW is more interesting than Hanakimi remake ( which LITERALLY made me fall asleep). I’d argue that some parts of it are more interesting than Ikemen desu ne, Japanese remake version. In short, I’m an easy person to please, and I don’t have high expectations. For one, I don’t really know Eric or any of the other actors. I find it pleasant to watch the main OTP’s interaction. I also like the old spies. The rest of the stuff, I skip. I think next episode will be very interesting, ‘coz it looks like Eric’s character falls in love with MW.

  32. Hi Koala, thanks for the recap! I just noticed a typo in your intro–you call the show “SPW.” Just pointing it out in case you want to change it.


  33. Firstly, thanks for the recap up to 4. I thought that you might stop at 2, you’ve made a smart step to move forward hopefully somethings interesting come out. I feel like SMW should be funny even with Eric’s serious face. Han’s acting is so-so, may be cos that’s what the directors wants it. I watch SMW because its new korean drama and l love handsome Eric since Que Sera Sera. If its not for him, l’d rather watch other new korean and japanese (a lot latest just released). Its a kind of drama that l do not feel it or stick to it, unlike City Hunter( only 2 eps left). However, l can say that SMW is more worth watching than Heartstring even with Park Shin Hye in it.
    SWM is like plotting something only to be watched and feels a bit entertainy, others, chemistry, mmmhp, good but not great as Lie to Me.
    I’m still awaiting for something that make me stuck and unpatiently for the next episode to air.

  34. Im not in LOVE with the drama but the fourth ep caught me. well the preview for the next one did. The first 4 eps were iffy to me…..the storyline simply is everywhere and is nonsense. It seems tht they just keep adding things to make the situations fit together like how myung wol is crazy in love with kang woo so she “supposedly” was there at his house(ep where he found her hanging from the balcony)…but if i was him my reaction woulda been more of like wth? why is she here and with her previous encounters I would of just stayed away from her and not made her my bodyguard…..but when I saw the preview for ep 5 where it showed him falling for her…it sorta made me like it because who doesnt love those cute fall for each other moments but other than tht its okay so far not the best….oh btw what does OPW stand for its killing me not knowing…..sorry im sow on these acronyms thing.

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