Written Preview for Episode 5 of Spy Myung Wol

I’ve heard murmurings that the interlude shown of Myung Wol and Kang Woo in Singapore at the end of episode 4 made folks think it was a preview for episode 5. I thought it was a fantasy sequence, maybe a future premonition, or some alternate universe scene. Because it was clearly set in Singapore, and Kang Woo still had his bright red hair, but in reality the story has moved back to Korea and he’s back to his regular hair color. Hence the scenes, and the behavior of Kang Woo in the scenes, just made me shrug and not read too much into it. I’m sticking with Spy Myung Wol in a last ditch effort to see if it gets better. Either go kookier, or revert to straight melodrama, because I don’t think even the drama quite knows what tone to strike. I don’t think the ratings can be revived facing two strong sageuks, but I just want the drama to be good so I can rave about it.

Written preview for episode 5:

Kang Woo starts to think that Myung Wol looks a lot like the masked woman in Singapore, so he becomes curious about her background. Myung Wol senses that Kang Woo is curious about her, so together with Ok Soon and Hee Bok, they launch another plan of attack.

On the other hand, Yoo Da Hae the NSA Agent confirms that Kang Woo attended the secret auction in Singapore. She starts to confirm whether Kang Woo has met with Hee Bok during this time, but…..

[Credit: written preview released by KBS]


Written Preview for Episode 5 of Spy Myung Wol — 17 Comments

  1. Rats. It was a cute fantasy scene, anyway. Though why the director put it in at all puzzles me. Ah, well. I don’t love SMW, but I find myself strangely captivated by it. Maybe it’s Myung-wol’s fish-out-of-water responses to relationships and slang, or maybe it’s just the music is really…moody. I don’t know. But I liked episode four pretty well, and I hope episode five ups the ante a few notches.

  2. Well it is something to watch on Mondays that’s why I am in.Originally I love LCW that is why I am in.However it’s not the worst KD and I am not into saguek.

    What’s a fan to do?I have to watch something.KD replaces my TV.

  3. I was also confused about that sweet scenes in Singapore. I had a hunch it wasn’t for episode 5. hmph!

    I’m also sticking with this for my Mondays and Tuesdays. I do watch saeguks but at present, I’m not in the mood to do so.

    Hope you’ll continue the recaps : )

  4. I agree that this drama needs to commit to a specific direction, but I’ll probably stick with it just for Eric’s abs.

    It’s also funny watching Myung Wol learn the feminine graces. She looked killer in that dress!

  5. Personally I interpreted the scenes as completed footage that they just threw in since they had it on hand. 🙂 Maybe in the future (of the storyline) they’ll make a trip back to Singapore and that’s where the footage is meant to be, since it’s not like they’re going to actually fly overseas again.

  6. I’m not stuck yet but I really appreciate this drama =)

    I’m anxious for the next episodes after all =D


  7. It’s a good one at least it can make me laugh like a fool alone! Thanks for the recap koala cause the end of ep 4 just make viewers confused with those crazy love scenes! So don’t look forward for hot kissing scene on Ep5 nor 6!

  8. just started watching this and i thinks its zany and funny as hell!!! pls keep the recap……she looked soooooo hot in that dress….i first saw eric in Phoenix and loved him in it, think he looks so much better now that he has buffed up!!!

    • my bad Mrs Koala, i posted them in soompi without give you proper credit.i didnt know that the facebook account took it from you..
      anyway, i’ve change it and give the credit to the proper person, which is you ^^

      anyway, thanks for the preview!! please continue recaps this drama~cant wait for episode 5!

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