Kang Ji Hwan Turns into a Moody Prince

I love my Ji Hwan in any incarnation, be it his clean cut chaebol president in Lie to Me, or now his edgy fashion gunslinger look for L’Officiel Hommes. Kang Ji Hwan is currently preparing for his movie Tomorrow’s News to begin filming, so it’s nice to see him busy with endorsements during the downtime. I love how he owns the outfits and poses and not the other way around. He’s definitely channeling an intense Russian chaebol in the first picture above.

He’s Kang Ji Hwan – cellphone slinger from the wild wild East. Who has time to fix his hair first.

An indolent pasha? Or a tired Russian day trader?

Just what every guy needs this Winter – a new fur hat. And slightly off-topic, but not really, Yoon Eun Hye just attended the movie premiere for Blue Salt wearing a coca-cola t-shirt. *giggles with glee* She wore a t-shirt that is a shout out to her oppa’s self-proclaimed most unforgettable scene in any project he has ever done? Awwww, please just announce it and put me out of my misery.

[Credit: L’Officiel Hommes]


Kang Ji Hwan Turns into a Moody Prince — 70 Comments

  1. Anything YEH is never off topic with KJH. Hah! Did she really? Teasing us again, was she? Say it out loud already you two!!!

    Gaaaaahhhh…. Miss this couple soooo much.

    • they are indeed 2011’s needle and thread, peanut butter and jelly, ice cream and waffle cone, cola and kisses! i just can’t see or read about one without thinking about the other. kjh, why so dark and desirable?! I jus…I just can’t even…someone warn the twilight young’uns bc there’s a now a bona fide sexy, mature vampire-ish hunk brooding around the universe.

      i second your “gaaaahhhh”, wits.

  2. YEH would have such beautiful babies with KJH. Can you imagine it? I would swoon from happiness if they announced they were together. C’mon! Right now’s the time for it, what with the MinMin couple coming out and saying they’re together.

    Back on topic, I love that crimson fabric that’s the background for those middle pictures. Just gorgeous. And I think KJH looks stunning in that color.

  3. Gorgeous KJH! Drooling at this very moment!
    Ms. Koala, there is also an interview with this photoshoot, can you please translate. I’m dying to know what he said.

  4. KJH is gorgeous! i really miss him in LTM…i hope he returns to small screen soon. 2 hours of him in a movie is just not enough! and YEH in a cola tee??!! LOVE IT!

  5. The second picture brought to mind Steve Carell’s character complaining about having to wear about fifty different layers and how, underneath it all, it’s all sweat. Brb, giggling at Steve forever

  6. Hot… XD Not a fan of his weird hairstyle though. >.<

    Aww… I'll check out that malware. I hope non of my sites are affected. I have no prob with visiting your site though cause I know the URL by heart. lol ^^

  7. pardon me Captain but as much as I love the gorgeous photo’s of wuri ji hwan for L’Officiel Hommes, i love the bit more where wuri eun hye wore a coca-cola tshirt!!!!

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! this made my day!!!! 🙂

  8. FYI…Yes, your website couldn’t open from the search engine since yesterday and I had to type in the URL. Anyway, KJH looking hot like always and man he is so handsome!!! Rrrrrghhhh…:D

  9. tell me its the eyes… nah, its the lips… ahhhhhhhh its everything!!! KJH is just purrrfect!!!!! Love him with clothes on (moreso without!), sleek hair (or newly awaken do)… be still my raging heart and hormones…. 🙂

  10. [[OT]]


    Dang hacker just had to do it on your vacation. >.<

    Wish I could do something to help but I wasn't even aware there was a hacking attempt. I don't enter your site via a search engine. It's just there in my history. When I type "k" in the address bar, firefox suggests koalasplayground right away. 🙂

    (The new layout is still lovely. Periwinkle <3)

  11. See YEH and her cola t-shirt here [http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=lie&no=27425&page=2&bbs=]
    She seems to have put on a little weight since LTM? Too many dinner dates with oppa….:)

    • Is the oppa that you are talking is Kang Ji Hwan?… You mean to say that
      Yoon Eun Hye & Kang Ji Hwan are really dating?… Please reply me, I love
      HwanHye to be together for real… I’m getting crazy for this two lead stars.. I
      saw that t-shirt too! & it reminds me the cola kiss in Lie to Me… I love it! the
      best drama couple… I just hope that they will not afraid to go out together
      like MinMin couple…Thanks…Cheers!

  12. hahaha Mz. K… u also saw YEH pics wearing the cola cola t-shirt… I believe *or I feel I believe* that she’s missing the cola kiss by shout it out thru the t-shirt…*giggles*

  13. Eun Hye wearing a coca-cola t-shirt in public is a billion percent a shout out to her oppa, and a clear notice that she’s taken. Plus the fact that she’s put on some happy weight (as all in-love people are wont to do) clearly means she’s super happy in real life. Koala is happy!

    • I definitely agree with what you said – a shoutout. There are people who would say oh it’s just a coincidence that she wore it or she could be an endorser(?) Doubt it. I mean why wear of all things a coca cola tshirt? If she’s trying to avoid rumors linking her with KJH that’s the no. 1 thing she shouldn’t do. She is definitely telling us something and we all get it. Why the subtle hints? Why not just say it out loud? We don’t know but whatever, it’s making me excited for both of them. I’m a happy shipper now.

      • yayh…..you made my miserable month gone away temporarily by announcing this..I love KJH pictures..He is so good-looking.yummy…Coca-cola forever!!!…

        MMy shippy heart is happy than ever

    • Wow! Is that true?… I am so happy for that news that YEH is already taken by
      KJH… I hope that they will go out & holding hands together in a public like what
      YEH’s wishing if he will have a boyfriend… Thank you Ms. Koala for the news. I
      really love it so much… the best news. Thanks… Cheers

      • I hope soon Ji Hwan will be seen wearing a t-shirt with the same design as what Eun Hye wore ^^

    • I agree with you that KJH is so handsome guy and He & YEH are really
      lovely and adorable couple and I am hoping & waiting their official public
      announcement that they are together!!… Cheers

  14. Taken…taken..taken.Only available for movies and drama…kekekek..wow..i love it..pass out in the sea of happiness

  15. Russia does have some Korean population so this isn’t super far-fetched, but as a Russian this still makes me LOL and LOL forever.

  16. He is so manly!
    YEH is definitely glowing on the Cola tee and fleshier cheeks. 🙂
    She looked a bit haggard during the last few episodes of LTM.

  17. The banner, Koala you are doing a bit of a switcheroo…I luvet! Guys! There is KJH’s subtle reply to YEH’s cola shirt shout-out! 🙂

    KJH could be dressed in a sack and he’d still look hot…okay, even the white suit worn indoors during LTM seems acceptable. Hahaha

  18. Come on, Coca Cola, invite KJH and YEH to be your next spokesman & spokeswoman in Asia. I promise to buy more coke becos of that ^V^*

    I kinda want to buy this magazine. Have you read KJH’s interview inside? Its on KJH’s baidu bar.

  19. Loving the banner too! KJH is definitely HOT, ok trying to overlook his hairstyles lol, a distraction. but who can say no to this man. YEH in coca-cola t-shirt made me super giddy all over again, I miss our OTP n LTM!!!

  20. KJH I love you.
    KJH’s official fans club —-Kangstar jp —–KJH fans meeting hold in
    26 and 27 Nov 2011 in Japan
    Drama Lie to Me is on air in Taiwan according to baidu’s KJH web
    May be KJH is going to Taiwan ….. I dont know if YEH is going with him?????
    Can’ wait

  21. Auntie K
    OMG sooo hawt!!! KJH can use me anytime for a cola kiss. These pics make me feel all shippy, lol. Yes for YEH and her shirt, girl you know that you ain’t fooling nobody (we know the truth)!!!
    Yay yay yay for this post, so happy now!!!
    Later mates:D

  22. please another drama with good plot and script to really do justice to KJH and YEH’s acting skills.i really want them again , i love thichemistry

  23. please another drama with good plot and script to really do justice to KJH and YEH’s acting skills.i really want them again , i love the chemistry
    More power to both of you

  24. I’m calling the attention of KJH and YEH Agencies, may you take an action on this, please. Until when you would realize that a lot of their fans all over the world are desperately waiting for the part 2 of Lie To Me? It’s already been long overdue guys.

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