Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon in Japan to Promote My Princess

HeonHee is sure having a busy August. Earlier this month they were in Taiwan to promote their drama My Princess, and the tail end of the same month finds them in Japan doing the same thing. Song Seung Heon looks a little less gaunt than when he was in Taiwan, and I’m always happy to see my oppa looking healthy and happy. Kim Tae Hee will be spending a lot of time in Japan for the rest of the year, as she’s just agreed to star in her first J-dorama with Nishijima Hidetoshi called Boku to Star no 99 Nichi.

Her drama looks to have stiff competition, premiering this Fall on Sundays and going up against KimuTaku and TBS‘s huge 50th anniversary special Nankyoku Tairiku which was filmed in Antarctica with Prince KT and a bunch of huskies. Back to HeonHee in Japan – I’m sure the drama will surely be well-received in Japan since both actors are very popular over there. It always makes me happy to see them together. 

[Credit: all pictures as labeled from Baidu Song Seung Heon bar]


Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon in Japan to Promote My Princess — 21 Comments

    • Are you not working today? Online wasting time? LOL. I think I’m projecting. You need to watch Zenkai Girl so we can talk about it. It’s soooooo goooood.

      • Are you not at work too?! took this week off for kids’ school / bathroom remodelling. Trying to catch up on your “entertaining” blog. I do that ever so often, you know. =)

      • My “entertaining” blog. LOL, you better be entertained.

        Back at work, which is slow and catching up on last week’s stuff. Can’t believe both our girls are in K already. Can’t wait to see your new bathroom. And sorry again about Ruru and your bathroom….. He is very sorry. He told me so.

        Btw, has my Ouran spazzing gotten you to reconsider picking up the dorama again? 😉

  1. Quick question;
    How can Kim Tae Hee play in a J-Dorama. I mean, does she have a coach to speak Japanese, or it doesn’t matter if she sounds like a Korean?

    • She’s playing the role of a Hallyu star, Han Yuna in this dorama so I guess she is not supposed to speak fluent Japanese.

      Plus the title of the dorama literally means “the 99 days between me and Star” so Star here just means Kim’s role.

  2. Ms Koala,

    I watched Zenkai Girl. I really like it. It has been a while, since Hotaru No Hikaru 2. It’s hard to find good Japanese drama that I like, so it is good. Can you recommend some more? I am tempted to watch Buzzer Beat but haven’t have the time yet

  3. omo …. family pic there in the middle? Seriously, am I the only woman on the planet that wants him to knock up that lady by his side?? I think the universe demands beautiful children from this pair.

  4. If anyone cares, i am just off work.

    Few comments
    1. Why is that little girl brooding, does she not know who SSH is?
    2. SSH has lot of weight from MP, what is he doing?
    3. KTH – Its not good idea to wear short skirts when you are on raised stages – personal experience.

  5. Kim Tae Hee with Nishijima Hideyoshi? It sure will look pretty! (But if I were in Japan watching tv live, will still opt to watch KimuTaku’s dorama =P and pardon me for going off tangent again, the smap x smap episode with Jang Guen Seok was just hilarious, with Shingo doing a parody on You’re Beautiful in the same episode? Priceless)

    I’ve been seeing Kim Tae Hee on various Japanese magazine covers for a while now – so I guess her career move to Japan will be concluded with this dorama.

  6. Kim Tae Hee is signed with a Japanese agency that manages some of Japan’s most popular actresses, and has been working with them for quite some time now. Even if she can’t speak it fluently, she appears to have learned how to write and read Japanese. While her acting ability may be called into question, I’ve never doubted her intelligence – I’m sure she’ll do her best to learn Japanese for her drama, which sounds like it has the potential to be a very bubbly romantic comedy (and plays to her strengths).

    • I’m so happy again to see these two beautiful people! Like everyone, I wish they would end up together in real life. What are they waiting? They’re getting older!

  7. Thanks ockoala for posting. It is always great to see these two lovely ppl together. As everyone sez, what are they waiting for. They should be tangled for life! cheers…

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