Discussion of the Final Episodes of Bu Bu Jing Xing

I finished Bu Bu Jing Xin today. All 35 episodes. Despite reading the novel beforehand, nothing can prepare a person to watch this story unfolding perfectly onscreen. The last ten episodes basically destroyed me. I’ve cried so much I need new tear ducts, I feel like my heart has been grinded into a pulp, and that pit in my stomach extends somewhere to infinity. BBJX officially has my vote for best drama of 2011 thus far. I’ll see it before I believe it that another drama this year can top this masterpiece.

This drama is unbelievable. Indescribably perfect in storytelling, acting, directing, scoring, everything, except it did not come with the proper ratings warning. I need to warn everyone who has a weak constitution to pretty much stop watching the drama at the middle part of episode 25 and just leave it at that. For those of you who want to soldier on (and it’s worth it, be strong and you will be rewarded), you will not regret it. I’ve decided write about the last three episodes and just release all that feeling bottled up inside of me. Let’s discuss the drama here, shall we?

I don’t think I have the energy to rewatch this drama anytime soon. But part of me longs to start from the beginning again, watching young Ruo Xi land in the Qing Dynasty, make friends with the princes, and gradually assimilate into life in that era and under those conditions. It was an idyllic time, full of mischief, laughter, and some tears. But Ruo Xi couldn’t stay 14 years old forever, so she grew up, and entered the walls of the Forbidden Palace to serve as the Emperor’s tea maiden.

From that moment forth, every step she took was fraught with tension and anxiety. She knew history, so she tread lightly around all the key players in that princely battle for the throne. She stood out as different to all the princes – her stubborn streak, her independence, her pensiveness, her indominable spirit. All of those things made prince after prince adore her and fall in love with her. Ruo Xi’s hesitation and worry about affecting history governs every decision she makes, but she inadvertently set into motion the tragedy to come.

First and foremost, there are really no bad people in this drama. 9th Prince comes close, but really all the characters merely have different interests which find them antagonists due to principle and motive. I ended up loving almost every single character in this drama, which is insane considering most historical dramas are populated with conniving and evil characters. Bearing that in mind, the tragedy of BBJX lays squarely in Emperor Kangxi’s hands, even before Ruo Xi gets involved unwittingly.

Emperor Kangxi goes down in history as one of the best emperors in Chinese history, but his strength at governing a country did not extend to running a household. He decided early on to install 2nd Prince as the Crown Prince because he was the son from Kangxi’s favorite concubine. Kangxi personally oversaw the Crown Prince’s education, but chose to ignore that son’s moral turpitude and incompetence. But everyone else saw it, which create the moral outrage for the other princes to vy for the throne. Because they saw how horrible the Crown Prince was, some of the other princes felt rightfully they were better suited to run the country. Had Kangxi picked a worthy Crown Prince, this would never had happened. His other sons were not trying to steal the throne via nefarious deeds, they were looking for a way to get rid of a wholly unsuitable Crown Prince. After that it would be a battle for the throne on equal terms.

Operating on that principle, what happens is truly unavoidable, for the princes to find the right opportunity to take each other out of the picture. 8th Prince suffers disfavor early on because he’s the most well-respected and well-socialized prince amongst the court officials, and that makes him a threat to the Emperor. 8th Prince never really recovers from this first misstep, but when he falls in love with Ruo Xi and she finally reciprocates but asks him to choose between her and pursuing the throne, he nevertheless cannot give up the throne. He doesn’t understand why Ruo Xi is making him choose between two things he shouldn’t have to give up on either one. Ruo Xi cannot tell him that she sees the future, and knows he’ll ultimately be the loser.

So Ruo Xi and 8th Prince break up bitterly and she continues serving the Emperor in the palace. During that time, she slowly opens her heart to 4th Prince, who is the most aloof and hard to get to know. But once 4th Prince and Ruo Xi fall in love, they fall for each other hard. One of my favorite sequences is watching Ruo Xi and 4th Prince’s every interaction in the palace. But everything goes to pot when 8th Prince and his gang set up 4th Prince to look like he was plotting to get rid of the Crown Prince. To protect his beloved older brother, 13th Prince steps forward and takes responsibility, claiming that he plotted everything in the name of 4th Prince without his knowledge or involvement. This nets 13th Prince house arrest in a tiny shack in the outskirts of town.

To beg for 13th Prince’s good friend Lu Wu to be allowed to join him in house arrest, Ruo Xi dares to beg the Emperor and is punished with kneeling outside. Her kneeling turns into three days and three nights, including under the pouring rain. 4th Prince comes to see her, and she knows how much he’s suffering that the two people he loves the most in the world (Ruo Xi and 13th Prince) are suffering greatly and there is nothing he can do to protect them. This feeling of rage and hopelessness is what flips the switch for 4th Prince, turning him into a dedicated and focused machine who is determined to win the throne.

14th Prince sees Ruo Xi begging for 13th Prince and he goes to beg the Emperor, and soon many of the other princes also join in kneeling outside in the rain. In the end the Emperor relents, but only Ruo Xi knows how important this is to 13th Prince. Others assume he might be released at anytime, only she knows this house arrest will last 10 years until the death of the Emperor and 4th Prince ascends the throne. 4th Prince is still persona non grata with the Emperor and at court because of the suspicion that 13th Prince took the fall for him, so he leaves politics and becomes a gentleman farmer in his estate for many years. 4th Prince understands that patience and restraint is the key to winning, and by stepping back he’s actually moving his chess pieces into place. But this also means he cannot ask for Ruo Xi’s hand, because he has fallen out of favor with the Emperor. Ruo Xi is willing to wait for him but cries about how cruel fate can be.

The Emperor loves Ruo Xi so much he decides to marry her off to his favorite prince at that time, 14th Prince. But Ruo Xi, who loves 4th Prince, refuses the marriage decree. In anger the Emperor punishes her by making her a washerwoman. 4th Prince sees her suffering at years of this backbreaking labor and further strengthens his resolve to win the throne, otherwise he can not keep safe and protect those he cares for. 14th Prince is sent to protect the boundaries and becomes a general of great reknown. To save Ruo Xi, he asks the Emperor for her hand, only to be rebuked twice. The third time he returns victorious from another battle, he asks the Emperor for Ruo Xi’s hand and finally the Emperor tells him the truth – he already wanted to marry Ruo Xi off to 14th Prince years ago, but it was Ruo Xi’s refusal that sent her to wash clothes. When pressed, Ruo Xi tells 14th Prince that he’s wonderful, but she can’t marry him. 14th Prince realizes Ruo Xi is in love with 4th Prince.

As the Emperor grows weaker, he longs for the simple snacks and the wonderful tea Ruo Xi use to make for him. She’s brought back to serve him in his final days, after having spent 6 years washing clothes. The Emperor’s passing was sudden, and supposedly he left a will designating 4th Prince as the next Emperor. 4th Prince immediately enters the palace and orders everyone locked down. The country goes into mourning, and by the time the other princes arrive, 4th Prince has ascended throne. 4th Prince releases 13th Prince and brings Ruo Xi back to the palace.

During the subsequent transition period, 4th Prince is mindful of people questioning his legitimacy on the throne and seeking to remove him. He treats his enemies harshly, including killing people who are close to Ruo Xi for valid reasons that nevertheless she cannot accept. Though they are madly in love with each other, and Ruo Xi becomes pregnant with his child, it is not enough for her to pretend she is not aware of what is going on. When Ruo Xi discovers that the reason 8th Prince originally targeted 4th Prince was because of her warning to him, the shock causes her to miscarry their child and become barren.

Without a baby to tie her to the palace, and after living in anxiety and fear for twenty years, Ruo Xi cannot breath anymore as her spirit has wilted. She asked 4th Prince to let her go but he refuses, how could he let the love of his life leave him? Ruo Xi wants him to stop seeking revenge against the other princes who set him up years ago, telling him the truth that it was her warning to 8th Prince which set everything into motion. She tells him to hate her, and punish her, but please stop hurting others.

Ruo Xi accepts 14th Prince’s marriage proposal, and 14th Prince arrives at the palace bearing Emperor Kangxi’s marriage decree. Seeing that 4th Prince would be willing to negate that decree rather than let Ruo Xi go, 8th Prince reveals to 4th Prince the story of how he and Ruo Xi were in love many years ago and pledged their troth to each other. 4th Prince never knew about this, and his jealousy and hurt that Ruo Xi loved his most bitter enemy, creates impetus for 4th Prince to allow Ruo Xi to leave the palace.

En route, 8th Prince arrives to bid Ruo Xi a farewell, the first time they have seen each other since 8th Prince lost both his first wives. 8th Prince knows he’s a marked man and 4th Prince is just biding his time to take him out once and for all. He doesn’t regret the choice he made to pursue the throne over picking Ruo Xi – as a man one must be willing to accept the consequences of defeat. He tells Ruo Xi that since they are not fated in this lifetime, he will leave it to the next lifetime for them to continue their destiny.

8th Prince tells Ruo Xi to forget the Forbidden Palace, forget all of them. Knowing this might be the last time she ever sees him, Ruo Xi turns back and runs to give 8th Prince a hug. He tells her to smile because she’s going to be a bride, how can she cry on a day like this. Ruo Xi knows that 8th Prince revealed their love story to 4th Prince just to allow Ruo Xi to leave the palace, and she explains that to 13th Prince, who confirms that 8th Prince remains ever the one who is deeply affectionate and courageous even now, despite everything that has happened to them all.

13th Prince takes Ruo Xi away, their friendship as strong as it ever was. They say their farewells via a poem to each other, about how neither can claim to never have known another person in this world, because they have found a soul mate in each other. He lets her go as she rushes into the sedan, sobbing as she leaves the confines of the city that has kept her inside for what feels like multiple lifetimes.

Ruo Xi marries 14th Prince, who is truly a good man who loves her without reservation and asking nothing in return. On their wedding day, 4th Prince forbade any wedding celebrations, but 14th Prince nevertheless chose to decorate the estate with flashes of color so Ruo Xi would feel the happy mood. The Emperor gets updates on their life together, but finally chooses not to hear anymore once he hears that the couple appear to be getting close.

Ruo Xi’s health is deteriorating rapidly (a combination of heartbreak, her miscarriage, the three days and nights she knelt in the rain for 13th Prince, and her six years as a washerwoman) and she knows her end is near. She writes a letter to the Emperor and asks 14th Prince to deliver it. He realizes her handwriting is almost identical to that of the Emperor so hides her letter inside an envelope he addresses to 4th Prince, who promptly ignores it thinking it’s another taunting letter from 14th Prince.

Ruo Xi dresses up every day waiting for 4th Prince to come see her. On her last day, she puts on the outfit he loves the most. 14th Prince asks her if she wants to go sit under the cherry blossoms and listen to a musician she used to love that he had brought here to play for her. She agrees, and as she lays in his arms, she says that once she goes into the afterlife, she will ask for more water from river of forgotten memories so that she can forget all of this. She asks to be cremated, and tells 14th Prince to live well, and please forget her. She dies in his arms.

4th Prince doesn’t find out about Ruo Xi’s death until 7 days later via an official announcement. 4th Prince basically loses it in court and scrambles around until he finds the letter from 14th Prince. He opens it and reads Ruo Xi’s last words to him – when he came to her in the rain, she already gave her entire heart to him. Does he even care about what happened in the past between her and 8th Prince, when he knows who she has only ever truly loved. She will never be able to forget him in this lifetime, and is waiting every day now for him to come see her.

4th prince is pretty much completely broken after reading this letter and hearing of her death, and asks 13th Prince to take him to see Ruo Xi. 13th Prince, forever the most loving and loyal brother to 4th Prince, grips his brother’s hand at this moment when his brother has an entire nation, but lost the only woman he’s ever loved.

They arrive at the estate of 14th Prince. They don’t see Ruo Xi’s body or coffin, only to discover that 14th Prince cremated her, which is only what happens to criminals, as a whole body being buried is considered the only way for a person to rest in peace. 4th Prince is furious until he learns Ruo Xi asked to be cremated and her ashes scattered on a windy day.

14th Prince asks why 4th Prince is finally here, and finds out from 13th Prince the reasons for the letter not being read. 4th Prince wants to take Ruo Xi’s ashes but 14th Prince says Ruo Xi is his wife so should stay with him. 4th Prince reveals he never added Ruo Xi to the Aisin Gioro family registry so she is not officially his wife. He never really allowed her to marry 14th Prince.

Ruo Xi’s devoted maid takes 4th Prince to Ruo Xi’s room and shows him her most treasured belongings, including the flower pin he gave her, the little snuff bottle with the cute dogs, and finally, the arrow he took in the shoulder to protect her. 4th Prince holds those items and basically sobs his guts out. [What Nicky said about crying a lot playing 4th Prince is pretty much true, and the man sure can cry.]

8th Prince hears of Ruo Xi’s death and enters to palace, asking to see her body. He finally tells 4th Prince that while 4th Prince is the Emperor and he lost, they both had Ruo Xi and lost her in the end. 8th Prince lost her when he refused to give up the battle for the throne. 4th Prince lost her when he was more intent on protecting his throne than spending a lifetime with Ruo Xi. 8th Prince tells 4th Prince that while the latter has become the Emperor, 8th Prince remains the man he always was.

4th Prince and 13th Prince take Ruo Xi’s ashes to the mountain top and scatter it per her final wishes.

Ruo Xi’s wakes up in the present as herself again, Zhang Xiao. She retains the memories of her years in the Qing Dynasty, so she goes online to see if she can get any confirmation as to what happened to her. She researches on what happened to all the princes. 9th Prince was under house arrest and 13th Prince gave him poison to end his suffering, at the request of Ruo Xi.

10th Prince is happily married to Ming Yu and expecting a child. Ming Yu’s older sister, the first wife of 8th Prince, was a truly remarkable woman who lived her life being the best wife to 8th Prince as could be. She held up his family when the Emperor severed ties with the 8th Prince, and she made the 8th Prince divorce her when 4th Prince decreed it, then killing herself so that he would not be burdened with her. It’s reassuring that the two people who got some happiness were happy-go-lucky 10th Prince and spoiled but ultimately good-hearted Ming Yu, who’s sister Ming Hui never got her happy ending with 8th Prince.

8th Prince is in prison and receives the poison from 13th Prince. 8th Prince tells 13th Prince that he owes so much to his wife Ming Hui, and hopes that in death he can accompany her. The two brothers kneel and bow to each other, saying their final goodbyes. 8th Prince sits down and looks towards the sky with a smile, thanking Ruo Xi now, even at the very end.

14th Prince remains in the palace tending to his deceased mother’s grave and living a peaceful and calm life. He tells 13th Prince that all the fighting seems so long ago, and he’s finally found a measure of happiness in such simple of ways.

13th Prince dies young, the 10 years house arrest having taken a toll on his spirit and his physical health. His passing leaves 4th Prince all alone, to pass only after serving a short 12 year reign as Emperor. Though 4th Prince’s wife is an intelligent and gracious woman who understood her husband love was only ever given to Ruo Xi, she was never able to mend that hole in his heart after Ruo Xi’s death.

After reading all this, Zhang Xiao chokes back her tears and wonders if it was all a dream, her living as Maertai Ruo Xi and loving the 4th Prince. As she’s out walking, she sees a flyer for a Qing Dynasty exhibit and she goes to see it.

At the exhibit, she sees a portrait of the 9 Princes enjoying tea with the Emperor. She recognizes all the princes and finally her eyes settle on 4th Prince and the tea maiden standing behind him. It is clearly Ruo Xi, herself, and wearing the flower pin 4th Prince gave her. Zhang Xiao confirms she existed as Ruo Xi, and it was all real.

She hears footsteps and turns around to see a man who looks just like the 4th Prince standing before her. He looks at her curiously. She starts to cry, causing him to walk up and ask her “do we know each other?”

He can’t find a hankerchief for her, so he looks a bit uncomfortable before turning and walking away. When Ruo Xi once asked 4th Prince what he was most afraid of in the world, he answered “a woman’s tears”, which makes his discomfort at this moment so utterly devastating and poignant, further confirming it’s him. As he turns the corner, Zhang Xiao takes off her glasses as she sees him becoming blurry through her tears and the lens of her glasses.

My Thoughts:

The irony of Ruo Xi and 4th Prince’s love story was that the more they loved each other, the more they hurt each other. The main impetus for 4th Prince to seek the throne was so he could protect Ruo Xi, but by becoming the Emperor he needs to maintain his power so he is forced to act in ways that end up hurting the people Ruo Xi cares about. He’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. And caught between all of this is Ruo Xi, like a canary in a cage, slowly dying within the walls of the Forbidden Palace. Her final escape was for naught, because she had long left her heart with her 4th Prince.

I’m having a hard time writing through my tears. More than almost any drama in recent memory, BBJX has made me feel both broken and hopeful. The story was so beautiful, made especially moreso by its bittersweet realization that history is a force that cannot be reckoned with. I like to think that Ruo Xi was Zhang Xiao’s past life and the accident caused her to regain the memories of her past life. Meeting with the man who looked like the 4th Prince when she remembers their love but he doesn’t feels in some ways even worse than if they never saw each other again.

But what if her remembering her past life was just so she could remember him, and perhaps they could get another chance in this lifetime? I like to think Zhang Xiao ran after the modern 4th Prince as he turned the corner, before he walked out of her life. Or perhaps he won’t, because they were always destined to meet. But this time she has the memory of their love with her, but a clean slate ahead of them. I’m so optimistic on this ending, because I need them to have a happy ending desperately. I can’t write anymore now because I need to go curl up into a ball and cry some more.


Discussion of the Final Episodes of Bu Bu Jing Xing — 103 Comments

  1. AAhhh, light at the end of the tunnel! But it really is a pretty powerful story there. You got me hooked but since I don’t understand an iota of Chinese, I have to wait for subs or rewatch earlier episodes over and over. Been foraging to feed my addiction too. Best drrama of the year it is.

  2. I actually haven’t watched this drama yet because I’m waiting for at least most of the episodes to get subbed before I start watching. From the pictures and the other posts about BBJX, I can already see that this is a high quality drama. From the pictures, all the actors look intense and the production value looks high.

    The only thing that bothering me right now is that I’m starting to already ship 8th prince and RX. Crap. I mean, what you wrote about their last meeting was so beautiful!

    “8th Prince remains ever the one who is deeply affectionate and courageous even at the very end.” and then he hopes that they will be destined together in another lifetime…how romantic is that?! You’re turning me into an 8th prince fangirl *before* I even watch the series Koala!!

    I hope that when I actually watch the drama I’ll switch over to the 4th prince’s ship. I did like the concept of the ending though. I think it matches the tone of the drama well and it leaves it open-ended.

  3. Reading this made me cry. I’ve been restraining myself from watching the end (I’m only on ep24) because I’m missing some episodes. I plan on watching them all on one sitting. Thank you for writing this because it helps me understand it better as I don’t understand Chinese

  4. I watched ep 20 yesterday (up to the point just before 13th Prince was imprisoned) and has decided to stop watching the series. I love all the sceenes with RuoXi and 13th and 14th Prince but I especially love the OTP sceenes – somehow, humourless robots become super cute when they fall in love – but I shall practice restraint so as to be kind to my eyes.

    I generally disliked the term “xxx’s woman”, but I’m so glad when the princes sometimes refer to RuoXi as “4th brother’s woman” as she was never officially anything to the 4th Prince. For Chinese, this is a very big deal especially in olden times. Luckily for these words, one of my last feelings for the drama is a sense of vengence as 9th Prince uses the term to ‘complement’ RuoXi for haunting his conscience just moments before his suicide. If not , I would have brawled doubly hard over the ill-fated lovers.
    I never would have caught this show had it not been for your blog. Thanks Koala!!

  5. OMG I thought I was over it and then I read the last 3 episodes.Now I am in tears again.

    I couldn’t take it and stopped at ep 20.I read your earlier novel summary.Oh man even reading this is making my heart ache so much.

    How in the world do you guys take it?It doesn’t matter if it’s a beautiful story,I fell in love with both 4th and 8th Prince.I can’t bear to watch what happened.

    My last request…can anyone tell me which episode and preferably around which part of the episode where 4th Prince took the arrow for her?I cannot bear to watch further and see more of the story.

    Great job fantastic job Ms Koala.The drama was beautiful it just made me feel absolutely wretched.

    • I don’t know which episode it’s from, like you, I can’t deal with all the heartbreak in BBJX. But I managed to find the preview that show the arrow scene.

      • Mwuah!! You guys are lifesavers.
        Really.Thank God now I don’t have to look for it.

        Ms Koala.Thanks for the recommendations.I will now only stick to rom com.I’m even subbing for Office Girls and Waking Love Up because of you.However…never again will I touch a sad drama.It’s been years since I did it and BBJX made me feel terrible and I finally had to stop watching.

    • I thought I couldn’t take it any more, but I managed to find it in my quest for resolution. I grew fond of the characters, and I must know how it all ends, painful as it may be. Like Four and Ruo Xi, I’d rather the ugly truth than beautiful imagined lies.

  6. I watched the last episode on youtube “have8.com” channel.

    I skipped all the angst from ep 20 onwards and just went to watch the last 2 episode…. I need to be mentally prepare to watch the episodes in between.

    One question I have about the last episode… in 1 scene there, 13th was telling 4th that RouXi told him she was from the future, and there was also a flashback of the scene where RouXi told 4th that she was not RouXi but Zhang Xiao. 4th than sat there, deep in thought about this….. Was this scene mentioned in the novel?

    Do you think this will add any meaning to the open ending?!?

    The ending is so OPEN!! It is open for interpretation anyway you like it.. he walk away, or he came back to give her a hanky, or she run after him……..

    I hope the production company come up with a special, just to give us from closure

    • Same as me.. I watched continuously up to ep20 without Eng subs. Then I decided to stop since the later parts would be a lot of political issues. I dont want to watch these without proper subs to understand.
      However I managed to finish last 2 eps, 34 &35 in this morning. I had to say, I’m very pleased with the ending. It is an opening end. I am sure she will have opportunities to meet him since he is in modern life as well. They are destined with each other.

      I have to say all actors did splendid jobs. They acted so well, especially Nicky Wu. I did not think he is a good actor. But in this drama, his eyes mean a million words, so expressive and his crying… It is heartbreaking to watch the last 2 eps.
      I cant wait for the completed subs for the dramas. ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful drama, even I felt distasted with those CG at some points… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I didn’t read too much into that scene, but it came across to me as a wish by Thirteen and Four that Ruo Xi is still living on, just in a different world. It’s just like the time when Ruo Xi lost her child, and she tried to comfort herself and the Emperor that their child was just being brought to a flowery paradise, away from the pain of the human world.

  7. I’m only up to episode 11 and i cringe everytime i think about how it is all going to end. I cried reading your post so i’ll probably be a blubbering mess when i watch it for myself. This drama is currently tied with City Hunter for my favourite drama of the year

  8. Thanks for the summary. Sometimes a gal needs a good cry. :O) Does the novel have the same title? If there’s an English-text version, I might venture to read it.

    Is this is the same story as Jade Palace Lock Heart? I started to watch that, but found it rather silly, so didn’t continue watching.

    • Yes there is. The novel is by the same name too. If you google Bu Bu Jing Xin English, there should be a blog come up. It only has 8 chapters (out of 40) so far however.

      Gong is actually a rip off of this. The producer/writer was inspired by the novel, or so he claimed. (There were a lot of similarities.) There was a lawsuit I think. But nothing was resolved because even though Gong totally copied Bu Bu Jing Xin, it didn’t completely. In Gong, the main girl is OTP with 8th prince. 8th, 9th, and 10th prince is F3. (Bullying palace maids and others.) For most of the episodes, it’s basically Boys Over Flowers in Qing dynasty. 14th prince didn’t appear until later and for only 2-3 episodes. 13th prince was unlikable. It was silly.

    • I watched Gong before Bu Bu Jing Xin, so I’m more open to the latter. It is a romcom set in the Qing dynasty, so I wouldn’t expect it to have as much depth and rich plotline as Bu Bu Jing Xin. Two different genres involving time travel, so I just avoid comparing. But yeah, the writer of Gong has quite a bad reputation, not just involving Gong.

  9. Thanks to Ms. Koala, I got to know BBJX
    and because Nicky Wu is in, I start to watch
    now I’ve rallied 12 eps.
    thanks for the tears warning, have to prepare my heart and tissue for this
    will continue to watch after subs coming

  10. Thank you koala unni for recommending this show… I been re reading the novel and brawl my eyes out…can’t imagine how I will be when I watch the ending of this drama..I am a 8th prince shipper so i am supose to like Gong and not BBJX since the final OTP is suppose to be 4th prince… I proof myself wrong. I love BBJX. It is such a beautiful story that make one wants to believe this really did happen… Only one one come to mind- ill- fated..oh and my 8th prince is forever the 8-Xian-Wang…gentle and kind to the very end.. he seal his fate by opening up his past love with RX so the emperor will let her leave but will forever hate him to the bitter end

    China really rock in such production….perhaps Korea should learn this lesson on how a proper filming and post production is a must for a mega hit….

  11. Dear Ockoala,

    Thank you so very much for your analysis of the last few episodes of this wonderful show. I’ve gone bonkers over the OST and have even gotten the music sheets for the songs to play on the piano. I’ve briefly looked through the last few episodes (I know which website you’re watching it from) and this show moves me so much. All my friends know I’m watching this show and suffering from sleep deprivation because of it.
    Thank you so much for your recommendation. I wouldn’t have watched this if not for you. : ) You’re the best, Ms Ockoala

    • hi…
      is it possible for you to send me your piano score? i have been looking around and there is not a single score for “yi nian zhi shuo”

      thank you so much

    • Hi Ms Ockoala!
      Yes it is such a beautiful beautiful show. Never was a fan of such series but bu bu jing xin just pulls my heart strings. So sweet yet so sad – could I please get the music score from you as well?

  12. im soo confused…

    i’ve been wanting to watch this series ever since the 1st posts came out however i’ve yet to find a good download site as i hate to watch streaming vids… help? please? much obliged!!! thanks!

    oooh… and english subs (whether hard-subbed or soft subs) will help a lot as i understand about 1/2 of whats going on and since available subs are in simplified chinese, my headache just gets worse trying to understand. lol

    thanks! =p

  13. This drama is a really good adaption of the novel. It does justice to the novel. In fact, drama fleshes the book out even better as book is slightly limited as it is all from Ruoxi’s POV. From 25 onwards, I bascially did a marathon-session over the last few 48 hours. So much emotional angst and heartbreak, and yet like you said, no one is purely in the wrong/right because everyone is acting legitimately based on their emotions/motivations/perception.

    Ruoxi, caught in between a rock and a hard place. When you thought happy times await her at last after 4th became Emperor, but yet this was ultimately the saddest time for both of them. Emperor wanted to protect her and yet because of his actions, ironically this was what ultimately drove her away.

    I like the ending too but before reading your post initially, I initially had an negative view of it. I felt said for Zhang Xiao because in a way, she is like a survivor. She has lived an complete life span of 20 years as Ruoxi and these years were fraught with tension, fear, heartbreak etc. Such an experience would made Zhang Xiao feel like an old soul and she still has to carry on with rest of life. To have known such heartbreaking love and known such people, but they can only live on in her memories whilst she still has to carry on. Meeting modern day 4th felt to me like a cruel blow for her because when she realised that he is not really who she is, it reinforces that everything did happen and now she is alone. But I like your positive intepretation of this scene, it gives me hope otherwise everything is too bleak for Zhang Xiao.

    Some favourite scenes:
    1. How drama touched on Ruoxi’s timetravel origins. In novel, this was never talked about by other characters. In drama, it was not treated as a weird science fiction concept but treated as a comforting concept akin to that of heaven after death. 13th and 4th both view it as an ultimate solace that Ruoxi can finally attain her happiness after death by going back to her timezone.
    2. The last drinking session with 13 before his 10 year-internment. Ruoxi hearbreakingly shedding tears thinking of his soon-to-be enslaved freedom with the unwitting 13th drinking by her side for the last time in many years to come.
    3. Before 4th and ruoxi went to pieces, I like to see the closeness of their relationship as they interacted with each other. Cosy, sweet, comforting.
    4. Ming Hui sacrificing herself whilst 8th breaks down watching her die.
    5. 4th standing in room where Ruoxi spent her last days. Crying and seeing all her belongings, everything she did (writing etc) and had were all connected to him.
    6. Scattering her ashes.
    7. Many more..

    In an BTs interview, the cast revealed that everyone had the book by their side as they were filming the show. Shi shi was always reading the book in between takes as she said that the book had the complete view into Ruoxi’s thoughts which cannot always be covered in the script. For me, so reading book and watching drama at same time is the best way.

    Aside, I liked how the drama did not include the bit about Ruoxi re-vamping the country’s accounting ledgers. To me, it would have felt slightly out-of-pace admist the strong emotional tone that drives the last few episodes. Actually, coming from for future has not been advantageous for Ruoxi at all. It has only caused her to live in fear and tension, every step fraught with tension and might change history, causing her heartache as she knew the ultimate fate of her loved ones and not able to change it even when she tried, unwittingly setting up 8th and 4th as rivals.

    Lastly, I wondered whether 4th really believed about Ruoxi’s betrayal where she warned 8th about 4th. Afterall, realistically how could she have that knowledge at that point in time.

    • i totally agree that this drama follow the book faithfully… I have seen so many film or drama who adopt a novel has twisted the story … but this one is totally faithful.. and i am glad.

    • I like your perspective. The entire time travel experience is a lonely ordeal for Zhang Xiao.

      As Ruo Xi, she knows everyone’s ending and yet have to watch them take steps towards their tragic end, not being able to change anything. Her fears, her worries she cannot share with anyone, not even her closest ones.

      As Zhang Xiao after she returned, she has to leave on with such vivid, beautiful and painful memories without being able to share with anyone. It’s like a past failed relationship which you want to just whine about to friends, but she can never do that. The bitterness will remain buried forever in her heart.

  14. I love BBJX!!! thanks for a great recommendation! one of my fav funny scenes is at the end of Epi 29 (720p) version when 4th Prince (already Emperor) had a sore left shoulder and the royal physician came by to check it. Turns out it was nothing serious but just sore coz it seems he’s been sleeping with “something heavy” lying on it… tsk tsk… and then 4th & 13th Prince started smiling and Ruoxi was blushing…hahah…. i love that scene!

  15. I love this write-up!

    What I found one of the saddest things was not just the deaths but how everyone somehow ended up a diminished pale shadow of their former selves. Even Four, who became Emperor, basically had to trade his soul away for it – becoming a monster is a high price to pay.

    I don’t think she just recovered her memories of past life though – because she had modern knowledge with her. Maybe she relived it?

  16. Sigh… My young children, husband and work took the back seat while I marathon this drama. Ever since episode 20, I have not been able to have a coherent thought… My tear ducts are dried up. I was like a programmed robot, every time the theme song came on, my insides felt all twisted up and tears fell. Episode 30 had me crying like a baby… I want to give everyone of the princes and Ruoxi a big hug… I want to give myself a big hug… Oh the angst and pain…

    Thanks for sharing your optimism. I needed that. 4th prince told Ruoxi that he would find her if she were to leave him for reasons beyond her control. I was upset that he could not recognize her in modern times. I would have preferred for him to hug her and kiss her senseless upon seeing her. i don’t care if the narrative seems out of sync because of that. They both needed it and I definitely needed it.

  17. Thanks Koala so much for telling me this drama. I am 19 episode in and loving every moment of it. While waiting for the new episodes, I went ahead and read the book online and finished it in 2 days.. although I am not particular good ready simplified chinese since i learnt traditional format.. but I managed to read it thoroughly. Now I know the story and how it end and also read koala’s post about the novel.. I am already prepared myself that I would be extremely heartbroken in the later episodes…. and i know i would not be disappointed by reading this post.

    I totally agree this is one of the best drama of 2011 and how excellent is the entire cast? Since i don’t watch c-drama so I am not familiar with most of the actors except Nicky and Kelvin… even though i have never fond of them before, they changed my mind in this drama… also, how beautifully filmed is this drama? I have nothing bad to say about this drama and it will be in my top list of all time…. i like the ending as well… let’s bring us the modern version of this story and let RX and 4th prince be together!

    I do know the history a little but now completely.. and now I might need to go back and read it again.

  18. kudos to the drama really. i ended finishing from the 11th thru 35 episodes without subs only the post and blogs to help me understand the story. should the whole 35 ep get subbed i don’t know if i could muster to watch it all over again. too heavy for the heart.

    the actors nailed all the scene perfectly. and the casting was really great. i have never seen them acting before and could not compare but its all so perfect from my view. nicky and lui shi shi really wowed me. it was great casting none could be more perfect.

    it was a great ending. at least in my thoughts they are going to end up together and fulfill their love in this lifetime.

    hugs to everyone still crying. this is indeed once in a lifetime and really happy that i get to watch. ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks agains okoaloa ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Thank you Koala Unnie~ MWAH. I cannot express my whole gratitude.

    BBJX is Beautiful. I have to say that this is the best drama of 2011 too. I have this habit of skipping out episodes or the ending of dramas simply because I know how it’s going to end. And the irony of it is that even though I know basically the whole outcome of BBJX, I find myself captured and magically living the drama’s every step. <– Hehe.

    Ah I was crying at 5:30 in the morning reading this. It took me around 30 minutes to read it. I slowly inhaled each word carefully.

    I just love how metaphorically beautiful Ruoxi's relationship is with the 8th prince. A lot scenes that showed the two together, it was snowing. RX8's relationship is like winter. Beautiful, but unable to bloom because of the cold. Every time I think about it, it becomes more beautiful.
    And their final goodbyes to each other before Ruoxi gets married… AAAAH. I'm so heartbrokened.

    Ah. The ending that was magical. I think it's perfect. Although there was a little voice inside me that was saying "Go run to him and hug him, who cares if you look crazy!" …

    It's perfect because it shines a light. The two were mean't to be together, and fate brought them back together. Like what are the odds? 4th prince look-a-like at a Qing dynasty exhibit, if that doesn't ring anything… And how he walks away, while her tears blur her eyes. It's as if it were saying to clear the past, and to start anew. AH SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL.

    The whole drama was like a beautifully written poem. I got an urge to watch it raw, but the dialogue is something amazing I don't want to miss out on.

    Ah, I feel like my end is coming to a near. I'm anxiously waiting, excited, and so damn nervous to continue on with this one hell of a ride – drama.

    Min Min doesn't have a happy ending does she? Ah she was so cute and adorable. Although I was also shipping RX13, there was a part of me that was shipping MinMinX13.

    • She does get a happy ending =P she eventually let go of 13 in her heart and accepted that other Mongolian prince’s heart. They married and lived a happy life of freedom on the plains =3 <– that's the sense I got as RX read the letters that MinMin sent her =P

      • Ah. So she has a tragic first love T_T. But ah I’m happy for her. She’s the type of person that shouldn’t be locked up, and picturing her in the freedom of the plains makes me so joyful :’)

        Thanks for answering~

  20. I’ve been thinking about watching this since you’ve been raving about it so much, unni, but I just can’t do it. I can’t take that much crying and tragedy and bittersweetness. But thank you for sharing – the story is so interesting and the screepcaps are absolutely gorgeous, I’m glad I got to participate even in this small way. ^_^

  21. I finished watching the finale last night with tears and half box of kleenex. Even when I read your recap right now, I am still emotionally sad. I agree with you 100%. By far this is the best Cdrama for the year. I love the story, costumes, acting, and basicly everything. I was hoping there was a further story after the open ending.

  22. Thank god someone liked that ending. I was beginning to think the whole world is pessimistic (spcnet members). Why would anyone want her to just die after going through that much crap, the end? That was my problem with the the novel’s ending. She basically got screwed over and her existence doesn’t have any meaning beside what was convenient to fate’s plots. On the other hand, the drama’s ending tells us that fate isn’t cruel like that. Her being brought back in time isn’t just for the sake of the surrounding world, but also for herself. And fate isn’t contained in one life time either. What isn’t finished in one life time gets carried on in the next. It doesn’t make sense for a love as strong as RX & 4 to just end with death. Rather, it starts anew.

  23. This epilogue was written by cutzie at spcnet. I think it fits nicely with the story:

    Nicky walked out of the museum as RX/ZX closed her eyes and continue weeping. Suddenly she heard a voice saying, “Here, wipe your tears.” She looked up to see Nicky standing there, holding out a tissue. He came back. He smiled gently at her, gesturing her to take the tissue. When she still doesn’t move, he said teasingly, “This is a special tissue you know. Only the store across from here sells this brand. It’s infused with the scent of magnolias,” he looked down at the tissue, “Magnolias are my favorite flowers,” he looked at her, his smile deepening, “Do you like magnolias?”

    RX/ZX stared at him. She suddenly realized that the man she had been longing for have been bought to her side. Though the person standing in front of her have no memory of their love, have surely underwent many changes, but deep down in his core, he was still the Yongzhen that she fell in love with. If his love for Magnolia was able to transcend through time and fate, then his love for her must have too. A man who love as deeply as he did will not forget easily, if at all. RX/ZX realized with the start that there must have been some misunderstanding. 4th prince, her 4th prince, would never refuse to see her for the last time. Something must have happen, something that she doesn’t know about. But all of that doesn’t matter now. It was time for a new beginning. ZX extended her hand and took the tissue.

    She smiled at Nicky, “I love magnolias,” she answered softly.

  24. I couldn’t stop crying for the last 3-4 episodes!! I honestly never cried as much watching a drama…
    How can Zhang Xiao’s life be so tragic? *sobs*
    I hope that her meeting with the modern day 4th prince look-alike is fated and that they could make it then. If not… its just too cruel :'(

  25. Hi Koala,

    I began to watch this drama due to your recommendation. It is my first Chinese drama, and so far it is very addictive. I’m watching it on Viki and my only complaint is that the subtitles don’t make sense. So can you recommend another website where I can watch this drama with proper subtitles? I don’t mind waiting for good quality subtitles


  26. Gosh, anyone knows where i can buy the book, the revised version? Other than on yesasia? I really wanna read it despite my horrible chinese! HAHAH

  27. Ockoala, I got to say… YOU ROCK! Without your recap and recommendation, I would have not discovered the beauty and romance and intrigue and heart ache of BBJX. I totally agree with you 100% as discussed above. I am surprised to see all 35eps uploaded in viki.com (some unsubbed huhuhu) while waiting for The Princess Man (KDrama). I may not understand and read the chinese words, but I get the gist of the story because of you and other blogs. Everything about this drama is top-notch: actors/actress, HD quality, excellent cinematography, direction, location, costumes, lots of extras, sound effect, great script. It is like watching a great movie but in 35 eps. I tell you, when it comes to historical drama, my patience is up to 16 eps, and if it is really good, I can take up to 24 eps. BBJX smashed all these misgivings I have about CDrama, KDrama watch out!
    I watched the english sub up to Ep12 only on viki.com, but i am also checking mysoju and dramastyle from time to time. I finished the rest of the eps without understanding what they are saying but their actions speaks for itself. Plus some blogs also helped me understand what’s going on.
    Also, can anyone please tell me where I can read the english version of this novel online? I tried bubujingxin. blogspot.com but it is up to Chapter 8 only. How many chapters are there? Appreciate if you could give me the links. HELP! thanks much ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers to BBJX!
    We need a closure in modern times, BBJX production team … hear hear!

    • As far as I know, no one else is translating the novel into English online except for the BBJX blogspot folks. Be patient, translating is a long and tedious process, especially of a novel of such richness.

      • thanks ockoala… do you by any chance know how many chapters are there in the book? just so i will have an idea. have a great day and keep up the good work! Cheers!

    • There are two volumes. Vol 1 has 20 chapters and Vol 2 21 chapters. In line with the drama promotions, Tong Hua has released a epilogue-ish book with 5 chapters on the lives of the princes (I think) after the end (Ruoxi’s death).

  28. Ohh thank you ockoala!
    I have been wanting to get into Mainland dramas for a while now, but never really knew where to start. This seems such a rich and beautiful classic. I must watch it.
    I do take the occasional peek at your blog and had to restrain myself from reading too much of this post but I’m glad I read enough to convince me. Thanks again!

    • Hi supah!

      As a fellow lover of sprawling epics like Giant, I honesly believe China does a better job more consistently than K-dramas. Giant comes along once in a blue moon, whereas China has a great epic drama more often.

      I hope you’ll enjoy BBJX! Please do avoid all my posts on it, I know how you hate spoilers and love to watch and rant and rave. I’d love to hear your thougths on it as you watch ๐Ÿ˜€

      It’s all done airing now at 35 episodes, so it’s the perfect time to start your watch. Be prepared to be swept away. It’s truly a beautiful story and wonderfully told.

      • Mmm… big, sprawling epics… angg!
        I’ve now d/led the first ep, with subs and am about to dive in. Cannot wait.
        Thanks for the tip. Will let you know how I find it from time to time. And then, get some further C-drama recommendations off you.
        I’ve always had more of an interest in Chinese history than even Korea’s ancient history so this is right up my alley.

  29. Hm, I heard TangRen is going to film ๅคงๆผ ่ฐฃ which is another epic story by TongHua and they’ll start filming December. I can’t wait! Although it’d be a long long time before it’d be broadcasted. Ahh, & I was wondering…. are you going to catch ๅ€พไธ–็š‡ๅฆƒ (ie the show taking over BBJX’s time slot)

    It seems like a fairly good show. But I’m not sure if I have enough energy to catch another Chinese production. It’s soooo tiring (despite having the satisfaction of being able to catch 2 episodes a day!)

    • No, I’d sooner watch Quin Shi Wang Fei then spork out my eyes. It looks dreadful. The very C-drama inane shit that got me hating C-dramas. BBJX is the exception really. But I won’t be watching ๅ€พไธ–็š‡ๅฆƒ ever. Go ahead and enjoy, I’m sure it’ll be a big hit. It’s just not my thing.

      • I never liked Qing Shi Huang Fei’s genre. I hate seeing women fighting over men and vice versa. It’s kind of degrading. There’s other things in life other than romance!!

        But I’ll probably end up watching this when I’m really bored since other dramas are just not doing it for me. The costumes + eye candies are just too hard to resist. Plus, it’s adapted from a novel so maybe the characters will be less annoying?

        Anyway, thanks for replying!

      • I’m not watching QSWF too. Not even if ็พŽไบบๅฟƒ่ฎก’s Ruby Lin is in it! I don’t like that genre…Any idea who is the writer for this?

      • I was planning to watch QSHF. But I just can’t do it now.

        My heart is completely stolen by BBJX. I would probably think of BBJX while watching QSHF, so I will save that one for later. I’m still recovering..

  30. For me, I’d like to think that Ruo Xi was Zhang Xiao’s past life, and that accident caused her to relive her past (as in, she really travelled back, instead of just regaining those memories). Because of the role fate and history seems to play in the whole tale, I can imagine that some higher beings, being touched for Ruo Xi and Yong Zheng’s unfortunate ending, transported Zhang Xiao back to the past so that she can relive the days and start afresh with Yong Zheng in the present.

    However, this might not be the best thing because Zhang Xiao may try to find Yong Zheng’s shadow on that reincarnation, forgetting that that man is a separate person himself. A formula for breakup?

  31. Oi sis koala, i loved Giant too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Okay I might just take this one too (just like what I did with DTLY)… preparing myself for the tears. Gah! and now how many dramas do I have to watch? I’ll be onboard Ojakgyo Brothers with Softy and Fanderay soon. The Princess Man is in line too.

    Thanks thanks Koala for your wonderful recaps. From there one can already see how beautiful the dramas are.

  32. It is so bitter, with a bits of sweetness…. I can’t say I regret watching this, but i just can’t deal with the aftermath… The acting, writing, directing, scenery is just so beautifully execute.

    But I found that the scenes that tears me the most is not the love stories between RX and 8 or 4, but the bonds between the brothers, esp between 8 and 13 in the last 12 minutes. Close 2nd is how they portrayed the loneliness and insecurities of 4, especially at the end when the 2 closest people has left him.

    I may have missed the many nuances in the writing, but I’m glad that I watched it raw as it made me gave total focus on the actors.

    Thanks Ockoala for bringing me into BBJX, but it may take me a long time to recover from this…

  33. Hi, first time to comment here, thou I have been following the blog for some time. Just want to say, thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful drama! Decided to give it a try after reading all the raving about it and once I started, not been able to stop. I have managed to finished all 35 episodes in 3 days! Have to lock myself in the room to finish the last 3 cos of the non stop crying less my family think something tragic happen to me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wanted to watch Jade Palace Lock Heart as it another adpatation of the same novel, but can’t seems to be able to sustain my interest past the first episode

    Am rewatching all first few episodes now to remind me of all the happy times they used to have.

  34. Oh gosh.. I feel so late. I just watched the finale today.. I didn’t want to watch the leaked version.

    I’m completely broken and you will not guess how I cried. I was shaking, my voice was trembling.. It almost seemed like I was Ruoxi.

    I’m officially Shishi and Nicky’s fan.

    Koala: You have read the novel right? Did the novel mentioned that 4th “knew” that RX is from the future? I really really disliked that in the series. It was probably the only thing I really didn’t like.

    • No, the novel never ever mentions that 4th or 13th suspected or even considered the possibility that RX was from the future. That was purely a drama add.

  35. Ok Koala! U convinced me. I’m gonna start watching this series.
    Was never a fan of taiwan or mainland drama but im willing to give this a hot.

  36. So I knew history wise the ending would be sad, but as the drama went on further, I realised the ending was going to be heart breaking. Everything was so emotional! Even RX’s cautious nature; I knew whatever happened, it would break my heart and it did! I haven’t cried for a finale like that in a long time! I was so devastated by the romance as much as RX and 4th were. I loved this couple. I don’t usually love epic crazy passionate couples like theirs either, but the buildup and storytelling was incredible. This drama made me more depressed. I want to rewatch it too because I barely understood the last 5 unsubbed episodes, but I’m so wrecked by the last 10 episodes as you were. But I agree it’ll be good to revisit the good moments: 10th’s bday party, the sweet moments between 4/RX, her friendship with 13th and 14th, RX and her sister at the beginning. Damn, this drama is too good now I can’t even leave it. Thanks for the posts! I’ll be hanging around more because I think we like the same dramas in K-drama land too like LTM, PK, etc.

  37. I watched the whole series in 3 days *wipe sweat, blood and buckets of tears*

    Ok I lied. I didn’t really cry, but I rarely cry for movies/dramas etc, this drama was so moving and unbelievably touching, not to mention addictive!

    I knew that your blog has screencaps of this series, but I’ve managed to stay out of reading them until now. I wanted to finish the drama fully without interruption ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now that I’ve just finished it, the adrenaline rush (or whatever it is I’m high on after watching drama) is still so high, especially after that ending. I was hoping a more definitive ending than that. I needed to be rewarded after all that suffering and mind blowing drama. Seriously, man, can they not just exchange numbers, get a cup of coffee and ride into the sunset together? Dang it. I had to rewind the ending scene 3x to search for tiny shreds of hope that they’ll end up together. Needless to say, in the end, I’m not as hopeful as you. ๐Ÿ™

    The scene that made me laugh so hard: When RuoXi insisted doc to see 4th Prince (Emperor at that time already) because he has shoulder ache. Turned out it was because wrong position during sleep most likely because something heavy is sleeping on that arm. LOL.

    The scene that made me ALMOST cried: “Where’s that letter?!!!” 4th Prince (Emperor) frantically searched for the letter and found it. Yeah. ๐Ÿ™ End of ep 34.

  38. I finally found a website where I could watched subbed episodes! Just finished watching episode 1 and thanks to your many recaps of this drama, I can’t WAIT to watch all of the other episodes ^^ IT’S ALREADY SO GOOD! Thanks!

  39. well RX is just a fictional char in this drama…as history goes..the 4th is very ruthless and use everything he has to take over the throne including changing the will…no doubt his a good emperor at the end..but his ruling have been tarnished by how he remove all his foe and also his allies later-on..hahahaha

    • Actually, it would have been almost impossible for 4th prince to change the will as back then the will was written in Chinese and Mongolian so to change the will he’d have to change both and it’s not as easy to change 14 to 4 in Mongolian

    • Yup, according to history it’s impossible to change the will like what the drama had shown coz as Alice mention in the will it’s actually in Mandarin and Mongolian, although there is alot of arguement by historian and also rumours (by the 8th gang) that 4th Prince change the will or whatsoever but the majority Historian believes that he is the rightful prince tat Kangxi appoint to be the emperor.
      That aside, 4th was so ruthless in the drama coz he HAD to do it to get the throne then he had the power to release 13th Prince and marry RX. And after which all the ruthless was due to also coz he want to protect RX coz the 8th gang, fr 8th to 8th wife, YuTan (9th Prince maid spy) all use RX’s soft part to counter 4th that’s why he has no choice but to fight again them and reduce their individual power…..

  40. after reading this post and a couple others, i was convinced to start watching. it was such a good drama (seriously took over my life the 4 days it took me to watch it). unfortunately at the same time, near the end, knowing what would happen took away some of the force & emotion behind the last couple episodes. so now i’m upset it couldn’t have its full force on me (though my tear ducts probably thank me) but at the same time glad i watched it at all.

    anyhow, as always, i really appreciate your posts!! and i hold on to similar hopes for the ending. i really really really hope so.

  41. Hello, the drama was wonderful!!!! However, maybe someone can point to me the reference where the outfit that Rouxi wore when she died was the 4th Prince’s favourite? I’ve finished the show but I cannot find any mention of this in any episode! Help please!!! Thank you!!

  42. This is the best I’ve seen so far in my life. Best in all aspects. Though personally I hope that at least 4th and Rouxi see each other before she dies.

    Is there really a modern version coming up next? When? Where to get?

    Just wondering anyone can point me the site to download the novel in traditional Chinese, not simplified chinese.


  43. Dear Koala:
    Do you know if there’s actually a difference between the 35 episode dvd version and the 40 episode version that’s aired on tv?

  44. Indeed a most heartbreaking romance series i have ever watched and first time i ever follow each episode that i found myself crying. Even completing reading this story book which has a part 2. Not sure whether the part2 will be filming too.

  45. I think Rouxi should have been kept under house arrest after the first emperor died and then sent back to wash more of the eunuch’s clothes then steam her slowly until she dies! What a bitch! You think someone from the future especially watching how the story began with her and her cheating boyfriend would’ve been a lot smarter. What a waste!

  46. My daughter introduced me to this drama. I agree this has more depth than Gong and more tears as well! Gong was equally enjoyable but depicted lots more cruelty and bullying! Love the subtitles. They are appropriately translated, especially the verses of poems, unlike other Chinese movies. In Crouching Tiger, for example, the English sub was not as cleverly done. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn about Qing dynasty and Chinese. The final letter from Rouxi to 4th Prince is a classic! I want to copy the verses. It would have been good to see what she wrote for 13th Prince. The scene of boiling the mail was horrible. It haunted me for days!

  47. I have been crying off and on since beginning/ending this series in a week.

    Yesterday, I sat in my living room listening to my daugher practice her violin while scrolling through some of the eps. I was randomly looking for scenes to screen cap and headerize.
    I had the sound off, and there were no subs, but I couldn’t stop the trickle of tears that ended up a flood.
    Despite trying to convince myself that these are NOT real people, and they all would have died ANYWAY if they were real. (It worked for Hong Gil Dong!!)I couldn’t stop crying and had to close the laptop and walk away.
    My kids are used to this now, but I do wonder why we keep putting ourselves throught this whenever we get the chance!

  48. I loved the BBJX series very much. So deep in emotions, so much tragedy, but more importantly, it resonates with my work of helping remember their past lives. Very often, past life events, especially close relationships from past lives are faced with so many challenges, eg. status difference, powerful govt officials and royalty, that many couples who were deeply in love in olden eras were not able to end up together. And such unresolved relationships return in the couple’s current life, in the form of love affairs, or “multi-way love” with similarly broken hearts and unreciprocated loves.

  49. Omg, I’m definitely late to the BBJX love train but I’ve absolutely fallen in love!! Now I’m left here to search every little nook and cranny for BBJX related interviews, posts, and reads. Thank you for such a great recommendation! Honestly if it wasn’t for you posting about the movie and me seeing you rave about it, I would have never watched it. Now, I have to find another just as epic Chinese drama to soothe my BBJX heartache. Nothing will quite be like the feels I get from BBJX though…

  50. You have a lot more optimism in the ending than I do.

    I believe that, yes, she was crying at the end because she saw 4th prince in modern times but she chose not to speak to him (answer his question) and also chose to take off her glasses to blur his image while he was leaving bc she was following the last wish she spoke to 14th before she died. In her next life she wanted to forget all of those brothers and the heartache they brought her. So, though destiny or whatever brought the 4th back into her next life, she chose to stay away from the inevitable heartache he would bring her.

    It’s incredibly sad bc all we hoped for is for them to get together but the scars she carries is real and the lifetime of lessons she learned back them couldn’t be forgotten.

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