Boku to Star no 99 Nichi Releases Longer Trailer and Taecyeon Joins the Cast

As all the attention in Japan is focused on KimuTaku‘s upcoming Nankyoku Tairiku for TBS, but rival Fuji TV‘s Boku to Star no 99 Nichi (My 99 Days with the Star) could be the perfect counter programming for those looking for fluff. I’m not highbrow enough to dislike fluff on principle, and clearly love crappy dramas as long as it entertains me. I can’t see Boku to Star being terrific as some sort of rom-com masterpiece, but I’m intrigued enough with the pairing of Kim Tae Hee and Nishijima Hidetoshi enough to tune in. The drama released a longer trailer today that shows Kim Tae Hee will be fine with the Japanese dialogue, but it’s the story that has me concerned. At the end of the day, it has to make me care about the OTP.

In the dorama, Kim Tae Hee plays Korean starlet Kim Yuna, and of course Nishijima becomes her bodyguard due to a series of plot devices. Let’s just call it The Bodyguard without the singing but with added cross-cultural issues. Also joining the cast to increase it’s Korean actor quota is 2PM‘s Taecyeon, who returns to the small screen after a successful performance and role in Dream High earlier this year.

I may be Team SamMi all the way, but I loved his Jin Gook. What a solid A+ kinda guy. In this dorama, his character appears rather mysterious in the beginning, and will have his own love line in the drama. Taec is not a strong actor yet, but I like him well enough in the right roles. I’m already betting that he’s probably Yuna’s younger brother or something like that. Boku to Star premieres on October 23, 2011.

Second Teaser for Boku to Star no 99 Nichi:


Boku to Star no 99 Nichi Releases Longer Trailer and Taecyeon Joins the Cast — 11 Comments

  1. phew ! i thought kim tae hee was just going to say nothing and look pretty or worse dubbed ! i might watch this , my understanding of Japanese is garbage so i wouldn’t know if it was awkward or not so yeah and Taec. mmmmm . Taec …..

  2. Her japanese is very accented (she’s not fluent but I guess she learnt the lines phonetically), the story worries me too. I’d love it to be a cute romcom but I just hope it’s not terrible.Especially with the competition being a kimutaku huge budget drama and a Kudo Kankuro and Sakurai Sho drama on another channel. Don’t know how much japanese taecyeon speaks (based on japanese promo with 2pm none)
    Sakuraba Nanami is also in the cast (also from Sweet Power KTH’s agency in Japan) she’s quite a solid young actress.

  3. I remember everyone thinking it was going to be a weird translation bit…but then she did an interview last week without a translator and explained she’d been to Japan pretty often visiting friends and what not. It was very effective as shock and awe on the media.

  4. It does appear very cute but idk if I’ll tune in for another rom-com anytime soon….i really dont know about Taec…..hearing “Dancing Queen” played for a Jdorama reminds me of Love Shuffle…damn I miss that drama

  5. Aw, another dorama to watch, possibly… I just checked Fuji TV website about it and found out Kaname chan is in it as well. One more pretty face to look at(It seems like he’s going to be an eternal supporting cast member in all doramas? He has to improve his acting 🙂

    Anyway, it looks like it can be a good fun, light hearted thing to watch.

    Thank you for mentioning it.

  6. oh its on 23rd, i thought it will opens together with Nankyouku on 16th. Im definately watching this but Im more on Takuya’s dorama.

  7. I always find the mash up of stars from different countries, espcially in a drama incredibly a little awkward

    Kdramas and Jdramas differ a lot in tone and pace and with the added language barrier, (despite the training, its still gonna be there) makes the OPT a little disconnected for me

    But Im fully prepared to eat my words once it airs and it gets rave reviews

    But it really doesnt matter because all i care about is Kimutaku and nothing, and not even a rom com is going to stop me tuning in on the new kimutaku drama

  8. Taecyeon bears a lot of similarity to Song Seung-heon in that picture! O_O Kim Tae-hee is just so insanely likable, I hope she’ll click with Nishijima Hidetoshi, but that can often be difficult.

  9. TAECYEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, I am TOTALLY watching this!!!!! I wanted him w/ hey mi at the beginning and was sad that he didn’t, hopefully he will here!!! Soo excited!!!

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