Lee Dong Wook and Lee Jin Wook Take Their Bromance to Hong Kong

Looks like we have another bromance on our hands. Last week Lee Dong Wook and Lee Jin Wook outed themselves as traveling to Hong Kong together via postings on their Me2day accounts. I love how K-ent has the Kim Wons (Jae and Rae) and now the Lee Wooks (Dong and Jin). While these pictures are taken by their friends and clearly not professional, these two guys still manage to look like a movie star striking a pose. Maybe the desire to look smoking hot is just implanted in their brains now.

Both Lee Wooks recently finished their respective dramas around the same time, Dong Wook with Scent of a Woman and Jin Wook with Spy Myung Wol, so this is clearly a fun getaway, though apparently one of these guys has a photoshoot taking place in Hong Kong as well. Neither Lee Wook does it for me, though I concede they are ridiculously handsome. So this is just a fanservice post for those of you missing one or both of them.

As for how long they have been friends, I’m not sure, but they both served in the military at almost the exact same time, and were often pictured doing events and activities together. Nothing like military training to strength the bond between men.

I don’t know what event the army did to get all these male star recruits in the same room, all I know is that if my Jun Ki!!!! And the Lee Wooks looking adorable as well. Oh Jun Ki, I’m counting down the days until you come back.


Lee Dong Wook and Lee Jin Wook Take Their Bromance to Hong Kong — 17 Comments

  1. I love Lee Dong Wook but I am confused or unsure about ‘bromance’ meaning. The closeness of males over there bothers me. Where are the rumors of women friends?

    • haha it’s okay they’re both straight if that’s what you’re afraid of :P…and there won’t be many women friends in the military…

  2. OMG!!! i must have done something good in my past life to receive such a wonderful fanservice from drama gods. oh la lah… what a lovely sight!!! my big time crushes having a great time together. soooo freakin’ hotttt !!!

    thanks, ms K 😀

  3. ^_____^. I prefer Junki/Dongwook bromance 😉 Everytime they were photographed together while dongwook was in the army I can’t help but imagine a new drama they’d star in. Sometimes it gets even better when I see Jo In Sung photographed with them. 😉 Frozen Flower Part 2. Hahaha I kiddings… >;).

    Ah I wish all them would comeback. I know Kim Dong Won is in the army but I barely see any pics of the dude. ;( <-random.

  4. Watching the King and the Clown recently has really upped my Jun Ki love….Now I can’t wait for him to get back and make a terrific comeback

  5. jie jie ~ did you know I was flailing over LJW when we saw them in Korea last month! I’m not even a fan on him but he has a certain charisma in person (even though his acting may say otherwise) I was giggling and nudging @hjkomo … ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Fun times ^^

    LDW and LJW being friends! wow ~ both very good looking

  6. Kyaa!!! Lee Wooks 🙂 anyway, did u know Junki travelled to Jakarta, Indonesia held a two-day concert together with Lee Dong Gun, Andy, Yoo Seung Chan, Mithra Jin, and Park Hyo Shin? Junki did rapping and he’s so damn handsome and cool in person 🙂

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