Written Preview for Man of Honor Episode 3

I was wondering why there were so many people reading my Man of Honor recaps, but then so few people wanting to chat about it. And then I realized it’s not readily available in subbed episodes. That’s such a bummer for me, because I want to talk about it! As I sit on the first two episodes for a few days, I’m actually growing even fonder of what I’ve seen so far. It’s plot is as by-the-K-drama books as can be, but somehow with a combination of a deft touch and really vibrant acting all around, it’s just leaves me smiling at the prospect of seeing what the story holds.

The reruns of the first two episodes this weekend scored higher ratings than the same time slot reruns of Tree with Deep Roots, which is a good sign for MoH. Ultimately I think TwDR will lead the Wed-Thurs ratings for likely it’s entire run, and be well-deserved to do so. But I honestly enjoy watching MoH more, and that’s just a subjective feeling on my part only. For now, I hope the drama doesn’t drag out the fauxcest element and have Jae In and Young Kwang think they are half siblings. A bit of tension is fine, but ultimately I want them to continue pushing each other’s buttons and rile each other up.

Written preview for episode 3:

Jae In, who got involved in Young Kwang and In Woo’s fight, now faces disciplinary action and possibly suspension. She uses this opportunity to go find Young Kwang’s father, who she thinks is her own father, in Seoul. Jae In’s arrival throws the entire Kim family into a tizzy.

On the other hand, Young Kwang finds out late that it was Jae In who saved his life (by donating blood to him). He looks everywhere for her but ultimately cannot find her. Young Kwang goes home, and there he unexpectedly sees Jae In, who faces his own father and calls him “dad”!

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Man of Honor bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Man of Honor Episode 3 — 18 Comments

  1. I think maybe most are reading recaps because they are either waiting for subs or looking if it’s worth a watch or not?
    HAHA…I’m one of those who is still hesitating to jump aboard. I’m on the TWDR’s boat actually.
    I’m still considering to watch the drama, but still 50-50 because whatever i’ve read doesn’t interest me enough. I wasn’t a big fan of Baker King Kim Tak Goo in the past though it was very popular. It was just too predictable for my liking. Since it’s the same writer, I’m still hesitating. Maybe if I read a few more episode recaps, and things start to look more interesting, I might jump aboard. If not, I’ll rather save my time.

  2. Im reading your recaps after I watch the raw video.hehe.Thank very much for the effort. I have watched Baker Tak Goo and even though on some parts I found it boring, i still watched it. XD It’s crazy how MOH is mixed w/ the magical premise but Im buying it..looking forward for Episode 3!

  3. thanks for ep 3 text -preview trans 🙂 Im lovin the drama even though im not a PMY fan and sometimes i cant take her “fast-talking” (which is really some of JaeIn’s traits)

    I just read a big spoiler which is going to break my heart!!! and maybe ur heart too T____T. anyway, Ive been wonderin why there are only few people spazzin about this. Im thankful to have a friend i can discuss every scene with though lol And am I the only one here who loves Son Chang Min? He’s so awesome. Car accident scene gave me goosebumps.

    but ofcourse, nothin beats PIE. 🙂 I laugh and cry with his scenes. CJM is really into this character. And doing his best for this. He even fractured a finger and endured to continue filming.

    Im hoping ratings will increase! I know it wont surpass DRT, but at least have 2-digit rate.

  4. Thanks Captain for this preview and for previous recaps. Sorry, I’m one your readers who enjoyed your MoH recaps but have not commented until now…I decided to read your recaps because I thought this drama has a baseball theme, and, as a baseball fan, I thought I’d check it out. 🙂

    Like you, I like the story/plot so far. I love how the 3 main lead’s story lines are entangled. I love the beggar-fairy-godfather character. And I love to hate In Woo’s dad character. I can’t wait for him to get caught.

    Although initially I thought there’d be more baseball story in this drama, I now have a feeling that Jae-In’s journey towards reclaiming her father’s company will eventually become the main plot driver and the baseball stuff will just be a background story. If this happens, then this drama will just be like many other k-dramas which revolve around chaebols and their struggles. I hope I’m wrong because I’m really eager to watch baseball stories, Korean version or Korean style.

    In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy your recaps and hope this drama will hit a homerun in each episode! 😀

  5. i will choice MOH rather than DRT, i dont like saeguk, i fall asleep watching saeguk, LOL.. the only saeguk I ever watch (and love) is Sungkyunkwan Scandal.. other Saeguk I can’t finish watching it, Hong Gil Dong, Iljimae, Queen Seondok, Chuno, all of Saeguk doesn’t interest me, I don’t know why, maybe i am not into the historical drama.. LOL

  6. Thanks for this preview ockoala unni! I just finished the first ep. The second one is not yet subbed. Sigh. I was so tempted to watch it raw but just a few minutes of it left me so miserable already and I just have to quit. But I am so onboard now. I haven’t seen Baker so I really don’t how this will go as they say it’s similar.

    Yes, they have great actors in this one, even the children. Little Jae In is so cute. Cried so much in this episode already. It was just horrendous. Jae In lost her parents and practically everything on her birthday. How sadder can that be? The saddest one for me is watching the scene when ahjusshi, the driver, left Jae In in the orphanage. I could see guilt, pity, despair in those eyes. Great acting that you can empathise, with all the inner turmoil going on with him. Still, I hate his character. Even when he was saved, he should have known that saving him is not a reason for what he did, and it was accidental anyway. It was not the intention of his lifesaver to save him really. Loyalty to his kind employers should have made him act otherwise. Well, there wouldn’t be a story if it wasn’t for him, so okay, this story needs him so, right, I’ve accepted that. I guess the story really has a predictable ending. Whatever. I’m still going to watch it to the end. The baseball is interesting, the actors more so.

    So Jae In was removed from the wreckage by the magical guy with the bells (2nd ep of your recap)? Why, I wonder. Way to go, Santa in disguise, whatever. You just made Jae In’s life so much complicated. So the story needs him too? The magical part kind of puts me offhand when I first saw it in the recap but it’s not that bad. We had lots of those in 49 Days, which I enjoyed immensely, so I guess, it’s not really bad…I’m just really hoping I’d enjoy this one too…

    I just noticed that when Jae In’s mom was being revived she still had her clothes on when the doctor applied the paddles. It will burn the clothes and her skin, oh well, whatever. Just a minor glitch. Forgivable. Anyway, acting was believable so it’s alright I guess. The accident scenes (dad and mom’s) had great shots, especially those underwater. I also like what I saw at the stadium (the action) and when they were kids in the field. When young Young Kwang finally hit the ball, wow, the smile on that face’s kid was just so endearing that I felt sunshine too. I also love the tending-on-the-wound scene. I know there is a repeat 17 years after…and I wonder when that ball would show up again, maybe towards the last episode, dear me…I just hope this wouldn’t frustrate me about revelations and all that stuff…Meanwhile, when will that part 2 finally be subbed… This is one of those days that I wish I could understand Korean…

  7. Hi Ms Koala. I was going to be quiet.Viki is subbing it but there is a 1 week delay now for all viki softsubs because some websites were uploading viki subs within 24hrs (without credits) after our subs comes out.

    MoH softsubs should be out after ep 3 I think.The softsub maker is having exams so can’t contact her.However ep 2 is edited and ready to go.Yay for subbers.

    Personally,I actually like ep 2 quite a bit.I didn’t watch Baker King and can’t compare.However it doesn’t feel too draggy and the yellling scene between Jae In and Yeong Gwang was sizzling.I was like ‘whoa that’s some chemistry there’ Totally looking forward to it.

    Thanks for the preview.PIE yelling ‘ Yoon Jae In ssi’ over and over again made me feel so bad for him.He seems quite self absorbed at this stage.I wonder when her personality will start influencing him 🙂

  8. hi sis, thanks for the written preview. i was able to dl episode 1 last weekend. i am also into TWDR. haven’t seen both, just relied on your recaps of MoH and TWDR from Blue. Tho, i really like the premise of this drama. PMY hits it off right and Pie is just wonderful here.

    We are subbing MoH at DarkSmurfSub and episode 1 is already 100%. Tho right now, people can’t just come and download the subs, we imposed a time-delay release since most people are just downloading and not helping in the subbing process. If anyone wants to be able to dl it soonest, they should help in the process. Another factor is that most of our trans and editors are students and other are busy with RL work like myself since its the last quarter of the year and it’s time to work on financials. Just an info for everyone, Darksmurf just recently updated the database of the CTS adding more than 100,000+ words to it, making the machine trans watchable for those who can’t wait for it to be properly subbed. If anyone have chinese subs of MoH(or any other drama), they can upload it directly at DSS and it will undergo machine trans, afterwards, more people can translate and edit it.

    Sorry for the long note sis, just want AKP fans to know what they can do at DSS.

  9. Please tell people that the subs are available on Darksmurfsubs – they recently changed their policy so now you have to become a member and make five comments before getting access, but that’s straightforward enough. It’s the only place currently offering the subs.

  10. I`ve been looking for episode 2 with subs pretty much every day since aired… I watched the epi 1 and like it… It`s such a shame having to wait that long to watch an episode!!!!! ;(

    • Well personally I think it’s a damn shame that people are taking the subs and removing the subbers team names.

      Hours goes into the subs.So would rather the subbers get the credit and wait a bit for the softsubs I say.

  11. Oh no. Why do I get bad feeling of the upcoming conflict?

    YK’s dad prob won’t tell the truth because it will lead to his own ‘debt’ from the past. So will he lie that JI is his illegitimate daughter? *secret birth conflict : check*

    And makes YK going crazy thinking, “OMG, what the hell was I thinking, she’s my FREAKING sister!!!!”

  12. Thanks so much for the recaps. Since there were no subs for ep3 the recap helps me better understand the episode. I love PMY and are nuts about her. She is a great actress already and hasn’t really peeked as yet. I really love her romantic scenes. The first Korean drama I saw was City Hunter and I became hooked. Now I want to see all her previous dramas. I am telling you, this girl keeps me awake all night. Damn, I can’t get her of my mind. Anxiously awaiting the other episodes.

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